Mission 2: Replace the jewels with their replicas


Q: Where is the jewels?
For now, there is nothing you could do because the guards and the security cameras are everywhere. You need to disable the cameras and the security system first before you could move on. Look around for a while so you know where the guards are. There should be some kind of a security diagram of this tower. We could find a way to disable the camera based on the diagram.

Q: Where could I find the tower security diagram?
You could find it in the Old Hospital Block. There are two ways to enter this old hospital block. First use the sewer then use the Old Hospital Block exit (4). Second, through the long way from Wakefield exit. 

Q: Where is the way back to the sewer?
Go back to the sewer system through the exit you used earlier. Follow the path until you see an opening on your right. There is a brick wall in the opening. Use the limpet mine on the brick and back off as far as you could. This mine will make quite a big explosion. Enter the hole. You're back on the sewer system again.

Hospital Block Through Wakefield Exit:
Go upstairs to the second floor and cross the rampart to Lanthorn Tower. Find the other exit of the room and walk cross another rampart to Salt Tower. Take the staircase up to the rampart. Cross it and enter the Old Hospital Block through the door at the end of the rampart. Go inside and face left in front of the glass case. Go through the door. It will be closed and locked automatically. You're inside ....


Q: How can I unlock the door at the end of this hallway?
The guard has the key. Approach him and snatch the ring of keys on his laps. Stand still until he doesn't produce anymore sounds. If you move a little bit then you'll get caught. Use the key to unlock the door at the end of this hallway.

Q: There is two locked door with keypad here. What are the combinations?
A: There two ways to find out the combinations.

  • First, you could use the Keylock Analyzer Card and try to crack the number with your PDA (which will take a long time....). 
  • Second, use the White Security Pass Card. Look at your Crabb & Sons Code Card from the Queen House. You'll see two codes listed there: 8733 and 2341. The first number is to unlock the door to the left of the entrance and the second code for the other door. 

Either way, go inside the far door first. The access code for this one is 2341. Use the White Security Pass and punch in the numbers. Enter. Now, you're inside the Chief Security Office. 

Q: What should I find here?
There is a hidden safe behind the bookshelf. Look at the books on the lower shelf. Click it to reveal a hidden handle. Open the hidden door and you'll see a safe here.

Q: What is the code to open this safe?
Use your audio-sensor device. Activate the audio device in your PDA. Look at the frequency meter and get the number with the biggest swing. Turn the wheel to the right direction first, then left, and finally right again. The numbers are: 314. Pull the handle. You'll find T-shaped turn key, Super-User Password note 1 (Elenor's brother), Super-User Password note 2 (CRISTVS card), Deveraux Computer Super-User Password note (Sir Walter birth & death), the Pin Generator Instruction Card, and finally The Pin Generator (79-00003).


Notes: While you're in the Chief Security office, search the desk carefully. You'll see a picture of a girl holding a camera. Touch the camera and it will slide up. You'll see number behind it (9910). Now, use the PDA on the desk. The access code is 9910. If you click on memo then you'll see the code for the MF room (8733). The MF room is the other room on which have the keypad beside it.


Q: How about the other locked door?
Use the MF room code (8733) to unlock the other locked door. Enter and go to the back wall. Push the red arrow on the cylinder. Step into the open door and touch the other red arrow to rotate the cylinder again. You'll enter a secret computer room. Get the blue computer disc on the desk.

Q: How can I operate the computer?
Use the computer terminal. You'll be asked to enter a 4-digit pin based on the random 4-digit code. Attach the 79-00003 Pin Generator. Enter 9910 to start using it. Type in the 4-digit code. It will generate a key numbers. Type in those numbers on the monitor. Now the computer will ask for a Super-User Password (it will show part of graffiti with word CRISTVS on it). By this time you should receive a reply email from ORPHIA about the graffiti. The password is: EXTREMA. Now you're inside the system. The system has two sections: The Door Codes (top button) and The Security System (bottom button).

The Door Codes
Divide into 2 sections: Devereux's Main Security Office (Entrance: 0042, Exit: 2400, and Inner Small Box: 0936) and Hospital (the codes of the two doors: 8733 and 2341).

