Atlantis 3, The New World
Chapter 4, Shambahla and Desert again

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You're back again with the archaeologist once more.  Take your crystal skull from your inventory. Inside the skull, go and search the floating balls with the corridors. Click on one of those balls to enter it.

Just to remind you

Remember the order in which the black dolphin told you to go through these doors:

first door to the left

third door to the right

fourth door to the left

third door to the left

first door to the right

sixth door to the left

If you did this in the correct way, you'll arrive in Shambhala. Two older people will welcome you. Walk towards the oldies. You must do things here in the exact way and order as I tell you to. If you are doing anything else, they will start over and over and over again!!!

Talk to the woman and ask her about the portrait of her and her partner (the second icon from top at the left). The man will call you now. So walk towards him and let him finish first! When he's finished, ask him about the crystal skull (the top icon at the right). After that ask him about yourself (bottom icon at the right). Then ask him about the earth (third icon from top at the left). When he answered your question, the woman interferes with the conversation. Walk to the woman and ask her about the network (bottom icon at the left). Ask her about the Omega Staff (top icon at the left).

Turn to the left and walk along the water until your way is blocked by a big bush.

Start swimming at this point

Hop into the water to get the Omega Staff. This time it's easier done than said... Hmmm, a little bit disappointing :-)

The Omega Staff

Now you're back with this archaeologist once more. This time he gets real mean. He's pointing his gun at you! So, time for some action. Choose the Omega Staff from your inventory... You're back now in the crystal skull for the very last time. Go and find the black dolphin once more. Talk to her. Click on the floating ball at her right to go back to the dessert area.

The floating ball back to the dessert

Now you're back in the dessert and you're standing between two tents. Turn to the left and pick up the torch from the tent. Look at the right and you'll see a guard standing in front of the two tents. From this place aim on his head with your torch and knock him down. Take his dagger from the floor and the keys from his belt. Set free your former Savior by cutting his cuffs with your dagger.

Don't forget the keys on his belt

Then ask him about everything you can. You have to repeat questioning him about everything until he starts repeating himself. Look between the two tents and discover the jack of the guard. Examine it, which reveals another bunch of keys.

The jack with the other bunch of keys

Turn to the right and walk towards the first open jeep with the machine gun attached to it. Look at the dashboard. Use one of the bunch of keys on the dashboard. If your first keys seem to be the wrong ones, just use the others.

The correct jeep

You manage to escape the camp unharmed. Your mate is telling you his plans for tomorrow. But you have a secret you want to share this night with him. Yeah right, thinks the camel, I've heard that kind of talk before...

Alas, The end...