Star  Trek  25th  Anniversary 

                    by      Interplay 
                     Solution by V&D

      First  of  all i think i should give some tips  about
keyboard usage. 
Some useful bridge keys are listed here :
    1 -  0  speed control
    V       space view / Enterprice view
    s       raise  shields  / lower shields
    d       damage  control
    a       auto  target  analysis   On  /  Off
    c       computer
    n       star  range  travelling
    TAB     toggle  between  directional control and bridge
    w       arm / disarm weapons
    left mouse button      fire  phasers
    right  mouse  button   fire  photon torpedos

 In the middle of the bridge is situated a radar, which follows 
enemy ship movements.  
 Crew members and their controls:
     James    Tiberius    Kirk       ship`s    log
                                     load    /    save    game
                                     sound  effects
     science officer
     Spock                           online advice
     communication  officer
     Nyota  Uhuro  Uhura             send message 
     chief  navigator
     Pavel Checkov                      weapon control
                                     star map
     Hikaru Sulu                     shields
                                     standard   orbit
     chief   engineer
     Montgomery   Scott              Damage  control

Ok,  let`s get  on  with  the  solution.

                      MISSION  1

                    Demon    World

      The  game  begins  with a simulated  battle  between  two
starfleet constitution class starships. All you have to  to  is
to  raise shields and blast the other ship out of the space. It
ain`t  very  important to win this particular  battle,  because
it`s only a simulation.
      After  the  battle  you will recive a starfleet  message.
You`ll be ordered to check out strange activities on Pollux  V.
Order  Checkov  to set a course to the Pollux.  Enter  standard
orbit.  In  order  to learn more about planet scan  a  computer
topic  Pollux V. Assemble investigating team and beam  down  to
the  planet. Your team will be greeted by the high  prelade  of
the  colony.  Speak with him politely, respect his views  about
the universe. When you`ll trough with him go to the front dome.
Use  a  medical tricorder to check out the bandaged man.  McCoy
will say that he can`t cure that man. Speak to the colonist and
learn  about  berries. Now walk back out. The high  prelade  is
gone  now. Head to the north. Some klingons will pop up and  if
you`re  not  fast  enough, they start  shooting  at  your  crew
members. Don`t try to reason with them, they won`t answer. Grab
your  phaser  and shoot `em one by one. Look at the  "klingons"
and  you`ll  see  that one of them ain`t  in  one  piece.  Grab
"klingon`s" hand from the ground. Proceed to the mouth  of  the
cave  and get some red berries. Now you can return to the dome.
Offer  berries  to  the  brother. He will  invite  you  in  his
laboratory. Laboratory is located inside of the backround dome.
Walk  straight in and use berries in the molecular  synthesizer
device. Get the cure. Go back to the main dome and use cure  on
the  injured man. Everyone will be happy and you can  gather  a
backround  information about those demons. Walk  again  to  the
laboratory. Order Spock to fiddle with a computer. Operate  the
specimen  display case. Ask about everything and  get  a  metal
thing  and a little animal skull. Use "klingon`s" hand  on  the
workbench  and Spock will fix it for you. Now you`re  ready  to
really explore those spooky caves. Say goodbye and walk to  the
cave.  You  can`t proceed `cause some massive looking  boulders
are blocking the way. If you can`t get over something, you just
have  to  get through it. So grab a lethal phaser and melt  the
stones.  Be careful, tough, or you`ll get your security officer
killed.  Now you see a man lying on the floor. Order  McCoy  to
help  him.  Now  we  have to open that big door.  Use  a  fixed
"klingon`s" hand on the security panel. Stride straight in  and
examine impressive surroundings. Operate a middle panel. You`ll
see  three  switches. In order to awake Those Who Are  Sleeping
move all three switches to the extreme middle position. A green
creature will arrive. Talk to him and he will ask you to  bring
him  the  key. Try to control your violent impulses  and  don`t
shoot  him  twice.  Hand over a skull. Greenie  will  ask  your
permission  to  keep it. Make your decision and  give  him  the
metal  thing. You have found a key ! The alien will  deactivate
his   demons  and  you  get  beamed  back  to  the  Enterprice.
Congratilations   !  You  have  completed  a   first   mission.

