Part 1
The Demise of the Zombie Pirate Le Chuck
On Le Chuck's Ship Escape the Sinking Ship
Part 2
The Curse Gets Worse
On Plunder Island The Swamp In Puerto Pollo

The Theater

The Barbary Coast The Beach Danjer Cove The Theater

Singing Silliness Battle!!! Insult Sword Fighting
Part 4
The Bartender
The Thieves
his Aunt
her Lover

The Shipwreck

The Hotel  Goodsoup Family Crypt  Strange Lights (aka: the Village)  Ship Wreck  Elaine  The Lighthouse  The Beach  Skull Island 
Part 5
Kiss of the Spider Monkey
Hostage in the Big Whoop Sky Cart  Short People Got No Reason 
Part 6
Guybrush kicks butt once again
On the Roller Coaster
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