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 Entrance to Atlantis
After placing the transformed Crystal on the image you'll arrive FINALLY ;-) at Shambala
Finally ;-)
peaceful Shambhala
Meet Rhea and talk
Exit Shambhala - let yourself whirl around - better get a bucket at your side, just in case you get sick ;-) - collect all items and finish your travel at the desk in the church and place star in curser and exit through window to your right
leave Shambhala
place star and click
leave shambhala
upplace star
Need it step by step?????
........find yourself at the bottom of the sea
under water
Walk around and find the entrance to Atlantis
entrance to Atlantis ;-)up
Search crystal (right side after entrance) 
octopus crystalup
Search and kill the octopus (place crystal on octopus and click when lighted to severe the tentacles). Do it quickly!
kill octopusup
Now your back on the ship - place crystal on image with 6 stones and travel through space - this time you have to go further than the multicolored universe and.................................
end 1
end 2
end 3
Paradise ;-)))))
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