Cartoon Adventure by LUCASARTS

A Solution by Lu Richardson

General tips, if you want to go it alone:

Sorry to bang on about this, but remember some people are new to 
adventure games:  sweep the cursor all around each screen to find 
out what there is.  Examine everything to get a description (and 
sometimes a clue).  Pick up everything you can.  Examine each item.  
If something can be done with it, do it.  

In each screen, look for the red arrows which indicate you can 
move in that direction.

At first, just go around each location picking up whatever you can, 
and looking at whatever there is.  Talk to everyone you find using 
all the lines till you are sick of it.  At times, if you don't have 
certain conversations or use certain items, certain things won't 

Once you've finished, go back to all the locations; you will be in a 
position to solve some of the puzzles.  Do the rounds again if 
necessary because new items could appear.  Guide yourself through the 
veiled hints given to you by people or by the descriptions of items.

Try the logical things first and, if they fail, try to combine items 
in your inventory - pick up the first one and try it on all the 
other ones, then the second one, and so on.  Once you've done that, 
try each item on each likely object on the screen.

                        *       *       *

What follows is a guide rather than a solution, since you can do 
things in any order you like and any way you like:  although I 
mention only the items you have to collect and the things you must 
do, don't forget that the whole point of this game is to have fun 
and so you must look at everything and try to interact with it, as 
well as have all manner of daft conversations.  Besides, unless you 
examine everything and talk to everyone, you won't know what I am 
talking about!  There will be many instances in which an automatic 
sequence will take place, so just watch.  Oh, yes, and try to read 
only up to the point where you are stuck!

                        *       *       *


Get the ramrod.  Talk to the small pirate until you reduce him to 
tears by questioning his standing as a pirate.  Pick up the hook he 
will drop.  Use the cannon.  You have to aim at the boats and sink 
them while avoiding hitting the fort.  When you have done, use the 
red arrow left to look through the cannon porthole.  Go into the 
inventory and use the ramrod on the hook.  Use the gaff on the 
floating debris and you will get an skeleton arm and a cutlass.  Use 
the gaff on the skull.  Go back into the ship.  Use the cutlass on 
the restraining rope and use the cannon.  Watch.

Look around and pick up the bag.  This reveals a ring underneath.  
Pick up the ring and use it on the porthole to the right.  Watch.


At the end of the automatic sequence, pick up the glowing ember at 
the end of a stick.  Go right.  Go to the town, starting from the 
right.  Try all the doors.  The mysterious one leads to the other 
end of town.  Read flier and get it.  Go left and talk to small 
pirate.  You will have gathered you need to go to the Swamp.  Go 

The Wrecked Ship

Go to the location to the left of the map.  At the wrecked ship 
you'll meet the skulled named Murray and have a silly conversation 
with it.  Go into the ship, pick up the paste and the pin and use 
the bag of nickels on the gumball machine to get some gum.  Pull the 
alligator's tongue and you will see an old friend.  Talk to her and 
you will realize that Elaine has been stolen (there will be an 
automatic visit to the site; you will have to investigate the 
handprints on the sand).  Having got back automatically, you 
continue the conversation and find out that you must go to Blood 
Island and for that you need a map, a ship and a crew.  Leave.

Puerto Pollo

Enter the town from the left.  Talk to the small pirate and buy 
lemonade.  Observe the bottomless mug.  Go right and enter the open 
door:  you need a reservation to go into the Chicken Shop.  Continue 
right and enter the side entrance of the theatre.

The Theatre

Examine the coat, open the pocket and get the glove.  Examine the 
coat again and get the dandruff.  Pick up the magic wand in front of 
the mirror and use it on the magic hat - you get a ventriloquist 
book.  Examine the trunk to the left and then the Blood Island label.
Go up and note the buttons and handle for the limelights.  Down.  Go 
right, talk to the actor to find out about Blood Island.  Leave.  
Outside, go to the last door on the right of town.

Barbary Coast

Talk to each of the pirates, starting from the left.  Edward will 
only join you if you fight a duel with him.  Cutthroat Bill will 
join you if you can find gold.  Rottingham doesn't want to know you 
and the barber is too busy.

