The Longest Journey -complete walkthrough by Pham Hai Dang.

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	Words from the author :
 The first thing I want to tell you is that I'm not of any English-speaking 
country. I'm a Vietnamese and thus my English may be disgusting. Please don't 
mind if I make any mistake of grammar/ vocabulary/ spelling... If some of the 
sentences are so bad that you can even hardly understand 'em, please e-mail me. 
I'm VERY PLEASED to receive any suggestions.

 In this walkthrough, the sign (i) before the name of an item means it's in your 
inventory (although this sign is not indeed necessary -just give you easier 

 Sometimes you see words in the /* ... */ border. They're just 'extra words' 
from the author. Absolutely helpless but sometimes can be fun.

 It's always a good idea to LOOK at anything available on the screen. For a 
limited number of kilobytes, in this walkthrough I will tell you to look at 
objects on the screen only if it's necessary to -or it's GOOD to. You should 
examine the world on your own.

 The game has some new options which are quite different from other adventure 
games. You can view dialogues that you have formerly had with people, you can 
re-watch movies and you have a diary to take note of special events. When the 
options button glints, there's something new in the diary. When you use 
something on the right object, the icon of that thing will also glint. So it's 
quite easy to check out if you do a right thing.

 You may never get stuck in the game, that means no matter what you do, there's 
always a solution to your situation. This is really a great point, I think.

 The last thing I'd like to say is that an adventure game is only enjoyable when 
you play it on your own. You can have the pleasure of discovering things and 
solutions for the puzzles in the game. So I suggest you look at this walkthrough 
only if you really need to. You can stop yourself from using this solution too 
much by some ways, such as:
	-Use WinWord to convert this text to a kind of symbol. (select all the 
text and choose the font 'Symbols') Then you can reveal some lines of it for 
your reference (by selecting the lines and changing them to a readable font). 
The rest part of the text will then be still encrypted and you can't read it 
unless you change the font for more lines. This will prevent you from seeing so 
much of the solution, maybe more than you desire.
	-Resize your Notepad window (or whatever application you're using to read 
this text) to a height that can only show a few lines.
	-Any other ideas that you might invent !!!

 After finishing the game, you can take a look here at this walkthrough to 
compare what you've done to what I myself have.

And here comes the walkthrough...

(This is indeed a long game. Thirteen chapters and a prologue. No surprise they 
named it 'the longest journey' !)

	The Prologue : A Lion Is In The Streets (CD1)

- You start with the main character, April Ryan, in a strange realm. She thinks 
that it's a dream. Well, let's check this out.
- Explore the sight around and then walk to the right.
- Take a note at the egg. Try taking it.
} Examine the nest. You'll get a SCALE.
} Break the TWIG from the tree.
- After the talk with the tree, you'll learn that it needs water.
- Walk to the right. The stream might be a good source for water.
- Try using the (i)scale on the stream. You need something to hold it.
} Use the (i)twig on the water first, then the (i)scale on the water.
} Get back to the tree and talk to it.

	Chapter I : Penumbra

} Open the wardrobe in your room. It may contain something useful.
} Let's check all these clothes. Then take the TOY_MONKEY. Guybrush ? This name 
reminds me of someone... Oh nah ! Forget it, he's in the Monkey Island.
} Close the wardrobe and take the PHOTO on the desk.
} Pick up the DIARY.
} Open your inventory and look at the (i)diary. Hey, there's a page stretching 
- It's your timesheet at the Fringe cafe.
} Get the TIMESHEET.
} Take a close look at the (i)toy_monkey and notice his eye coming out.
} Pull out the MONKEY_EYE twice. 
- Wind the toy and remember what it says. Actually like a cop telling someone to 
'do the monkey'!
- It's time to go out to the hall. Don't mind the guy Zack. You'll need him in 
the future.
} Get a LEAF from the plant.
- Try talking to the terminal. It's not yours and you don't want to mess up with 
the F.U.B, huh ? Ok, just leave it alone.
- Go downstairs.
} Take a look at the corkboard. You can read all that stuff, but don't forget to 
pick up the PINK_NOTE. It says Fiona (the landlady) has found a gold ring, and 
you remember that you have lost one. What a coincidence !
- You also own a PUSHPIN after getting the note.
} Talk to Fiona.
- Hey, April didn't mention the ring ! How can she get it from Fiona ? This may 
cause to a lack of a key-item, and therefore you can't continue this game. Oh no 
! Think about all the money you spent on the four CDs ! Much more worse, you can 
miss one of the best games ever !!!
- Ok, don't panic, I was just kidding.
} Just give her the (i)pink_note. You'll take back your RING.
} Get the MATCHBOOK on the table.
- Nothing more to do here. Go out to the street.
} Talk to Cortez. Strange, he knows about your nightmare.
} Go to the left. Take a close look at that mysterious machine.
- You can't yet gain control of it. The cable is break. But hey you're carrying 
something which can conduct electricity. Something of metal.
} Use your (i)ring to connect the conduit. (I wonder how April can do that. With 
bare hands ? And still safe from the electricity ?)
- Now you can control the machine by turning 2 screws at the lower right part of 
the screen.
- Remember that the left screw (which is on the right, odd !) turns 3 of the 4 
items below (actually I don't know how to call them !) when the right screw (on 
the left) hold the remaining one. You have to turn them to get them all 

