Ireland Crystal
 Maya Crystal
 China Crystal
 Ship Crystal
Place Stones
 Place Crystal
Go back to worlds - start with ireland (middle down) click on stone
go back to worlds
Go to Birdman Island and position crystal ball until red lines appear - click
ireland crystalup
Go back to ship (click on wall in church with  tears of Aine)
leave ireland
You'll travel trough space - when earth reappears click on it
Now go to Maya world (left after Ireland)
go back to worlds
Go to Pyramid 2 and position crystall until red lines appear - click
maya crystalup
Travel space....
and go back to Ship
leave maya world
Now go to China (upper left) - click on stone
go to china
In Dragon Room walk second line from left to enter the other room - get small go forwards
walk this line
get small
Go to the Golden Door and position crystal ball until red lines appear - click
china crystalup
Travel space....
and gong your way out of China
leave china
Back on the Ship go on upper deck and position crystal until red lines appear
ship crystalup
Now travel through the solar systems to transform your Crystal Ball
travel space
sun 1
sun 5
sun 6
travel space
Now place the 3 stones you received in the worlds on image
3 stonesup
Place stone no.1
Place stone no.2
Place stone no.3
place stone no.1
place stone no. 2
place stone no. 3
Place transformed Crystal on image
place crystalup
Enter pool and fall down into lotus
enter pool
Click on curtains in the following order 1-3-2-1-3-2
No 1
No 2
curtain 1
curtain 2
curtain 3
And up you SHAMBALA!
 Copyright by Sunshine
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