Animated Adventure by ELECTRONIC ARTS

A solution (of sorts) by Lu Richardson

In spite of the Clue Book, I had no end of trouble with this game, 
and I suppose some of you will find it so also.  I am afraid the 
problem is that, even if you guide yourself by the Clue Book, not 
everything is spelled out there - and you can easily do something 
out of order, or which you should or shouldn't have done, and it will
mean you cannot proceed.  There is no way anyone can help you with 
this.  Either you make the right moves by sheer luck, or you could 
be playing the same bit time again and again trying various 
different things; in the end you get so bored, you give up.

Having said all that, and so long as you don't consider this THE
definitive solution, perhaps it will help you to read how I got on.  
So, with a pinch of salt, here it is.

General tips:

The first thing to remember is that, before you do anything else, 
you have to search each screen carefully (and I mean carefully - you 
can easily miss items) and LOOK at everything available, since this 
is sometimes vital.  If you can interact with an item, do it.  
Obviously, if you can take it, do.  But LOOK at it first.

Before you speak to people, look at them, this sometimes gives you a 
clue.  You have to speak to everyone time and again.  If necessary, 
go away and come back; sometimes, you need to do something else 
first.  But if you've done all that and the conversation still gets 
you nowhere, look at everything around the person, and at the 
person, once more and try again.  Evidently, you will look at your 
inventory and see if you can show/use an item on that person.

When playing as Sherlock, don't forget to talk to Watson after 
you've been through each location, and specially when you are 
stuck.  More often than not, if someone is being obstructive, you 
will need his help.  Also, if people dry up and you've tried 
everything else, talking to Watson might unlock their lips.

In this game, you can look at everything once and it has no effect 
on anybody; but, after you've had a conversation, you may look at 
everything once again and find you can now interact with some items.

Don't follow my steps - I was trying things out and I'm sure I got 
the sequence all wrong.  And there was no way I was going to play 
the game all over yet again to get it right!  You are better off 
guiding yourselves by the Clue Book as regards the correct sequence 
of events; but bear in mind that it does not tell you everything you 
must do.  Don't be alarmed if this "sort of" solution does not pan 
out as I say - if people dry up, just LOOK at things AND people 
again, talk to whoever is available once more.  It's maddening, but 
there it is.

                    *       *       *

After the intro you start off playing Watson.  Go outside, examine 
everything and wake Wiggins.  Talk to him and he will suggest to 
visit Lestrade.  However, a dumb cop stops you from going into 
Scotland Yard.

You have to persevere talking to Augie and the constable until the 
latter tells you what he knows about the Diogenes.  A visit to the 
Club will tell you that you need to be a member to enter.

Go and visit the Hospital.  The Matron will be a perfect nuisance 
and not allow you to come in.  Look at everything.  Look at the 
patients upstairs and talk to her again.  Then look at the patient 
on the gurney and talk to him.  Eventually, you will talk the Matron 
into letting you visit the Morgue.

Through there, and after talking to the ME, you will get to the New 
Ward.  Again, look at everything a talk to everyone.  Examining 
Mycroft you will see he is wearing a ring.  Examine the bedside 
table and talk to the Nurse.  She buzzes off for a glass of water 
and you can take the ring.  

Now you can visit the Diogenes.  Go through to the right.  If you 
are not careful, you will miss the vital clue.  Where you can see 
the square face of a clock, look below that on the screen and you 
will find a smaller face of a clock.  Pick it up and take it to 
Baker Street.

Analyse it at the lab table.  Grab the top left hand side bottle and 
use it on the beaker.  Pick up the distilled water and use it on the 
beaker.  Get the scraper and use it on the clock face; the 
scrappings go in the beaker.  Finally, use the matches on the Benson 
burner.  Bang!

This arouses Sherlock and he takes over.  As Sherlock, have a good 
look around the flat again, because new things are now available.  
Particularly, open the desk and examine its contents.  Then leave 
and go to Scotland Yard.

The cop won't let even the great Sherlock Holmes through.  Talk to 
Augie and play the three card game - at the end, don't try any of 
the cards but click on his left hand to uncover the correct card.  
Next talk to the constable, and he'll let you through.  Once more, 
talk to everyone and look at everyone and everything.  Consult 
Watson about the chap behind bars.  Talk to the Sergeant and he will 
cause a book to be looked up.  When the man is released, Lestrade 
becomes free.  Talk to him and he will give you a written permission 
to investigate.

Now you can get inside the Diogenes.  Closely followed by the 
doorkeeper, blast his eyes.  Examine and pick up the small box in 
the hall, then move all the way to the right; find the handle by the 
square clock face.   Examine the chain, then the wreckage and the 
beam.  Talk to Watson and he will take the doorkeeper away, so that 
you can free the chain and use it on the beam to shift it.  Then use 
the lamp, which was in the desk at Baker Street, on the wreckage and 
sift it.  You get a spring.