	*how to turn the screws :
  .you begin with  / | - \

  .hold the 4th    - / \ \

  .hold the 4th    \ - | \

  .hold the 3rd    | \ | |

  .hold the 3rd    / | | /

  .hold the 4th    - / / /

  .hold the 1st    - - - -

} After finishing with the 2 crews, turn the valve.
} Turn the wheel.
} The CLAMP is of no use now. You can take it. After that April will 
automatically take back the RING when you leave the machine.
- Ok, now let's get going. Approach the bridge and go to the park.
- Go to the academy and enter it. There's a glove in the trashcan.
} Take the GLOVE.
- Go upstairs.
} Use the (i)paintbrush_and_palette on the canvas.
- After a short movie, Emma will show up bringing you a message from Cortez. He 
gives you a kind of riddle : "Where the kids visualize their dreams".
- Now it's time to go to the cafe.
} Talk to Charlie and learn that Cortez has been somewhere around a poster near 
the jukebox.
} Get some CANDY from the jar.
} Chew the (i)candy (the mouth icon) so that you have a STICKY_CANDY.
- Enter the cafe.
} Get a loaf of BREAD from the table.
- You'll see a jukebox on the right. And beside it ... a poster !
} Get a close look at the poster. So the exhibition is supposed to be "where the 
kids visualize their dreams".
} Get a TICKET at the lower right corner of the poster.
- You don't know where the exhibition is, right ? The address must be given 
somewhere on the poster, or near it.
} Why don't you examine your (i)ticket ? The address's there.
} Now talk to Emma, and then to the fatso, Stanley. Just keep asking for your 
- Hmm.. he doesn't seem likely to pay you. OK, so be it !
} Say you'll quit. That'll get the bucks outta him.
- He demands the timesheet. Simple.
} Just show him your (i)timesheet.
- You can answer 'yes' or 'no' to his question of the replacement. It doesn't 
- Get back to your apartment.
} Open the window and stick your head out.
} Throw the (i)bread on the rubber duck below. What a nice scene.
} Pull the chain so that you can get the CLOTHESLINE.
- Go to the bridge and to the cafe.
} Get that DUCK.
- Now that you have money and a destination -the exhibition. Go to the subway 
} Use the gene scanner.
} Just push any of the 3 buttons. April will at last choose 'week'.
} Show your (i)cashcard to the lens.
- Before getting on the metro, notice the sparks on the left.
} Examine it carefully. A key !
- Try to get it. Seems you need an insulator.
} Use the (i)clothesline on the (i)clamp.
} Blow the (i)duck.
} On the duck there's a PLASTER. Take it. Then the air inside the duck will 
begin to blow out.
} Use the (i)duck on the (i)clamp.
} This new tool will help you to get the KEY.
} Use the (i)plaster on the (i)glove to repair it.
- Now get on the metro.
} On the metro, look at the subway map and select 'Watertown Bridge'.
- Get in the gallery.
} Talk to Cortez and 'look at the painting'.
} Answer him that you see 'art' and 'truth'. (This is not necessary because 
nothing serious happens when you choose the wrong answer, and you can always 
answer again)
- At last he tells you that he'll see you tomorrow.
} Right now, if you have agreed to work at the cafe tonight then go there. Or 
else, return to the Border House and talk to Mickey and Fiona. When you quit the 
room, they will ask you to watch the movie with them.

	Chapter 2 : Through The Looking Glass

} Go downstairs and talk to Fiona. She supposes you should find Zack for 
information about where Cortez may be.
} Knock Zack's door and talk to him. You'll learn that Cortez often comes to the 
Mercury Theatre.
} Use the subway metro and select 'Metro Circle'.
- Turn right, to the 'East Gateway' then walk downstreet.
} Talk to the fat man - Freddie Melon, I reckon.
} Push the trashcan. Ugh, what's that green stuff ?
- Examine it. Seems to be kerosene.
} Open the fuse box and try to take it. The 'conspicuous guy' doesn't agree, so 
talk to him.
- He wants something sweet, chewable, right ? You're a young sweet girl, but ... 
no !
} What about some candies ? Try giving him your (i)candy. He seems to like it.
- He likes your candy, and he's hindering you from taking the fuses. Let's 
combine this ... what about a poisoned candy to get rid of him ?
} Use the (i)candy on the green ooze. You'll get a STINKY_CANDY.
} Give (i)stinky_candy to the detective and watch the funny scenes.
} Notice what Freddie says. You should find the DETECTIVE'S_HAT somewhere in the 
street to the left (the junction).
} Get back to the theatre and examine the fuse box. Uh oh, a lock ! Logically, 
locks are opened by keys. And you are carrying a key.
} Use the (i)key to open the lock.
} Use the (i)glove on the sparks.
- Enter the alley.
- Try to open the door. It can't be opened from outside. Ok, if it opens only 
from inside, then it'll open from inside.
- Check the garbage pile and its shadow on the wall. Looks like something ... A 
creature ? A man ? Holding something... ? Well it's exactly like a detective 
with a gun !!!
} Why don't you complete this masterpiece ? Put the (i)detective_hat on the 
garbage pile. That's enough for scaring Freddie, I think.
- Remember the (i)toy_monkey's words ?
} Let's add a little sound effects. Put the (i)toy_monkey on the garbage pile. 
Quite impressive.
- Now open the trashcan and look into it. Wow, quite an 'extreme fire hazard'.
} Use the (i)match_book on the trashcan.
- While Freddie is 'doing the monkey', sneak in the theatre.
} Hey, the theatre seems to be 'overcrowded'. Talk to Cortez.
- Enter the light.
- Enter the 'exit' to the right.
} Talk to the priest. At first he speaks strange tongue, but just keep listening 
and English will appear more and more in his sentences. At last it's English, 
pure !
} Go to the stalls, then to the city gate and the dock. Talk to the old sailor 
at the pier and the sailor at the big ship. At last you'll have to get back to 
the temple and talk to the priest.
- Be patient and listen to his loooong stories !
} Go out and talk to Tobias again. You'll get to know that the map dealer at the 
market can help to find Brian Westhouse, or the Rolling Man.
- Go to the market stalls.
} Talk to the map dealer. He doesn't seem to tell you about where the Rolling 
Man lives. After that his delivery boy appears and you'll learn that he's 
} Talk to the map dealer again so that you'll be his errand boy -um, errand girl 
- He'll give you a customer LIST and a MAP that you have to deliver to captain 
Nebevay at the dock. He'll also tell you to get the customers' signatures after 
the deliveries.
- Go to the big boat at the dock.
} Talk to the sailor and give him the (i)map.
- After that you'll get a small tip from him. Just a COIN, but it'll be useful.
} Don't forget the signature. Give him the (i)list.
} That's odd. He doesn't want to sign. Just keep talking to him and finally end 
up with his demand for music.
- Hmm.. music.. Ah ! there's an instrument stall at the city gate !
} Go there and look at the stall. Then talk to the dealer. /* I really enjoy his 
music language */
} Give the (i)coin to the dealer so that you'll have a FLUTE.
- Go back to the ship.
} Give the captain the (i)list again.
} Go back to the map stall and show your list to the dealer.
- You'll have another MAP to deliver to the Rolling Man. Now stretch your ears, 
strain your brain and remember every words of the direction guidance for your 
destination. Uh oh, at last that's not necessary...
- Go to the Rolling Man's house.
} Talk to him about the delivery and April will give him the (i)map. After that 
talk about Cortez.
} After the conversation give him the (i)list for his signature.
- When you leave his house, he'll call you back and give you a WATCH which was 
from Cortez (or 'Manny'). The watch is out of order.
} Use your (i)pushpin on the (i)watch to wind it.
- You'll come to a conversation with Cortez. At last, you'll learn that there're 
4 important things to save the Balance :
	.Find the Guardian.
	.Locate the gateway to his (or her ?) realm.
	.Find the key to it.
	.Defeat the Vanguard.
- Cortez will tell you to meet Father Raul tomorrow at the Cathedral at Hope 
Street. Now go back to the cafe.
} Talk to Charlie and enter the cafe.
- Emma will then appear. Talk to her for a while and answer her question about 
the date with Zack. (to go or not to go -that's the question; but answer 'yes' 
or 'no' -it doesn't matter)