                      MISSION  2 


      Starfleet comes in and announces that there is  something
strange  going on with a starship Masada. Enterprice is ordered
to investigate the situation. Warp to the Beta Myamid system.
      Ask  Uhura to send a message. Elase captain will come  in
air  and laugh at your face. Tell him, that you agree with  his
terms  to win a time. Don`t piss him off or he`ll kill  one  oh
his hostages. Talk to your science officer. Now all you need is
a  code  prefix that will lower Masada`s shields. Scan compoter
topic USS. Write down Masada`s code prefix. Ask Uhura to send a
code prefix to the Masada. Now the shields are down and you and
your team cam beam abourd.
      You  arrive in a wrecked transporter room. Cure  the  man
with  a medical kit. He will open a secret compartment. Grab  a
transmogofier.  It  will come in handy later  to  fix  Masada`s
transporters. Walk to the right. There is some debris scattered
around  walls. Bend to the right and get some stuff  including:
phaser  welder, broken phasers, short wires, metal scraps.  Use
phaser  on  the phaser welder to load the thing. Enter  to  the
right. Some guards try to stop you so stun them with your handy
green  phaser.  Before  you  can  deactivate  power  field  ask
security officer to cut some wires underneath the box. Now  you
can  safely press a button and free those unhappy hostages. Man
from  the  cell will give you some information about  emergency
energy  cutdown. Let Spock to disarm the bomb inside the  cell.
Grab  bomb. Go back to the transporters room. Use loaded welder
on  metal scraps. They will join into a fork. Put fork into the
transmogofier.  Use  transmogofier on the  broken  transporter.
Spock  will  try to fix it, but he`ll complains that  he  still
needs  something.  Use  long wire on the transporter.  Now  the
transporter will work ok.
      There  is  three  possibilities to  got  to  those  Elasi
bastards.  Easyest  way is to beam armed bomb  to  the  bridge.
However,  this is not recommended, because it involves  killing
innocent people and destroying a valuable starfleet starship.
      Another  option lyies in beaming yourself and  your  team
straight to the bridge.
      And  third  choice is to enter to the bridge  via  bridge
door. To accomplish this, use loaded welder on the wall. You`ll
have to find a right spot for it, it`s a little  left from  the
door.  Keep trying until you got it right. The powerfield  will
dissolve. You can now enter through the main door.
      When  you`re on the bridge talk to the Elase captain  and
promise to preserve their sorry lives. He will surrender,  yuor
support team will take over and you get to beamed back  to  the
Enterprice. Good work, captain.

                        MISSION 3

                  Love's  Labor  Jeopardized

      Starfleet will order your ship to proceed to the  ARK  7.
When  you  arrive,  your ship will be greeted  by  the  romulan
warship.  Raise your shields, arm your weapons and go get  'em.
After  some  fighting the Enterprice will go to the orbit  near
the ARK 7. Lower shields and beam to the sattelite.
      Your party will arrive at the computer central. Order mr.
Spock to work with the computer. Ask McCoy to examine a medical
data  file in the computer. Let him work on it again and you'll
have  access  to the medical database. Learn about  everything.
Very  important topic is the one conserning a tltdh  gas.  When
you're  all  done,  exit  the  computer  central  through   the
background door. You'll arrive in the synthesizer room.  Notice
that  there is a storage cabinet mounted on the left wall.  Ask
lt. Ferris to open the cabinet. Pick up a handy anti-grav unit.
Now  walk to the east and to the north. Don't use ladder !  You
should be in the turbine room. Get a wrench from the floor  and
open  two storage cabinets, using a wrench to pry the left  one
open.  Get  a wiring insulation and use a wrench to  detach  N2
tank.  In order to remove tank use your anti-grav unit on tank.
Go  to the room with a freezer and put some insulation into the
distillator. Now open the freezer unit and get a Oroborus virus
culture  sample.  Put  the virus culture in  the  device  which
stands near the back door. Go to the synthesizer room. Remove O
tank  with  a  anti-grav unit. Put N2 tank on it's place.  Open
gase  feed  via  valve  and synthesize some  ammonia.  Pick  up
ammonia  and walk back to the east. Attach the ammonia  to  the
device's  nozzle and let dr. McCoy operate the  device.  Get  a
cure  sample  from  the  device. Put a  cure  sample  into  the
synthesizer and operate the synthesizer. Get a synthesized hypo
syringe  from  the machine. Use hypo syringe on your  long-time
friend mr. Spock. That did it ! He is cured !
      If you wanth to have some fun, synthesize a little of  of
nitrous  oxide (using tanks N2 & O) and use it on something  or
someone. Now the tricky part is : how to get to the lower deck.
Ther's  a  little  problem with it, 'cause the  lower  deck  is
swarming  with a romulans. Remember a computer topic about  the
tltdh  gas  ? It will produce unconciusness among the romulans.
So all you have to do is to synthesize some of a tltdh gas. Can
you  figure  it  out  ?  No  ?  Ok,  here  we  go  :  Stuff   a
polyberylcarbonate into the synthesizer and connect tanks H2  &
O.  Get the gas container. In the turbine room you will find  a
ventilation  shaft's  screen. Open it with  a  wrench.  Release
tltdh  gas into ventilation shaft. Now it's safe to descend  to
the  lower  deck.  Cure  all romulans with  the  hypo  syringe.
Proceed to the restricted area. Talk to the prisoners and untie
them. Cure the romulan preax and assure him that Oroborus virus
was  created  by  accident  and will be  destroyed.  You'll get
honored  with  a  romulan decoration and  will  return  to  the
Enterprice. Nice work, captain !

