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You will start your third adventure in a forest.

So move straight on until you arrive at the base of a temple, go upstairs and on the top look at this image:

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In position 1 you'll find the metal tape. In position 2 the name of the pergamen, so starting exactly from quicksilver(image) take out all the 7 pergamens doing a turn around and stopping at lead(number 7 image below). here is the image of all the 7 columns:

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you have to notice this image cause the symbols and the metals will cum in play again later .

So now restart at the quicksilver point , first press the metal the reinsert the first pregamen you have taken and do this till point 7.(press the metal then insert the pergamen).

Now you will go down in a dark place, use instinct of the wolf and look at the strange machine.

At the bottom of this there's a strange turning level:

wolf.gif (6999 bytes)

turn it till the face is like in the image and then press it.

in the new room go upstairs and take the bow and the hare from the wardrobe, then the metals and the mould from the right mobile, now look for the machine   on the left, so open the water from the right part of it, then put the Loge's tear in the left side , then put the mould on it and the metals.

Click out and look for the left part of the machine and open the small cassette , a strange human body will come out .

Now you have to place the malted metal peace's in the right place :Here it is:

body.gif (44766 bytes)

gold in 2.
silver in 1.
quicksilver in 5.
lead in 6.
copper in 4.
steel in 7.
tin 3.

You will get a small golem, go upstairs and go out on the wooden bridge, in the middle go down and take the fishing rod, return up and go at the end of the wooden bridge, click on the spot and use wolf instinct, now use the golem, on this spot and he will take you some sleeping berries  a worm and a ingot.

Return inside and downstairs and then go out the structure, and at the first intersection turn left, use the bow on fire, the then take the small boat and go up, at this point take the berries, and the go straight on and enter the structure pull the lever, now the body will be placed on the other boat.

Go outside and at the same intersection turn left, now use the bow on the boat with the body, who will burn.

Return in the structure and upstairs, return were you found the fishing rod, now use the fishing rod with worm on the lake, you''get a fish with a key.

Back in the structure and downstairs to the machine level, there use the 2 kind of berries on the left press so you'll get a sleeping potion.Look for the small spot bellow the mobile in which you found the metals and the mould. Use the golem on it.

Then when he comes back give him the sleeping potion, and you'll get the second ingot.

Now downstairs and out the structure , at the first intersection turn right then straight on till the small house in the forest.

Give the hare at the strange animal guarding the house, and you'll get the third ingot,Now return to the top of the temple and on column 7 use the key and place the 3 ingot, you'll get now the wolf bandage.

Return to the small forest house, and use the wolf bandage on the door, a woman will appear. Talk to her.

Now when the husband will come in and you'll front him at the table,click down and use the sleeping potion on the big cup.

Talk to your sister and get the second wolf bandage, now go out and at the first intersection click on the right spot , use wolf instinct, then the 2 wolf bandages on the sword,

And watch the ending of adventure 3.