Just after arriving in modern days Egypt, you find yourself in the sand between the pyramids. Turn around and walk on till you see the Pharaoh's statue to your left. A swift flash of blinding light beams you back to those ancient days history wasn't all that prehistoric as you always knew it to be. This is the start of your investigation...beyond time.


For proper orientation, go to the point where you face the Pharaoh (we assume this is north) and with the obelisk in your back (south). To the east and west there a temples. Turn left towards the west temple, the temple of Horus, and listen to the Priestess' phantom explaining your task; find the Scarab Amulet and return it to Horus. Enter the Temple of Horus and turn right. In the light circle you'll find a fragment of writing on parchment. Go back to the Horus statue and go left from there. you can see two items on the ground of which you can pick up only the left one. Take this amulet back to the statue and place it on the chest of the bird. This will be your first victory!

From here, go to the right and forward. Then use the icon which directs you to the left-and-forward. Go forward once more and then left. Take a look at the column to see a hieroglyphs picture which is a kind of door lock. This code will be helpful later on. No need to draw this, when necessary later on, pictures will be displayed in this walkthrough.

Go back to where you found the amulet and pick up the other item. It's a video device. Press the blue play button and see the Traveller's story when he used the amulet unwisely. Click on a black square when ready. Now go right, forward, left and forward towards a small table. Open the drawer to reveal another placate with another door lock code. Once again, when needed, a picture will be included.

Turn around to look at the back of the white altar and click on it's bottom to open a secret compartment which holds a clay tablet with the fire symbol. Then go left, forward, left twice, left-and-forward and forward to find another door lock glyph.

Now go to the back of the temple to the library and examine a green table. Open the drawer and find the fourth and final door lock symbols in it. Now go to the right side parchment rolls and examine the scrolls from the Book of Death. On the other side of the room, some more scrolls are available. On one of the tables, another scroll can be examined. There's a lot of info in them, but this should be the sum of knowledge you should remember after reading all of them:

Note: Most of the info on directions and elements will be automatically written down in your notebook. This notebook can be accessed by using the help-function in the menu. This will save you some time drawing pictures. Check it out!

Go back to the main entrance and turn right before leaving. Go to the wall and turn left. See and climb the staircase. You are now in the chamber of the High Priestess Menet. The servant will inform you once more. Go to the desk like table and click on the square in the wall between the four carrying figures. This opens a compartment containing another clay tablet with the Air symbol on it.
Examine the scroll of Osiris' Betrayal on the table and gain some more valuable information:

Examine the scroll of the Snakes of Sakkara and find the solution to the puzzle. This puzzle can be found on the bed side table. Click on it to play.
This is the only working solution!
When finished, the drawer opens and you can get the golden Eye of Osiris. Leave the temple.


Go outside and turn left to examine the pool. Click on it and get another tablet lying in the water. This is the water symbol. Now go towards the sea and examine the left big urn near the wall (past the obelisk). In here, there's the earth symbol. Go back and face the Pharaoh's statue. Put the golden Eye item on the Eye marks of the statue. It'll slide back and reveal an opening. Go down and forward to the central room.

Move around the altar in the middle till you've found the water symbol. get the clay tablet with the same symbol and place it on the altar. The gate will open. Enter. Pick up the bucket of water and go back.

Find the fire symbol on the altar and put the clay tablet for Fire on it. Another gate opens. Enter. Pick up the torch from the left wall. Go to the flames further up in the tunnel and control the fire with the bucket of water. Go on to the roof and see the obelisk. As you found out before, Amentet is life and his symbol is the Ankh. As Amentet is east, the ankh should be east. Click on the top triangle to turn and make sure the ankh points east. The east symbol can be looked up in the notebook (help-function). Here's a picture of how it should look. When you're in a hurry, just click twice and rest assured that this is right!

Go back to the altar and find the earth symbol. Inser the same clay tablet and go through the gate. Pick up the bucket of sand. This will make a wooden construction move and reveal a rope. Burn the rope with the torch and the door will open. Again, make the ankh turn east (one click for those hurrying through the game!).

Go back to the altar and press the water sign to open the gate. Enter the tunnel and put the bucket of sand on the scale to your right. This will pull up a wooden bridge. Walk towards the obelisk and do the ankh turns east thing again (two clicks this time).

Go back to the altar and find the air symbol. Put on the clay tablet and enter. Although this is a gadget which is not necessary to complete the game, it's in the game so it should be played (in my humble opinion). The organ you will find can play tunes and the idea is you should play the tune that you hear in the background. Try it and when stuck; use the picture. To let the organ play, press the air sign to the left. Remember that a gate closes and will only open when you completed the puzzle.

Return to the altar and leave the underground quarters. Turn around and get the golden Eye of Osiris back. Turn right and go to the second temple.


Go towards this temple of Isis and find the lock to the right of the door. This is where you need the lock symbols you've found in the temple of Horus. The lock has three wheels which can be turned in a one way direction by clicking on them. The idea of the Temple of Isis is to get the gifts for the Gods. To cut a long story short, you should repeat procedures four times to complete it. For each time there's a different door lock combination. The solution for the locks is printed below. They contain a picture of the lock and a three figure combination. The figures indicate the three wheels and the times each wheel should be turned. Besides this, some extra info will be given.