                       MISSION 4

                   Another Fine Mess

      Fly  to the Harlequin sector. Two of the Elasi ships will
attack.  Save  the  game and blast the hell out of  'em.  After
some effort you'll be able to frighten them away. There will be
a  message from a old 'friend' of yours - Harry Mudd. Take your
ship to the Harrapan system to rendezvous with him. Harrapan is
the nearest system to the Harlequin. Harry seems to have got  a
impressive ship this time ! Beam to the big ship.
      There is lot's of a trash but all you must get is a lense
from  the  floor, odd looking contraption and a yellow  sphere.
Put lense into the contraption and use it on something. Proceed
via   the   northern  door.  There  you'll  find  some  strange
machinery. Strode to the north. You're in the aliens sick  bay.
There   isn't much to do here at a moment, so go again  to  the
north. This is the bridge. Find a multipurpouse repairing  tool
and pick it up. Ask Spock to analyse command stations. You will
learn somthing useful about aliens numeric system. Walk back to
the  sickbay.  Harry  Mudd will be there. He's  tryng  to  slip
somthing,  but drops it on the floor. Gas hisses out  and  Mudd
will  go crazy and starts spinning his head. Let him alone  and
go  back  to the bridge. Walk to the southwest. Order Spock  to
examine that big yellow sphere from the middle of the room. Use
the  medical  tricorder on the sphere to get access  into  data
banks. Use your little spheroid on the sphere and download some
data  in  it. Order Spock to work with the big sphere again  to
aquire  better understanding abot aliens physiology. Return  to
the bridge. Send Spock to the left station and scan all topics.
Now  sit  at the right station and op-en the viewscreen.  Stand
up.  Go  to  the  Harry. Order Spock to  calm  him  down  (your
security  officer  is  powerless) and  get  some  oddly-colored
liquids  from  the  shelf. Slide the green  capsules  into  the
machinery.  Order  McCoy to cure Harry  (yeah,  your  starfleet
manners  pervent you to leave him as he is). Walk to  the  room
with  a  viewscreen  and  many yellow spheres.  Harry  will  be
messing with a alien data. Tell him to get lost. Go to the room
where  your team was originally beamed. Exit to the  south.  Go
back  to  the north and again to the south and Harry Mudd  will
arrive.  He'll slip away and the life support generator  starts
jumping. Use Harry's multipurpouse doover on the generator.  Go
to  the weapon room and let mr. Spock to fiddle with a blue and
then  with a violet button. Say that you'll take the  thing  to
the  Enterprice. Go to the bridge, sit at the right station and
select communications. Tell Scotty to wait until you've  had  a
little  conversation with Harry. Harry will arrive and you  can
bargain  with  him. In the end you'll get beamed  back  to  the
Enterprice. That's it. Keep up a good work !