Go to the Hospital and tangle again with the matron. Look at the 
patient on the gurney, look at the patient upstairs, talk to matron, 
talk to Watson, examine the patient on the gurney again; eventually, 
you will be given the chance to move the gurney.  The matron will 
chase after it and you can go into the Ward.

Talk to Mycroft; examine the chart on the wall and this will reveal 
a receipt.  Get it and, when you are finished here, take the receipt 
to the matron.  She will reluctlantly let you have Mycroft's keys.

Now go to Mycroft's flat.  You will notice that the cab driver 
leaves immediately.  Talk to Watson, who will then follow him, 
though first you might have to talk to the guy at the door who is 
not about to let you pass, no matter what you say or what you show 
him.  Fortunately, Watson comes back with the cabbie, who will vouch 
for you.  You are in, Flynn.

Inside the flat, go to the right into the bedroom and examine the 
desk.  Move the candle.  You get a flooscap with a childish puzzle.  
As you will have seen immediately, it says APPLY WATER AND HEAT.  So 
use the bottle of water by the bed on the glass and then dunk the 
paper in it.  Go to the desk, light the candle and use the paper on 
the candle.  The paper directs you to the Bible in the drawing 
room.  So, go outside and "peruse beg.".  You get a parchment.  
Take it to Baker Street.  Talk to Watson.

Use the parchment on the lab table;  grab the bottle of iodine and 
use it on the beaker, then add distilled water.  Light the burner 
and use the parchment on the vapours.  You will be able to read what 
it says.  Exit the lab table.

Now look at the Kelly's directory on top of the desk (hardly 
visible).  This gives you three more locations to visit.  You'll get 
no joy from any of them, but go and have a good look anyway.  
Back at Baker Street, talk to Watson; go out, buy a paper and go 
visit the journalist.  Again, it won't do you much good just now.

Visit the three new locations once more and go to Baker Street.  
Presently you will get a telegram from Lestrade.  Go to Scotland 
Yard and talk to him.  Visit the Embankment and, once more, you will 
be needlessly obstructed.  Go back to the Yard and talk to the 
Seargent.  Go to St. Bart's and talk to the ME.  Examine the body - 
you will discover the Rose Tattoo.  Get the hat from the cupboard.  
Go to the Yard and you will get the details of the person who found 
the body (if not, talk to the constable at the Embankment).

Go and visit this person and keep searching everything (note 
particularly the tie inside the chest) and persisting in searching 
him till he produces a watch and some coins.  Give all this to him 
and persuade him to come back to the Embankment.

He will then describe what happened.  When you've finished talking, 
you can use the hook to fish out the gun.  Get it and then use the 
lamp on the stairs to find two more items.  Talk to Watson.  Leave 
and go to the Haberdashery.  A pestiferous woman won't go away so 
talk to Watson, who will back you up when you talk to her.  When she 
goes, show the button to the shop manager and you get some 
information.  Also the hat.

Go to Baker Street and use the lab table to analyze the fob.  Use 
hydrochloric acid and nitric acid in the beaker, then add the 
watch.  Now go to Cambridge - and I wish they wouldn't refer to
Magdalene College as "Maudlin", even if its pronounced that way.  To 
get the porter talking, send Watson off to get some beer.  This will 
do the trick, and you'll get the information you need; you will need 
to examine the books, though.

Now go back to Pratt's flat and get rid of the landlady by 
consulting Watson and talking to her till she goes.  Examine 
everything with care and pick up everything you can; you 
particularly need the sealing wax and the hat pin - search the 
fireplace.  Make sure you get the match box inside the coalbox, 
since this gives you an important location.  You can go and look at 
it, though it's not vital just now.

Next, go visit Lord Lawton (who gives you more clues), and don't 
forget to talk to Jenkins afterwards, who challenges you to a game 
of billiards.

A visit to the Ministry got me nowhere.

At some point, the lawyer's office will appear (I never figured out 
why - but since it didn't seem vital, it doesn't matter). Go visit 
it and, as usual you will get no help whatsoever.  However, consult 
Watson and you will then be able to tell the lawyer about your 
problems.  He will produce Bedloes if you go back to Baker Street 
till you are summoned and then return to the office and talk to 
him.  A perfect waste of time.

Go and visit the journalist; he sends you to an artist, and then 
you will have to find Needham again.  With his aid, a drawing is 
done and you take it to the journalist.  You get some info and get 
to know someone else.

Go to visit the new site and talk to the nutty Fanshawe woman.  Talk 
to Watson and again to her and, by lying, you get to see the 
servent, who will tell you where his master is to be found.

