Goals: Find Aymard's friend, Bernard. He'll help you
to find Petrus.

The Entrance of the City

Q: What should I do with this stubborn guard ?
A: Ask his permission to enter the city. Don't piss him off or he'll kill you in a second. He only ask for a copper coin for the fee. Notice the sword behind him.

Q: Where could I find the coin?
A: Maybe that knight and the lady could help you.....

Q: How could I help the poor knight to find his sword ?
A: Try to steal the sword from the guard. Hmmm... no luck. Talk to the beautiful lady on one of the shop. Tell her about the poor knight. Ask her to distract the guard so you could steal his sword. Give her the silk purse. She'll go and talk with the guard. Steal his sword and give it to the knight. Receive a copper and a Spanish coin from him. Give the copper coin to the guard and enter the city of Toulouse.

The Market

Q: Where could I find Bernard, the friend of Aymard (the merchant from the bridge)?
A: The tailor knows his whereabout. He won't tell you if you're not his customer. That means ... more money to buy his merchandise. Talk with everybody and from these conversations you'll know that the shoemaker need a silk ribbon but the silkworker won't give it to him, the cutler seems sad, the caterer need a new garments for the reception, and the instrument maker trusts both the silkworker and the shoemaker. Click on the picture of a girl at the intrument maker booth. He wants to find a husband for his daughter (And if you look at the instrument at his booth, he'll tell you that he wants to travel to Narbonne but afraid someone will rob him.). Those are the quests you need to solve before you could meet Petrus. Not a simple task ??

Q: Where could I get more money?
A: Visit the changer booth. Show the spanish coin to him. He will give your first 2 coins if you could solve the riddle.

Q: How could I solve his puzzle?
A: It's easy. You need to guess which is the lightest pouch out of 10 pouches. Choose any 3 pouches put them on the left scale. Do the same for the right scale. Pull the lever. There are 2 possibilities:

  • If the result is unbalanced, take only the three bags which come from the lighter scale. Choose one from the lightest group and put it on the left and do the same thing for the right scale. If the result is unbalanced, then choose the lightest one. If it's even then the third pouch is the lightest one.
  • If the result of the first weighing is even, take the two remaining bags and place them on the scales. Pick up the lightest one. That's the pouch.

Q: How could I find a husband for the instrument maker's daughter?
A: The silkmaker is interested with his daughter. Too bad that his status makes it impossible to marry her. Ask about him to the shoemaker. He'll explain about the slave law. Tell about this law to the instrument maker. Tell the silkworker about the daughter. He'll agree to marry her. Go back and tell the instrument maker about this news. Received 3 poems and 2 gold coins.

Q: How could I get the ribbon for the shoemaker?
A: Talk with the silkmaker. He's so happy about the marriage. You'll get the ribbon after you tell him that the marriage could happen because of the shoemaker's knowledge. Give the ribbon to the shoemaker. He'll give you 4 coins in return.

Q: Where could I get the garment for the caterer?
A: You'll have enough money now to buy a garment. Examine the garment at the tailor booth. Buy the garment and you'll received an info about Bernard (he changed his name into Paul now). Give the garment to the caterer and receive an invitation to enter the palace with him later on.

Q: Where is Bernard's house?
A: His house is the one with green lantern in front of it. Tell the maid about Paul. You'll be allowed to enter. Hear the conversation then step inside Paul's room. Tell him that Aymard sent you. Ask about Petrus. He'll help you if you could help him to cash the letter of credit.

Q: How could I cash the letter of credit?
A: Remember that the instrument maker will have a travel to Narbonne but he's afraid to bring cash? Tell Paul about him. He'll give you the letter of credit. Get the letter (strange, why does the cuttler name appear on the letter?) and go back to the instrument maker. Tell him about the letter of credit. Receive the money.

Q: The maid won't let me in. What should I do now with the cash?
A: Give it to Cutler. No wonder this guy looks sad. Tell him that you do this thing on behalf of Paul. Go back to Paul house and hear about the sad news. Read the letter from him. He told you that maybe the abbot of Saint Sermint could help you. Receive his furcoat also.

Q: Where is the abbey of Saint Sermint?
A: Go to the guard on the left of Paul's house. Try to talk with him. Show the furcoat to him. He'll tell you that nobody will pass unless...... you'll give him somekind of reward. Or you could say ..... money. Bribe him with the remaining of the coins. Enter the Abbey.