Alone in the Dark:The New Nightmare

Walkthru by:

Tami Meyers



Walkthrough for Edward Carnby



Getting to the manor


Bridge Garden

                     Exit this first screen.

                     At the next screen head to Ed's right.

                     Up ahead is a locked gate.

                     If you look at the lock it needs symbols to be opened. We'll get those later.

                     Now head back and go forward this time.

                     Continue forward until aline radios you.

                     Move forward again until the screen changes.

                     Now turn left, under the falledn tree, and move forward.

                     Move forward again.  

                    Continue through the archway.

                     To Ed's left is a set of stairs with blood leading up.

                     Head up the stairs.

                     Move forward into the room

                     There is a man in here. When you are done talking with him exit .

                     Walk forward until you hear gunshots.

                     Run back into the room.

                     The man is gone but a small bronze key remains.

                     Take the key and exit the room once again.

                     Continue until you reach a locked gate.

                     Use your key to open it. To do this, check inventory, select the key and select use. You then need to hit the spacebar again to open it.


East Garden 1

                     Pick up the bullets on the wall. As you do this you will see a cutscene.

                     Continue thru the archway.

                     Once in the next area open the gate to your left.

                     Two dogs will run past but they won't attack.

                     Pick up two boxes of bullets.

                     Continue on and pick up the health kit.

                     Exit back out and head east up the stairs.


East Garden 2

                     Once in this area you will be attacked by a dog.


Note:Whenever possible save your ammo. Run away when you can.


                     Start running.

                     Head left and continue on to the other side of the area until you reach the stairs.

                     Climb the stairs. Once in the next area the dogs won't follow.


Terrace Garden

                     Move forward until you reach a flight of stairs.

                     Climb the stairs. The gate is locked but on the way down Aline will radio you.

                     Continue on.

                     You will witness a gross cutscene. When it's done continue forward until you are attacked. Kill the creature and then walk down the stairs.

                     Open the gate.


Water Tank

                     You can't get down the stairs yet so head to the left then right.

                     When you reach the other side there will be a valve.

                     Hit the space bar and then 'yes' to activate it. The water will lower allowing you access to the bottom of the tank.

                     Head back to the stairs. Kill the creature that attacks.

                     Now head downstairs and thru the opening.



                     Follow this passage until it opens into a larger room.

                     There is an opening on the other side but you won't be able to get to it yet. You will first need to kill the crocodile.

                     Move around and when he jumps out of the water shoot him with the gun. Be quick about it.  You will have just enough time to spin and shoot.It will take about 6 shoots to finish him off. Don't go for the door or he'll take you under the water.

                     When it is dead continue through the opening.

                     Continue on until you reach a ladder.

                     Hit the spacebar and then answer 'yes' to climb it.

                     Climb up

                     Continue forward.

                     The gate ahead is sealed.

                     Turn left and press the spacebar to climb up.

                     Open the door here.

                     Climb the stairs.

                     Head left.

                     On a stack of crates is a box of cartridges and bullets.

                     On the desk is a first aid kit.

                     Leaning against the cabinet is a shotgun.

                     Head back past the stairs.

                     There is a casket and a locked gate. All other doors in the area are locked. There is a trapdoor here but that will be unlocked later.

                     Open the casket. You will receive a horrible vision.

                     When it's over take the gilded key.

                     Use the key to unlock the gate.

                     Open it and climb the stairs.

                     At the top hit the spacebar to open the mirror door.

                     Aline will radio you.


Manor Lobby

                     Walk forward and you will be attacked. Kill the creature. The lights will go out.

                     On the desk is a saving charm.

                     By the double doors is a light switch.

                     All the doors are locked so head upstairs.


Manor 2nd Floor Landing

                     Head toward the door to the east and Aline will radio you.

                     There is a chest blocking this door.

                     Move to the right side of the chest and push it by holding the spacebar and pressing the up arrow.

                     Once the chest is moved, open the door. Aline is here.



                     After Aline takes off through the trapdoor in the ceiling look in the desk.

