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You may solve many puzzles quickly if you choose the proper dialogue options while talking to a character. Make sure you choose all the important topics in the dialogue options. You may abort the unnecessary dialogues by hitting ESC key.

In the game you play as Scotland Yard Detective Brent Halligan and as Oxford Museum Anthologist Melanie Turner in different locations and puzzles.



Scotland Yard - Inspector Millers Office

After the conversation with Inspector Miller, pick up the matchbox off his table. Leave and head for your office down the hall. Your office is the middle one.

Scotland Yard - Inspector Brent's Office

Open the drawers of the cabinet on the right, which can be opened individually one by one. Get the bottle of apple juice from the topmost drawer, Janet's green scarf from the second drawer, roll of plastic bags for securing evidences from the third one and brown surgical gloves from the lowest drawer. You can also try to use the phone but calling out station is not allowed for you and it is more like an intercom. Leave your office and head over the elevator to get the overhead map of London. Click on Epping Forest.

Epping Forest

Walk to the pile of bones and get the close up. Use the roll of plastic bags on the bones and the strange tuft of grass in front of the skull. Return to normal view and talk to the police officer and use all the dialogues. Walk left and return to Scotland Yard.

Scotland Yard - Laboratory

Show the bone and the tuft of grass to Chris Hecker and talk exhaust all the dialogues with him until he mention about Professor Turner of the Anthropology Museum in Oxford. Leave laboratory and use the lift to get the map. Go to Oxford Anthropology Museum.

Oxford Anthropology Museum

Regretfully the museum is closed for maintenance. Walk left along the museum wall to reach the bum. Get the closer view and talk to the bum. He will tell you that there is a woman working in the museum and he needs a drink. You will also notice that he has some coins in his hat lying in front of him on the ground. Pick up the beggar's empty flask and half fill it with apple juice from your inventory. Try to give this drink to the beggar but he wants something with alcohol. Leave the beggar and head back to Scotland Yard.

Scotland Yard - Laboratory

In the laboratory, walk to the back wall and get the close up of the right shelf and pick up the bottle of fingerprint powder, Get the normal view and then get the close up view of the left shelf and again to get the view of the bottles. Right click on the bottles to know that the bottles have a lot of fingerprints and dust accumulated on them. Use Janet's green scarf to clean the bottles.

Walk to Chris and talk to him about the bottles on the left shelf and agree to try the drink he offers you. After the short animation when you come back in your senses walk to the left shelf and get the close up view of the bottles and use fingerprint powder on them to find out which was the bottle Chris used to give you the drink. Get the bottle and use it with the half-filled beggar's flask and again place it back in its original place. Head back to the bum sitting outside the museum.

Oxford Anthropology Museum

Give the treated drink to the bum and watch him go to sleep. Get the coins from his hat and walk right to the other side of the museum to the telephone booth. Get the closer view and pick up the phone from the cradle and use the coins on the coin slot. Click on the second telephone directory from left and get the museum number. Talk to the woman over the phone. Leave the telephone booth disappointedly and head back to Scotland Yard.

Scotland Yard - Laboratory

Go in the laboratory and talk to Chris again to find out that the woman you spoke over the phone is actually Dr. Turner's daughter, Melanie. Go back to the Museum.

Oxford Anthropology Museum

Walk to the telephone booth and use it again to call Melanie again in the museum. This time she will invite you to come in the museum. Leave the telephone booth and head back to the front of the museum to find her waiting for you just outside the museum. Walk towards her. After the long conversation with her, just agree to wait.


Now you are controlling Melanie and you have just the bone in your inventory. Walk to the desk by the right wall and get the close up the rectangular machine to chip off a slice of the femur bone. Get the normal view and get the close up view of the microscope lying on the front of the same desk. Use the slice of the bone and adjust the lens and keep on clicking the lens after every adjustment to make Melanie say that, "there's some metal residue here" and again "it's gold." Get the normal view and walk to the desk with various hand weapons lying on it and get the close up view. Use the Femur bone on the Sickle's from England to find out that the notches made on the bone are with a sickle made of gold.

Now, click on the magazine lying on the right side of the desk to know all about the sacrificial rites in England. Walk to Brent and talk to him. The controls will switch back to Brent so exhaust all the dialogues to find out that a great Historian, Arthur Blake can provide you more information on the case. Outside the museum, walk down to get the map and go to Arthur Blake's residence.

