Main Goals : Build the Amber machine


Q : How could I open this boarded boat cabin ?
A : There is a crowbar in the garage, just beside Roxy's house. You could use the crowbar to open the board.

Q : Where is the entrance to the garage ? Everything is locked up ...
A :
Push the left rolling door. It'll be pushed up. Slide in.

Q : There is nothing inside the cabin. What should I do ?
A :
There is something here ..... LATER. Right now, this act will open another thing just beside this cabin. Get out and look down at the lake (to the left). You'll see a vision there. Something is wrong here.

Q : I couldn't see anything inside the house. It's too dark ....
A :
The main light switch is on the second floor, inside the study room (the only room that has light in it). Look at the far end wall and pull down the switch.

Q : Where is Roxy ?
A :
She's lying helplessly above the ramp inside the garage.

Q : What should I do inside this house ?
A : First, take the casette near the computer inside the study room. Play this casette using the camcoder on the cabinet inside the dining room. Insert the casette and look at the viewer. Play the casette. It'll explain about some kind of device called AMBER.

Q : How could I build this AMBER device that she talked about in the casette ?
A :
Gathered all the clues that you could find inside the house. There is a diary in the left nightstand inside the master bedroom on the second floor, paper clips about therapy in the trash can (inside the cabinet in the kitchen), notes on the table inside the study room, book on the tea table in the living room, and some books inside the drawer in the study room. Then you have to collect its 2 major components : The Peek Device, The Peek Generator and The Oscillator.

Q : Where could I find the oscillator ?
A :
You'll find it inside the package in the mailbox outside the house. Inside this package you'll read another notes from Roxy.

Q : Where is the Peek Detector ?
A :
It's on the small round table above the study room.

Q : Where could I find the Peek generator ?
A :
It's on the door's knob at the backdoor.

Q : How could I operate the Amber device in the living room ?
A :
You could see all the instructions in the book inside the drawer in the study room upstair. Set the level on 6, Gain on 5, and Frequency on 8. After this you could go to the laboratory and hook up the oscillator on the device. Now your Peek Detector is ready.

Q : How to use the Peek Detector ?
A :
Put the Peek Generator on any doorknob you find. Then push the red button on the top of it. If there's a paranormal activity around, your Peek Detector will tell you about it. Note : When you reach this point, you should find several paranormal activities. You could find all the detail locations of them in the special section of this hints called : Spiritual Vision.