Adventure by INTERPLAY

Solution by Lu Richardson

Number one advice is to turn up the brightness control so you can 
actually see what's going on.

The first part of the adventure is explained in the manual (though 
it does not tell you, for instance, that in hut 08 you have to turn 
on the fan to get rid of the scorpion and turn off the heater to 
immobilize the cobra, and so read the messages, not that it's all 
that important); so I will start from the next stage of the game, 
i.e., when you wake up.

(You should know by now to turn on the spot and sweep the cursor 
around to see what gives.  So I will leave you to explore every 
single location you come to.  At the start, your steps will be 
dogged by Davenport, who will turn up when you least expect it and 
bore you to death.  Some times, he has some good information to 
impart; but one could only wish he kept his flawed personality to 
himself.  I won't mention all the times he appears, let that be a 
surprise for you.)  Anyway, here we go from the real start of the 
game. You've just woken up, right?

The camp

Read the note by the candles, leave the trailer and turn right.  
Lorrie tells you about the catastrophe which has just taken place.  
Guiding yourself by the map in the manual, go to the Mining site, 
use the card in your knapsack on the guard and advance.  Keep going 
till you meet Davenport, who will speak to you.  Turn left and 
advance till you see the body.  Have a close look at it, pick up the 
dagger and click on the trouser pockets to get some keys.  Turn 
around and head for the entrance.  Before you turn right at the 
first opportunity, look at the Emergency Power unit (if you were to 
explore the mines further you'd find it's too dark for safety).  
Leave (you meet Davenport, ugh) and go to Daveport's office, where 
you meet him yet again.

When he leaves, have a look at the satellite dish, then go into his
office through the window.  Have a look around; fill the cantine in 
your knapsack with the water from the dispenser.  Note the book on 
the bookcase.  Turn to the desk.  If you click on the calendar you 
will uncover a safe for which you need numbers you do not yet have.  
Click on the desk.  Open the drawer, get the keys and read the 
note.  Read also Chris's report on the desk.  Try the telephone.  If 
you attempt to use the computer, you find you are missing a disk.  
Leave by clicking on the window, over the desk.

Armed with so many keys, you can explore at random, no need to 
follow a particular pattern.  This is what I did, though.

Go to the Infirmary, enter, get the smelling salts from the sink.

Go to the Garage, get the can, turn left, place it on the table, get 
the filling handle from the pump and stick it in the can, throw the 
lever, pull the trigger on the handle.  When the can is full, return 
the filling handle to the pump and collect the can.  Get the wire 
stripper.  Turn right twice and advance to get some wire cutters.  

OK, check the warehouses you can get into.  In the first one you will 
see a fork-lift truck.  Move the two cases onto the fork, enter the 
truck, press the green button, pull the lever on the right, go up, 
use the knife on the rope and go up again.  Turn left and get the 
grapnel, then go down and right out.  

The other warehouse which will open will yield some insulating tape.

Go to the Generator, home in on the panel, use the wire stripper on 
all the ends of the wires, join them by colours, use the insulating
tape on the joined ends, take off the cap on the left, use the can 
on it, close the cap, press the green button.  Electricity has been 
restored to the mines, but note the keyhole for the fan control.  

You might as well have a good explore around right now.  Let's try 
hut 02.  Go in, click on the bed to uncover a trap, open it, pull 
the lever you can just see inside the stairs to turn the light on, 
follow the corridor till you come to a padlocked door, use the wire 
cutters on it; inside, turn right to the table, open drawer, get 
the handle.  Turn left, advance to the Nazi flag; lifting the bottom 
left hand corner will reveal a switch, use the handle on it, pull 
the handle and turn right.  Go in, advance, look around, get the 
book and gun, read the message.  Out.  Note the brand of beer 
you-know-who drinks.  Leave.

Go to hut 05 and enter through window.  Looking around inside you 
will find a necklace; I found no use for it, but may be you are 
meant to have it on you.  Leave.

Now go to Segel's trailer.  Look at his desk and you will find a 
disk.  If you use this on the computer you will find it has been 
wiped out.  Turn left and click on the chest at the foot of the 
bed.  Use the cutters on the padlock to open it, click on the panel 
to the left, press the button.  Pick up the Sonar Maps disk on the 
right and read the diary.  Leave.