Arthur Blake's Residence

Walk toward the front door and use the doorbell. Talk to Arthur. Once inside get the close up and talk to him agai. Exhaust all the dialogues to find out that the only way to stop all this murders is to find out the amulet, which can be found in Carmor, France. Leave Arthur Blake's house and choose Portsmouth on the map.


After a short animation you will arrive in Carmors. Talk to the fisherman and use the following dialogue options to get the fast access to the Captain of the ferry.

"I like your fishing rod, itís a beauty."
"What you planning to catch?"
"Capitaine DeNeuve? Who's that? "
"How to deal with him? What do you mean?"

Now talk to the Captain and use his complete name to get his full attention. Talk to him and use all the options to find out about the Castle of Carmors, the evil lord, the story of five people and the amulet. After talking to Captain, again talk with the fisherman and use all the other dialogues until he mentions about Captain's ferocious cat. Leave and stand in front of the crate with "Carmor" written on it. Get the green scarf from your inventory and wait for the cat to arrive and sit by the lamppost. Use the green scarf on it to get it in your inventory.

Now go back to the fisherman and use the cat on him to get rid of him for good. Pick up the bucket and the fishing rod and combine them in your inventory to get the hanging bucket on the fishing rod. Get the closer look of the hull of the ferry and notice the salt lumps accumulated on it sides. Use the bucket hanging on the fishing rod to get some salt lumps in your inventory. Get the normal view and walk up and right to get the map of Carmors. Travel to the Castle of Carmors.

Castle Of Carmors

Once you arrive the ruins of the Castle of Carmors, take the left path and then the left-down path to reach the gate of the graveyard. Use your case file on the gate to open it. Enter the gate and walk down on the next screen to reach in front of the chapel entrance. Take the right path to reach in the back of the chapel. Here you will find many gravestones, which can be taken in close up view. Get the close up view of any of them and right click on the gravestone to find out that there is a hollow on the top of the gravestone.

Use the lumps of salt in the hollow on the top and then use the femur bone to grind them in powder form. Pick the fine-grained salt and walk down to reach in front of a Mausoleum. Use the fine-grained salt with the Mausoleum to destroy it and reveal a small red chest. Take the closer look of the chest and click on it to open it. Pick up the amulet and find your way back to Carmors.


Talk to Captain and ask him about when the ferry in leaving, then answer him yes. Soon you will appear in your cabin aboard the ferry. Try to leave the cabin but Brent will say that he must hide the amulet before he leaves the cabin. Right click the cursor just above the cupboard on the right to find out the ventilation shaft. Open the duct in the ventilation shaft and use the amulet with it. Leave and after a short animation you will find yourself back in your thoroughly looted cabin, the amulet is gone and the duct in the ventilation shaft is wide open. Take notice of the fir needles on the floor near the right leg of the table. Use the plastic bag roll to secure fir needles in a bag. Leave your cabin and travel to Arthur Blake's residence.

Arthur Blake's Residence

Use the bell. Once inside, talk to Arthur until you get the information about Neo Druiden and the group called "The Circle." Leave the place and travel back to Scotland Yard.

Scotland Yard - Data Base Control Room

After you are done with Chief Inspector Miller, exit his office and enter Data Base Control room. Talk to Janet until she hands over an information procurement form to you. Take a close up view of the notice board on the back wall. Pick up a clipboard, a carbon paper and a stationary procurement form. Use the information procurement form with the clip board, then use the carbon paper with the clip board and finally use the stationery procurement form. Leave the Data Base Control room and enter Inspector Lawry's office, which is just opposite the control room on the right.

Scotland Yard - Inspector Lawry's Cabin

Talk to Lawry about everything. Once done talking try to pick up the scissors from his table. Leave his office and go to your office.

Scotland Yard - Brent's Cabin

Get the close up view of your answering machine and listen to all the six messages one by one. The messages are detailed as under.

  1. Payment reminder from pizza service
  2. A call from Melanie Turner
  3. A threatening calling form someone unknown.
  4. A call from your boss, Inspector Miller.
  5. A very angry and roaring call from Inspector Miller.
  6. Mother.