First, push Bill twice and get the jawbreaker.  Next, use the 
"dandruff" with the comb which the barber keeps leaving on the small 
table.  Watch what happens.  Use the chair and then use the handle.  
Get the paperweight.  When the barber goes away, use the handle 
three times to get the scissors stuck in the ceiling.  Talk to the 
barber and accept his challenge.  Watch.  Leave the shop.

Leave the town by going right from the shop.  At the map, go to the 
location to the far right and talk to the Cabana boy.  You need a 
membership card.  Leave.

Enter the town from the left.  Go to the right of the small pirate, 
and to the right of the dye vats and use the scissors on the 
mysterious flower, which you get.  Use the scissors on the 
undergrowth, which opens the path to Danjer Cove, by way of...

Snake Crossing

Examine the sign and you wind up inside a smug snake.  Pick up 
everything inside it by just clicking on the lumps in the snake's 
stomach.  Examine your inventory.  Use the flower on the pancake 
syrup and use that on the snake head.  

The Quicksands

Great.  Look around, get a reed from the right and a thorn from the 
thorny plant to the left.  Go into the inventory and use the thorn 
on the reed.  Use the helium balloon on the paperweight.  Blow on 
the balloon.  Watch.  When the balloon comes back, use the 
peashooter on the baloon.  You are able to get out.  Watch.  

At Danjer Cove, examine the boat and the gaping hole in it.  Leave 
right.  Enter Puerto Pollo from the left.  Go inside...

The Chicken Shop

Talk to the captain and find out everything you can.  Look around.  
Get a biscuit from the barrel and eat it.  Use the maggots on the 
gross chicken on the table and get the club card.  Push the quiet 
patron and get the serrated knife from his back.  Get the pie pan 
and the biscuit cutter from the right, under the menus.

Give the jawbreaker to the captain.  Give the gum to the captain.  
Use the pin on the bubble.  Get the tooth.  Go into the inventory 
and chew some gum.  Back into the inventory, use the tooth on the 
chewed gum.  Inhale the helium from the balloon.  Chew the tooth in 
gum.  The bubble floats out of the window.  Leave.  Outside, use the 
pie pan on the mudpuddle under the drainpine and you will get the 
gold tooth.  Leave town through the arch by the theatre.

The Duelling Ground

Go to the Grassy Knoll (note the Book Depository - sick!).  Use the 
serrated knife on the sawhorse.  Use the glowing ember on the trail 
of rum.  Watch.  Go back.  From the Grassy Knoll go left to look at 
Another Rubber Tree and use the biscuit cutter on it to get a plug 
of wood.  Now you are ready to gather your crew, so go back to 
Barbary Coast.

The Crew

Use the glove on Edward to challenge him.  You end up at the 
duelling ground.  Look at the pistols and close the lid of the 
middle box, then click on the banjo case.  You should save before 
you start and have a piece of paper and a pencil ready.  When he 
starts playing, look at the strings of the banjo and number them in 
your mind 1 to 5 from top to bottom.  Keeping your eye on the 
screen, write down the numbers of the strings he pauses to pluck.  
When it is your turn, just pluck the same strings, in the same order 
you wrote them down, when you are given the chance.  You have to be 
fairly quick, so hold the piece of paper by the screen and be ready 
to pluck the right string at the right moment.  You will have to do 
this three times. 

At the end, he bursts into a virtuoso performance; look at the 
pistols, pick one up and use it on his banjo.  This piece of 
skulduggery so impresses him that he bows to join your crew.

Go back to Barbary Coast and just hand the gold tooth to Bill to 
secure him.  Talk to Haggis and go for it.  At the caber tossing, 
and because you are using "rubber" tree logs which bounce, you win 
easily.  Right, you've got your crew.  And now, for...

The Map

Go to the Cabana boy and give him the membership card.  Pick up 
three towels and use them on the ice bucket on the cart.  Go up to 
the beach.  You find the sand is too hot.  Use each of the towels on 
the hot sand to get to the sunbather.  Talk to him about Blood 
Island.  Get the mug on his chest and leave through the gate.  

Go to the small pirate, switch mugs by using the one you got from 
Palido on the bottomless mug and buy some lemonade.  The small 
pirate goes away, disgusted at your dishonesty, and leaves the 
pitcher.  Get it and use it on the dye vats to the right.  Go to the 
Cabana boy.  Get a towel and use it on the ice bucket, then use the 
wet towal on the boy.  He leaves in a hurry.  Get the cooking oil 
and go left.  At the map, go to the beach.  

