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After a long intro you'll find your self in the mines again.

In the starting room talk with the Dwarf and then go in the main mines tunnel and turn on the right going down the elevator tube(2).Down there you'll have a long talk with a hanging worker, after all use the fire on it.

Head for the computer room (1).Press the virtual map button and on the virtual map:

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pull up the block 3, so that all the mines will be flooded and everybody will die.

Now reconnect one to the circular room below the mines, exit the panel and down the the tunnel. Use fire on the moveable door, and in the room below take dragon, centaur and phoenix from the 3 cells and chrysobery from the cages. Return to the dwarf in room 1, and give him the chrysobery, and take the cage.

it's time to fight Alberich, so exit the room and talk with him, when the magic ritual starts use 1)centaur - 2)dragon - 3)phoenix and he'll be beated.

On the planet look at the egg and use fire on it. Now it's time to rebuild the puzzle:

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it's not difficult you have only to be patient, and try, after this puzzle you have to find the combination for the safe, so put in this code 366, enter the room and put on the altar the crown and the ring.

After the 2 robot fight go up the stairs leading to a strange machine. You have to recompose :THE RAINBOW LEADS TO WALHALLA.(turn the blue tabs(1 in the image bellow) and try the word moving the right small machine(2) on the spot you want to try.)

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A new puzzle will be prompted out. Now listen carefully to the background music and try to play the organ.

All you have to do is divide the organ in two  7 raw LIKE THIS:

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then rebuild the background music pressing the organ keys. For row1 press the buttons from left to right in a sequence, for raw 2 press the first 3 left buttons then the first 2 right button then the forth  and the fifth from right and then the third from right (hope it's right)

The rainbow will appear and the second adventure will end.