Set the message number to 5 and use the phone to call Inspector Lawry's cabin on extension 196. Hit the message play button on the answering machine as soon as you hear Inspector Lawry's voice on the other side of the phone. Leave your room fast and enter Inspector Lawry's cabin.

Scotland Yard - Inspector Lawry's Cabin

Pick up the scissors from Inspector Lawry's table and use them on the clipboard with the stationery procurement. Leave the inspector Lawry's cabin and enter chief Inspector Miller's office.

Scotland Yard - Inspector Millers Office

Ask Inspector Miller to sign the stationary procurement form. After a little hesitation he finally signs and you also get his sign on the information procurement form hidden underneath. Leave his office and again enter Data Base Control room.

Scotland Yard - Data Base Control Room

Give the information procurement form to Janet and ask for information about the group called, "The Circle." When she informs you about the information ask her to print it for you. Leave her side and get the close up view of the print and pick the printed paper up. Leave the Data Base Control room.

In the hall, use the information page on the photocopier to obtain a copy of the information. Travel to Anthropology Museum.

Oxford Anthropology Museum

Drop the copy of the printed information paper in the letter slot on the main door. Leave the museum and travel to Lord Sinclair's mansion.

Lord Sinclair's Mansion

Use the call bell on the right side of the gate. Talk to the butler. Walk left and talk to the gardener about everything. Use the matches with the dry leaves to put them on fire. When the frightened gardener leaves, pick up the hedge shears from his barrow and walk right. Walk right from the main gate to reach the right hedged wall. Look at the hedge. Use the hedge shears on the barbwire and then the paper scissors. Use the plastic gloves to bend the wires. Pick up the small piece of loose wire. Use the plastic bag roll with Janet's green scarf and then use this isolation with the hole you made in the hedge. Enter the hole.

Inside Lord Sinclair's Mansion

After the long animation you will find yourself in a locked room. Look at the pictures on the walls and the sun will set and the room turns dark leaving very dim shadows of you and the things in the room.

Pick up the picture from the right wall and use it as lever to get the nail from the wall the picture was hanging before. Get the close up view of the tiles under the door. Use the nail with the picture to detach it from the frame. Use the nail again with the tile's side to scratch the cement and loosen the tiles. Remove the tiles and use the canvas with the gap under the door. Get the normal view and use the nail with the keyhole to drop the key on the canvas. Pull the canvas and pick up the golden key lying near the eye of the druid in the picture.

Use the key with the door to unlock the door. Open the door and once outside walk across the red carpet and walk down the stairs. Enter the passage between the stairs and across the dining room to the backyard. Now, sit back and watch a long horrific animation clip.

Oxford Anthropology Museum - Melanie Turner

Now, you have the control of Melanie so after reading the copy of the note that Brent left you, you will automatically travel to Lord Sinclair's mansion.

Lord Sinclair's Mansion - Melanie

Walk right from the gate and "Save Your Game." Use the same hole in the hedge that Brent made to reach the nearest hedge and you will automatically pick up some stones from the ground. Here you must take full precaution because if the guards catch you the game will be over. Wait till the right guard reaches far right with his back towards you. Throw a stone toward the left guard. When the guards are busy talking, quickly run toward the open window on the right side and climb inside.

Lord Sinclair's Study - Melanie

Above the pair of armchairs near the back wall you will see a pentagram on the wall. Get the close up. Itís a puzzle so to solve it just adjusts the outer circle in such a way so that the standing Man's figure moves down and the pentagram points the black bead. You will hear a clicking sound if you do this right and that will enable to move the painting on the left of the wall to unhide a safe. This safe lock is another puzzle, which can be solved with the help of the sun, asterisk and symbols. To make this easy for you just move the red pointer anti-clockwise to 10 and press the white button to hear a cracking sound. Now, move the pointer back to 1 and again press the button. Lastly move it to 6 and press the button to open the safe. Pick up the Amulet and the parchment. Go back to normal view and enjoy a nice animation clip.

