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Walk straight ahead and meet Rhea, the last queen of Atlantis. Quest her about everything you can. After the long lasting conversation, turn around and walk back to where you came from. Now you are about the most particular journey in your life!

You are going to travel to all the places you have been before. The purpose is that you will collect a few items on your journey, 16 items totally! I can't tell you the exact order of the places you are going to visit. It is different all the time. And... it doesn't matter. I do give you the list of items and where they can be found. One last tip: if you can go different directions, it's the best to choose another direction every time you visit the place. Now the items and where they can be found:

Black cup                      in pyramid
Silver hand                    in temple in China
Sword                           in hell
Turtle                           in Shambhala
Grass-hopper                 in the book in Ireland
Salmon                           in jungle
Star                              at the Island near the hell
Pearl                             at the altar in Chapel in Ireland
Mushroom                      near the frog in jungle
Chulel                            on board of the flying dragon
Fan                                in cave on Ireland
Wooden dish                   in jungle near statues
Stick                             in China at ivory plate near the statues
Green feather                in chapel at Ireland near the big book
Pen                                at Maya, in pyramid of the King
Chinese lantern                at Birdsisland

When you have all these items, keep on traveling until you arrive in the room with the small windows in the chapel in Ireland. Place your star into the window with the small statues.

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And off you go to Atlantis!

Now you will be teleported to Atlantis. First you have to find the entrance of Atlantis. Walk around underwater until you see the entrance in the distance.

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The entrance...

Walk straight ahead towards the entrance and pass through. When you are in Atlantis, make two steps to the right. Here you can find the crystal.

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The crystal...

Turn to the left and walk straight and go straight ahead as soon as that is possible. Turn around until you can get passed to the right of the dark pillar. Walk straight ahead.

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Walk straight ahead...

Turn around until you see these buildings with the circular paintings on the walls in the distance. Walk straight ahead.

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And straight ahead again...

Turn around and face the octopus. Defeat it with your crystal. That isn't quiet easy, because the crystal has to be (re)charged before you can use it. When it is (re)charged you have to chop of the tentacles of the octopus.

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Defeating the octopus...

After defeating the octopus, you will arrive at your own vessel again. Now you will receive the very last crystal from the old man. Walk towards the planetarium and place the crystal in between the other stones. And off you go, once more outer space. First go to the very bright star.

When you are in front of the big yellow planet, pass it at the right side again. Go to the other bright star with the big stones in front of it. You will end up again in the colorful space mist. Turn to the left until you see the black hole in the distance. Travel to the black hole.

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The black hole

When you arrived at the black hole, go through the bright gap...

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And watch the end movie...

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And they lived long and happy ever after...