The Initiation
Goals: Petrus will guide you with the initiation

The Palace

Q: What should I do here?
A: Talk with Isabeau twice. She'll ask you to help her to build Potronous' strange machine. It's behind the curtain.

Q: How could I build the machine?
A: First arrange the three parts of the machine. Put the first part on the bottom, then the second and the third part on the top of it. Pick up the drawer and insert it inside its place. Put the funnel on the left of the drawer, thr trunk on the top left part, and finally the bellow on the bottom left corner. You need additional components to operate this machine.

Q: How could I operate the machine?
A: Get the burning coal with your rag from the brazier on the left corner of the room. This is for the machine's fuel. Get the carafe from the left side of the dining table. Open the trunk on the left side of the curtain. Get the four elements inside. Put the minerals inside the drawer, the coal below the machine, the carafe through the funnel, and finally wrap the machine with the cloth. Click on the machine to see the effect. Hmmm... nice.

Q: Now, what should I do for the show?
A: You're supposed to perform a dragon and a princess show. Give the heart and the rope to Isabeau. Ask Pablo to throw the dagger to the heart. The show begin. The counselor will ask you to perform a poem. Read the 'Far-Away-Love' poem. The other will make you ...... you could try them. Ask about Petrus to conselor. Surprise !!! He's Petrus.

Ibaneta's Cliff

Q: What should I do for the initiation?
A: You need to recreate the picture by potitioning the character on the screen. Click on where Petrus, Cross, Rock and Simon was. Then choose 'Grow', 'Strong', and 'Dream' option. You pass the test and now ready go to Roncevaux.