Starting Investigations
disc one
F.B.I. field office, Seattle - April 2, 1996
Meet Special Agent Cook in the hall. After his warm greetings, either choose to wait till he leaves or answer him. For now, it's best to keep him as a friend so choose friendly emotion to greet him.

Take one step forward and turn left. This room is your office. Enter and look around. The phone is ringing so you'd better get behind your desk and pick it up. It the chief, he wants to speak to you. Go to his office. If  you want to know where it is: look at the map on the the door which leads outside.

Inside the chief's office, you'll meet ad. Skinner. To cut a long story short; two of his agents are missing. Names? Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. You receive a folder with a black and white picture of the the both of them, a picture in full color of each agent and their personal record. This folder will be used in the game to store evidence.

Talk to Skinner. Ask him where they were last seen and what case they were working on. You'll receive their orders. They flew from Dulles International Airport to Tacoma and are staying in the Comity Inn in Everett. Ask him about their previous behavior. make sure you do ask all questions even if they seem irrelevant. This will create new possible questions for you that are relevant and necessary to get on.

Also talk to the chief. He doesn't know a lot but will order you to give all cases you're working on to agent Cook. Just as you leave the office, this nosy guy asks about things. Play serious with him. then go to his office and talk to him. Don't ask him to send an APB!

Go to your own room. Sit behind the desk and look at the right drawer beneath the phone. get the gun, cuffs and badge out. use the computer and enter the password: shiloh. This password can be found on the clipboard on the wall. Read your email.

Get the file from your desk and hand it to Cook. Skinner will come up to you and the both of you can leave for Everett. Go to the door and pick Everett as your destination, then choose Comity Inn to go there.

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