The combi is 1-2-1.
Enter and meet a goddess (Isis?). Get the gift of the desert; the jackal.

The combi is 7-0-7.
Enter and turn left. Meet Isis and get the Ankh symbol, the sign of life.

The combi is 3-4-3.
Enter and meet Isis. get the falcon statue, being the gift of the air of Ra.

The combi is 5-6-5.
Enter, turn left, meet the woman and get an urn, symbolizing the wealth of the shores of the Nile.

Leave the temple and go to the obelisk near the water. Turn the top so that the ankh here also points east. This will trigger the boat to arrive. You now have to go east.

Go towards the boat and place the falcon, jackal and urn in the cupboard kind of thing near the boat. The idea is to get them to the east bank one by one. Not a problem, if it was not impossible to leave some gifts together on the west bank. The combinations falcon and urn or falcon and jackal cannot be left alone. This forces you to use this sequence (for example, other ones are also possible):

When you've done all this, the three items will be in your inventory again. Go to the building.


The labyrinth on the east bank is your next challenge. Enter and go to the golden statue where you place the three gifts on their marked positions. Go forward and open the doors.

In this labyrinth there's plenty to see but not all 'must be' done. I've included the necessary action. For extra info, I'm planning a map with all living quarters for extra game info. A bit patience is necessary here :)

Anyway, after passing the labyrinth doors, go left, left-and-forward, forward 4 times and finally turn right.

The idea of the scale puzzle is to get a balanced scale with two bottles that, of course, need to be filled with an even amount of fluid. Never in this game is mentioned that all the fluid should be used so that's one mystery solved! The bottles can contain 8, 5 or 3 capacities. The device works as follows; the bottle to be emptied should be placed on the high point, the bottle to be filled on the lower point and to pour you should pus the button. Put the big bottle (8) on the high point and the medium bottle (5) on the lower point and pour. This means that the medium bottle contains 5 capacities and the big bottle 8 minus 5 is 3 capacities. Then pour the contents of the medium bottle into the small bottle (3). This means that the small bottle contains 3 capacities and the medium bottle 5 minus 3 is 2 capacities. The big and small bottle both contain 3 capacities. place them on both ends of the scale and the puzzle is solved.

Click on the crystal to find out the coordinates of Tikal: 64 : 90 : 20.

Go left, forward twice, left-and-forward, forward eight times, left-and-forward, right-and-forward and finally right. Enter...

The idea here is to replace the strips of glyphs to get a combination seen before. You can either check the picture or click the slides this many time: 6 1 7 2 0 1 5 8 6 7.

Click on the crystal to get the coordinates for the Space Station: 14 : 25 : 50.

Turn around, leave the room, left-and-forward, right-and-forward, forward and right-and-forward.

You can reach the crystal in this room by clicking on the tiles. There's five steps to be taken;
First step = star, second step = star, third step = moon, fourth step = moon, fifth step = star.

Click the crystal and the coordinates for Atlantis will be yours: 19 : 60 : 30.

Turn around, leave the room and make a left-and-forward turn, a right-and-forward sweep and turn left to get at:

Push the yellow square to enter. Go to the chair in the right corner and take a look at the scrap of paper on it.

Move right twice and leave the room. Left-and-forward and then four steps forward. Right-and-forward and a right turn to get to...

Open the door by pressing the pink button. Go to the desk and read another note. The other half?

Go right then forward, left-and-forward, right-and-forward, forward twice and left-and-forward.

Enter and put the golden Eye of Osiris beneath the statue. A crystal will appear which reveals the coordinates of the Tibetian location to you; 85 : 80 : 40.

Turn around and step forward. Right-and-forward, left-and-forward and you'll be at:

Click on the pedestal to reveal a three figure number plate. Answer the question by entering the three figure answer.

The answers can be found in all scrolls read earlier in the Temple of Horus and other locations.

Question here is how many bad guys betrayed Osiris. Answer is 74, so enter 074.

The questions is how many are present in the Hall of Two Truths. This is everyone of Great Nine and Little Nine, making 2 times 9 is 18. Answer to be entered: 018. How many grandsons does Osiris have, that is the question. The answer? Four! 004.

Go through the door and click on a green square on the wall. Enter this room, which is...

Go to the desk and look down. Open the box and get the key. Look up and turn right. Go forward, left-and-forward, right-and-forward en click on the next gate. Bloody as it is, you need to tell the machine in how many parts Osiris' body was cut; 014.

Pass the gate and open the next door with the Ankh item. Place it on the same symbol on the door to open. Go forward into the elevator and turn around. Press the control panel to go up to:

Move forward twice and then turn left. There's an earth globe to the right of the screen (half visible). Click on it and press the red button to activate. Turn right and click on the control panel. Move to the great control panel (forward and down) and click the red button to activate. Then press the centre triangle until Lhasa is the given destination. Click on the green button to agree and enter the coordinates of Lhasa by clicking on the red zeros as many times as necessary: 85:80:40.