                     You will find a dictaphone. Listen to it. It is a clue as to how to solve the stone puzzle. Make note of the first four words. Ogalai, Hypor, Harnis, Korna.

                     Pick up the acrobat statue.

                     Read the book on the nightstand.

                     Exit back to the outer area.


2nd Floor Landing

                     Notice the portraits on the wall are glimmering.

                     Check out all the paintings lining the walls. There are locking mechanisms so you will need to figure out how to unlock them.


Opening the four portraits

Portrait #1


                     All the doors up here are locked so head downstairs.



                     At the bottom there is a bust.

                     Examine it. There is a place to enter a code that you don't have, yet.

                     The scratches on the ground are a clue as to what to do with the bust.

                     Move to the left side and push it out of the way.

                     Take a look in the mirror. You can see the initials HM.

                     Put this into the code and you will see one of the paintings unlock.

                     Run upstairs and examine this picture.

                     Take the small rusty key.

                     Head back downstairs.

                     At the bottom of the stairs, make a right and go forward.

                     Go through the double doors here.


First floor corridor

                     Edenshaw will approach you.

                     When he's done chatting he'll give a saving charm.

                     Head East. Run past any zombies you encounter. At the very end of this hall open the door.

                     You are now in another hall.

                     The zombies here are harder to aviod. Kill them if you have to.


Note:Reload your weapon in inventory. It's much quicker.


East office

                     Check out the amphora.

                     Take the crowbar off the crate.

                     Read the scroll on the desk. This is Richards will and tells you how to solve the library puzzle.

                     Read the book marked AA on the shelf .

                     Read the other book marked O on a small shelf across from the larger bookshelves.

                     Take the flask.

                     You will eventually be attacked and the lights will go out. The monsters will disappear.

                     Near the large cabinet is a first aid kit.

                     You want to leave thru this door but first fill up the flask from the amphora.

                     Once back out in the larger room head back thru the double doors.

                     This time head west.

                     At the very end of this hall are some cartridges and possibly a zombie.

                     Now open the door here.

                     Climb the spiral staircase.

                     Go thru the door at the top.



                     Grab the grenade launcher sitting directly in front of you.

                     Now continue thru the room. Aline will radio you and mention a trapdoor but it's not here and we can't get to it yet so exit back downstairs.

                     There is also a door up here but it's locked. We need a key.



                     Head back east.

                     Now enter thru the door marked H.M.

                     Kill the zombies.

                     Once they are dead follow this hall around. There is a first aid kit here.

                     Now go back to the door you passed on the way marked H.M. also.



Portrait #2


West office

                    Check out the display of the ship and scale.

                    To the right of this display is a saving charm

                    Pick up the cartridges that are laying around.

                    Pick up the photo on the table. It is a picture of the ship with the flask sitting on the scale. This is a big clue as to what to do next.

                    Put the flask on the scale.

                    Archibalds portrait will now unlock.

                    Pick up the wolf mask.

                    Exit back to the portraits.


2nd floor landing

                    In Archibalds painting is a gilded key.

                    Now head back to the first floor corridor.



                    Head east.

                    Go through the door at the end.

                    You are now in a hall.

                    Using the gilded key from Archibalds portrait enter the door to the north.


Note: I've noticed that some of the keys don't match the floor on the map. The map labels the floors as 1st and second while the keys say ground and 1st floor.


Smoking Room

                    You will be attacked when you first enter. Kill off the creature.

                    There is a first aid kit on the bookshelf.

                    There is a small gilded key on the table in the center of the room.

                    Check out the owl statue.

                    Now turn out the lights and check out the owl statue again. It now looks like a wolf. This is a clue as to what to do.

                    Put the wolf mask on the statue.

                    A steel key is revealed.

                    Take it.

                    Exit the room. Kill the zombies that attack.

                    Head back to the attic.



                    Once you are back in the attic open the locked door up here with the small rusty key from Howard's portrait.

                    Enter into the next room.


West Attic

                    There are two plants in here but you can avoid them and save some ammo.

                     Move forward and in the south corner is a lighter.

                    Take it quickly.