	Chapter 3 : Friends And Enemies  (CD2)

- Get out of your room. You'll get a little trouble with Zack if you didn't come 
to see him last night.
- Go to the subway and select 'Hope Street'. Then go to the Cathedral and enter 
the confessional.
} Talk to Father Raul and learn about where Warren lives. House 87, right.
- Leave the Cathedral and go to the house 87, just opposite of the subway.
} Enter and talk to Warren.
- He's got a friend who can help you, but at first he needs you to ... what ? He 
needs you to break in the police station archives and clear the information 
about him so that he won't be having troubles with cops, and to find information 
about his family ! What a task ! Why doesn't him also ask you to find a thousand 
needles from a haystack and forge them into a rifle which can shoot from a 
distance of 1001 kilometers with a 12 kg bullet made from special diamond which 
can only be mined from the core of Mars ??? Piece of cake, huh ?
- However, in a game everything is possible. Now go to the subway and select 
'Metro West'. Then head on to the police station and enter it after the live 
news about that wreckage.
} Talk to the actor-cop. So at last there're 3 things able to get in the station 
: Cops, prisoners and garbage.
- Get back to the street. (near the subway)
} Look at the roadblock and the container.
} Look at the street sign.
} Now use the roadblock. Ah, it works !
} Get in the container. You'll find yourself in the station at last.
} Look at the toolbox. There's a paper in it. Grab the PAPER.
} Look at the left vidphone's screen. Its number is 099-12090.
} Use it to dial home.
} Talk to the sergeant, especially about the archives.
} Talk to the fat man. If you want to get him to work, then a requisition form 
is needed. But.. hey, you just happen to carry a form like that !
} Give him the (i)old_petition. God it's from last week.
} Look at the (i)old_petition.
} Talk to the sergeant and ask for a REQUISITION_FORM.
} Give (i)requisition_form to the fatso. What the hell is that 09042-A ???
} Ok, then ask the sergeant again for that -A stuff. You'll get the new 
} Now give the (i)requisition_form to the portly fella. Get to work, boys !
} Look at the panel, then try to join the wires. No way. You need to distract 
the 2 workers first.
} Use the right vidphone to dial the left one. 099-12090.
} Talk to the fat man and say there's a call for him.
} When he leaves, do the same stuff on the thin fella, George.
} Look at the wires and then join them. The door opens !
- Try getting through it and the sergeant will not allow you. You must distract 
her ...
} Look at the shelves to find the most-difficult-to-reach form.
} Ask the sergeant for that form about 'complaining about lawd and indecent 
} Be quick, join the wires to open the door and sneak through !
} Use your (i)cashcard on the soda machine for a bingo! SODA_CAN.
- Go to the doorway.
} Look at all the lockers, especially locker 4,'sgt. Hernandez'.
} Talk to Minnelli in the loo. Say that you're Sgt Hernandez.
- You'll get the KEY for Minnelli's locker.
} Use your (i)key to open the first locker with the name 'Minnelli'.
} Look at the open locker.
} Look at the mirror. It's broken.
} Look at the broken part at the lower right corner of the mirror.
} Take out the MIRROR_SHARD. Hey, there's something behind it.
} Read the note. So you got the user name. But what about the password, his 
wife's birthday ?
} For now, just take the MEDICINE for him.
} Give (i)medicine to Minelli.
} Talk to him about his wife. You'll get her birthday at last.
- Notice that each time Minelli sneezes, his synthetic eye comes out !
} Turn off the switch near the W.C door, and replace his eye with your 
(i)monkey_eye. I guess you can figure it out right away ?!
- You'll get a SYNTHETIC_EYE. Now get back to the corridor.
} Use the (i)synthetic_eye on the retinal scanner and enter the archives.
} Use the computer to log on and look up 'Warren Hughes'.
} Look at his sister's code. Edit his information and print it out. Then delete 
his information.
} Now look up for Erika's col#0050123185353260.
} Print out the info about Erika.
} Look up for Voltec Church. Then look at the name 'Jacob McAllen'.
} Look up for Jacob McAllen. Select 'Continue' and write down his code. (I mean 
you player write this code, not April does !)
} Log off and take the PRINTOUT.
} Use the control panel and enter Jacob's code and get a VANGUARD_FOLDER.
} Look at your (i)vanguard_folder. Now you have a VANGUARD_DATACUBE.
- Walk back to the lobby.
} Take the green SCREWDRIVER on the floor. Look at your (i)screwdriver to find 
out that it's magnetized.
- Go back to Warren's.
} Give him the (i)printout. He will show you the way to where his friend is 
- Get to the metro and go to 'Newport Docks'. Then walk upstairs and to the 
construction yard, after that walk to the garage.
} Look at the machine to the right.
} Put the (i)soda into the paintshaker. That will give you an about-to-blow-up 
} Remember what Warren said ? Knock on the door 3 times. Keep talking with the 
voice until the door is opened.
- Go in and enter the pit.
} Talk to Burns Flipper. About Jacob McAllen, he needs something detailed.
} Show him your (i)datacube.
- Notice the man Gordon Halloway and that the Vanguard is linked with MTV, eh 
sorry, MTI. Their office at Grendel Avenue may be the headquarter of the 
} Talk to Burns again and he will finally end up with a request for an AG unit 
if you want a fake ID.
- Go back to the wreckage (what a long way) for that AG unit.
} Look at the blinking device.
} Talk to the cop.
} Offer him a 'cool drink' with your (i)soda_can. Nice trick.
} Use the (i)mirror_shard on the laser fence.
} Look at the blinking device.
- Try to get the AG. It's fixed in there with crews.
} Use your (i)screwdriver on it. You'll get an AG_UNIT.
} Give this (i)ag_unit to Burns. (quite another long way back)
- You may have to wait until tomorrow night. At least. Ok, so go back to the 
cathedral's confessional and overhear the conversation between Cortez and Father 
} Go talk to Cortez.
- Go back to your apartment at the Border House.

