Aurora Borealis a.k.a. The Alaska Ending
disc seven
Rauch residence, Alaska - April 7, 1996

Go to Rauch's house and enter. walk up the stairs and find Rauch with a film of oil covering his whole body. Talk to it to try waking it up. From the ceiling, a small skeleton is hanging. Pull it to reveal a ladder upstairs. Go up and find Fox Mulder. Talk to him and share some Mulderisms. Pick up your cell phone and hand it to Mulder. When he has left, go outside and meet them NSA guys. Run for it or shoot them but make sure you get away.

Eisenhower Field Air Base, Alaska - April 7, 1996

Find Scully inside the building. The objective here is to find the alien that killed Rauch. In this building terminals can be found at several places. Click on them twice to enter the main menu. The only possible item to use is the map. Click on it and see a blueprint of the building. Use the map to navigate through the building. Here's a altered copy of the map of Eisenhower Field Air Base:

Note: You might want to save the game here. Things to come might be more difficult than expected and you shall kill yourself for not saving here when you do something wrong (why does this game have only 3 save slots?). And I know, for I've had lots of email about being stuck in this last chapter!

You start at the green dot where you and Scully find the dead bodies of the aliens' victims. Walk forward through the door. An important reminder: kill everyone you see but yourself and Scully. If you want to check out the terminal with the map, go to the white dot, for example. This is only one of many in the building.

Go to the lab which is marked with the brown dot. Find an electrical buzzer. Cook will attack you and there's two possibilites for you here. Either you shoot him or you give him some volts. Killing him is final but gives you problem at the end. To see what problems, read the 'different ending' sectio at the bottom of this page. For those of you who want the most satisfying end, don't grab the gun but grab the electrical buzzer as soon as Cook bends over you. Give him some volts.

The next objective is to find Mulder. Go to the room with the blue dot. Mulder has been taken over by the alien. Tell Scully to run. Don't try to kill Mulder by shooting him or using the stiletto! Select the gun from your inventory and then turn right. Shoot the guard.

Note A: Maybe you have trouble shooting Mulder before he puts you on ice. If so, loose the gun before enetering the room. Then tell Scully to run and pick up the gun again from your inventory. Go to the other room and shoot the guard. Leaving the gun somehow supplies you a bit more time or makes Mulder less hostile. If this doesn't work, put some of the parameters for the environment to 'off' which will make the game and gameplay run faster, leaving you extra time as well.

Note B: Probably it's a thing you already did, but make sure you save the game after you iced the guards and fled succesfully from Mulder.

Now go to the quarantine room marked with the orange dot. Walk into the red dot room and meet up with Scully. Hear her plan and return to the room with the pink dot. This is the control room with lots of terminals. Find the button and push it. This will open the glass room in the orange dot room.

Return to the red dot room and look at the equipment. Press another button to put on the lights in the glass room.

Go to the glass room and open both doors. I opened the door near the lab first, the door near to the red dot room last. This may sound superstitious but this way it seemed I avoided most of the trouble I describe below. Maybe it's nothing, but maybe this can help you out.

Go to through the door that leads to the room with the yellow dot. Meet Scully, choose gun from inventory and go the way you want. There are differences in the following action by choosing directions:

1. Turn right and step forward twice to see Mulder and a guard starting to open the blast door by placing their keys. Shoot the guard as soon as you can and get the key from the slot. Turn left and go through the door. Then enter the glass room and walk through it to the other side. Turn around and press the button. The door will close and shut in Mulder. Mind you; I didn't draw this route on the map!

2. Turn left and walk forward till you see the guard aiming at Scully. Shoot him and get his key. Mulder appears so run for your life. To do so, follow the route drawn in yellow. In words: turn right, step forward, turn left, step forward, open the fence, turn right, go door, go glass house, run through, turn around and press the button to close the door. This should lock Mulder in.

Note: I prefer the first possibility as this one needs less movement and as this is a sequence where speed is essential, less action is gaining more time.

Different ending: Stab Mulder instead of the guard. This will, of course, make Mulder die. The ending is Scully near Mulder's coffin. And that's the end of the game. Not entirely satisfying, as the game should proceed, but an ending, nevertheless.

With Mulder inside, the alien is leaving him, causing him a great deal of pain. Cook thinks it's not enough and attacks you. As he's the alien now, you should kill him using the stiletto... but you can't. Throw the stiletto to Scully and she'll finish the job.

Watch and enjoy the closing sequence. For a change, I'm not gonna spoil that for you this time.


Different ending: When you shoot Cook, he won't attack you at the end. Once Mulder is trapped inside the glass room, you are the enemy and you will be killed by Scully with the stiletto you never gave her. I assume, the alien drips off the door as Mulder smeared it on the glass and will take over your body. When Cook isn't dead, the alien will pick him as a host.

Problems: I had some very strange and unexplained situations with this ending. here's what I've encountered:

Of course, this might be a software or configuration problem on my system, but that's too much to take watching all those things above. Even with all game play and graphics options on the lowest possible grade, gameplay did speed up but still kept these problems. Did you encounter them too or do you know the cause or solution? Please let me know! maybe we can add some new and valuable info to this walkthrough. Thanks in advance. Email address is in the index.

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