                    Exit thru the door to the east.

                    You are in a hall.

                    Exit thru the door on the other side.


East Attic

                    Once in this room move forward and head to the north.

                    Listen very closely for a clicking sound inbetween the two areas. On the map it looks like a narrow hall.

                    When you hear the sound use the crowbar to reveal an opening.

                    There are two keys inside. A small key and a small gilded key.

                    Move east then south.

                    Go thru the door here.


Attic storage

                    In this next room as you move forward you will witness a cutscene of spiders.

                    When it's done move forward then make a left.

                    Search the pile of furniture for bullets and cartridges.

                    Now continue forward. You can see the spiders hanging from the rafters above you. As you pass under them they will drop. A single gunshot will take care of them.

                    Continue forward until you see a glimmering candle.

                    Click on the candle.

                    Use the lighter on the candle. You will get a clue as to how to get into the next area. It will mention a draft.

                    If you hit the spacebar on the blocked opening you will hear a clicking sound.

                    Use the crowbar.

                    An opening is revealed.

                    Hit the spacebar to get into the next area.


East loft

                    There are two plants in here. You can avoid them by running.

                    Follow the hall until you can go east.

                    There is a first aid kit on a table.

                    Open the door here.



                    There is an old woman in a bed. Speak with her.

                    Now exit.

                    Run past the plants and head all the way west.

                    There is a locked door.

                    Use the small gilded key to open the door.


West loft

                    You are now at the top of a spiral staircase.

                    Head down.

                    Half way down is a landing

                    Go thru the door.


2nd floor corridor

                    Once inside Aline will radio you again.

                    Move forward and kill the creature that appears.

                    Now go thru the first door to the east.


First Floor Office

                    Take the first aid kit sitting to Ed's right.

                    Climb the stairs to where the desk is.

                    You can see to glints of light.

                    One is a locked drawer and the other is a book.

                    Read the book marked with an 'A'.

                    Open the desk drawer using the first floor office key.

                    Inside the desk is a large ornate key.

                    There is also half a photo in the desk.

                    Exit the room.



                    Continue Sw down the hall.

                    Heading east, the first door is sealed.

                    Continue east following the corridor until it ends in a locked door.

                    Open the door using the steel key from the smoking room.



East Bedroom

                    Turn on the lights and an creatures in the room will disappear.

                    Check out the desk.

                    Pick up the other half of the photo. In inventory combine the two pieces of photos. Check out the back. It says 1408+2518. Add them together and you get the solution to a future puzzle.

                    Read the scroll

                    There is a box of cartridges in the bookshelf.

                    There is another large ornate key on a table.

                    There is a saving charm also.

                    On the desk by the bed is another book. Read it.




                    Now head west down the hall.

                    The double doors lead to the landing with the 4 pictures.

                    Pass this door and enter the next door you reach.


West Bedroom

                    Cross thru the room.

                    When you get near the bed you will be attacked by tentacles.

                    Shoot it with the grenade launcher.

                    On the dresser is a rocket launcher and 3 boxes of cartridges.

                    On the fireplace mantel is a charm of saving.

                    Also on the fireplace is a first aid kit.




                    You can unlock the next door with the small gilded key which will take you back to the second floor hall.

                    The next door after this is sealed.

                    Head back to the spiral staircase and head to the bottom.


First Floor

                    Go thru the door at the bottom of the stairs.

                    As you enter two zombies will be waiting for you.

                    Open the double doors with one of the large ornate keys.


Portrait #3


                    Aline will radio you.

                    Check out the book on the desk

                    Read the book on the pedestal. This is the Morton family biography and the last page holds an important clue to the portrait puzzle.

                    When you are done with the book head around to the other side of the room and climb the stairs.

                    There is a box of rockets at the top.

                    Now head to the other side of this floor.

                    Notice the device on the railing.

                    Click on it.

                    You need to enter a code. Try the one on the picture. 3926.

                    A secret room is revealed.



Secret room in Library

                    There is a telescope in here.

                    Move to the other side of the room.

                    Examine the niche in the wall with statues similiar to the one you have in inventory.