	Chapter 4 : Monsters

- And ... April's here again, in Arcadia ! Seems that in her sleep, April has 
accidentally created a Shift in the wardrobe.
- The only place to go now is 'The Journey Man' inn. Enter the inn.
} Talk to the fat lady -she's the innkeeper.
- After talking to her, a strange creature will appear.
} Talk to the creature. His name's Abnaxus and he invites April to his house at 
the city green tomorrow morning.
- Wait a little more and April will complain about her tiredness.
} Sit on the comfy chair.
- At the break of dawn, you'll be waken by the innkeeper.
} Walk out the inn and she'll call you back and offer a neat costume -but in 
exchange, you must help with her work.
} Agree to work for her and you'll get some COINS.
} Go to the temple and talk to Vestrum Tobias.
- In brief, he advises you to visit the Sentinel Enclave and talk to Minstrum 
Yerin for information.
- Didn't you remember of the work at the map stall ? You're still the delivery 
girl, and you have not finished the list of customers.
} Go to the map stall and give the map dealer your (i)list. You'll get a new MAP 
to deliver to Tun Luiec at 'The Journey Man'.
- You have some coins, why not try the cup game ? Actually you just always lose. 
Remember that those coins are iron, and iron is attracted by magnet. And you are 
carrying a magnetized thing.
} Try playing the game again. When the man tells you to choose a cup, use your 
(i)screwdriver on each cup to check out which contains the coin. It's always the 
middle one that you have to select.
- Your reward is a CALCULATOR.
} Visit The White Dragon and talk to Nebevay.
} Go back to the inn and ask the innkeeper. Tun Luiec is out looking for work. 
Notice that she is a navigator.
- Go to the city green to visit Abnaxus. Enter the tree-house.
} Talk to Abnaxus.
} Exit the house and put your (i)organic_plastic on the flower bed.
} Go talk to Brian Westhouse and learn about the winged people..
} Talk to the old sailor at the pier.
- Go to the Enclave, enter the Enclave and walk downstairs.
} Talk to the priest. He must be Minstrum Yerin.
} Ask him for books for your reference.
} Read all the loooong books, especially the one about the winged people. You'll 
learn about where they live.
} Talk to Nebevay. Then the old sailor.
} Give the (i)screwdriver to the cups handler and get that damn bird That Damn 
} Give (i)bird to the old sailor. Oh poor him.. the chest may not be a good 
dwelling place.
} Talk to Captain Nebevay. The White Dragon can't set sail because of the lack 
of wind and a navigator. You'll learn about the alchemist who captured the wind. 
His name is .. er .. Soldier Flacks as I thought.. no no not like that .. hmmm 
some kind of Holder Sacks, that's not !.. Roker Clargs or maybe .. Ah maybe he's 
Klacks. (something) Klacks I'm not sure !
- Go to 'The Road North' and to the forest.
- After the talk with Crow, go further into the forest until you meet the Bandu-
/* Hm.. I wonder how can I forget the alchemist's name .. I can remember all 
this Bandu-umanu-bla-bla-bla-bla stuff, and I just forget this Kasks guy .. Oh I 
mean .. this Klacks guy. Yes. Klacks. */
- After talking to him and Crow, look at the broken bridge to the right. Then go 
back to the forest.
} Talk to the woman, then help her up ('hand' icon). This woman seems to be 
someone quite ... dangerous. She reminds me of the enchantresses who kidnap 
children and eat them ! Especially when she says something about 'fatten the 
'guests' for the winter' !
} But, Ok, just tell her to lead the way.
- Follow her and enter the house.
} After she leaves to 'collect more berriesss and spicesss for the ssstew', take 
the sssmall SKULL from the table.
- Examine the plank under the table in the middle of the room. Try walking over 
it. Then examine the pillar near the entrance.
- Check the cabinet. It's locked sssolid !
} Pick up the BROOM.
} Use the (i)BROOM on the cabinet to releassse the mole.
- At leassst, he can esscape from here through the window. But it's sssshut.
} Use your (i)skull -eh, I mean, the ssskull that April got from the table, not 
her ssskull ! However, use it to throw at the window.
/* sssorry, I will sstop that sss ssstuff. Jussst the influence of that Gribbler 
plusss my "sssense of humour". */
} Lift Bandu-uta-matuta-uiaten-aiama-binaort (!!!) and help him out through the 
now opened window.
} When the woman reveals her real shape (what a 'beautiful' one), use the plank 
to knock her out. 1..2..3.. 9..10 ! K-O !
- Get out of the house. After the talk with Bandu-umanu-banta.., or Bandu banta, 
go to the Banta village. (It's available now on the Northlands map)
} Talk to the Elder, then to the Bandu brothers and Crow.
- Enter the Spirit Dig.
} Go to sleep.

