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After the intro, enter the palace and go 2 spots up, turn left and talk to the monster, returning the tunnel, and go 2 spots up turn right and enter the door, go up and take the flower from the right, now look at the hanging man at the bottom of the circle is a small spot, click on it and place the golem n the small chair,Now place all the golem parts in the corespondent place, An other puzzle will come out,

Look at this image :

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you'll get a feather, now back in the tunnel and up a spot turn right and enter the door , get the dragon sword and the on the left the apple.

Out again and down 2 spots, turn left and enter the door now turn right and go up, use the magic lance on the phoenix, then go down and from the ground take some bark, turn left and enter the door, you'll find a fountain inside there so now click on the left part, use the magic lance on it , and water will come out, then the dragoon sword on the fountain eye and get the counch from the centre of the fountain.

Now return to the tunnels and go down 2 spots turn left and enter, use the   dragon sword on the dead body , then the feather and finally the  counch on it , the phoenix will arrive and you'll get a dad leaf.

Return in the place where you find the dragon sword, and look for the 4 columns near the hanging man on the first on the left(young child) place the flower ,then on the next on the left the apple, on the first on the right place the bark(dead man) the on the second on the right the dead leaf.You'll get a thread.

Return in the tunnel and go up until the end now you'll  be able to open the door.

You'll find this puzzle :

all you must do is to recreate the object in place 1

then click on 2 until the doors opens.

Then inside look at the bottom of the machine and block the ball so that in the upper place you'll see a young child, now turn right and use the thread on the wall wheels.

Here the adventure 4 ends.