Faith as a Weapon

The Story:
In the year if 1208, somewhere in troubled early 13th-century Languedoc, Marc, a Knight Templar, has returned from Crusades with a Coptic manuscript which might be the Lost Gospel of Saint John. During his voyage, Marc stumbles into an ambush. Seriously injured, he arrives in a small village and gives the manuscript to Adalard de Lancrois, the head of a secret order called "The Tradition."

Shortly thereafter, Adalard falls ill and, on his death bed asks his youngest son, Simon, to carry the manuscript to one of his friends, Petrus who dwells in Tolouse. Meanwhile, Pope Innocent III sends the inquisitor Diego D'Osma to track down the precious document.

Fos Simon and Petrus, a dangerous race against time has begun .....tm

This where our adventure begin........
I'll divide my hints into several sections according to the places you'll find the puzzles. Try to talk with everyone about every topics but beware, at some points you have only limited topics to ask. If you goes beyond this then you're be stuck for good. And the most important thing is to look at everything. This will bring up the important items name for conversations and actions.

The Journeys

The Journey Began
The Abbey of Saint Sermint
The Church and the Fortress
Belibaste's House

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