	Chapter 5 : There And Back Again

- Get out of the Spirit Dig.
} After the conversation with Bandu, talk to the Elder. You'll get from him a 
BANDU_STONE. One of the four disc pieces.
} And.. well, don't forget to wake you companion up. Crow !
- Go to the swamp and cross the bridge. April finds out that she lost something 
in the swamp. Check out your inventory, it's the (i)list. Don't worry, no need 
for that thing any more.
} Take the PURPLE_FLOWER. Hope it can help in some dry-circumstances.
- Get up the hill and walk down to the plains.
} Look at the statue and then touch it -oh, touch him !
- Try to use your (i)purple_flower on him. Seems to be a 'dry-circumstance' now. 
A serious one.
} Look at the bush. Now try to get the berries. I'm sure before such a 
'marshland problem' you just wish you could fly over and take that damn berries 
so that the game can be continued. But wait, if you can't fly, then there's 
someone who can !
} Use your (i)flute to call for Crow.
} Select Crow (by the 'hand' icon on him) and click on the BERRIES.
} Mix (i)berries with (i)purple_flower for a mixture called MOISTURIZING_CREAM.
} Use (i)moisturizing_cream on the petrified man and enter the castle.
- Take a view at the labyrinth. You will need an incredible memory to remember 
all the corridors inside the labyrinth, or you should draw a map for this maze. 
(normally even doing so might cost about more than 3 hours to finish the maze)
/* He hee hee I was just kidding. Again. No need to care much about the 
labyrinth; it's just a piece of cake. */
- Look at the gargoyle with the stretching hand. Looks like a beggar !
} So treat it like a beggar. Give it a (i)coin.
} Blow both flames (mouth icon).
} Give another (i)coin and get SALT and PEPPER from the hands.
} Turn the hourglass. Be quick, as soon as you are able to move, run over the 
- Look at the mirror and try taking the parchment, then go to the 'mist'.
} Open the door twice. There's just one for you to open, no confusion possible.
} Turn the hourglass and do the same trick but this time run to the door to the 
} Open the door. Then enter it. (of course !)
} Use the (i)pepper on the gargoyle and enter the tower.
- Try to walk upstairs so that Clarks, er.. Kalcs .. Klasck, I mean, so 
that the alchemist appears.
- After that April will do a little talking with that Caicks, Khask .. no no I 
mean .. with him !
- You can talk to him and try any available challenges for quite good funs.
} At last use the (i)calculator on Klarc, or.. er.. Klacks ! That's it ! Klacks 
! Toser Klacks, I made it ! At last ! ..err... But.. hey, it seems .. not 
'Toser' maybe.. hmmm.. Yoser ? Foster ? Soda ? or.. Joker ? hmm.. perhaps it's.. 
Roper ? ROPER KLACKS ! ROPER KLACKS ! I got it !
/* A-hem. Sorry, I was just a little too excited. You know sometimes it's so 
easy to forget a name. But now I got it. Just .. "Roser Kaicks" the guy ! */
- Ok let's go on.. go to the tower. Wow, what a lot of stuff here. Look at the 
crystal on the table -the soulstone.
} Reveal the curtain and open the window.
} Take the GREEN_VIAL near the ground.
} Take the WHITE_VIAL on the bookcase.
} Read the big book on the table and notice the first spell. You now know 
something about creating a magical spell : Thunder plus World-Wide-Web ..oh 
sorry, Spider web and a catalyst for invisibility.
} Move the skull on the table. Then take the BLUE_VIAL.
} Look at the cauldron and get the YELLOW_VIAL to the right.
} Look at one of your 4 (i)vials. Cycle between them and check their properties. 
At last you have
	.the green one  : spider web
	.the white one  : thunder
	.the blue one   : catalyst
} Pour the (i)vials into the cauldron in the order of thunder+web+catalyst. 
} Go to the labyrinth and stand before the mirror, then drink the 
} Get the PARCHMENT.
- Go back to the tower.
} Look at the big book again. Add the (i)parchment to the Tome Of Alchemy. Take 
note at all the spells and compose the second spell (the one with the 
illustration of a leaf) at the cauldron. And you now have a LIGHT-AS-A-
- Notice the red vial near the ceiling. Again you wish that you could 'fly to 
get that damn vial so that the game can be continued'. But.. hey, it's time your 
dream came true !
} Drink the (i)light-as-a-leaf_vial and take the RED_VIAL. And don't forget to 
have a look at it in your inventory.
- By now you should have noticed that
	.the yellow vial : butterfly
	.the red one     : fire
} Compose the remaining spells from the book. Of course, at the cauldron.
- After that you'll get a bunch of magical stuff : a BIND_MAGIC_VIAL, a BIG-
} Use the (i)bind_magic_vial on the soulstone, then the (i)big-bang_vial on it. 
What really cool magic this Folder Kaskc has.
/* hey, did I say 'Volder Gasks' ? Actually I mean 'Coper Tasks' */
} Play the flute to call for Crow. You need him to deliver the wind to captain 
} Give the (i)wind_vial to Crow, then use Crow on the window.
- Go to the White Dragon. Let's see what that white-beard-with-smoking-pipe 
captain will say. See ? I defeated Tauper Clerks !
} Talk to him. He doesn't believe your glorious feat of arms.
} Show him the (i)wind_vial.
- Go to 'The Journey Man Inn'.
} Talk to the woman. She must be ... Tiun Lieuk ?
} Give the (i)map to Taung Luic.
/* Hey what did I say ? She might be Ten Liuk.. er.. must be Ton Luk Ek. Oh no 
I've been messing with those names again, since I met Roper Klacks. But.. wait a 
minute did I say 'Roper Klacks' ? Roper Klacks ? R-o-p-e-r K-l-a-c-k-s ? Hah ! 
So I finally got that alchemist's name. */
- Whatever those names are, just go to the temple and to the back after talking 
to Tin Lyik.
} Meet the Vestrum there and he'll give you a TALISMAN.
} Return to the White Dragon and talk to Nebevay. Set sail !