Arthur Blake's Residence - Brent

After the animation both Inspector Halligan and Melanie will find themselves in Arthur Blake's residence talking with him. Now the controls are back to Brent. Talk to Arthur Blake and choose all topics until he tells you that he needs a book from the Oxford Library that will help him in translating the parchment language better. Leave his office and Melanie will accompany you outside Arthur Blake's residence. If in case Melanie doesn't accompany you then there is still some topics left to discuss with Arthur Blake. After the conversation with Melanie, travel to Oxford library.

Oxford Library

Enter the library and talk to the lady at the reception. Now enter the hall on your right and pick up a book about Monetary Systems and Tax Policy in late Roman times. Leave the hall and try to leave the library for a little fun. Now enter the right hall and talk to the person using the computer on the right of the hall entrance. After you are done talking with him, use the book in your inventory with him to place it in his pocket. Leave the hall and also leave the library.

Walk towards the car parked on the right side of the library entrance. Get the close up view and again the close up view of the warning label on the door window. Use the wire from your inventory on the slightly dropped door window glass. The car burglary alarm will go off and after a short animation clip you will be able to use the computer in the left hall to find out the exact location of the book Arthur Blake asked you to get him. The position of the book will be 48/3-C-B or it may vary.

Leave the hall and enter the main library hall situated in the middle just behind the receptionist table. Climb the ladder in block "C" and find the book in 3rd row. Go back to the receptionist and show her the book. She will refuse to issue you that book as it is their reference copy only.

Enter the right hall again and use the book with another copy of the Roman times books you picked before. Brent will exchange the front covers. Leave and show the camouflaged book again to the receptionist. Leave the library and travel back to Arthur Blake's residence.

Arthur Blake's Residence

Use the bell and give the book to Arthur Blake. Talk to him and get the normal view to see Melanie enter the room. Watch the tragic animation.

Twelve Bridges

After the animation you will find yourself near the Twelve Bridges along with Melanie. Talk to her about everything. Walk toward the warning board sign and pick up the sign to get two wooden planks in your inventory. Enter the Twelve Bridges area and enter on the lower left bridge. When you reach closer to the broken bridge area then use the wooden planks with the still intact side railings and step on the plank. Now, use the second plank just close to the first plank you are standing on. Step to the second plank and pick the one you left behind. Repeat this until you reach the other side, a short animation will follow and you find Melanie on your side of the bridge.

Use the Amulet with the huge wooden scale to raise the sliding door. Use the only wooden plank left in your inventory with the raised door as support and pick up the Amulet. The scale goes little up and the door will rest on the wooden plank. Get the close up view of the hanging wooden scale and loosen the screw to get it along with the hook in your inventory.

Enter the tower through the opened door. Melanie will follow you inside. Click on the wooden plank from inside the tower to remove it from under the door. A huge hourglass will rise from the floor. Get the close up view of the middle part of the hourglass. Use the broken paper scissors to unscrew the screw and the use the hook with the opening in the front. Another animation will follow so watch the animation and make the 3rd game CD ready.


Twelve Bridges - Melanie

Leave the tower and after a short animation you, as Melanie Turner will find yourself in a kitchen.

Kitchen - Melanie

Pick up the recipe book from the barrel in the left corner. Look at the balance to find out that it is missing a scale. Look under the kitchen table and pick up the wooden pan. Get the close up of the cans on the shelf near the stove. Click on all the bottles to get six different kinds of herbs. The herbs are detailed below.

  1. Spice, smells like menthol.
  2. Dried leaves from an unknown plant.
  3. Herb, which smells like cinnamon.
  4. Fleshy leaves from a herbaceous plant.
  5. Leaves that smell like aniseed
  6. An herb that gives a feeling of a sponge.

Also, pick the brass scale pan from the same shelf. Use the brass scale pan with the balance to repair it. Leave the room.

Dinning Room - Melanie

Talk to the soldiers about everything until they ask you to bring them something to drink. Keep on talking nicely to the soldier on the left until he lets you pick up a coin from his money pouch hanging on the chair just under his right shoulder, which he uses to raise his glass. Go back in the kitchen.

Kitchen - Melanie

Now its time to do some recipe magic. Read the recipe book to find out the recipe of sleep potion. The potion says to use 2 ounces of RED and 1 ounce of YELLOW. And then add 2 ounces of GREEN. Below is the classification of each herb according to the color it produces individually. The GREEN color produces by combining BLUE with YELLOW.