                    Use your statue on the niche.

                    A secret panel is opened.

                    Inside is one of the statues you need.

                    There is also a puzzle that can't be solved yet.

                    To the left is a message written backwards that states "The key to the portraits is the dates those they represent were born on."




                    Continue climbing the stairs.

                    At the top you will see  a flying creature but it won't attack, yet.

                    Climb the ladder here.



                    Head west around the ledge.

                    Watch out for dogs.

                    Climb the ladder when you reach it.



                    There is a charm of saving up here.

                    Look thru the window. You can't see anything yet.

                    Use the telescope on the tripod to see the fort.

                    Look to the right. You are looking for a window. When you find it zoom in and look above it. You will see the number 1692.

                    Head back to the library.



                    Go back to the secret room.

                    Enter the number you found on the fort, 1692, into the control panel.

                    Another picture (Jeremy and Edenshaw) is unlocked. We'll go get what's inside it later.


Portrait #4

                    Now check Richards will to explain this puzzle.

                    You need to select 4 books and in the correct order.

                    Book #1-3rd floor at the very end. Click on it and select 'yes' to push it in. You will then get a hint as to where the next book is.

                    Book #2-Head down to the first floor and back to the double doors. Pass the doors and click on the very first shelf you come to.

                    Book #3-Back to the staircase. Click on the shelf at the base of the stairs.

                    Book #4-Back to the third floor. The book is three screens over. Keep an eye out for the sparkling thing that will tell you where it is.

                    Unfortunatley, before you can get there the bird man comes back. To kill him, use your shotgun or pistol. Shoot at him. You will miss but he will curl up in a ball and then unfurl. When he does shoot him. You need to do this about 10 times to finish him off.

                    If you didn't select the last book do it now.

                    The last portrait opens.

                    Now go check out the two portraits we opened.

                    Exit the library.


First floor corridor

                    You will be attacked by two zombies. Take care of them.

                    Exit through the door opposite the library doors.


Main Entrance

                    There are two creatures in here. Kill the first.

                    As you head upstairs there is another one. Kill him and continue up.


2nd Floor landing

                    Richard's portrait holds a plasma cannon and a small bronze key.

                    Jeremy's has a metal plate.

                    After taking the metal plate a message appears. "A mechanism appears at the bottom of each portrait.


The Portrait Puzzle

                    The solution to solving the portrait puzzle is in Jeremy's riddle. The birthdates are the key. Also, check out the Morton Biography to get the birthdays. Check out the last page.

                    Each portrait has a place to enter a combination.

                    Start with the first portrait on the left.

                     #1-This is Richard-1852.

                     #2-Archibald the Explorer-1874



                     If you did it correctly the clock downstairs will open revealing an ornate bronze key. This key opens the double doors leading outside.

                     Head downstairs.


Main Entrance

                     Head over to the double doors to the south.

                     Use the key from the clock to open it.

                     Step outside.



                     Follow the path to Edward's right.

                     Keep going until you reach a shed.

                     Inside are 2 first aid kits and gas cartridges.

                     Head back to the entrance.

                     This time move forward.

                     You will reach a locked gate.

                     Use the small bronze key from Richards portrait to open it.

                     This should now look familiar to you.

                     Your goal is to get back to the gate with the symbols.

                     You will be attacked so start running.

                     Head downstairs and left.

                     Run all the way around to the opening on the other side.

                     Eventually you will find yourself back near the room where you met the man who killed himself.

                     There will be a cutscene of zombies.

                     When you take control again get your rocket launcher ready.

                     There are 5 of them.

                     When you are done with them move through the arch.

                     Continue all the way back to the screen just after the one you started on.

                     Continue forward.

                     Head toward the gate.

                     Check out the gate.

                     You will need to enter a code.

                     Look at the metal plate in inventory.

                     Enter these symbols in the lock on the gate.

                     Open the gate.



                     There is a decapitated person clinging to the gate here.

                     On his body are 2 first aid kits and a gas cartridge.