	Chapter 6 : The Chaos Storm

} Take a look at the apple barrel and finally get an APPLE. Don't worry, no Jim 
} Go to the bridge and look at the orb.
} Then talk to both Tiun Luiec and Nabovey. No that shouldn't be Nabovey it's.. 
Neverbay.. Ok that's the captain. But ! I remember 'Tun Luiec'. Tun Luiec, 
that's right.
- Go down to the cargo hold.
} Use your (i)sticky_candy on the sack to trap the worm. Then pick up the WORM.
} Pick up the AXE.
} Use the (i)worm on the (i)apple for an INFECTED_APPLE.
} Show this (i)infected_apple to Niverba.. no I should call him the captain.
} Talk to Tun Luiec and offer her a help at the wheel.
} Put your (i)talisman near the compass.
} Then talk to Tun : 'I think I've strayed off course...' and 'Is it my 
imagination or...'.
- Go to the bridge again.
} Take back the TALISMAN.
- Go down the cargo hold and look at the chest. Maybe that's where your talisman 
is hidden.
} Use the (i)axe to break the chest.

	Chapter 7 : A Deep Blue Mirror

} Tell Crow to look for an island.
} Look at the head in the water. Then try to talk to it and, at last, touch it.
} Look at the drawings on the wall. So you need some blood as an ingredient for 
the ability of talking to those Mermen.
} Use the (i)pushpin on April to get some BLOOD. May the pin be extremely 
sanitary !
- Notice the drawing showing a way to breathe under water.
} Look at the wall. Then use the 'mouth' icon on the wall. Ha, oxygen !
} Take a POLYP from the wall. Then use (i)polyp on April.
- Now you're able to go out -or I mean, swim out- through the 'exit' !
} Open the shell and pick up the PEARL. Now only a green stuff is needed.
- Go to -again, I forgot- swim to the city.
} Take the GREEN_STUFF.
} Pick up the 1ST_CRYSTAL.
- Get back to the breathing house and enter it.
} Mix the (i)green_stuff with your (i)blood and the (i)pearl. Now you have a 
} Eat the (i)golden_pearl. Yikes.
} Swim back to the city to talk to the Merperson after trying to take the spear.
} Show the (i)1st_crystal to Merperson. So the seaweed.. a 'crystal mine' ?
} Swim to the seaweed (near where you've picked up the pearl) and push the weed. 
So as I thought this is really a crystal mine ! You find the 2ND_CRYSTAL.
} Hmm my greedy tells me to search the weed once more. A cave is revealed.
- Enter the cave.
} Take the 3RD_CRYSTAL and 4TH_CRYSTAL. Look at your crystals, they all have 3 
sides with images.
} Look at the altar.
} Turn the rings so that you get
	.Fire to Water
	.Bird to Fish
	.Merperson to Pyramid Eye
	.Pottery to Harpoon
} Put your (i)crystals into the slots :

	2nd crystal  3rd crystal
	   .		.
	   .		.
	4th crystal  1st crystal

} Principles of turning the crystals :
	.Each slot has a symbol -Harpoon /Fish /Wave /Eye. When you put a crystal 
in, it will have 2 sides facing 2 other slots. The image on one side has to be 
similar to the symbol of the slot which that side faces. Notice that they rotate 
clockwise. This is easy, I think.
- After turning them, the cave gets brightened.
} Look at the drawings on the wall and find out that the Winged People and the 
Mermen were from one origin.
} Back at the city, talk to the Merperson.
} Take the spear.
- Swim to the shipwreck just pass the bubble. Enter the ship.
} Use the (i)spear to kill Snapjaw.
} Search its body for a proof of your victory. Ah, a TOOTH.
- Get in the ship.
} Take the TALISMAN.
} Show your (i)tooth to the Merperson. Remember, show your (i)tooth, not show 
your tooth to her -doing so might scare her !
} Show her the (i)talisman.
- Enter the cave again.
} Look at the symbol (to the left). Then use your (i)talisman there.
} Look at the niche. Take the STONE from there.
- Get back to the city (this is turning into a swim training ! How many times 
did you swim around these places ?!)
} Show the (i)mearium_stone to the Merperson.
} Talk to her.

	Chapter 8 : Reunification (CD3)

