FUTURE WARS

                   The Complete Solution !


{{}} stands for the time that the computer takes control !

Take bucket,  examine scaffolding,  operate red button,  move to window,
operate window,  walk over carpet,  operate carpet,  take plastic bag from bin,
operate cupboard,  take insecticide,  operate WC,  take flag from floor,  move
to sink,  use bucket on sink,  place bucket on bosses door,  operate right
door,  use key on second cupboard from left,  examine typewriter,  operate
drawer,  take paper,  operate drawer,  examine map,  use flag on little hole
(near France on map),  examine keypad in small room,  operate 4,  operate 0,
operate 3,  operate 1,  operate 5,  go through door,  use paper on opening,
operate green button,  operate red button,  take documents,  walk into beam,
walking,  examine glint of light,  examine foot of tree,  use rope on branch,
wait,  take tunic,  take slacks,  use bag on lake,  enter village quickly,
use bag on wolf,  up,  left behind castle, left (behind castle), walk up to
tree,  operate tree,  examine ground,  right,  enter inn.

Use coin on innkeeper,  sit down,  listen to chatter,  leave,  use pendant on
guard, {{}},  take lance from guard,  go back to tree,  stand under cassock,
use spear on cassock,  go to where you killed the wolf, enter monastery.

ONLY WALK CLOCKWISE, STAY ON OUTSIDE OF ROOM. Walk to 3rd room,  operate door,
step into view,  leave room,  go to 1st room,  enter,  take cup,  move to 2nd
room,  use cup on middle far right barrel,  go to 3rd room,  {{}},  examine
father superior,  use controller on piece of furniture,  go to barrel room,
go up ladder,  use control device on barrel by head,  examine glass case,  use
magnetic card on console, {{}}, [TELEPORT.

Walk to bottom right of opening screen,  examine ALL rubble by bottom right
screen until you find a blowtorch,  walk right,  get fuses (that white dot),
operate rubble (in middle of screen),  operate manhole,  walk to far right of
screen,  stay on that track,  stop before gas tap on 3rd screen,  use
blowtorch on tap,  continue walking,  stop before monster eats you,  use
blowtorch on monster,  {{}},  go up to door,  use spear on camera,  go up to
news machine,  examine reject slot,  use coin on money slot (repeat),  go into
train,  downstairs,  use fuses on fuses (in fusebox),  go upstairs,  tip-toe
through guards place (reapeat twice if you fail), {{}},  use key on air vent,
use gas on air vent,  use newspaper on airvent,  go out of door, {{}},

Walk down,  take gun,  left,  shoot blokes,  examine Lana,  examine Lana,
examine Lana,  use pendant on Lana, {{}},  examine kruegon,  use magnetic card
on card reader,  operate case,  take garment,  use garment on videocamera,
click on box,  operate case, {{}},  when door starts to open eat pill,  leave
room,  go screenside of boxes,  examine left box,  walk trough door,
Find your way through the 'maze', look at the map below, follow route.
enter door,  use magnetic card on console, run to the exit of the 'maze'.

H ladder,  $ block,  ____ route to follow
START ___H_________”_________          ”                   ”
    H              ”$       H__________”______      H      ”
                   ”           H       ”$    H_______      ”
    $        H     ”    H $ ___________”____________H      ”
 H                 ”        H__________”___   $        H   ”
    H              ”      $            ”  H___________     ”
  EXIT             ”  H           _____”_____________H     ”
 H                 ”     _________H    ”     _________     ”
              _____”_____H             ”   __H       H__   ”
    __________H  $ ”                   ” __H     $     H__ ”
    H__________    ”   H    $     _____”_H       $     __H ”
              H___ ”          ____H    ”  $          __H   ”
              $  H_”__________H $ _____”_____________H     ”
    H              ”   H          H____”_____              ”
    _______________”___________________”____H              ”
    H______________”_______DOOR        ”                   ”

Thanks to Jay Parnell.
Typed for Computershop Utrecht BBS GAME AREA by Marc Scholtis.

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