Goals: Find out the truth

The Maze

Q: What should I do here?
A: Enter the house and click the green pot and you'll be transferred into a labyrinth.

Q: Where is the way out from this labyrinth?
A: Just follow this direction. Turn left, go straight till the end without stepping into the blue room. Turn right, step forward and take the third passage on the right. Go until the end, turn then straight until the end. When you arrive at the table, read the inscription and then click on the cheese.

Q: I couldn't get out from this room. I couldn't open the door.
A: Remember what's the inscription said? Reflection ...... Look on the water and click on the door above your image. You'll meet Belibaste.... or should I say ... the hermit from the bridge near the starting point. He'll explain everything. turn around, open the door and enter the dark tunnel.

The Plain

Q: What should I do with all of these statues?
A: Go behind the white statue. Open the column and climb up the ladder to the eye. Click on it. Now you need to shoot one of the ghost. Doesn't matter.... you could choose anyone you like.

Q: How could I defeat these monsters?
A: It's depend on which monsters left. The left one could be killed by the combination of 'power' and 'axe', the middle one could be killed by 'glory' and 'sword' and the right one with 'salvation' and 'staff'. You could get this component from their masters inside the cave behind them. The kings will give you sword, staff, and the axe. You could break all the cages that contain 'power', 'love', 'glory', 'salvation', 'peace', and 'progress' by using these weapons. Give the appropriate character to the monsters. When they bow down, hit their head with the appropriate weapons. Get out to the plain again.

Q: Where is the exit from this plain?
A: There's a strange machine on the foot of the red knight. Place 'peace' on the third slot. Push the left cylinder up by two degrees, the middle until it reaches the top, and the right one by one degree. Click on the pedal above it. It will crush the monster statue. Take the little jar inside. It's the shadow. Go to the black knight and click on his head. A ray of light will appear. Change the ray position by clicking the prism on the head. Use the jar on the black heart on the ground. It will open the door to the secret tomb near the green knight. That will lead you to ....

The Cathedral

Once again you'll meet Hades..... Talk with him until he offers you to play chess.

Q: How could I defeat Hades in this chess game?
A: Click twice on the book. When the new pieces appear, click on the rook (Saint James). Click on it again and move it to the last square on the left on the same line.

Q: How could I get out from this cathedral?
A: Go to the statue of Saint james, click on it. Click the shadow on it, then click one more time to open the exit way.

Q: What are the answers for the questions from the three judges?
A: Here are the answers in order:

  • Cathars
  • Innocent III
  • King Philippe
  • Pierre de Castelnau
  • Diego d'Osma
  • Innocent III
  • Abbot Arnauld
  • Marc
  • Manuscript
  • Consolamentum
  • Perfects
  • Paraclete
  • Roland
  • Charlemagne
  • Quest
  • Simon
  • Manuscript
  • Apocalypse
  • Isabeau
  • YES or NO (it's up to you... if you choose 'YES' then you'll loose Isabeau but you're become the knight, if 'NO' then you'll leave happily ever after with her)