The following maps are not drawn to scale.  The underground and water paths are not straight as they are drawn in the maps.  The green X's represent the skulls that you will find that are not needed in the final puzzle. The red X's are the skulls you will need in the final puzzle.  I wrote in red the bells and scrolls that you will also need to pick up.  The circled numbers represent the pictures of the actual cave as shown in the game.  These pictures are just below the map.  I put the number of steps or clicks between areas, but they might be off a little depending where you start counting.

Picture 1.     

 Picture 2.  


Picture 3.   


Picture 4.   

Picture 6.  to skull room right side of cavern (not circled on map)


Chichen Itza Map #2

This map is a continuation of Map #1 and starts in the Elevator Room.  Pictures will follow the map corresponding to the blue circled numbers on the map.


picture 5. 

picture 7. 

picture 8.  

picture 9.  

picture 10.