Menthol: White
Unknown Plant Leaves: Yellow
Cinnamon: Red
Fleshy Leaves: Light Brown
Aniseed: Blue
Spongy Plant Leaves: Lilac

Here are the instructions for how to prepare the Sleep Potion:

  1. Take clear water from the boiling pot above at the fireplace.
  2. Use the Coin in the weighing scale, as it's exactly one ounce in weight.
  3. Weigh 1 ounce of BLUE (Aniseed) and add it in the pan.
  4. Weigh 1 ounce of YELLOW (Unknown Plant Leaves) and add it in the pan to get GREEN color.
  5. Weigh 1 ounce of RED (Cinnamon) and add in the pan with green color water.
  6. Weigh 1 more ounce of RED (Cinnamon) and add it in the pan.
  7. Lastly, weigh 1 ounce of YELLOW (Unknown Plant Leaves) and add it in the pan.
  8. Sleep potion is ready in form of crystal clear water as it was.

Dinning Room - Melanie

Once the Sleep potion is finished go back in the dinning room and serve the soldiers. To see the effect of the potion all you need to do is to go back in the kitchen and return to find them sleeping. Retrieve a key from the right soldier. Enter the open passage on the right wall.

Cellar - Melanie

Climb down the stairs and you will find Brent looked in a cell. Use the key you got from the soldier with the padlock to free him. Walk to the left corner of the cellar to the large chest just near the cellar stairs. Get the close up view and try to open it; the chest is too heavy so ask Brent to help you with it. Enter the dark passageway that opens in the wall behind the chest. Keep of walking in the dark.

Monastery - Brent

After a short while you will find yourself back as Brent locked in a room with just one bed and a table. Get the bed sheet from the bed. Look in both the windows to get the view of distance land and ocean. Return back to the room's view and a friendly monk will enter the room. Talk to Maglor about everything.

After Maglor leaves leave the room and go to Maglor's room and ask him about Melanie. Leave his room and go to the library using the map given below.

Talk to Melanie. Leave the library and enter the kitchen, pick the crucible from the kitchen table and the roots from the upper left corner. Leave and enter the store. Pick up some candles and leave the store. Go to the room with the fireplace. Use the crucible with the fire and then the wax candle with it to melt the wax in shape of a small block.

Now exit the Monastery and walk left to the Monastery garden. Get the close up view of the garden and use the roots with the drain to block it. Click on the lever to turn it on. Get the normal view and walk right until you reach a huge water tank. Get the close up view of the lever and turn it on to make the water flow and flood the garden. A small animation will follow. Walk back to the garden and pick up the earthworms. Walk right and right again from the monastery entrance to reach a shack. Enter the shack and talk to the blacksmith about everything. Leave the blacksmith and climb his shack to the top and use the earthworms on the rooftop to get rid of the bird, which is blocking the chimney with its nest. Once the bird is gone, clear the chimney by removing the nest. Climb back down and walk left and down. Pick up the little piece of wood lying near the axe. Now, go back in the Monastery.

Enter Sarstan's room. He will throw you out of his room. Enter again and talk to him, this time he will let you stay. Examine the painting on the right to get the close up view of it. Examine the wall just under the painting to notice a little compartment. Use the little piece of wood with the compartment. Leave Sarstan's room and go back to Maglor. Ask Maglor to distract Sarstan for a while and lure him out of his room. Once Maglor leaves go back to Sarstan's room, which is now empty. Go to the painting and get the close up view of the secret compartment. Pull the stone block and then the small red chest out. Use the small red chest with the stool to open it and find the key. Use the key with the block of wax to gets its impression. Put the key back in the small red chest and close it. Get the close up view of the secret compartment; remove the little piece of wood you put there earlier. Now, put the small red chest back in the compartment and place the stone block back as it was. Leave Sarstan's room.

Go back to the blacksmith and ask him to make you the key with the help of the key impression you have in the wax block. It will take a while for him to cast your key so leave him and go back to Melanie in the library. Talk to Melanie on all topics. Leave and go back to the blacksmith to get the key he has made you. Leave him and go back in the Monastery. Enter the blue lit hall. There is a locked door in the right wall. Use the key you got from blacksmith with the padlocks to open the door and get the access to the labyrinth.