Place the bottomless mug on the chest of the sunbather and use the 
pitcher on the mug.  You alert the guy to the fact that he's burning 
and he will turn over.  Use the cooking oil on the map on his back, 
then get the map.  Gross.  Go to Danjer Cove.

The Ship

Go to the boat, open the inventory, use the paste on the plug of 
wood and that combination on the gaping hole.  Use the boat.  At the 
ship, go up.  Watch.  Choose the plank.  Watch.  Use the serrated 
knife on the plank.  Go up again.  Attempt to pick up the bucket of 
tar.  Watch.

Go to the Chicken Shop.  Watch - the captain clonks you on the head 
with a frying pan and puts you in a tub of chicken.  

Inside the ship, use the ventriloquist book on LeChimp.  Watch.  You 
get the map from the vase.  Open the porthole and exit that way.  


You are nearly ready.  Go to the theatre and go up to the 
limelights.  Look at the treasure map and write down the 
instructions.  You will find that the buttons are at the points of 
the compass; so NW, for instance, would be the top left hand side 
button, and so on.  Use the handle and then press the correct 
buttons in the correct sequence - one of them you have to press 
twice (where it says to take two steps).  This will mark the spot 
where you have to dig.  Go down and right to the stage.  You will 
see the actor juggling.  Go left and use the chicken grease on the 
cannon balls to the left of the trunk.  Watch.  Go to the right and 
get the shovel.  Watch some more.


This is a pretty tedious bit, and nobody can save you from it.  Just 
be patient; talk to the crew until they get all the singing off 
their chests.  Rottingham will appear and you will learn that you 
have to use rhyming insults to win fights (shades of Monkey Island 
2).  When Haggis gives you the choice, use the second line to make 
life a little bit easier.  Save and get pencil and paper ready.  
Look at the map in front of him.

What you have to do is to click on each pirate ship (going from the 
weakest to the strongest) as it appears on the map, avoiding 

The first thing that happens is that you have to physically fight 
each ship; and the best way to do the is to manoeuvre your ship 
right across their front (prow, I think it's called), using the left 
button of the mouse.  When you've got them just where you want them, 
click on the right button of the mouse to hit them with your 
cannons.  While getting yourself in the correct position, avoid 
their cannons by making sure you don't come alongside them.  You'll 
soon get the hang of it.  And that's the easy bit.

Every time you defeat a ship you get into a fight, and you learn the 
answer to each insult the hard way.  Make a note of the last word of 
each insult and, alongside it, write the last word of the answer.  
Use each insult you don't know the answer to as it appears, and you 
might find out what the answer is.  If an insult is used on you and 
you know the answer, all is well.  If not, it's back to the sea 

Eventually you will have fought all the pirate ships and you will 
have a long list of insults and answers; you will be ready to face 
Rottingham.  Since your ship will be full of booty, sail to Puerto 
Pollo.  Go to the small pirate, who is now selling guns.  Buy the 
last one on offer, which is the most powerful.

Now you can look at the map and challenge Rottingham.  Save your 
game.  His insults will be different from the ones that you've 
learned (again, shades of MI2), but give him the answers which seem 
to you the most appropriate - and which, of course, rhyme.  Observe 
which answers work (you advance against him) and which don't (he 
advances against you); and, even if you have to reload a couple of 
times and try again, you should eventually win.


Watch.  Pick up the bottle.  Talk to Haggis and come to an 
arrangement about the lotion.  Leave by going left.  You will be at 
the map.  

First, we are going to visit each location to see what's what.  The 
nearest one to the left is probably the Clearing, where you will see 
Elaine, a stump and fireflies.  Try to get the ring and you will 
find that it's stuck.  Leave.

The next location is the Beach - note the egg on the rubber tree, 
the rocks on the ground and the signpost.  Leave.

At the map, go south to the Lighthouse and you will see a broken 
mirror, a lantern post and a lens.  Leave.

Visit the Hotel and note the barbecue outside, to the right.  Go 
inside and open the door to the top.  You will find an enormous 
cheese, a file cabinet and a refrigerator.  Pick up the magnet on 
the refrigerator and go out.