                          MISSION 5

                     The Feathered Serpent

      Take  your  ship  to the Digifal system to  explore  some
Klingon  activities. Tell to the klingon about Organian  treaty
and  agree  to  catch the criminal for him. Go to the  standard
orbit and beam down.
      You'll arrive on the clearing. Speak to the dude  with  a
white   costume.  Tell  him  that  Terra's  people  have   been
perverting his great teaching. He'll go bananas and throw  your
team  into a hole. Collect some rocks from the ground and stuff
one  rock into a little hole. Catch the snake and put him  away
for  the  later use. There is few vines hanging from  above  so
throw some rocks into the vines. Vine will get loose and you'll
be able to climb it. Strode to the west. There is a impressive-
looking forest but nothing really interesting. Proceed  to  the
west. The great warrior Tlaoxac will block your way. There is a
two ways to bypass him.
      1. If you're a macho type, just throw a rock at his face.
Do it again and he passes out cold, dropping a knife.
      2.  A  more cultured way to get ahead lyes in  using  the
little  snake first on Tlaoxac and then on yourself. The little
devil  will bite you and draw your blood. So the warrior  sees,
that  you're  a  brave  man,  and  gives  you  a  knife  for  a
protection. Continue moving to the west and head to the  north.
A  large  creature will spookily stare at your  team  from  the
muddy river. There is again two possibilities.
      1.  Ask your security officer to go first. He'll trys  to
cross  a log and the the monster engulfs him. Now it's safe  to
go yourself.
     2. Cut some fern from the beach using the knife. Throw the
plant  into  the river. It turns out to be a natural  repellent
and the thing dives away.
      Anyway, go to the cavern. If you should throw a rock into
the  upper stalagmites you'll be temporarily killed. If you use
your  imagination, you can get some dilathium crystals. If  you
don't  feel  like  being dead go to the west. Quetzecoatl  will
meet  you  there.  Talk with him and assure him,  that  Terra's
meditcine  is advanced enough. You'll get beamed  back  to  the
Enterprice. Surprise ! The mission ain't over yet.
      Answer  to  the Vlict that you can't beam  the  man  over
'cause  he's having some medicinical experiences at the moment.
Go  on  and  soon you'll find yourself in the klingon's  court.
Walk  to  the  middle of the floor. Appeal to the honors  of  a
warrior's  trial. Your party will be beamed to  the  mine.  Use
your lethal phaser to melt mine's floor. Get a stick and put it
into  the  melted  metal.  Throw the stick  at  the  electrical
creature. He will fall to the stasis. Use the science tricorder
on  the  lock and report your findings to the mothership.  Say,
that  you  want  to  know everything about  that  damn  locking
mechanism. When you get all possible information order Spock to
type  the  code  to the lock. After some confusion  get  all  3
emeralds  from  the table and put them to the  suitable  holes.
Walk to the yellow light. Select a destiny for Vlict and you'll
get  beamed  back to the Enterprice. If needed,  prove  to  the
klingons, that you didn't murder their commander. That's it for
the  first  multiplanet mission.

                    MISSION  6

               That Old Devil Moon

      Take your ship to the Alpha Proxima and orbit the Scythe.
Now  you  should take your time and look around in  the  ship's
computer.  Scan topics Proxtrey, Lucrs and Sofs. Memorize  some
religious numbers. Now search for the 'base'and learn some more
numbers. Well, you're ready to beam down to the Scythe.
     Take some little rocks. Go to the big door and order Spock
to  open it. Type in a religious number. The door will open and
you hear some comments about numbers. Enter via door. Let Spock
to  examine  a  computer terminal. Open another door  with  the
number  17  (on the base 3, of course). Proceed  to  the  base.
Insert  some  tri-phosphate to the card-reader and  scan  card-
reader with a science tricorder. Go to the east. Open a red box
and  take  some  wire out of it. Use science tricorder  on  the
drill control panel. Make mr Spock to operate a laser drill  on
the  100. Use your stones on the template. Order Spock to  work
on  the  drill with settings 001. Get a brand-new  keycard.  Go
back to the west. Use a keycard in the slot. The door opens and
you're free to step in. Now you're on the computer room.  Order
mr.  Spock  to  work  on every computer.  That's  it  for  this
mission.  Beam  back to the  ship.

                     MISSION  7


      You're  here to investigate U.S.S. Republic.  It's  badly
wrecked.  So tell Uhura to hold on with a message and  beam  to
the other ship. Order Spock to look at the computers and at the
captain's log. There's nothing much you can do here 'cause  all
those  men  are  dead. Walk to the south. Order McCoy  to  help
Marata  and speak with her. Call the ship and beam back to  the
Enterprice.  Talk with the Bredell and knock  all  enemy  ships

Ok, that's it.            You've "solved" the  Star  Trek  25th
Anniversary  !  Hope you've had as much fun as  i.  
And,  yeah, sorry  'bout my really terrible english.  

Written on  the  late April.   Anno Domini 1993

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