To all interested here is the written walk-thru (solve) for the LucasArts

                    " SAM & MAX
                                  HIT THE ROAD "

 Written theRipper ( )  

  I have divided this solve into all the different rooms and areas in the
game and what you have to do in each room or area. 
  I highly suggest that someone reads this to you while you play because it

might be a little hard to read and play at the same time.  
                               Let's Begin :

  Take the money from the mouse hole and the purple light bulb from the
closet and then leave the office. Once you get downstairs you see a cat. This
cat has your assignment but he apparently can't cough it up. Use Max on the
cat to get the paper assignment. Enter your car and head off to the Carnival.

  Give the fire breather the paper assignment and he will let you enter the
carnival. After the Siamese twins finish talking to you and give you the free
pass to all the rides take the jar with the hand and the bigfoot hair and 
leave the tent. Go to the game where you have to beat up on the mice and play
until you win. Once you win you should get a flashlight. Take the magnifying
glass and go to the Cone Of Tragedy. Show the man your free ride pass and
and "Use" the cone. After you finish look in your inventory and you will see
that all your stuff is gone. Ask the man there about your stuff and he will
give you a ticket and tell you to go to the lost and found tent. Go to the 
tent and get back your stuff. As you look in your box a red fish magnet. Look
at the magnet and you will get a new place on your map. Now it's time to go
to Snucky's.

SNUCKY'S -  (Snucky's is the place on your map with a burger.)
             (It doesn't matter which one.)

  Take the cup from the floor and go inside. Get the box of candies and talk
to the salesperson about paying for the candies. Then give him the jar with
the hand and he will open it for you. Then ask him about the bathroom for Max
and he will give Max a key. End the conversation and quickly go outside. When
you see Max coming back talk to him about the key rasp and you will keep it.
Time to head back to the Carnival.

  Take your light bulb and connect it to the flashlight. Go to the "Tunnel of
love". Use your flashlight to light the place up and when you get to the 
fuse box use Max on it. Get out of the swan and go next to the wax dolls. Pull
Henry the 5th beard and a secret door will open. Enter the secret door and 
talk to the Mole-Man. Give the Mole-Man the pecan candy and he will give you
the key to Trixie's trailer. Pull the lever and exit the "Tunnel of Love". Go
to Trixie's trailer and use the "key" to open the door. Get the costume out 
of the chest and open the closet to take a card. Look at the card to find a 
new place.

  At the map go to the place that looks like a fish. When you reach this place
take the bucket of fish and talk to the man. Ask him about the helicopter and
you will get a new place on the map.

  Take the broken golf ball retriever from the trash and then go straight to
the golf "course". Conroy Bumpus and his bodyguard will throw Max into the
booth. You will have to get him out. In order to get him out you must take the
bucket of golf balls and exchange it with the bucket of fish. Then you must
line up the gators in order for you to reach Max. Once you reach Max's booth
open his door and he will be set free. Max will also give you some bigfoot
hair. Before you leave you notice that there is an opening there. Open it and
you will see a snow globe. Look at the globe and you will get a new place on
the map.

  Go into the Museum on the left side. You notice that from inside you could
see the ball of twine. Combine your broken golf ball retriever with the hand
from the jar. Then take the magnet and combine it to the ball retriever with
the hand. Now use this contraption on the ball of twine and you will get the
mood ring.

  Go to the place that looks like a tornado. Once you enter the museum go into
the mirror and you will see two magnets. If you go towards the right side you
will see a third magnet. You must move the magnets in order to open the Mole
Man's door. The exact movement's are: 1) UP ; 2) DOWN ; 3) UP ;
After you fix the magnet's in this order you will be able to open the big
orange door on the right side. Enter this door and give Shuv-Ool the Mole Man
his mood ring. He will give you magic dust and tell you where you could find
the bigfoot. Leave his room and go into the upside down room. Take the hair
next to the ice and leave. (You don't need anything special here NOW).