                     Continue forward over the bridge. You'll be attacked along the way. Don't worry about the little creatures.

                     There is a the head fromthe decapitated body here.

                     There is a saving charm nearby on the ground.

                     Climb the stairs.


Circle of Stones


Stone Puzzle

                     Check out your compass to find North and then click on the north stone. It is the big one straight ahead.

                     It will ask which stone it is. Select North.

                     Aline will now radio you and talk you through the next section.

                     She will ask if something is carved in this stone.

                     Click on it.

                     Radio Aline back.

                     She then asks you to find the se stone.

                     Using the compass, find it and click on it.

                     Radio her.

                     Now the west stone.

                     Radio her.

                     Now sw.

                     Radio her.

                     Now east.

                     Radio her.

                     Now ne.

                     Radio her.

                     Now head to the east stone and cast the spell b clicking on it.

                     The clue to what words to choose comes from the dictaphone. If you didn't make note of the words earlier they are: Ogoulai, Hypor, Harnis, Korna.

                     There is now something on the center stone.

                     Take the stone stele.

                     Take the statue of the bull.

                     Now head down the stairs.

                     At the bottom head left.

                     Continue on

                     Aline will radio you. She needs to meet with you.

                     Move forward and down the stairs.



                     At the bottom of the stairs is a saving charm.

                     Follow the little creatures.

                     Continue on until you reach the marsh.



                     Consult the map to see where you are going.

                     Move quickly before the first zombie gets up.

                     You want to go out the opening at the top.

                     Work your way in that direction, avoiding the zombies if possible.

                     When you reach the archway pass through it.



                     Each time you pass through this archway you will immediately be attacked. Have your plasma gun ready.

                     Move ahead until you reach a wooden bridge leading up.

                     Walk up the bridge.



                     Keep moving ahead until Aline appears.

                     She will give you a seal with the initial O.M. on it.

                     When you are done head back down.

                     Up ahead is a chapel that is locked with a chain. You'll need something to open it so just head back to the marsh.



                     Look at the map again.

                     This time you want to take the exit to the west.

                     Keeping the bank on your right head toward this exit once again avoiding zombies.



                     When you reach the airplane you will be attacked by a zombie. Kill him.

                     Cimb the ladder.

                     Once inside, check the back of the airplane for 3 first aid kits.

                     On the seat is a 2 boxes of rockets.

                     On the ground is a set of wire cutters.

                     Also pick up the blue lens which can be combined in inventory with your flashlight.

                     When you pick them up you will here someone trying to radio the pilot of the plane.

                     Go to the cockpit and click on him.

                     When you are done talking to him you will have 15 seconds to get out of the plane before it sinks so get out.



                     Head back to the chapel in the valley.



                     Click on the door and you will get a view of the chain.

                     Use the wirecutters.

                     Open the door and enter.



                    There is a book to Ed's left you can read if you want.

                    Check out the puzzle on the wall. You will need to find the 3 symbols to enter.

                    Move to the front of the chapel.

                    Pick up the first aid kit to the right.

                    Climb the stairs and pick up the box of rockets.


Solving the chapel puzzle

The first symbol

                    If you haven't already, combine the blue lens with the flashlight.

                    Turn it on.

                    Aim it at the door.

                    You will see the first symbol. A pentagram.


The second symbol

                    To find the second symbol exit the chapel.

                    Turn your flashlight on and follow the blood.

                    Head back to the wooden bridge. The blood leads up here.

                    Take the bridge up to the forrest.

                    Shine the flashlight on the rock.

                    The second symbol is an upside down cross in a circle.


The third symbol

                    To find the third symbol head back to the marsh.

                    Go through the marsh and back to the shore. Look at your map to help guide you back.

                    Keep going until you reach a ladder. Check the map if you need to.

                    Climb this ladder and move forward into the little room.

                    Shine the flashlight on the wall.

                    The third symbol is a three pronged pitchfork type thing.

                    Pick up the rockets on the ground.

                    Now head all the way back to the chapel.



                    On the way back to the chapel, keep an eye out on the ground for another charm of saving.



