Walkthru                                   DARK SEED II                                  Len Green 19/8/00
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{A} This is not a minimalist walkthru. It not only contains all the actions essential to finishing the game but also many others that only hint at future tasks &/or flesh out the story. Hence several of the actions described here are not entirely necessary in order merely to complete the game in the shortest possible time. Quite a lot of the explanatory dialog occurs when entering a new situation and is not repeated. To properly understand the gameplay and enjoy it, the walkthru prompts you to perform certain actions even though sometimes you are informed that they will produce no (at least immediate) results. It also refers to many characters whose names &/or identities can easily be overlooked. There are doubtless additional things of interest that you can do which are not mentioned here but may add even more to your entertainment.

{B} Often you can perform actions in a different order from that described here, but sometimes not.

{C} Author's Note:- It's relatively easy to 'prove' that an action or series of actions is possible but you can't say definitely where impossible. In some cases where I've done this I've marked the place with **. If anybody finds such an 'impossible' scenario to be actually valid, please email me! Also there may be 'random' variations or I may have slipped up.

{D} Whenever dialog trees are displayed, cover as much dialog as you are allowed to ... there are hints and clues in many of them. N.B. On very rare occasions you may be penalized for 'talking too much'.

{E} ALWAYS do the following actions as a matter of course ... you will generally not be prompted to do them:-

Whenever you enter a new scene examine everything where the question mark icon changes to an exclamation mark.

Click on everything where the hand icon extends its index finger (unless you think this could be counter-productive).

Pick up everything you can and examine it immediately in your inventory.

{F} Save VERY frequently ***. There are several places where you can be killed with very little or no warning especially in the Dark World; and there are also some impasses. When these happen you are forced back to the start sequence of the game again. If you haven't saved fairly recently you may be in for substantial waste of time & effort.

{G} From time to time you must discuss progress with Mike's friend Jack. Click on the bench just outside Mike's front door. If Mike continues standing and says "I'm not tired", this is not a suitable time. If Mike sits, it is a sign that Jack will drive up on his motorcycle. Occasionally it might happen that Mike sits, Jack doesn't arrive and Mike says "I guess Jack's not in the neighborhood". This is either a random occurrence or a bug. In either case, repeat until Jack arrives.

{H} Some abbreviations are used throughout:-

[~N/W~] = Normal-World.

[~D/W~] = Dark-World.

['EX'] = Question mark icon changed into EXclamation mark (Examine).

['FI'] = Hand icon extends its index FInger (Act upon or talk to).

['R'] = At or near the right edge of your monitor screen.

['L'] = At or near the left edge of your monitor screen.

['T'] = At or near the top edge of your monitor screen.

['B'] = At or near the bottom edge of your monitor screen.

['M'] = At or near the middle area of your monitor screen.

{I} MAP DESIGNATIONS****:- There are similar maps for both worlds. On the map of the [~N/W~] the captions remain constant throughout. On the map of the [~D/W~] most captions start off fairly similarly to those of the [~N/W~] but some alter twice or 3 times according to progress ... probably different for each player. To avoid confusion I will refer to the 5 locations (excluding the connecting portals which only appear later) in both Worlds simply by the abbreviations below. I have listed alongside them their ORIGINAL (only) captions. The first four run clockwise starting at ['T']['R'] and the fifth is in ['M']:-

[Loc/1] .... Business District.

[Loc/2] .... Civic Center.

[Loc/3] .... Mike's House ( Mike's Neighborhood in [~D/W~] ).

[Loc/4] .... Carnival ( Power Center in [~D/W~] ).

[Loc/5] .... Hank's Diner & Pool Hall ( Downtown in [~D/W~] ).




Go to your house, [Loc/3] on the map. Sit on the bench. Jack rides up ... dialog ... he suggests alternative suspects. Visit the sheriff ... dialog about his affair with Rita and his being kicked off the Dallas police force.

*~*~* Return to and enter the Hall of Mirrors at the carnival. Author's Note:- Since you are given no instructions, I'll lay out the hints a line at a time so that the reader can choose as much or as little as he/she needs. It is not too difficult. You can take as much time or as many moves as you like and you are never "killed". You can easily move around wherever you are permitted, and restart instantaneously. I recommend trying to figure it out without ANY of the help below.

(a) Your objective is to enter one of the 2 doors and make your way to an "ornate room".

(b) Once inside you are in a honeycomb of rooms, some accessible and others not. The rooms are arranged in a sort of matrix with 10 rows and 8 columns.

(c) If you look carefully you can identify the ornate room as being somewhat different from all the others.

(d) Counting rows from ['T'] and columns from ['R'], this room is row-8, column-7.

(e) Now try to make it on your own. If you can't, read further.

(f) Sweep the whole area and ['EX'] will indicate the ornate room.

(g) You may have noticed a VERY small difference in one of the rooms.

(h) If you can't find it, ['EX'] will highlight a keyhole in one of the rooms.

(i) You MUST get to this room first. It is row-8, column-3.

(j) You should start from the entrance at row-1, column-2. (I doubt you can ever succeed if you start from the other entrance row-1, column-4; but if you wish you may try ... See {C}** above).

(k) Take your glass key from inventory and click it to the left of this keyhole-room. A secret door will open.

(l) Now it should be very easy to enter the ornate room.

(m) If you are still stuck the following spoiler gives you the whole route R, L, F, B stand for Right, Left, Forward, Backwards:- L, L, F, F, L, L, R, F, R, R, F, F .... use glass key; then ..... L, B, L, B, L, F, R, then finally Left and into the ornate room.

*~*~*~* You can now either go left or right and then you have to traverse the [~D/W~] Hall of Mirrors. This is much easier than previously. However if you go left, after a very few moves you come to a dead end and can't proceed (See {C}** above ... but try them both out if you like.). So go right and it should be fairly easy. If however you're still stuck, here is the spoiler:-  L, B, R, F, R, F, R, R, B, R, R, B, L, B, B, R, B, L, R, B, L, then finally Backwards and you're in the [~D/W~] proper.

Mike's got another splitting headache and Dr. Sims hypnotizes him ... another [~D/W~] nightmare ... chat and leave. You KO special FBI agent Gannon. Go to house and sit on bench. Dialog with Jack. Go to map.

Go ['R'] and talk to Mom. VERY gruesome happenings. Full dialog with Rita's head in the stewing pot ... warning about Behemoth. Exit door ['R']. {Author's Note:- It's very tempting to miss this by going straight out of the door without speaking to Mom. If so you can't finish the game ... but it's not 'tragic' since you can work your way back to here without reloading a save ... you just waste a LOT of time and effort.}

Enter the Behemoth's hatchery. Too late ... the Behemoth has hatched and burst the incubator. You must kill it before it reaches the portal to the [~R/W~] or it will destroy the world and you have lost the game. Return to the Power Generator. Exit mid-['R'].

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