The Abbey of Saint Sermint
Goals: Find more information on Petrus

The Abbey

Q: Where is the abbot?
A: Knock on the door in front of you and show him the furcoat. You'll be allowed to enter the abbey. Go straight ahead until you see a monk pass by. Hmmm... who is this monk. The door will be opened. Now you could meet the abbot.

Q: What should I tell him?
A: Show the furcoat to the abbot. When he go out, take a peek at the note on the table. It explain about a conspiracy between the church and the landlord to get the manuscript. Don't ever tell him about your father nor the manuscript. Ask about Petrus. Suddenly he drop you to the jail.

The Jail

Q: How could I get out of this rotten cell?
A: Talk to the man on the corner. Try to open the door. No use !! It's locked. Ask the man about the locked door. He'll tell you about the beast behind the door. This man is dreaming too much. Ask him about Petrus. Look at the back wall. Hmm... what is this strange tiles are for?

Q: What should I do with the tiles?
A: Form the word in the following order: Hades, Bethel and Jahve on the top. Then pull the lever. It will open the locked door. Get inside.

Q: How could I open the grate?
A: Look carefully at the statue. There's water below it. Go back to the man in the cell. Too bad he's dead. I guess he won't need his bowl anymore. Get the bowl. Go back in and fill it with water. Pour it on the pipe. This will operate the mechanism to raise the grate.

Q: It's a dead end. Where should I go now?
A: I don't know what the use of the scale. I guess it is intended to measure up the weight of the stones. But you don't need it to escape from this room. Go directly to the seat below the step on your right. Pick up 3 stones and put it on the basket. Pull the lever. You'll be swinged to the underground mouseleoum.

Q: What are these paintings on the wall for?
A: You will have to reconstitute two stories from two series of ten paintings by selecting the images in the right order. The first story is about "The Ten Plagues of Egypt" and the second story is about The Ten Commandments. You will find the order inside the encyclopedia, under "Religion / christian cult / The plagues of Egypt and The Decalogue". These are the two necessary documents where the right order is given to you. Look at this picture below to help you ..... Pull the lever after each story. The last lever will bring you up to the market again (you'll go back to the market through the well). You'll be taken to the palace for the feast.

Ten Plagues of Egypt

The Ten Commandements