                    Enter the three symbols into the puzzle.

                    You see a quick view of the alter.

                    Head over to it and move to the right. It's a tight fit.

                    Take the stairs down.


Underground Chapel

                    Move forward.

                    There is a swinging door blocking your way.

                    Look at the box to the right.

                    It has the letters O.M.

                    Use your seal on it.

                    The doors will swing.

                    Walk through as the door moves.

                    There is a box on this side with the initials A.M.

                    We need to get the door to swing one more time to open another passage. You'll need to find the other seal to get through here.


Getting out of the lab



                    As you enter, note the device to Ed's left. There are three that we need to find. We will pull them in a bit.

                    Follow the wires along the ground.

                    As the room forks, head to the right and pick up the saving charm.

                    Turn back and take the other route now.

                    Move forward.

                    Move forward and Edward will take it from here. Alan is in here. He will escape and Aline will radio you.

                    Click on the door and Ed will note that it is locked.

                    Move along the wall to the left. The wall will be on Ed's right. If you go the wrong way Aline will radio you and set you on the right path again.

                    Just keep moving forward.

                    You will reach a device you can pull.

                    Pull it.

                    Now continue on past the table.

                    There will be an opening to the right and a corridor.

                    Head down it.

                    Aline will guide you.

                    Skip the next left and continue forward following the wires.

                    This is where you started.

                    Pull the device here.

                    Now follow the cable into the room with the final device.

                    It's in the back of the room.

                    Pull the device.

                    Keep the wall to Ed's right.

                    Exit through the opening in this room.

                    Follow Alines instructions.

                    In this area on a table are two letters. Read them.

                    From here pass the table and out the door.


Lab Underground

                    Walk down the stairs.

                    Aline will radio you. She will let you know she opened the greenhouse for you.

                    Continue to the bottom of the stairs.

                    Follow the passage and up the stairs on the other side.

                    Spiders will be chasing you.

                    At the top, move through the door to Ed's left.


Radio Room

                    There is a tape recorder in the back of the room.

                    Listen to it.

                    When it ends exit the room.

                    Move through the other doorway in this area.

                    Open it.




                    You are back in the basement.

                    Remember Aline opened the trapdoor for you.

                    Move to Ed's right toward the trapdoor.

                    Edenshaw will appear. He tells you to meet him in the sanctuary.

                    You will then radio aline.

                    When done, climb the ladder.



                    As you enter the greenhouse, you will have 3 plants to contend with.

                    Take the out then move along the path.

                    When you reach an intersection head to Ed's left.

                    Follow this path.

                    There is a shelf with some cartridges.

                    Keep moving along this path, past the broken glass.

                    There is a crate here.

                    On the crate is a saving charm.

                    Continue toward the locker.

                    There are 3 first aid kits in here.

                    Now head back to the intersection and this time take the other path.

                    There is a ladder up ahead.

                    Climb the ladder.

                    At the top to Ed's left is an object.


Note: The first time I played the game this worked just the way I wrote it. The second time I played I could not get it to work at all. I don't know if it's a bug or just me. I was not able to continue the game from here the second time so if there are any errors in the walkthru please let me know.

                    Go over and examine it.

                    Now radio Aline. This may or may not work. You don't necessarily have to do this. It may or may not work.

                    When she's done talking you can push the object.

                    Push it towards to break in the rail near the ladder.

                    It will hit the ground and shatter.

                    Head down and check it out.

                    Pick up the seal we were looking for.

                    Pick up the bear statue.

                    Now exit the statue the same way we came in.

                    We are going to retrace our steps all the way back to the swinging door.



                    In the basement go thourgh the door on the east side, north wall.


Lab Underground

                    Once in the lab, move forward.

                    Pass the desk.

                    Pass through the door.

                    Make a right.

                    Head straight back to the metal door.

                    Exit through this door.

                    Follow the corridor back to the swinging door.

                    Use the seal.

                    The door will swing.

                    Follow it into the tunnel.


Abkanis Passage

                    Move forward.

                    Aline appears.

                    When you are done talking look at your map.

