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The Hint book

by Eddy (Edoardo Chidichimo)


Hello people,

the purpose of this hint book is to help you to find out your way in the Redjack Pirates word.

The structure of this hint book is based on the common problems  and puzzle you will find in the game.

So you will not have to read all the solve for finding out your problem, just click on the question you want an answer in the left window.

Now some important things about the game:

1. How to use objects:

     First of all the objects are in the chest you have on the left side of the game screen.For use a object open the chest ,then right click and hold button and move it on the screen, if the object you want to use is the right one the, something will happen.

2. How to fight:

     During one of the game fight remember that you can use the arrow keys for dodge your enemy attack, this can be useful in some hopeless fight like the on with the skeleton(read the section).

After this let me say something,

Redjack is a really good game but on my point of view too easy to end.That's the problem of most of the adventure games I have played in the last months.

My suggest to the programmers is to try to put more puzzles and make a non linear game, I want my brain to work!!

That's all,

like ever here is my e-mail:


and my icq : 20396648


and have fun!!