The Church and The Fortress
Goals: Find the amulet and Marc

The Abandoned Church

Q: What should I do here?
A: Read the letter inside the priest bedroom (to the left of the altar). It's on the table. From that letter you'll know that the priest has something important hidden inside this church.

Q: Where is this hidden items?
A: You need a 'map' to find you. Pick up the map in the bedroom (the map is divided into 4 section) and put it on the wall behind the altar. Look carefully at the map. There is 2 letters on the map: H and T. "The light will show the way."

Q: How could I solve this map puzzle?
A: Open the cabinet near the exit. Take the nail, string, and the hammer. Go upstair to the second level through the circular ladder. You must face the ladder from the altar direction. Use the staff in the hole at the center of the rosace (mozaic tile). Turn the wheel until it points to "H". You'll hear a strange click. Go downstair to the map. You'll see a bright spot on the map. Mark it with the nail. Repeat the step with "T" letter. Connect the 2 nails with the string. It will cross a point called AGAPE.

Q: What's the meaning of AGAPE?
A: That's the clue to open the secret place that hold the amulet. Push the buttons on the rosace according to the word AGAPE. Voila, it will light up a spot on the floor.

Q: How could I open this stone slab on the floor?
A: Use the bell rope on the stone slab (click on the rope then use the rope on the slab). Pull the bellrope one more time to lift the stone slab. Now you should act quickly. Go down, look the inscription on the amulet, grab the amulet, and get the hell out of there. If you're slow then you'll be trapped forever there.

The Fortress

Q: Where is Marc?
A: He's kept behind the barred door inside the fostress (you'll know it if you click his image on the door). Diego d'Osma is inside the room also. They're playing chess !!! What are they thinking....

Q: How could I open the door?
A: Get the iron stick from under the rubbles to the right of the door. Look at the chain that operates the drawbridge. Crank the lever to pull the bridge up. Insert the iron stick in the chain to hold it. Pick up the chain and then connect it to the wooden board in front of the door. Go back to the chain and release the iron stick. Open the door and you'll find Diego and Marc ..... playing chess.

Q: Where is the key to unlock Marc's cell?
A: Get the axe and the crossbow from the shelf beside Diego. Go out from the fortress. You'll see a hung man on the left side. Shoot the hung man 3 times with the crossbow. Use the axe to cut down the board in front of the hung man so you could cross the water. Search him. You'll find a key. Use the key to unlock the cell.

Diego will tell you to find Belibaste up in the hill. He hold all the answers to your questions....