Talk to the fortune teller and take the card.  Keep talking to her 
and getting the cards till you have a total of five.  Move to the 
left and talk to the bartender, who has a collosal hangover.  Pick 
up the recipe book and the cushion on the seat.  Read the recipe 
book and keep turning the pages till you come to the formula for a 
hangover cure; you will find that you need an egg, pepper and hair 
of the dog that bit you.

Go on up the stairs and open the first door on the left.  Inside, 
you'll spot a nail sticking through the wall.  Go outside and try 
the other door - it's locked.  Fine, you can now leave the hotel.

Mainly the hangover cure

Visit the next location on the map, which is the cemetery.  You will 
find a crypt and a tomb, both locked.  Move to the left.  This is 
the gravedigger's pad.  If you look through the crack in the door you 
will find he isn't there.  Go to the dog and get the smelly hair.  
Give him the maggoty biscuit and he will bite you.  Pick up the 
mallet and the chisel to the left of the dog.  Leave.

At the map, visit the location to the left, which is the windmill.  
Pick up a pepper from the plant to the right of it.  Note the barrel 
at the top.  Leave.

Finally, visit the strange lights location.  Take the lump of tofu, 
move to the right and pick up the measuring cup and the auger.  Go 
up through the gate and talk to the islander.  Leave.

OK, now we've got nearly everything.  Go to the Beach, put the 
cushion on the rocks and use the mallet on the tree to get the egg.

Go to the Hotel and hand the egg, the pepper and the hair to the 
bartender.  He will sober up and give you a bottle of the cure.  
Talk to him.  Ask for a drink with an umbrella in it - you get 
literally that.  Pick up the empty jar and the brochures.  Talk to 
the bartender till you use up all the lines.

Mainly fixing the Lighthouse

Go up the stairs and into the first room.  Use the mallet on the 
nail, go outside, pick up the painting (puff!) and then the nail.  
Use the scissors on the painting to get a face.  Go downstairs, use 
the face on the mirror.  Move right and go into the room at the 
top.  Use the chisel on the cheese.  Leave the hotel.

Go to the Windmill, use the umbrella on the blades and you get 
pulled up to the top.  Use the empty jar on the barrel.  Go down and 

Go to the Clearing.  Use the jar on the stump, go into the 
inventory, use the auger on the lid and then the lid on the jar - 
you get a lantern.

Go to the Lighthouse.  Use the mirror on the broken mirror, use the 
lantern on the lantern post.  Bingo, it works.

Mainly going to Skull Island

Go down to the Beach and you will spot the Flying Welshman.  Use the 
measuring cup on the seawater.  Enter the inventory, open the 
shaving cream jar by using it on the pie pan - you get the cork.  
Use the pin on the magnet, use the pin on the cork and use the cork 
on the the measuring cup.  Talk to the Flying Welshman.  You get 
taken to Skull Island.  Watch.  Climb up to the cliff top and talk 
to the small guy.  Ask him to take you down to the Smugglers Cave.  
When things go slightly wrong and you start going down faster than 
you expected, open the inventory and use the umbrella.

You land neatly at the cave.  Go in and talk to the guys.  It turns 
out that you need lots of money to play poker for the diamond.  OK, 
leave by going left and ask the Welshman to take you back.

Mainly removing the ring from Elaine's finger

Go to the village but, before you enter, open the inventory and use 
the chisel on the tofu to make a mask - wear it.  Go up and 
Lemonhead will lead you to the ceremony on the volcano.  At the end, 
use the cheese on the volcano.  Watch.  

Leave and go outside the Hotel, to the barbecue.  Use the cheese on 
the cooking pot and get it - you will automatically take it to 
Haggis, who will let you have the lotion.  Take that to Elaine and 
you will be able to remove the ring, which will disappear.

Mainly getting the band

Go to the Hotel and talk to the bartender.  You will find out, if 
you didn't know before, that the band to the ring you are after is 
being worn by a dead 'un in the Crypt.  Also that there is something 
funny inside the locked room. 

Go to the gravedigger's pad and look through the crack.  He is 
inside.  Talk to him through the crack.  He tells you to drop dead.  
What a good idea.  Go to the bartender and ask for a drink.  Inside 
the inventory, open the hangover cure by biting it, then use the 
opened bottle on the mug on the bar.  Use the spiked drink.  You 
drop in a dead faint and wind up inside a coffin.  Use the chisel to 
get out and pick up the first nail on the coffin - you collect the 
rest automatically.  Use the chisel on the coffin in the middle of 
the chamber to free, horror of horrors, Stan!  He gives you a lot of 
lip and a business card.  Leave and go to the Hotel.