Go to Davenport's trailer.  Inside, click on the bed, get the code 
from the wallet.  Go to Davenport's office.  Click on the safe, 
consult the code, move the square on each set of numbers and use the 
wheel to change them to the ones you saw on the code.  Click on the 
handle to open the safe, get the disk.  Use the computer, place the 
Maps disk in it; when asked if you want any additional disks, put in 
the Sonar Maps disk.  Select "Print" and turn to the printer to get 
the Sonar Maps hardcopy.  You are more or less set.

Now let's go to Lorrie's trailer.  You will find her out for the 
count on her bed.  Use the smelling salts on her and she will come 
around long enough to tell you to get the key off the table on 
the right and to visit the Tower.  Do just that.

However, when you get there, Davenport will fob you off with some 
more of his pat chatter.  Have a look around, then leave.  Time to 
check out the Hangers.  Attempting to go in the regular way will 
yield no results.  Work your way around the back and you will find 
and open window at the top.  Use the grapnel on that and climb in.  
You will find a toolbox which contains a spanner.  Get it.  You can 
leave now.

The mine

It's time to tackle the mine.  Ouch!  This is a real pain.  
Basically, you need to get to Level 6.  If you use the lifts, by the 
time you get to Level 4 you'll find sabotage has wrecked the lift.  
Using the map, get to the entrances of the railway system in this 
level and find the cart.  Once inside the cart, you can travel with 
it all the way down to Level 6, crashing through the "Danger" sign.  
By the way, always keep right to go up and left to go down.

In Level 6, if you look around you will find an interesting blood 
stain in a cul-de-sac.  But really, you are after a digger; when you 
get to it, enter it and get the keys from the control panel - don't 
be tempted to use it yet.  Leave it and find the fan shaft, but 
don't touch the lamp at the bottom.  If you go up the ladder you 
will find you cannot look out because the fan is going.  Go back to 
the cart, travel all the way up to Level 1, don't touch the moving 
parts of the conveyor; leave the mine and go to the Generator.  Use 
the key on the Fan Control panel to open it and turn the fans to 
"Off".  Back to the mine.

Go in the regular way, using your card on the guard.  Don't go into 
the mine yet.  Have a look at the exhaust fans to the left and 
right of the entrance.  Go around with the spanner opening them all 
(just click with it on the left of the grills).  After you open 
them, nip in and go down.  The one with the lamp at the bottom is 
the one for Level 6.  Take the lamp and go up the ladder to get 
out.  Remember the position of this exhaust fan, you'll be coming 
back here (oh, all right, it's the second on the right if you are 
facing the mine entrance, next to the truck).

Now enter the mine and go to the conveyor.  With great care, get to 
the cart and go all the way down to Level 6.  Find the digger, put 
the keys in, press the blue button, then the green button and push 
the lever forward.  Watch.  

Get back to the cart and go to Level 1.  When you try to get out, 
you find that the entrance has caved in.  Go back to the conveyor 
room.  Find the tank with the black hose and cut this with the 
knife; now you can use the conveyor to get out without getting 

Outside, go to the Tower and talk to Davenport.  You don't get much 
joy out of him.  Back to the mine.  Enter the exhaust fan for Level 
6 and go in.  Search this level till you come to another cul-de-sac 
with some rocks on the floor.  Turn to your left and you will see a 
hole in the wall.  Use the lamp on it and go through.

The tombs

Inside, you might like to save your game and attempt to go through, 
so that you get artistically killed.  If you'd rather not, turn 
right around and pick up a rock from the hole.  Now you can go 
through the door and click with the rock on the next door.  Danger 
over, proceed forward.

Again, in this room you could save your game and attempt to get 
through the next door and see what happens.  What you should really 
do, before attempting to click on the new door, is to turn right 
around and get the vase on the right of the door you just came 
through.  Turn to your right and place the vase on the floor.  Use 
the rope on it and tie the other end to the hoop on the floor.  Turn 
right to face the new door and click on it.  Water starts to get 
in.  Turn to the other door (clicking on it will reveal that it's 
locked) and enter the other vase.  Just watch.

Now you can go through the next door.  Unfortunately, the stairs are 
a bit slippery and you can't go up them.  Back inside the room, find 
the mat and place it on the steps to climb them.