Follow the directions as in the figure below to reach the lower section of the Labyrinth.

At the base of the labyrinth walk down and enter a chamber with a huge eye shaped wall on the other side. Turn back and close the door behind you to let the eye slide up and reveal a secret passage to the room in the back. Enter the secret room and look at the crystal ball to see complete destroyed Stonehenge. In this room you will find two similar strange kind of apparatus with bars and sliders. One of these apparatus is broken but the other one is functioning. Adjust the sliders as shown in the figure below to get the exact day of the ritual. Now go back to the crystal ball and view it again for an another animation.

Escape From the Monastery

Return back to your room and soon Maglor will visit you. Talk to him on all topics. When you hear Serstan's voices, use the bed sheet with the burning candle on the table. Get the view of the left window and use the bed sheet with the white building in the background.

After a cool animation clip you will land in a small water stream. Walk down twice and talk to dying Maglor. Walk right and pick the healing mistletoe plant with the help of the rubber gloves from your inventory and try to use it on Maglor, but it's of no use now as he is already dead. Search Maglor to find a top. Walk down and then up twice and across the water stream to reach the two temples. Enter the left Temple.

Left Temple

Get the close up view of the long crystal shape table surface on the left and use the top from your inventory on the table surface to open a passage to a roundel. Enter the roundel to reach another room with a metal plate fixed on the floor. There are five switch buttons on the plate out of which two are not functioning but actually only the middle one is important. Press the middle button and ride the roundel to reach a room where you will find a Flint on the middle column and a ladle on the upper column above the stairs. Ride the roundel again to the next room.

In this room you will find a bladder lying on the middle column, which cannot be taken and a small shovel on the upper column. Enter the roundel and reach a room with a bowl full of water on the middle column. Use the ladle with the bowl to get some water in it. Pick up another flint from the upper column. Ride the roundel to another room with ordinary soil in a bowl lying on the middle column. Use the small shovel to get some soil. Also pick up the bellows from the upper column. Enter the roundel and return to the room with bladder. Use the bellows with the bladder to suck all the air from it into the bellows. Enter the roundel and return to the first room with the desk on left. Exit the left temple and enter the right temple.

Right Temple

You will find yourself in a chamber with four rooms on Four Corners and a stone altar in the middle with a small golden key lying on it, which you can't seem to pick up due to some unknown reason.

There are four rooms attached to each other in all the Four Corners and a closed door in the middle area. Enter the first room on the left. There is a cage lying in the middle of this room with haystack. Get the close up view of the window behind the cage and click outside to make Brent says, "there is a megalith outside in front of the window." Pick up the torch from the left column. Get the close up view of the padlock that is locking the cage. Use the Amulet with it to unlock it. Open the cage top and use the flint from your inventory with the haystack to put it on fire. Use the torch with it to light it. Close the cage. Enter the next room.

I this room you will find a huge ball with a hole on the top. Listen to the water flowing sound when you get the close up view of the window in the back. Use the bellows from your inventory on the hole in the big ball and torch to light fire underneath the ball. Go to the third room.

Here you will hear the sound of wind blowing if you listen to the window. There is a huge metal ball here. Open it and use water in ladle with it and again the fire torch with it. Enter the last room and same way place the soil in the little spade in the metal ball and light the fire underneath it. The light circle will vanish allowing you to pick up the little golden key.

Use the little golden key to open the locked door in the middle and enter it. Now, you will find a long flight of stairs with stone plates hidden in the walls on the right or left. Keep on collecting all the stone plates with strange symbols on them. These should be eight stone plates in total. At the base you will enter the lower chamber.

The setting of the puzzles in this chamber is almost the same as the upper chamber except in this chamber all the rooms have a megalith and a stone column with a rectangular space to put the stone plates you have. Each room needs a combination of different two stone plates to solve the puzzle. Use the same settings as shown in the figure below to solve this puzzle and get the Staff lying on the stone altar in the middle of this chamber.

Once you get hold of the Staff, Serstan will enter the chamber along with Melanie and game will just run by itself till you reach the Stonehenge. When you get the controls back, use the hedge Shears with Melanie. Another short animation will follow. Use the Mistletoe healing plant with Melanie to heal her back. Finally, you will be able to kiss her.

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