                    Move toward the opening at the bottom.

                    When you reach it, exit.


Abkanis Bridge

                    Move forward. There is a bridge ahead.

                    Cross the bridge.

                    Pass through the archway when you reach it.


Abkanis Antechamber

                    Move forward.

                    Move forward again.

                    There is a trapdoor here.

                    Open it.

                    There is a great stash of goodies inside. A lightning gun, 4 first aid kits, battery charger and 5 charms of saving. Don't be afraid to use them.

                    Continue on through the passage.

                    Alan and Edenshaw are here.

                    You will be sucked through the portal.


End game

World of Darkness

                    Exit toward the opening.

                    You will radio Aline.

                    Go through the opening.

                    Move forward.

                    You will start to be attacked. Use your lightning gun on anything that attacks.

                    Continue through the passage.

                    At the other side you will see a scene of a plant being born.


Note: There are crystals along the way. Pick them up when you can to recharge your battery. The battery will keep your lightning gun charged.



                    Check your map.

                    You want to get to the door so start running.

                    When you get to the doorway go through.

                    Check the map again and head toward the next exit.



                    In this area use your lightning gun to take out the big spiders.

                    Start heading toward the exit on the other side.



                    In the next area, dogs attack.

                    Exit through the next opening.


                    Plants are in this area.

                    Head toward the narrow opening on the map. There is a rope you can grab.

                    When you do grab it Alan cuts it and you land on the other side.


Ledge A

                    Move forward. You will radio Aline.

                    When done go through the opening.


Cavern C

                    Move forward and pick up the crystal.

                    As the cavern opens, Archibald's body is here.

                    Examine it.

                    He has a canteen that will replenish your health and a photoelectric pulsar.

                    Read the book here.

                    Exit back out and climb down the rope.


Ledge B

                    Head up the stairs.

                    At the top Alan is here. He escapes.

                    There is a charm of saving on the ledge.

                    Go through the opening.


Tunnel B

                    Move forward through the opening.

                    Run through this tunnel.


Ledge C

                    Move forward.

                    Aline and Alan are here.

                    Obed appears and kills Alan but you will see him again.

                    Look at the map and move through the opening. It's difficult to see so use the map to guide you.

                    There is a rope in here to climb up.


Natural Bridge

                    Cross the bridge. Johnson radios you.

                    When done, move through the opening.


Scream Tunnel

                    Move through the tunnel. Dogs will attack.


Lava Cave

                    Look at the map.

                    Head for the door.


Ledge D

                    Johnson radios you again.


Cavern B

                    Start climbing the rocks to get over to the other side.

                    Exit through the door to the west.



                    Aline radios you. You're almost there now.

                    Move forward.

                    There will be a tremor and a column will drop allowing you access across the ravine.

                    Get up on the column and cross.

                    On the other side head to the right toward the green glowing pool.

                    Click on it and it will ask if you want to fill your flask.

                    Say 'yes'.

                    Replenish your health and refill it if you need to.

                    Now head back to the column and this time head the other direction.

                    Exit through the opening.

                    Exit through the next opening.


Abkanis Necropolis

                    Move forward.

                    The room is filled with dead warriors.

                    Check out the busts on the table.

                    There is a locked door here.

                    You will need to find one of the heads. (Aline has the other one).

                    Exit through the opening in the room.


Finding the head


                    Climb down the rope.

                    Move forward. You will not be able to enter any of the rooms except one.

                    As you approach the head, Alan appears. He is undead now.

                    You won't be able to kill Alan with any of your weapons but there is one in this area that will take care of him.

                    Heading away from the statue to the left is a spear.

                    Start heading toward it, Alan won't let you get it the first time.

                    He will throw you across the room.

                    When he attacks again nail him with the rocket launcher.

                    When he hits the ground go for the spear.

                    When you get to it, the game takes over. You will kill Alan.

                    Go get the head.

                    Now climb back out.

                    Place the head on the bust.

                    Aline appears with the other head. When she places it the door opens.

                    Exit through the door.

                    Watch the final scene.


The End

Copyright 7/2001