During this game you will have to do quite a bit of running around.  Not all
of the places you will find are shown on the map that Simon carries around.
You will be asked to do several things in various places and need to return
there.  In order to avoid too much "looking for places", I suggest that you
draw a map of your own.

Firstly, of course, enjoy the intro.  You should definitely watch it at least

When arriving in Fleur Deli you will automatically read a note from Calypso.
Read it carefully.  Open the drawer in Calypso's desk and take the scissors.
There is a magnet on the fridge.  Take it (you cannot open the fridge!) and go
outside.  Behind the cottage you will find compost which will be used later.
Leave the scene to the right.

At the Blacksmith's take the rope and the clapper.  This guy doesn't have time
to talk since he is hard working throughout the entire game.  Walk to the
right and talk to the dodgy geezer.  He is of no use to you right now.  Turn
left and take the ladder leaning against the wall.  Enter the building (the
entrance is in the middle of the picture).  Pick up the cold remedy and the
specimen jar.  Leave the building and you can follow the path to the left.

There is a funny house with a chocolate truffel door.  However, you cannot do
anything here at the moment.  Walk back to the dodgy geezer and turn to the

Enter the shop and talk to the shopkeeper(s).  If you go right you will find a
place called the Drunken Druid.  Inside you can pick up the matches from the
fruit machine and talk to the Barman.  Then enter the next room.  These guys
are really hard to understand but you should definitely talk to them until
they tell you about the staff they want.  Go back to the bar.  Use your
scissors on the dwarf (this poor soul will be surprised...).  Exit the bar and
enter the forest outside the village.

Walk to the witch's house and move the handle on the well.  Pick up the bucket
of water.  Then open the door and enter the house.  Look around a bit.  When
you try to pick up the broom, the witch will appear and throw you out.

Wander around in the forest until you find a tree stump.  Talking to the
woodworm reveals that they are in desperate need for some wood, preferably

Now find the Barbarian and remove the thorn from his foot.  He will give you a
pipe in return.

At the Owl Tree you should pick up the feather.  Talk to the owl a couple of
times and listen carefully.

A visit to Dr.  Von Jones would be good now.  Although he is working in the
hole, you can talk to him and find out what he is looking for.  Since Simon is
a very helpful person, he again promises to help.

At the centre of the forest, pick up the rock with the writing on it.  Wear
the beard and enter the Dwarf Mine (you know the password as it's written on

Page 2

the rock!).  The guard will not let you pass at this point.  However, you can
use the stairs on the right and find two completely drunken dwarves.  Use the
feather on the one lying on the floor, take the key and leave the mine.

Near to the Dwarf Mine is a building with two heavy doors.  Pick up the piece
of paper lying under a stone and give it to the shopkeeper(s) in the village.

Also near the Dwarf Mine you can find the woodcutter.  Unfortunately, he has a
real problem, too.  If you promise to help him, he will assist you by giving
you a metal detector (Going to the right from here will bring you to a gorge.
You can see somebody fishing but you cannot reach him from here.) The third
path leaving the Dwarf Mine area leads to a funny swampling who is all alone
on his birthday.  Do him a favor and eat some of his homemade stew.  If you
cannot take anymore of this delicate food, put it in your specimen jar.

Go to the Troll Bridge now.  The troll is very interested in your pipe.  Give
it to him and watch.

In the second part of the forest, on the other side of the bridge, you will
walk into a boy who has a problem with his beans.  Use the bucket of water.
This ungrateful kid will leave and you have some beans for your inventory.

Go on to the Gorge and look down.  To visit the fisher, climb down the vines
on the left.  Talk to this funny guy.  To help him with his dinner, provide
him with some fine concentrated "Stew de Swamp" in your jar.  He will give you
his fishing rod so that you can catch a very special ring with it.

