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White Tower and Sewer

Items Functions
WD40 spray Remove the rust on metals.
Lighter None, except to lit the solder
Yellow lamp Light source when you travel in the sewer
Bolt cutter Cut the padlock of the sewer entrance
Backpack Hold all the items you found along the way
Replicas Replace the jewels
Sewer Key Unlock sewer gates
Picklock Unlock trunks, doors, etc
Multi-Tool Contain screwdrivers and wire cutter
Gums Block alarm, etc
Crossbow (CB) Launch a missile-type objects
Grapple + (CB) Climb to windows, crossing the gap etc
Ice Darts + (CB) Temporarily knock down guards
Keycard Analyzer Break the keypad code
Graffiti Contain information for security computer password
Candlestick Holder Open the secret passage to Waterloo Block

Queens House

Items Functions
Shield Book Information to unlock one of the safe
Jade Key Unlock the trunk in the bedroom
Bronze Key Unlock the Emblem Safe in dining room
Information Board Information for one of the Super User Password
Parchment Information on Sir Raleighs
Yellow Cylinder Key Unlock the panel in Salt Tower
Computer Disc For accessing the main vault system
Beefeater Gin None  
Crabb & Sons Code Card Code for the locked doors in Old Hospital Block
Smooth sides keys None
Steel key with oval loop Unlock the trunk in the bedroom
Steel key with round loop None
Red handle key Key to main vault door
Metal key with oval loop Unlock the locked gate in White Tower
Note for Pin Generator 0001 Code Use the Pin Generator 001
Chinese number conversion chart Convert Arabic numbers into Chinese numbers
White security pass Use in all keypads in London Tower
Main Vault Code First code to Main Vault (7241)
Pin Code Generator 0001 Access the security system

The Towers and Old Hospital Block

Items Functions
Information Board Information about Sir Walter Raleighs birth date
Latin Map Information on the secret path between Deveraux and Wakefield
Ring Handle Open the door to the secret passage between Deveraux and Wakefield
Recreation Panel Info Information on Queen Eleanor's brother name
Salt Tower Parchment Information on secret path in White Tower to Waterloo Block
Ring of Keys Unlock the door in the hospital
Blue Handle Key Key to the main vault door
T-shaped turn-key Unlock the surveillance camera boxes
Super-user Password (Cristvs) Access to the computer in the secret security system room's computer
Devereux super-user password Access to the main security system computer
Super-user Password (Eleanor) Access to the main vault computer system
Pin Generator Instruction Card To access the computer in computer room
Pin Code Generator (0003) To access the computer in computer room
Blue Computer Disc None
Vault Note Clue to open the jewels boxes
Yellow handle key Key to the main vault door