I found grossly inadequate the RTZ walkthroughs given by this site; and
even Activision's phone RTZ walkthrough was crap when it came to
overcoming two major obstacles in the game; namely, how to burn the bra
box to get the wire, and how to cross the lava bridge to get to the
endgame puzzle.

Well, here's the necessary vital information that'll absolutely,
definitely need get you through the game!  This is NOT a complete
walkthrough.  But IT IS WHAT YOU NEED.  Because another complete
walkthrough on this old game is definitely NOT needed on this website,
that's for sure!  But I do list all the right moves that will get you
painlessly through the game, and actually enjoy it as a story as well! 
(And you'll also notice that I'm not humble about it either!)

ABSOLUTE ANTIKILLER RULE NO. 1:  Do NOT pick up the mice in the
beginning of the game.  They are diseased!  (Probably mutated Anthrax,
ya know?)  If you carry them for more than three minutes you're gonna

You're standing in front of the oven.  Pull lever 1.  Notice some red
and yellow flashing lights above the round golden plaque (it's supposed
to be a yellow plaque that depicts a yellow flame)?  Well, those
flickering red and yellow lights are supposed to be the OPENING to the
oven where you can THROW objects in.  But due to the lousy 2D graphics,
it's anybody's guess what the hell that is!  PICK UP the bra box from
your inventory and carry it above that yellow plague then hold it onto
those vague flickering flames.  Left click the box and choose the THROW
option to get the bra box into the oven.  Pull lever 1 again to CLOSE
oven.  Now ... pull lever 2, and go into the CLOSEUP view of the open
metal drawer for your glowing wire that you'll need to pick the store
lock.  Use water pitcher to cool wire off and GET wire, etc., etc.

I had no trouble negotiating the maze inside the dwarven mine to get to
the statues, which are supposed to mend the broken Flying Disc of
Frobozz.  But I did have a bit of trouble memorizing the LRSR LRSR
LLRS(?) mining cart route.  HOWEVER, If you take two minutes to memorize
this easily remembered sequence, you'll have no trouble handling the
mouse-driven mining cart.  To defeat the sluggish (buffered) mouse
cursor, try anticipating where you gotta turn next by quickly moving the
mouse cursor to whatever side of the screen you're supposed to click on
next.  The mining cart doesn't move too fast; which leaves you plenty of
time to move that sluggish mouse cursor to whatever side of the screen
needs clicking on.  After that, you'll end up with manipulating the
sequence that'll get you your Flying Disc of Frobozz.

Make sure you've got all your items, including some hay and carrots. 
You won't have the Flying Disc of Frobozz because it was lost busting
the wall of illusion.  And you won't have Canuk's ship in a bottle or
his duck scroll because you can't remove them from his hut -- they must
be enchanted or something, like Ollie North's missing files....  

Oh well, anyway, you'll find that all the crap you toss at the bridge
won't raise the bridge all the way.  No way!  Despite what all previous
walkthroughs tell ya!  That's because you still need THREE MORE ITEMS. 
Using your enchanted map, beam yourself back to the Whispering Woods and
grab some bat guano; then transport to the blacksmith and steal back the
golden coin that's on the table behind his, er, behind; and, lastly,
beam yourself back to East Shanbar and grab the diseased mice from the
torn down old hardware building -- you know, where you had gotten the
crank and wooden box earlier on.

Now, with the diseased mice in your pocket, you're gonmna hafta travel
fast, or else you're gonna die!  Beam yourself at once back to the evil
castle and walk quickly back to the lava bridge.  By throwing in the
mice, guano, and coin the bridge will finally raise itelf. Save game
before crossing bridge.  Now, you can finish RTZ by winning the
not-so-cleverly disguised chess game -- a game wherein you're the
Wizard, who is actually a knight.  But a knight that has to battle a
super queen -- a queen who can also jump to any square on the board. 
(Must be a Broadway Queen.)  It's a pretty cheap game you're forced to
play, being that you're playing against a piece that has infinte
mobility -- something that even a queen in a real chess game doesn't
have!  But, oh well, for $9.99, who gives a diddly!

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