  Go up the stairs to the cable car and ride it until you reach the top. Enter
the restaurant and talk to the strange man. He will give you a bent tool. Go
to the binoculars and put the magnifying glass on it. Then pick up the elevator
wires and stick them into the binoculars. Now you can control them. Now use 
the binoculars and locate the places that the Mole told you. You should be 
able to find Frog Rock. Wait until you get it on the map.

  Put all the bigfoot hairs onto the rock (you should have three) and then put
the magic dust on the rock. You should get a new place on the map.

  Go to the door on the right side and onto Conroy bed. Use the ball retriever
on the book case and take the book. Use the book on the robot and hook up the
left wire in order to make the robot go to the stage room. When the robot sets
off the alarm his bodyguard will go check it out. Take this opportunity to go
to the room with the virtual reality. (the room on the right side up).
"Use" the machine and once you are hooked up take the sword from the rock.
Now go towards the cave and when the dragon comes out use the sword on him.
When you see the heart take it and you will get a key. Now go to the room on
the left side and use the key in order to let Bruno and Trixie free. They will
tell you about a party and you will get a new place on the map. Go one screen
right and take the picture of John Muir. Leave to the party.

  Talk to the woman and at the end of the conversation she will give you two
cards. Look at the cards and you will get two new places. Before you leave 
give the Bigfoot at the entrance the key rasp and he will treat you better 
next time you come around. Now it's time to make a bigfoot costume.

   Give the woman the picture of John Muir and take the eggplant that looks
like Conroy Bumpus. We'll come back here later.

  Use Max on the Wooly Mammoth (elephant) in order to get his hair. Then go
towards the right to the bungy jumping screen. Change into the bungy suit but
before you go down combine Snucky's cup to the ball retriever. Then go down 
and use this contraption in order to get the tar.

  Use the eggplant with the shape of Conroy Bumpus on the wig in his room in 
order to obtain the wig.

  Before you enter the party combine the tar with the costume that you found
in Trixie's trailor. Then combine the hair that you got from the elephant.
Then use Conroy's wig on the costume and you will have a genuine bigfoot
costume. Now use the costume on yourself and you will be able to enter the 
bigfoot party. Take the bottle of wine from the table and then go to the room
on the top right hand side. (very hard to see). Take the screwdriver and then 
go and open the door. Conroy and his bodyguard will enter and in order to
convince them that you aren't a bigfoot you must take the costume out of the
box and just click on it. After you convince them that you aren't a bigfoot 
they will go into the freezer. Quickly talk to Max and tell him to close the
freezer door. Then the bigfoot chief will come out and tell you about the 
Totem Poles. You will have to solve their mysteries.

  #1) Go to the ball of twine and give the man your screwdriver. He will then
bend it for you. After he bends it use it on the wine bottle and keep the cork
Then use the cork on the snow globe. Go to the upside down room at the mystery
vortex and use the mini vortex. While you are inside the machine take out the
cork from the snow globe and a little tornado will enter the snow globe.
  #2) Go to the fish world and use the bent wrench on the fish to the left of
the man. Enter the plastic fish and then take Max with you. You will be flown 
to the other side of the ball of twine. When you are on top look down and you
will a loose end of twine. Use Max on the twine and you will get it. Go to the
dinosaur village and use the piece of twine on the green dinosaur at the front
Hit the button to make the dinosaur talk and then use max on the twine. You 
should get a dinosaur tooth.
  #3) Go back to the vegetable museum and get the vegetable that looks like
John Muir from the lady.
  #4) Go back to bumpusville and take Conroy's pillow from his bed.

     Time to go back to the bigfoot party. Once you go outside and see the
totem poles take a right and you will get to a little pool with the bigfoot
chief there. Give the snow globe, the dinosaur tooth, the vegetable that looks
John Muir and the pillow to the chief.


                              "SAM & MAX
                                         HIT THE ROAD"


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