} Take the ROPE from the beach.
- Go through the arc.
} Look at the big crab, then get back to the beach.
- Go to the left (up the path).
- Look at the cave near the tiny tree. What can a cave contain ? Treasures ? 
Ancient artifacts ? Why don't you get down there ? Just jump and ... down you 
} No-no-no that's not the way. Tie your (i)rope to the sapling. That's much 
safer, of course !
} Climb down the cave and notice the nests. Climb down once more and notice the 
Mearum city.
} Look at the rubble.
} Search the rubble for a STONE_KEY.
- Get back to the ground.
} Pick up the ROPE again. (I believe many people will forget this !)
} Go to the beach and look at the jungle.
} Blow the (i)flute to call for Crow, then use him on the jungle.
} Go to the jungle -the volcano. Look at the large tree.
- Exit and go to the tree. Walk further inside and you'll encounter a talk with 
some cool sticks. After that climb the tree, look at the crossbow and talk to 
Stickman Wick again.
- Now it's time for the 'statue telephone system'. You have to turn the mouths 
and ears of the statues into correct positions so that your voice can wake up 
the giant.
- Turning the statues' mouths and ears:
	.At first, go to the volcano and look into the big mouth. Put your 
(i)stone_key in the keyhole and turn it so that the symbols cycle. With each 
symbol, look at the eye (telescope) and finally learn that each statue has a 
identifying symbol :
		.The statue below the tree : symbol similar to 5 or S.
		.The statue on the cliff   : symbol like letter O with two antennas.
		.The statue at the ruins   : arrow symbol.
		.The big mouth             : symbol saying 'the lens has turned into 
a mirror'.
	.Put the (i)stone_key into the keyhole at the base of each statue and turn 
it so that the Tree Statue's ear is symbol 5 (it listens to itself because you 
will stand right next to it when you call in the phone); Tree Statue's mouth 
similar to Cliff Statue's symbol (Tree calls Cliff). Cliff Statue's ear similar 
to Tree Statue's symbol (Cliff listens to Tree). Cliff Statue's mouth similar to 
Ruins Statue's symbol (Cliff calls Ruins). Ruins Statue's ear similar to Cliff 
Statue's symbol (Ruins listens to Cliff). Ruins Statue's mouth similar to Big 
Mouth's symbol (Ruins calls Big Mouth) and Big Mouth similar to Ruins Statue's 
symbol (Big Mouth listens to Ruins). Don't forget to take back your KEY after 
turning each statue.
} After everything is in place, speak into the Tree Statue and Q'aman will be 
} Talk to him again through the 'phones' and go to his place.
} Talk to Q'aman, especially about the Orlowols.
- Watch the scene of Q'aman helping the 'clik-clak-clok'. After that he will be 
able to live on the cliff and fish again.
} Climb the cliff and talk to Q'aman. He needs a colorful, light thing to make 
- Look in your inventory. Colorful ? So much of extra-super-colorful-stuff. 
But.. light ? Seems only one thing can do...
} Give Q'aman your (i)candy_wrapper. Now give him a little time for the fishing 
after you have asked him about borrowing the fishing rod.
} Go to the jungle and talk to Wick about their cannon.
} Climb the tree and talk to Wick again. He needs a bowstring for the cannon, 
and they suggest 'animal guts'. Yikes ! So April has to kill some animal for its 
gut ?
} Go to Q'aman and take the FISHING_LINE and the FISH_BONE.
- Look at the (i)fishing_line. It's a 'long, strong and flexible fishing line'. 
Uh, nothing interestin... But wait ! Strong and flexible ? Just what Wick needs 
for his bowstring !
- Go to the jungle and climb the tree.
} Give (i)fishing_line to Wick and talk to him twice. You are permitted to test 
that 'cannon'. Or, a 'toy catapult' I think.
} Of course, you won't test it with yourself ! Tie the (i)fish_bone to the 
(i)rope for a HOOK_AND_ROPE.
} Use this (i)hook_and_rope on the toy catapu... the lunar cannon !
} Use the lever on the cannon. Fire !
- Now you can see an Alatien at the other side of the chasm. Also notice the 
} Talk to the Alatien.
- The chasm's blocking the way. By this time you should wish that April can fly 
over the damn chasm so that the game can be continued.
} Use the (i)light-as-a-leaf_vial on Eiprol to 'fly' over the abyss.
/* But.. what ? Did I say 'Eiprol' ? No her name is... Apple, no, Aprele.. no-
no-no ! Aepreal ? That's impossible ! */
} The wind is still unable to lift you up, so use the (i)wind_vial on the 
updraft for an extra.
- Enter the tunnel entrance then talk to the old Alatien.
} Go to the castle and talk to the child, Sa'ena.
} Go to the right and talk to the young woman, Neema. And she 'likes' Isam, the 
/* No I don't think I should learn more names. That would be too many to handle 
! */
} Talk to the guard and say you're the Windbringer. Then tell him to wait for 
your answers.
} Talk to the 4 Alatiens that you've met before and ask them about the Tales. 
After that you will have enough knowledge for the guard's questions.
} Now talk to him again and choose the correct answers.
} Enter the castle tower and talk to the Teller. After the 'representative 
summit' you'll gain an ALATIEN_STONE.
- Touch the large rock. It's a shell !
} Wipe off the sand.
} Look at the small orifice.
} Talk to the sensor.
- Enter the large orifice.
} Look at the circular protrusion, then touch it.
- After the talk you get a BLUE_JEWEL.
} Talk to the cloaked figure and get a MAP and a DARK_PEOPLE'S_STONE.

	Chapter 9 : Shadows

} Go to the city and you will automatically step through a Shift. This time to 
the Cathedral.
} Talk to Father Raul.
- Go back to The Border House. You will be surprised by the scenes.
} Talk to Zack (or } Enter the apartment).
- Once you're in the room, stick out of the window and jump down the river. 
Splaasshhh !
- Try to run away. Once the Vanguard agent still guard at the door, you can't go 
} Drink your (i)invisibility_vial and go to the cafe. (Not for a drink, of 
} Talk to the old woman -Can you guess who she is ? That would be amazing to 
realize... at the end of the game.

	Chapter 10 : Rebirth

- I begin to wonder how many times April has travelled between Arcadia and Stark 
! However, Marcuria seems deserted at the moment.
} Visit Brian Westhouse and talk to him.
} Visit Abnaxus -Wow ! and you get the VENAR_STONE.
- Go to the Enclave and enter it. (don't go downstairs yet !)
} Put your stones into the 4 hollows on the floor.
	.The (i)banda_stone into the Right hollow.
	.The (i)venar_stone into the Left hollow.
	.The (i)alatien_stone into the Top hollow.
	.The (i)dark-people's_stone into the Bottom hollow.
- Uh oh. That's so disappointing. What's with the dragon head ?
} Look at the stone dragon.
} Blow the (i)flute to call for your helpful assistant : Crow.
} Use Crow on the stone dragon. Hey, so it's just pigeon shi.. pigeon crap !
- After Crow's noble task is over, watch the disc forged and go downstairs.
- Try to get the disc in the water. Hmm.. I wish that April could fly over the 
hot water and get that damn disc so that the game can be continued... But sadly 
this is not the time to fly.
} Try to turn the wheel. Arrggghhhh !! No way.
} Talk to Yerin.
} Then turn the wheel and pick up the DISC.
- Get out of the Enclave and run back to the city.