Talk to the bartender.  You find that, in order to get into the 
crypt, you have to be a member of the family.

Go upstairs and use Stan's card to open the locked door.  Open the 
Murphy bed and use the coffin nails to hold it.  Use the nail from 
the portrait to finally pin it down.  Pick up the book and note the 
boarded hole in the wall.  Examine the book.  Leave.  In the 
corridor, use the portrait (with the cut-out face) on the other 
door, go in and look through the porthole.  Goodsoup comes along and 
mistakes you for a painting of his grandfather.  When he leaves, 
follow him downstairs.

Talk to him and persuade him you are a member of the family (you 
automatically use the book you got upstairs).  When he finally 
ackowledges you, ask for a drink and spike it as before.  When you 
drink it and drop "dead", you find yourself inside the Crypt.  Go 
left and talk to the Ghost Bridge till you use up all the lines.  Go 
left and pick up the crowbar.  As you go to examine the crack in the 
wall, Murray drops in on you.  Pick the skull up.  Look through the 
crack and talk to Mort.  No good.  Go into the inventory and use the 
paste on the skeleton arm which, at last, is going to come in handy 
(pun very much intended).  Look through the crack and use the arm to 
pick up the lantern, then use the lantern on Murray.  This works and 
the crypt gets opened for you.  Leave.

You might as well enter Stan's Insurance Office.  At first you exit 
quickly and Murray does a disappearing act.  Go back in and buy some 
insurance in exchange for the gold tooth.  Go on to the Hotel.  Go 
to the file cabinet and get the death certificate.

Go up to the room with the skeleton and use the crowbar on the 
boarded hole.  Then use the crowbar on the bed.  Plunk!  Watch.  You 
automatically go to the Crypt and get the band.  Leave and enter 
Stan's, where you will get a load of money in exchange for the death 

Mainly getting the diamond

Go to the Beach and talk to the Lost Welshman to go back to Skull 
Island.  This time you just enter the cave by going down.  Talk to 
the guys and play poker.  When you get the hand, go into the 
inventory and switch the five Tarot cards for the weak hand.  There 
is a bit of a disagreement but fortunately the lights go out at the 
right moment and you come away with the diamond.

All you have to do now is make it back to the Clearing, use the 
diamond on the band and the ring on Elaine's finger.  Watch.


Right, after watching the whole thing, open the door and go right.  
Have a look about you.  You need another hangover cure.  Go to the 
"dog" and push him five times and you will get some hair and get 
bitten into the bargain.  Talk to him to get him to guess your 
weight and use the scales.  He was right.  Talk to him again and 
this time ask him to guess your age.  You prove he's wrong and you 
win.  Get the anchor below Murray.  Use the anchor on the pie pan.  
Use that on the pile of meringues and talk to the guy operating the 
cannon till he blows the poor mime out of the hole.  Go to the hole 
and use it to get some meringue all over your face.  Now go to the 
right and talk to the sodajerk to get a snow cone.  Get the pepper 
mill from the counter.  Look inside the inventory and use the 
pepper, the meringue and the hair on the snow cone.  Save your 
game.  Eat the cone.  Watch.

The Roller Coaster

You have to be very quick.  As you approach the first diorama, use 
the red arrow, even before you are near, to get off.  Get the rope.  
Use the red arrow as soon as you can to board the next cart.  At the 
next diorama, the same thing - signal your intentions to get off 
even before you get near it.  Get the keg.  Here you have an 
unscheduled meeting with LeChuck but you get away.  At the next 
diorama, go to the lamp, open it, blow on it and get the oil.  Get 
off.  At the next, go up to the gigant snow monkey, open the 
inventory, use the oil on the rope and the rope on the keg and then 
use that combination on the monkey's arm.  Go down and open the 
inventory.  Click on the pepper mill to have it ready and when 
LeChuck appears and makes to blast you, use the pepper mill on him 
and watch.

It's all over.  Finale time, folks.

Now try Monkey Island I and Monkey Island II!


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