Move forward and click on the Buddha statue's head. Go down into the passageway and move: forward, left-and-forward, forward 3x, right-and-forward, forward, left-and-forward, forward, left-and-forward, forward, left-and-forward, forward. Look at the book and see an image of another puzzle.

The idea of this puzzle is the same as the snakes puzzle. This one is horribly more difficult. This is what is understandable:

The difficulty here is this. If you find all the right combinations, there's more than one place to put them, they can be placed in different parts. Not to mention the multiple solution of making 20 and 30 total sums. This is the solution:

I'll be honest with you; I cheated on this one. But hey, don't even true adventurers like Indiana Jones and James Bond sometimes need and seek help? I tried this one for a day and gave up when I was up to my knees in scribblings and scratching, still not finding and completing this puzzle. To give credit to those I've contacted for advice: Balmoral Software. Honour to those who deserve it! This one drove me nuts (they even said there's 114 possible solutions and only one is the right one...) and I think you must be a @#*! genius to complete this one. I'm wondering if there's anyone who got this one by him-/herself.

When solved, a key will be yours. Get it and leave the temple: left, forward, right-and-forward, forward 2x, right, forward 5x, right-and-forward, left, left-and-forward, forward, right-and-forward, forward 2x. Open the doors and get flashed back to the control room. Look down and repeat the procedure to get flashed to Tikal.


Go forward 3 times, left, forward 4 times, left, forward 3 times, left and forward 2 times. Look at the statue with the dice to your right and notice the following pattern: 1-3-4-2. This is the solution for the puzzle. Go to the square and see the floor being divided in dice. The goal is to get across by using the dice combination repeatedly. Click on a tile with dice number 1 first, then pick a dice with 3 dots which is next to the previous, then pick a 4 dice, etc. Continue from the bottom yellow Inca sign to the top yellow Inca sign. Here's the solution:

Climb the pyramid all the way to the top and pick up the crystal on the altar. Turn around and move down (a total of 6 forward steps) and then right. Forward 3 times, right, forward twice, left, forward 3 times more and down. Then go forward 6 times. The key from Tibet unlocks the door. Go through the doorway and the hallway. In the chamber, turn left and click twice on the plate in the wall. This opens and shows a crystal. Turn right and repeat this procedure untill four crystals are revealed. Something opens! Go right, forward-and-right, forward and turn right. Turn the skull and click on the pedestal. The coffin in the center of the room will open and you can pull another crystal from the hand of the skeleton. Turn around and go through the hall and up the stairs (total of 14 steps forward) and then turn left. Go forward, then right and forward 4 times. Turn right, forward twice and then two right turns. get flashed back to the control room and repeat the time travelling idea to Atlantis: 19:60:30.


Move around the beach by just clicking forward till you reach an elevator. Push the button to go down. what follows is an annoying part where you have to guide a sub through the ocean to find a crystal. The green lights indicate how close you are to the crystal. The pink lights indicate possible directions (down = turn around). I hate sequences like this so I'll just spoil it to ya and don't spill another word on it: Forward 3x, right, forward, right, forward, left, forward, left, forward. Get the crystal by pushing the T-shaped handle. Turn around (down!), forward, forward, right, forward, left, forward, left and forward 3x.

Go up with the elevator and find the two multi coloured poles to get flashed back. When you try to travel to the next destination, you won't have enough power. This is what you should do:

Turn around and go back into the elevator. Turn around and press the red button. This might take a bit of precision; use the tumb of the icon. Go out the elevator and find the 4 empty green columns. Drag a crystal into the opening and do this 3 times. Then go back to the elevator and down.

You need one more crystal for the last column. Find the white planet and click on it. Press the red button to activate Traveller 1 destinations. Go to the control panel and click on it's left part. Move forward and down and press the green and red button. Enter the 14:25:50 Space Station location and go there.


Go forward into the docking bay and then left, forward, left into the elevator. Click on the panel at your left and select Floor 2. Go forward twice, left-and-forward and forward till you reach a golden pyramid. Push it and get the number 167. Go right twice and forward eleven times to see some card to your right. Get it and turn around. Go forward 3x and left to the elevator. Insert the card into the slot below the left panel and go to Floor 3.

Go forward, left, forward, forward, left, forward 3x, right-and-forward, up the stairs, turn right and take one step forward. Go to the panel and click the red button. Enter 167 and go through the opening into the next room. Go to the chest and open it with the key from your inventory. Get the power crystal. Leave the room through the 5-sides-door and get back to the elevator. Go down to Floor 1 and from the docking bay en get back to the control room.

Get back in the elevator again and go up by pressing the red button with the tumb. Put the crystal in the only empty column left and go back to the elevator. Go up and see some brunette with an attitude problem telling what to do and what not to. Who the &*%! is she? Turn left and see a colored pyramid. The idea is to put in the right combination for each colour. This is where the note fragments from Howard come in handy. The solution is:

Now it's time for the long awaited and blood, sweat and tears costing end sequence which is truly disappointing. Some hollow laughing dude (Howard?) tells you it ain't over till it's over... Game over, anyway.