When you come to the next room, look down and use the rope on the 
statue.  Go down.  Have a good look around.  If you click on the 
tiny white spikes under the statue with an arm sticking out, they 
pop up.  If you click on the arm, it comes over them.  Look up and 
there is the exit.  Move to the statue on the right which is holding 
an ankh.  If you pull that, the spikes of the other statue will 
retract.  Stick with this one and look up.  Keep going up and click 
on its head, which will roll off.  Go back to the statue with the 
spikes and push the head onto them.  Click on the spikes to make 
them come up and click on the arm.  It is now safe to climb up, 
click on the mouth of the statue to open it and go through.

Now you will go through a lot of doors and be told a story as you 
are about it.  At the end, you will come upon a mummy; don't take 
any nonsense.  Get out your gun and shoot it.  Look at it.  It isn't 
a mummy, it's a daddy (sorry).  Turn to your left and pick up the 
artefact the skeleton is holding.  Turn right and examine the two 
columns either side of the locked door.  On the wall to the right of 
this door you will spy a crack.  Go through it and up and you'll 
come out at the entrance of the mine.  Guess who is here also?

When Davenport leaves, go straight to Lorrie in her trailer.  She 
will wake up and explain what to do with the artefact.  Go back to 
the mine and straight down (you will have to use the lamp) to the 
room with the locked door.  Just place the pieces of the artefact in 
the correct sockets and the door will open.  Go in.  You will meet a 
chatty ghost.  He also tells you not to muck about with the obelisks.

Actually, if you turn to your right and look at the wall behind you 
you will see a switch in the shape of an obelisk; press it three 
times to bring down all the obelisks and then take their crystals in 
this order:  centre, left and right.  The will automatically rise 
after that.

Turn around and go back to the chamber with the crack in the wall.  
Use it to get out of the mine, go to the Warehouse with the chest, 
look at the chest and use your cantine to pour water in the round 
indentation on the lid.  The chest will open and you can take the 
scroll.  Take it back to the room with the obelisks.  

The ghost will appear and will ask you to follow him.  Do so and 
turn right at the first opportunity to enter his tomb.  Just watch.  
Click with the scroll on the sarcophagus and watch some more.  At 
the end, the priest leaves and again asks you to follow him.  Before 
you do so, search around and find two dog statuettes.  Go out and 
walk about till you find the next, now open, tomb.

Again, just watch what happens.  When you are able to move again, 
look around the room till you find a bit of dodgy wall.  Click on it 
and go through.  It doesn't matter which way you go, you will come 
upon Chris.  Someone sneaks up behind you and knocks you out.

When you wake up, Davenport is there to gloat before he leaves you 
to your death.  When you are alone, advance, look at the rope bridge 
and use the knife to cut the rope.  You go down with it.  Turn to 
your right.  Examine the skeleton and get a bone.  Climb up.  If you 
try to go through the door to the right, the ghost of a dog gives 
you grief.  Go on, Paddy Whack, give the dog a bone.  He disappears 
and you can go through.

In the next tomb you meet another ghost.  After he has done talking, 
look at the walls and spot the painting of the guy holding a 
scepter.  Wait a bit and you will see a bony hand coming through the 
wall.  Place one of the dog statuettes in it.  It will retract and 
another hand will appear.  Give it the other statuette.  Wait a bit 
and you will get the scepter.

Time to leave through the other door.  The ghost will appear again 
and wish you luck.  Advance into this chamber and go to the stand 
with the beam of light.  Use one of the crystals on the support.  If 
another stand does not appear in a bit, turn the wheel under the 
support.  When the next stand appears, go to it and place another 
crystal on it.  Again, another stand should appear, turn the wheel 
if not.  Place the last crystal on the new support and turn the 
wheel till a new door appears.  Go through and you'll find your 

When talking ends and you are attacked, grab the scepter quickly and 
use it on the priest.  Watch.  Take the crystal and turn left.  Go 
through the door.

The Finale

Find the solitary crate, pick it up and turn left to place it in the 
river.  You get in and float to another place.  Turn to your right 
and advance till you find a cell.  Open the door and go in.  Pick up 
the mask in the box (obviously, the one the skeleton is wearing 
didn't work) and pick up the gas bomb.  Leave holding the bomb 
gingerly in front of you till you are challenged by Chris; click on 
him with the bomb.

Watch what happens.  When Davenport appears and asks for the 
crystal, just give it to him.

That's it.  Watch the finale.


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