	Chapter 11 : Kin

} Take the PAINTBRUSH_AND_PALETTE and use your (i)paintbrush_and_palette on the 
- After meeting the dragon, you own a WHITE_JEWEL.
- Back again at the Cathedral ! Go out to the Metro Station and head for Newport 
Docks. Visit Burns Flipper, he owes you a fake ID.
} Talk to Flipper. After that you'll have a FAKE_ID.
} Give him the (i)star_map
- Go to the elevators at the Metro Circle.
} Open the elevator door.
- Take a look at the pizza machine and try to get one. Gee, fortunately you 
didn't like that stuff...
} Take the PIZZA_BOX in the garbage.
} Look at the clothes store.
} Enter the store for a new outfit. Cool, but expensive !
- Go to the Shuttle.
} Talk to the cop. Then go to the street.
} Talk to the representative. Such an irritating guy !
} Show him the (i)pizza_box.
} Look at the elevator to the right. Then search the desk.
- After a while you'll be taken to a room and a disgusting creature shows up. 
Don't be afraid of  it. Ugly and harmless.
} Look at the computer. Then use it to open the door.
- Get out through the opened door. (If not get out, then what did you open it 
for ?)
- Outside, walk to the edge at the lower right part of screen, where there seems 
to be a broken bridge stretching out. You may be unable to recognize it at 
first, but try and you'll know what to do. Then Cortez will appear and help you, 
and after the talk between Cortez and Jacob McAllen you'll learn that they are 
the two Draic Kins in Stark !!! Amazing !
} Get back inside and look at the computer, then use it to retrieve the DISC.
- Go back down to the street. Then use the Metro and visit Burns Flipper. Now 
you know the entrance to the Guardian's Realm.
- Go back to the Tubes where there's a silly looking representative.
} Talk to her.

	Chapter 12 : Dreamland (CD4)

- Go to the left and try to enter the Terminal Exit. No way.
- Notice the toilet doors just below the shops. Men and ladies.
} Open 'ladies'.
} Open 'men'. (hope there's nobody inside !)
} Look at the dispenser.
} Use your (i)cashcard on the vending machine for some INSTANT_HEATS. (!??!?)
} Push the trashcan.
- Try to open the grill. You need something flat -like a screwdriver -to open 
it. Yeah, right. How is such stuff supposed to be found here ?
} Use the (i)coin on the grill. Now open it and, of course, crawl through it.
} Look at the screen and select 'Service Duct Exit #1'.
} Look at the camera.
} Pull out the cable.
- Now be quick. Go back to the hatch as soon as possible.
} Look at the screen again and select 'Service Duct Exit #2'.
} You don't have much time now. Put the (i)instant_heats into the coffee mug 
before your future victim comes back.
- After that crawl back immediately, or else you'll have to enter 'men' again.
} Go to 'Service Duct Exit #2'. Then be patient and watch the scene.
} Search the coat for a MAGNETIC_KEY.
} Look at the computer by the coat. The Guardian's in jail 5.
} Look at the security map on the wall.
} Order the guard at 'AirLock' to take a break (select 'order off-duty').
- Remember that when there's a guard in the rest area, the others will not be 
able to go off duty. You must 'order off-duty' to the guard at the rest area 
before ordering any other.
- Exit the room, far corridor, exit right, to the airlock. (I have to cut all 
the unnecessary words !)
} Push the red button.
} Look at the yellow button near the red one. It's the launch button.
- Look at the pod and the panel on its chest. The Oxygen Filter is missing.
- Go back to the commander room. (you know the way, don't you ?)
} Look at the map and 'order off-duty' to the guard at the rest area, then the 
one at the cells.
- Go to the cell blocks. (exit room, far corridor)
} Open the lock (number 5) and use the (i)magnetic_key on it.
} Back to the commander room. 'Order off-duty' to the rest area, then the cargo 
- Go to the cargo bay (exit room, left corridor, to cargo bay)
} Look at the computer terminal.
} Use it to search for a new Oxygen Filter. Ah, so it's L-10-9.
} Browse the 'even more boxes' and then take the OXYGEN_BRICK from there.
} Commander room : 'order off-duty' to rest area, then airlock.
- Go to the airlock again.
} Use the (i)oxygen_brick on the pod.
} Press the launch button.

	Chapter 13 : The Longest Journey

- In the movie did you notice there's a third person flying into the wormhole ? 
I sense something dangerous and serious.
- Run into the desert, then toward the tower. The Chaos Vortex ! Again ! And 
this must be the first one of the trio-tests that Adrian mentioned.
- Try to use either the (i)talisman or (i)bind-magic_vial on the Chaos Vortex. 2 
{ 4, and 3 { 4. But 2 + 3 } 4 !
} Use the (i)talisman on the (i)bind-magic_vial.
} Use the (i)talisman on the Chaos Vortex. First test passed !
} Look at the far side of the chasm.
- Run toward the tower. Uh oh, second test performed. Tester : Daddy !!!
} Show Daddy the (i)ring. 2nd test passed.
- Walk to the tower and confront the 3rd one. Before the tower and the canyon... 
you know what I'm going to say, huh ? Yeah, right, before such challenge, you 
only wish that 'April could fly over to the damn tower so that the game can be 
continued !'. But no more light-as-a-leaf left, and no Crow here.
} Blow the (i)flute to call for the bird. Can you imagine that ?
} Use Crow on the tower, then on the cone structure and the canyon.
} Use him on the Well of Making.
} Then use him on the canyon. Ah hah, third test passed !
- Run over the Mist Bridge.
} Look closely at the well by using the 'hand' icon on it.
} Put the (i)disc into the well.
} Touch the hand.
- Now that you're inside the tower. Sit down, take some popcorns and enjoy the 
boxing match between GORDON HALLOWAY and ADRIAN THE GUARDIAN ! C'mon boys, show 
your strength !
- Uh I bet this is not the time for that. You must help Adrian.
} Use the (i)talisman on Gordon.


Congratulations ! You have finished The Longest Journey. Now sit back and wait 
for the ending clips.

Cursed be the Balance ! Why didn't the gamemakers tell more about what happened 
to April after the event ? How did she manage to get home ? How did her life 
continue ? How, why, what.. ??? 

Anyway, I hope you had a good time playing ! And by this time you should've 
recognized that... Lady Alvane is no one but .. April Ryan herself !

If you want to discuss about the game, or the walkthrough, e-mail me without any 

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