Go to the park and talk to the Hurdy-Gurdy man.  Buy some bird 
seed.  Look at the monkey and talk to Watson.  Move to the right and 
attempt to talk to Sir Avery and his servant, on the right.  No go.  
Go left and talk to the guy about Fred.  You take Fred to the right 
and he takes the servant's hat.  Use the bird seed on the birds and 
then talk to Sir Avery.  You get another clue.

Go to Smitherfields and talk to people.  In the grocers, after 
talking to the two guys, examine everything.  Talk to Watson and 
then ask the Proprietor for a jar of marmalade.  While he is getting 
it and Watson is distracting the guard, read the book on the 
counter.  Leave and go to Baker Street.

Ask Wiggins to investigate.  Go somewhere else to kill time and then 
go back to Baker Street and talk to Wiggins.  Go inside, into the 
bedroom and wear the workman's clothes.  Go to the grocers and talk 
to the Proprietor.  Enter the door on the right and talk to Mrs. 
Ratchet.  You will have to prove to her who you are - just keep 
showing her things from the inventory.  When she is convinced, you 
have another problem.  Talk to her some more, look all around, then 
go out and buy some coffee.  Back in, ask if you can look around, do 
so and use the kindling on the fire.  Fill the coffee pot and then 
use it.  You hand a mug to the husband and he shuts up.  Talk to the 
woman.  You will not get far.  Dump her work box and you will find 
some sealing wax.  Get your bit from the inventory and compare the 
pieces.  Talk to the woman again.  She comes clean.

Now go to the Baths.  Do the usual.  Then smell the towels on the 
counter and the hookah, move the cushion on the settee and examine 
the radiator by the attendant.  Then speak to him and he'll let you 
through to the baths.  Go in and remove the towel.  Watch.  Talk to 
Whitney again and again, then use the squeegee on the cabinet in 
which Whitney is sitting and turn the valve on the boiler.  Talk to 
him again until he has said everything he knows.  Turn off the valve.

Leave and go to the Ministry.  Whitney should be there.  Examine the 
desk.  Talk to him.  Move all the way to the left and tidy the 
papers on the floor.  This fills the bin.  Ignite it.  Leave and get 
the document from the desk.

Go to Baker Street and analize the document at the table.  Put 
ferric sulphate in the beaker, use the scissors on the document to 
snip a bit, put that in the beaker and add iron nitrate.  That did 
the trick.  Exit.

Now go to Silverbridge.  Speak to him - if he faints, use the jar on 
the table.  When you've done, examine the table.  Pick up the pencil 
and paper off the floor and use it on the inscription.  Use the 
chess moves on the chessboard and a panel will open in the desk.  
Get the letter and both Watson and you will examine it.  Talk to 
Silverbridge again.  Talk to Watson.  Pick up the photograph off the 
mantlepiece and leave.  Pick up the white blanket by the 
Chesterfield and leave.

You can go to Spitalfields and show Rose (at the phrenologist's) the 
letter to get her opinion (not important).  Go to the Animal 
Sanctuary and talk to the owner - no joy.  Look at him and try 
again.  He tells you Toby is at the Park.  So, go there and talk to 
the boy.  Examine the book he is reading.  Talk to the guy by the 
table, who will tell you more.  Go back to the Animal Sanctuary and 
speak to the owner.  He agrees to give you a pet.  Pick up a biscuit 
and use it on the clock and you'll get the mongoose.  Take it to the 
boy at the Park and talk to him to do a swap.  You now have the dog, 
use the blanket or the ransom note on him and you will go directly 
to Windsor.

At the stationery shop, talk to the girl.  Use the ransom note on 
the dog again and follow him to the right (alternatively, try the 
blanket).  Talk to the boy and again use the letter on the dog.  You 
will be at a house.  Examine the mail slot and use the hat pin from 
Pratt's loft on the key to get it.  Use the key on the door lock.  
Go in - you will find the boy.  Just watch what happens.  

Outside, examine the dead woman and find the ring a bit away from 
her feet (hardly visible).  Talk to the man and go back into the 
house.  Examine everything, particularly the reticule by the door.  
When you've got everything, go outside and walk to the left to go to 
Baker Street.

Outside, you speak to Wiggins and he takes charge of Virgil.  Go in 
and Mrs. Hudson will bring you a message.  Before you leave, use the 
ring on the lab table.  Use hydrochloric acid on the beaker, the 
ring on the beaker, the tweezers on the beaker and then the 
magnifying glass on the ring.

Now for a visit to the jewellers.  Look at everything, talk to the 
clerk, examine the ring case, compare, talk to the assistant again.  
Try to examine the register.  Talk to Watson, look at the lock door 
behind the assistant and talk to him again, saying you want to see 
more rings.  When he leaves the room, shut the door on him and 
peruse the register.  Leave.

