The Journey Began
Goals: Find a way to Tolouse

The Library

Q: What should I do first?
A: Open the trunk on your left and pick up your notebook.

Q: 'Frisure is the key." What does Adalard's final words meant ?
A: Go straight to the shelf at the back wall of the library. Pick up the scroll called 'Salome'. Insert this scroll into the empty frisure on the lower right. Look at the picture below to help you. It will open the door to the secret study room.

Q: It's too dark here. Where is the light?
A: Lit the candle on the top right side of the desk. Now you could read the letter from your father. Take the manuscript with you.

The Bridge

Q: What has happened to the merchant on the bridge?
A: The wooden bridge has collapsed because of his heavy merchandises. Luckily he has tied his merchandises to his cart so they still stuck in the river below. By talking with him and all the people around, you'll find out that the merchant doesn't trust the gypsies. He doesn't want to ask for help from them. The gypsy leader, Potronous, has a strange machine in front of him that could make things fly. Look at it carefully. You should ask about the strange machine to him. There are 2 other interesting figures near the caravan: Isabeau (the tight rope walker) and Pablo (the knife thrower).

Q: How could I help him?
A: Pick up the bucket on his cart. Go to the riverbank (it's just to the left of the bridge from the merchant direction). Fill the bucket with the small rocks. Go back to the merchant and tied this to the rope. It will act as a counterweight. The merchandise will be raised up. Again he'll ask you to fetch his cow so he could pull his cart away from the broken bridge. He'll give you a harness for his ox.

Q: Where is his ox?
A: Go to the riverbank again. Look at the oxen. The black ox on the middle is his. Use harness on its neck. Bring the ox back to the merchant.

Q: Now he ask for an extra wheel. Where could I got one?
A: Go to the back of Potronous caravan. You'll see an extra wheel. Click that to examine the wheel. Tell him about the extra wheel. He'll agree to buy it from Potronous. Finally, they could be friend after all. The merchant will give some money and a silk purse in exchange for the extra wheel.

Q: The merchant wants to sell his cask but the gypsy tell him top weight it first. How could I help him?
A: Tell about the cask to Potronous. He'll tell you that his scale won't do the trick. He told you to find bigger container to weight it. Go down to the left riverbank (to the left from the gypsy direction). Try to use the boat to weight the cask. Try to borrow the boat from the hermit. Alas, he won't allow you to use it until he see his mouse fly. Look carefully at the mouse. Hmmm.... a small mouse.

Q: What am I suppose to do to make his mouse fly? What an absurd task ....
A: Simon got an idea. Show mouse to Potronous. Ask him about the machine twice. Click on the silk purse on the top of the machine. Ask him to borrow the purse and tell about the strange idea to make the mouse fly by using the purse. He'll give it to you. Go back to hermit. Use purse to contain the mouse. Bring the mouse to the machine. Put it on the machine. Well, well, well .... it flies after all. The hermit suddenly shout and ask Simon to bring themouse down. What's wrong with this hermit... first, he wants his mouse to fly .... now he wants his mouse back again...

Q: How could I bring the mouse fall down?
A: You better get his mouse down quick or he'll piss off. Ask Pablo, the knife thrower, to throw the knife to the silk purse. The mouse fall down and now you could use the boat.

Q: How could I weight the cask?
A: This is very tricky puzzle. You will need weights to measure the weight of the cask. You could only hold the weights or the cask on your hand, not both. First of all, try to find weights. Put the cask on the boat. Ask Potronous about the weighting procedure. He'll tell you to pick up his weights in his caravan. Get it and the paint also from the caravan. Use the paint on the boat to make measuring lines. Put the weights on the ground. Get the cask from the boat and put it on the left of the weights. Pick up the weights and put them on the boat. You did it. Go back to the merchant. Tell him about the weight and receive a silver purse as a reward. Ask Potronous to help you crossing the bridge.

Q: How could I help him to bring his caravan to the other side?
A: Look carefully at the bridge and the poles in front of the caravan (just behind him). Tell him about the bridge and how the poles could be used as a tools to help him. Tell him that the oxen could pull the caravan to the other side. Look at the rope inside the caravan and take it. Tell him him about the rope. Tell him to ask Isabeau to help him crossing the bridge. Look at the tree on the other side of the bridge. Go to Isabeau and tell her about the bridge, rope, and tree. She'll walk along the tight edge of the bridge and ties the rope to the tree.

You'll go to Toulouse with the gypsies.