This is a complete overview of all actions you can score points
by performing in Return to Zork.
Made by Odd Ogreid
2	Throw rock at vulture
1	Dig up bonding plant
2	Tie vines to planks
2	Raft to West Shanbar
2	Strike bell at school house
2	Get notebook from Ms. Peepers
2	Remove chock from water wheel
1	Open door to store with key
2	Give tickets to Waif
1	First toast with Boos
1	Second toast with Boos
1	Third toast with Boos
2	Ask Boos for his keys after third toast
1	Fourth toast with Boos
2	Use Boos' keys to get to second mill
1	Get bra box after Pugney allows you
1	Turn silo latch clockwise with crank
1	Get mirror
1	Get thermozz
1	Get soap
2	Burn hay
2	Warm hands
5	Milk cow with thermozz
2	Burn bra in incinerator
2	Cool wire with water
2	Shake cereal box twice
2	Beat Moodock at Survivor
2	Give sword to blacksmith
15	Solve slide puzzle
5	Threaten blacksmith to get true dwarven sword back
2	Feed carrots to cow
5	Drink milk the third time
1	Put soap in sink and turn on water
2	Wash Waif's gift
2	Pay for a room
2	Put illuminyte on nightstand
2	First dream about Morpheus in bed at inn
2	Second dream about Morpheus in bed at inn
2	Third dream about Morpheus in bed at inn
1	Strike metal tree with sword
2	Give thermozz with milk to bowman
2	Get fairy dust
2	Get letter from Ben
2	Learn cow hitch from Ben
2	Rent boat
2	Put rats into motor
101 points in total so far

2	Show Witch Itah picture of cow
2	Give letter from Ben to Witch Itah
5	Exit creeping bog
2	Remove bats from cage
1	Summon ferryman
2	Show coin to ferryman
2	Read scroll for duck
2	Open safe
5	Reflect Canuk's spell with mirror
1	Summon ferryman to get back
1	Get frozen meat
1	When meat starts rotting
2	Sprinkle fairy dust on rotting meat
2	Throw rotting meat to vultures
2	Tie rope to tree
2	Tell first joke at comedy club
2	Tell second joke at comedy club
2	Tell third joke at comedy club
2	Tell fourth joke at comedy club
1	When Cliff gives you a disc piece
1	Blow whistle with magnet to summon a vluture
2	Give illuminyte to lighthouse keeper
2	Ask lighthouse keeper about disc pieces
1	Tie rope to rail with cow hitch
2	Tie talon to rope
2	Throw rope
10	Get through mine tunnel
1	Kill first troll guard
1	Kill second troll guard
1	Kill third troll guard
2	Get necklace from troll leader
1	Setting off the trap under the pile of leaves
1	Cut trap open with sword
1	Strike boar three times with sword
1	Pick out a disc piece from the boar
2	Show necklace to spider
1	Cut spider web
2	Put bat guano in flask
2	Fill flask with water from backside of waterfall
2	Put disc pieces into trencher
20	Forge disc
200 points in total so far

15	Throw frobozz disc at wall of illusion
5	Play recording of Alexis to orc guard
5	Meeting Morpheus
225 points out of a total of 225 points !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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