Goals: Find Durandal sword


Q: What should I do here?
A: Enter the abbey and meet Diego d'Osma. Answer all of his questions correctly. Wrong answer will end your pilgrimate. Talk with him until he starts asking questions. Choose this answers: Petrus, Yes, No, No, and No.

Q: Where is this holy ground where I'll meet the messenger?
A: It's the second building from the end. It's an unfinished church. Go to the backside and click the messenger icon on the altar. You could ask the messenger maksimum 3 questions (included the Durandal image). Don't ask too many question or you will not be able to handed Durandal image on her hand for good. It seems silly but that's one of the bug of the game. She'll show you the way to Durandal.

Q: What should I do with this strange two-headed machine?
A: Activate the wheel so it will show sword on the left and the horn on the right. It will raise the platform on the other side of this room. You need to lower the platform to enter the underground cave.

Q: How could I lower this platform?
A: See that shelf on the wall. You need to switch the wooden block with the wax block in order to lower the platform. You need to do it gradually though so the platform won't fall to fast while you standing on it. First, take the wax block and switch the wooden block with it. Get the torch on the right wall from platform direction. Put the torch below the wax block. Climb down the ladder and you'll arrive in the underground cave. Look at that sword .... could it be ???

Q: What should I do with the Durandal sword?
A: Don't be fooled by it. It's not the real Durandal sword. It's the imitation only. You need the imitation to get the real one though. Leave the tomb room and enter the second floor of the chapel. Put the sword on the right hand of the statue. It will point to a special pillar. Make the note of its location. Take the sword and the staff.

Q: What should I do with the Durandal sword and the staff now?
A: Go back to the tomb downstair. Walk to the center altar. Insert the sword there. Then facing the exit door, walk until you stand in front of the door, turn right, step forward once, turn left, look down, click the staff in the left hole. It will open a secret compartment on the back wall. Take the shell inside.

Q: So where is the Durandal Sword?
A: Go back to the entrance of Roncevaux. You'll see a big cross there. Insert the shell on the slot. It's actually ........ yes ... the Durandal Sword!!

Petrus, William, and Simon will continue their journey to ...

Pampluna (The Bridge)

Hades will stand on the bridge and block your way. Out of nowhere, William will start attacking him. Of course the poor guy dies. You need to find a way to pass Hades.

Q: How could I defeat Hades?
A: Talk with Petrus about it. He'll told you to use water to defeat him. Click on the stone behind Petrus then look into the water. You'll see the solution. Now, go straight to Hades. No.... no... don't fight him (you'll be killed if you do that). Turn right and step to the edge. Throw the sword down to the river. Hades will jump and drowned......

Q: What should I do now?
A: Enter the tent and release Isabeau. You'll continue your journey with her.

Q: How could I help this poor guy?
A: You need to get rid off the ghost inside the house. Ask the man about the problem. Keep on asking him until you couldn't ask for more, then enter the house. Walk to the table on the back wall. Click on the fork on the table. It will start drawing a circle.

Q: What should I do with this figurine, the flask, and the circle?
A: You need to give her a good reason to forgive. Pick up the flask. Use it with the burning figurine. Water will cool down you emotion. When she asks for a good reason, take the ashes and put it outside the circle to the right. Simon will tell her to do it for herself not for the sinner.

Q: What should I do now?
A: Ask the man with the blue shirt about the truth. Tell Petrus about the story of the spirit. The truth is there.......