The Systems
There are three systems on the top (SYSTEM 1: The close up view of Devereux and Hospital, SYSTEM 2: Overall security system, SYSTEM 3: The close up view of the room where the jewels are kept) and six buttons on the left (from top to bottom: 1 - telephone links, 2 - movement sensor, 3 - heat sensor, 4 - pressure plate, 5 - alarmed doors, 6 - video cameras).

Notes on Security System and Camera
There are two control boxes who have the access to the security cameras: Devereux and Hospital (based on the diagram). The Hospital Control Box has the access to the security camera outside the Devereux's Main Security Office. You need to disable this camera first before you could go inside the Main Security Office. The second Control Box is hidden somewhere in Devereux. The Main Security Office in Devereux has control for all security systems in the Tower.

Q: How could I disable the camera outside the Main Security Office?
The control box is located in the room outside of the secret computer room, on the left wall. Use the T-shaped key from the safe to unlock the control box. Now it's time to use your DLU (Digital Loop Unit) box. This device will create a false display on the camera which will give you about 60 seconds time before the camera do the normal operation again. There are two boxes on the wall. First, you need to check out which box has the control on the security camera outside the Devereux's Main Security Office. Use the scart-adapter and plug it inside each sockets. By doing this on every sockets inside the left and right box, you'll be able to know that the right box has the access to the security camera. Plug the DLU box in the Link V/C socket. Turn it on. Now you're ready to do the action.


Q: Where is this place?
There are two ways to access this place. First, use the sewer and use Devereux exit. Second, use the secret passage mentioned in the Latin Map. Go to Wakefield Tower through the sewer system and Wakefield Exit. You show up in the abandoned cell. Look at the bottom left wall. Use the ring handle on the peg. The block will move and reveal a secret entrance. Climb down and take out your yellow lamp. Explore the passage. You'll see a small opening on the right wall. Look at the small crevice on wall inside for two old parchments (take a picture of them if you want -- for historical purpose only). Continue following the passage until you reach a stair. Climb up and you'll get out in Devereux Tower (from under the spiral staircase). 

Tips on using the DLU
The Security Office is right on the corner. But be careful though, as you need to track your timing. Remember, you have only 60 seconds to stay in one place before the guard caught you with the camera. Activate the DLU detector on your compass (push the green button on the lower left corner of the compass). Use the sound to help you tracking the time.
There are two different locations that could be seen with the camera. The first one is all the area outside of the storage room and the second one is storage room. So whenever you have spend that 60 seconds, you need to switch places.

Q: How can I get inside the office without notice? There is someone inside.
You need to find a way to temporary knock out the person. Look inside your bag and you'll find a sleeping gas. This is the correct tool for this mission. Head to the storage room on the left side of the security office door. Wear your gas mask before you enter the room.

Q: How can I operate these tanks?
First you need to empty the gas tank. From the diagram above the tank and the security system diagram (in the computer), you will know that you only need the third tank. That's the only tank you can manipulate anyway. Go to the panel on the left and switch all the buttons to OFF except the third tank. Turn this one into MANUAL. Push the golden button above it to release the oxygen out of the tank. Do this until the gauge read zero. Then go to the tanks and attach the sleeping gas tank from your inventory to it. Click again on the oxygen tank (the neck area) to attach the lead pipe. Turn the red tap until the gauge on your sleeping tank reads zero. Remember when the DLU reader said approx. 50 seconds, you need to go out from the room and return again after a while to continue this task. If you do it right, you'll not see the guard in the security room through the window.

Oxygen Tanks Diagram

Note in the kitchen

Q: What is the key code to enter the room?
Use the White Security Card and enter 0042. You'll find another Pin Generator (7G-0002)  under the log book. The pin number  for this one (5723) is hidden in the kitchen shelf (on the inside lid of the coffee box).

