When Smethells knocks on the door, let him in. You'll get quite a bit of useful information by talking to him. He gives you a message from your contact (Meet me by the electric camel, now! P.P.) and a map of the ship.
Look in the middle drawer of the dresser for the note from Georgia that must have led you astray the first time round! Don't forget to take your bag (your trunk key is inside) and pocket watch before you leave your Cabin.
Note that you can also get your briefing from the gramophone inside your trunk. Open the trunk using your key. The gramophone is inside the right-hand compartment. To listen to the briefing attach the speaker cone to the gramophone and then turn the handle. Also ensure that the 'theme music' option is turned on.


Penny Pringle shows you a photograph of Colonel Zeitel and tells you that he's got a copy of the Rubaiyat. You have to find the Rubaiyat and then report to her in Cabin F34. She advises you to go to the Wireless Room and check for telegrams sent or received by Zeitel. She also tells you about a report and cryptograph in your trunk.


Exit the Gymnasium to the starboard side of the Boat Deck. Head forward towards the Bridge. The Sailor won't allow you on the bridge and tells you that Officer Morrow has lost his binoculars. This has relevance later in the game. Turn around and head to the aft end of the ship where you meet Georgia. She tells you that Charles, her husband, lost his money due to bad investments. She asks you to keep her necklace.

Now continue around to the port side of the Boat Deck.



As you walk past the 1st Class Promenade you'll hear a voice calling you.
Go up the stairs to the Raised Roof Over The 1st Class Promenade. Accept Max Seidlemann's offer to join him for a nightcap and a game of Blackjack in the Smoking Room. Take note that he's smoking. This has relevance later in the game.



On route to the Smoking Room you'll go via the Cafe Parisian and meet Colonel Zeitel and Haderlitz. During the conversation Haderlitz mentions a delay in sending Zeitel's telegram. When Zeitel leaves he'll forget his pipe on the table. You can take the pipe, but it doesn't serve any real purpose in the game. Note all the greenery in the the Cafe Parisian which is important for later in the game.


Sharpen your Blackjack skills by playing against Buick Riviera. Much later you'll have to play for higher stakes!


Officer Morrow is standing outside the Wireless Room. To get access, discuss the following dialog topics:
  The sea appears calm
  You seem a little worried about something
  Could you elaborate?
  You don't like politics?
  What war was that?
  No wonder moonless nights make you jumpy
  Now, may I visit the wireless room?
For now, all you need do inside the Wireless Room is look for any telegrams sent by Zeitel. Later you'll need to work out how to send and receive telegrams. Incoming telegrams are kept on the left spike and outgoing ones on the right spike. You'll find a telegram sent by Zeitel on the right spike.



This should happen on your way back to C Deck Grand Staircase. It's a random meeting and may occur earlier or later. The Gorse-Joneses talk about having met the Strausses in D Deck Reception and Eric Burns (in Cabin C78) who took photographs of a German Colonel and an Englishman.


Take the key out the bag. Open your trunk by dragging the key onto it. Read the confidential report in the third drawer on the left. Use the cryptograph in the bottom left drawer to decode Zeitel's telegram to learn where the Rubaiyat is.

Note that there's an alternate way to find out where the Rubaiyat is. Go to the Turkish Bath on F Deck and turn on the tap above the basin (left hand wall). The steam mists up the mirror (far wall) and reveals a message.



When Eric Burns open the door, select the following dialog topics:
  Are you Eric Burns?
  May I see your work?
  You must be very busy
He tells you his wife, Stephanie, is angry with him and asks if you've seen her (she's wearing a blue hat).


Walk around until you find Stephanie, recognized her by her blue hat. Note that you must speak to at least one other person before returning to Eric Burns' Cabin.



Access to the Boiler Rooms is not clear on the map, so you need to ask the lift attendant for directions. Select the following dialog topics when talking to him:
  I need directions. Can you help?
  More locations... (repeatedly till the one below appears)
  The boiler rooms?


Eric Burns open the door and again asks if you've seen Stephanie. Select the following dialog topics:
  Yes. She's in the Grand Staircase
  Maybe you should tell her how much you care
He leaves to go find Stephanie and you can enter his Cabin.
The instructions for film development are on the dark room table. You have to turn the lights off while developing the films, so you must familiarize yourself with all the equipment before beginning. Save a game at this point in case you don't develop the films correctly.

You get some useful clues from the photographs. In the first one a man (Sasha Barbicon) holds a crate marked 'Lamke & Buechner' (the crate is important later). From the second photograph (Zeitel and Barbicon) you learn that they know each other. In the third Haderlitz is with a blond. Don't forget to take the photographs with you!


The stairs leading down to the Boiler Rooms (G Deck) are through the doors to the F Class Cabins.
You first go through the Turbine Room. Take note of the stairs leading down from the metal walkway, they have relevance much later in the game.

The Engineer (in the Control Room) tells you that he cannot regulate the steam for boilers 1 and 2. Offer to help him by selecting the following dialog topics:
  Perhaps I can solve that problem
  I'll help you
Unless you peeked at the solution in this walkthrough, you won't be able to regulate the steam first time round. You must speak to the Engineer again, using the following topics:
  I need some advice (he shows you the instruction manual)
  let me try again

After regulating the steam for boilers 1 and 2 the Engineer will allow you into the Engine Room. Again note that approximately halfway along this metal walkway stairs lead upwards (also relevant later in the game). Continue into the Boiler Rooms.

Vlad is in Boiler Room 3. Don't talk to him yet, first go down the stairs behind him to the right. Chute Number 4 is the one right of the stairs (if you're facing towards them). Open the control box next to the chute and you find the Rubaiyat. Remove the Rubaiyat and hide it in the control box next to any of the other 3 chutes. Go back up the stairs and talk to Vlad using the following dialog topics:
  What do you want?
  What are your troubles?
  Why are you down here?
  What's your friend's name?
He'll ask you to fetch a package for him from Sasha Barbicon in Cabin A14.


Sasha Barbicon gives you Vlad's package. If you talk to him about Georgia you'll learn that Charles is a drinker and owes money to Andrew Conklin.


Return to Boiler Room 3 and give Vlad his package. He'll talk about 'not finding something' and leave. After he's gone you can recover the Rubaiyat from the control box you hid it in.


Report to Penny Pringle about the Rubaiyat and the painting. She tells you that the next part of your mission is to find the painting. She suggests leaving the Rubaiyat with the Purser for safekeeping and to look at the cargo manifest to see whether the painting is in the Cargo Hold.