1. Read calendar (July 7).  Turn calendar (July 8).  Rub pencil on notepad.  At 
about 9:00, the phone will ring.  Pick up phone.
2. Get Loblo bottle.  Read Loblo label.
3. Around 9:15, an envelope will be delivered to the foyer.  Open envelope and 
read the letter.  Interesting possibilities, but you'll never get a conviction.
4. Around 11:25, the Herald (newspaper) will arrive.  Read paper.  Read second 
5. Around 12:00, attend reading of the will.  Show George the calendar.  Follow 
George (who is upset and goes to his room), and go out on the library balcony.  
Look into library.  Save game when George appears.  When George disappears, 
enter library and examine bookshelf.  Push button after three waits (give him 
time to open the safe).  Alternate solutions evolve by waiting for longer or 
shorter periods.  Try them all.  Get stack of papers.  Have fun with the new 
6. After around 11:20, find Mc Nabb, who will be mumbling to himself.  Ask Mc 
nabb about the roses.  Ask Mc nabb to show me the holes.  Follow Mc nabb.  Dig 
in the soil.  Search the dirt.  Analyze porcelain for Loblo.  Get lab report 
7. Ask Dunbar about Loblo bottle.  Show her that lab report.  Accuse Dunbar.  
(She should be very uptight now, and if Baxter is present, should glance 
nervously at the two of you.)  Move away and wait for her to pass by you.  
Follow Dunbar (out the front door), where she will fish for a cigarette.  Get 
(dropped) ticket stub.  Ask Dunbar about the ticket stub.
8. Wait and follow until Dunbar and Baxter are together.  Show Baxter the 
newspaper and the second section.  Ask Baxter about ticket stub.  Show him the 
lab report.  Show him the stack of papers.  Save game.  Arrest them 
individually, then arrest Baxter and Dunbar.  Try hiding behind shed; if they 
aren't already there, they'll come.
9. As an alternate, don't arrest either.  Wait in foyer for Dunbar to go by, 
heading for her room.  Wait upstairs for pistol shot.  With everyone assembled 
in Dunbar's room, ask Baxter for pen.  Arrest Baxter.  As a second alternate, 
wait for Dunbar in her room, talk a while, and then leave.  By the way, did you 
ever read the end of the book in the living room?

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