Q: How can I deactivate the security system?
Use the computer. You could use any of the Pin Generator (PG) to hack the security code. The pin number for PG-0001 is 4807, PG-0002 is 5723, and PG-0003 is 9910. Enter the code on PG and use the randomly generated key code on the computer system. The Super-User Code for this one is Sir Walter Raleigh's birth date: 15521618 (look in your inventory to see this information). Click on the system button and deactivate all the system except the camera on System 2 and System 3. Because if you deactivate these two systems, the screens will become blank. For System 1, you already put DLU on it so it won't go blank. 

Q: Where is the key to unlock the cabinet on the corner?
It is inside the unconscious guard's pocket. Pick up the small key. Use it on the padlock and enter this code to open the cabinet: 936. You see this code from the Computer System. Get the blue handle key. It's time to disable the cameras in front of the big safe in Waterloo Block. Use the control panel on the right of the door to open the door. Enter the code: 2400. Get out and go down to the first floor and remove your gas mask.


Q: Where is the second Control Box?
It is located down in the sewer. Go back to the sewer through Devereux exit. The exit is just outside of Devereux Tower (through that wooden door). Look at the map and go to 8 (Control Box). 

Q: Which Control Box that has control of the camera?
It is the left one. Use the same procedure like when you insert the DLU in the Hospital Block's Control Box. Now you're safe to go to the big main safe in Waterloo Block.


Q: Where is the entrance to the big main safe?
You could go inside through the Wakefield Tower Gift Shop. Get out through Devereux exit and then walk through the archway and down the stair to the locked double door. Get inside. You could go inside since you have the guard key from The Hospital Block. Turn to your left and try to unlock the vault door. 

Q: What is the code for this vault door?
It's from Crabb & Son code note (7241). Go to the second vault door on the other site and use the same code to open it. Follow the path and walk through the door. Enter the elevator.

Q: Which floor should I choose?
You need to go to the Lower Vault (LV). Use the small key from the unconscious guard to unlock the flat panel below the elevator buttons (the small round keyhole). You'll see a LV button behind the panel. Push it. You will enter the Lower Vault.

Notes: As soon as you enter the Lower Vault, turn to your left and you'll see a storage room. Get inside and open the box on the table. Pick up the two notes inside. These notes has the clue to open the jewels' boxes.

Q: The guard caught me whenever I try to approach the main vault door. What should I do?
You need to knock him out first. Go to the restroom and enter the storage room. Climb the left shelf. Move the bleach box and flip open the air vent. Take out the crossbow and insert the ice dart. Aim to the back of his neck. Shoot. You manage to knock him out. 

Q: How can I open the vault?
Look at the panel beside the unconscious guard. Push the yellow button called DOOR. It will give you an access to open the vault. Push another button to get the yellow handle key. Now go out and approach the main vault door. Insert the White Security Pass in the slot beside the vault door. Insert all the three colored handle keys into their appropriate keyholes. Use the Turn-Key Device from your inventory. Turn the wheel. When it starts beeping, turn either the red or the blue key. This will open the vault door.

Q: How can I open the iron-bared door?
There is a button on the right wall near the main vault door. Push that button. Step inside the inner vault.

Q: How can I open these iron gates which protects the jewels' boxes?
Open the panel beside the gates then access the computer. Again, use the Pin Generator to hack the computer system. Use this Super-User Password to break in: ALPHONSO X. You learn this information from Recreational Panel in Lanthorn Tower. Push the DOOR button. Then push the OPEN gate button. Step inside the room. The iron gates will be closed automatically behind you.

Note: Notice the LOG button on the system. This will record every person who try to access the jewels' vault.

Q: What are the codes to open the jewels' boxes?
Look the clue on the note you pick up earlier. It will said: "Access Codes to Holding Boxes in Vault = The Total Sum of ..." Since we're talking about jewels here, so it must be the jewels. But it's not an ordinary jewels. It should be sparkling jewels. So you must exclude pearl from this one. You only need to open two boxes: box 2 (The Sovereign Sceptre and Orb) and box 5 (Imperial State Crown). The code for these two boxes are: 795 (box 2) and 2901 (box 5). Remember you need to exclude the pearls when you count the total number of jewels on the item. Replace them with the fake jewels from your inventory. Now you're ready to walk out from the scene ....

Note: You could open the other boxes to see the what's inside. But if you take anything from them then it will give you ending 1.