Go and see Lawton.  Again, no joy.  Leave and go to the Academy.  
Look at everybody, talk to everybody till you can talk to the Barman 
and buy a drink.  Keep talking.  Ask for the darts.  Go to Mahoney 
and talk to him.  Challenge him to a game of darts.  This is a pain 
in the neck but has to be done.  Save before you actually choose the 
type of dart game - if you are in a hurry, choose 301.  On playing, 
I found that clicking on the left button of the mouse when the dart 
was right under the 3 and waiting till the bar was halfway through 
and then clicking on the left button again got me big scores.  The 
last number was the most difficult to get; however, if you watch the 
starting position of the dart and the red bar when the other guy is 
playing, you'll get an idea of where you are likely to hit.  You get 
two chances - then reload your saved game for another two chances.  
You will get there eventually.

Once you've won, talk to Manohey choosing the first line - he will 
give you some tips on billiards.  When you have, go to Lawton's and 
talk to Jenkins.  He will let you examine everything - play the 
piano and examine the music.  Use the hat pin on the album.  Talk to 
Jenkins.  Leave.

Now you can go to Kensington and talk to the Kaiser.  When the 
conversation runs dry, look at the bust on the right and try again.  
Show him the mug shot and you will get a lot of info.  Go back to 
Baker Street and tell Wiggins all about it.

Next, go and visit Lawton's fiancee.  Look at everything, talk to 
her, play the piano, talk to her again, offer to accompany her and, 
at the end, propose you help her and pick up the music.  Go to Baker 
Street.  Play the number 3 wax cylinder in the gramophone (don't 
forget to crank it), then use the violin.  Go back to her and do 
your stuff, then look at the engagement photograph and talk to the 
lady again.  You get a new address.

Go and visit the photographer and examine everything with care.  You 
can borrow a photo.  Take this to the Haberdashery and show it to the 
guy.  If you go back to Baker Street you will find Virgil on his 
own.  Talk to Jones and then to Vigil - bribe him with the lozenges 
you picked up at his home and he will eventually tell you where 
Wiggins is.

Follow him to Croydon.  At the aerodrome, save before you do 
anything else.  Talk to the German and he will kill himself.  
Brandish the sword and then open it to get the formula.  Get the 
spike from the ground and look at the shed on the right.  Also the 
lock.  Use the spike on the lock and get Wiggins out.

Back at Baker Street you get a note from Professor Dewar; so go 
visit him (open the stove to see something interesting).  He gives 
you more clues and you can go visit Lloyd-Jones.  Talk to him and 
his sister and examine everything.  You will have to go away and 
come back when she isn't there.  Using the pedals of the pianola 
will enable you to open the top and get what's inside.  Talk to 

Take the notes you found to Stitch.  Go back to Baker Street and 
analyse the photocopied formula - use the scissors to cut a bit to 
put in the beaker.

Back to Hargrove.  Talk to him and, ignoring him, draw the curtains 
to the right and go in.  Examine everything.  Move the carpet to 
find the safe and open it by consulting his visiting card.  You get 
a folder.  Use it on the telephone, use the phone itself and you get 
yet another address.  

Now is the time to tie up any loose ends you feel you might want to 
attend to.  Next, go to the new address.  Go in, look around.  
Listen to the door and try to open it.  Either rip the calendar or 
use the newspaper under the door.  Probe the lock and use the hat 
pin in it to dislodge the key onto the newspaper.  Retrieve the 
newspaper plus the key and use this to open the lock.  Save.

Inside, go immediately to the aquarium and try to break it, then 
fire the gun at it so that the cat eats the fish and you can pick 
up the trident.  I'm convinced that this is a bug - you should have 
to wait till Misteray drops the key in the tank.  However, doing the 
correct thing left me unable to retrieve the vital key, so it must 
be done as I say.

Use the trident to unlock the secure drawer and get what's inside.  
Look at everything and pick it all up.  Talk to the guy, a long 
conversation.  Eventually, you leave Watson to watch the culprit and 
you buzz off to collar the last villain.

Go to Stitch and talk to him to get a sailor's costume.  Go to the 
Weary Punt.  This is tricky, not because of the difficulty of the 
job, but because of the way the game is constructed.  You have to 
listen to the parrot (keep clicking on it), show the matches to the 
Barman, give him money, look at him, talk to him again and type the 
password:  Going East?.  Then you can go through the curtains.  Just 
talk to V.; the whole thing is mostly out of your hands, but you've 
won the game.  Now you can watch the tediously long finale.

                        *           *           *

Please, please don't blame me if things don't happen the way I 
describe them here.  I played the game twice and everything was 
different each time.  I got sick and tired of going out, coming 
back, looking at things and people and talking to Watson till I got 
the responses I needed.  I mean, second time around, I knew what I 
was looking for... and it didn't happen!  So do your best and don't 
ask me to save you, I need saving myself... 

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