Go back to the crossing and walk to the castle.  Use the clapper with the bell
and "Rapunzel's" hair will fall down.  Climb into the window and talk to the
girl.  When you kiss her, you can take a repulser back with you...

Return to Calypso's cottage and plant the beans in the compost.  Take the
melon.  Now go to the chocolate truffel house and let the repulser eat the
door.  Inside, pick up the hat and smokebox and walk to the beehive.  Use the
smokebox on the beehive and pick up the wax.

At the Drunken Druid you should ask the barman for a drink.  While he is
searching for some ingredient, use the wax on the barrel.  You will receive
tickets and vouchers for free beer.  On your way out put the barrel in your

Go to the Dwarf Mine and wear the beard.  Offer the barrel to the guard.  He
will walk down to the barrel cellar with you.  Go back to the desk dwarf and
walk down the stairs on the left.  Pick up the hook and talk to the dwarf in
the middle.  Use the key on the door and then give the tickets and vouchers to
the dwarf in the treasury.  He will give you a gem in return.

Time to see whether or not the dodgy geezer is of any use in this game.  Offer
him the gem (get 20 gold coins for it).  With this money you can buy the
hammer and the white spirit in the shop.  Outside there is a box you should

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You will be taken to the gobblins.  There is a rat bone on the floor as well
as your spell book.  In the spell book you will find a piece of paper with
scribblings on it.  Use the paper with the door and the rat bone with its
lock.  The key will fall on the paper so that you can open the door.  Pick up
the metal bucket.  You cannot pass the guard, however, walk downstairs.  Pick
up the mints and talk to the druid.  Since he is a little superstitious, you
should take off the ring while talking to him.  Druids can change into animals
when they see a full moon.  So put the bucket on the druid's head and show him
the glowing rod.  He will change into a frog and leave you alone.  To hide
from the gobblin troops, walk into the iron maiden and close it.  You can
leave it when the troops disappear.  The frog will then return and give you a
hacksaw which you can use to get out of this room.

Find Bard with his awful sousaphone.  Use the melon on the instrument and take
if for "repair".

Visit the swampling's house again and move the box.  Open the trap door and
climb down the ladder.  Use the hammer and nail with the loose plank.  Pick up
the frogsbane on skull island.

Near the swampling's house is a cave leading into a snowy mountain area.  Use
the metal detector there and leave it where it gives you any signals.  Walk on
to the sleeping giant and play the sousaphone so that he provides you with a
comfortable bridge.

On the other side in the mountains, you will find a cave with a dragon.  Since
this poor guy has a terrible cold, offer him your cold remedy.  Pick up his
fire extinguisher and leave the cave.  Above the cave entrance is a boulder.
You can climb up there by throwing the hook on it.  Tie the magnet to your
rope and let it down into the hole.  Watch your money and stop when you can't
get any more of the dragon's gold.

Continue walking in the snow until you find a path with climbing pins.  Pick
up the rock lying there.  Walk on the icy edges leading to the right and go
until you find a talking tree.  Use the white spirit on it and it will tell
you some magic words.

Return to the blacksmith and ask him to get the fossil out of the rock.  Find
Dr.  Von Jones and give the fossil to him.  If you tell him that you left the
metal detector where you found the fossil, he will dig there.  Follow him and
get the milrith out of the dirt.

Take the milrith to the Blacksmith, so that he can make an axe out of it.
Apparently, now is the time for Simon to fulfill some of his promises.  Go to
the woodcutter and give him the axe.  He will leave happily.  Enter his house
and pick up the climbing pin.  Use the fire extinguisher on the fireplace and
move the hook.  Enter the fireplace.  You will find various types of woods,
but unfortunately you are allergic to most of them.  Pick up the mahogany and
take it to the woodworm.  They will love it so much that they get into it
while it's still in your inventory.

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Go to the castle where you found "Miss Piggy".  Climb up and ask the woodworm
to do you a favor on the floorboards.  Use the ladder to get down.  You will
end up in front of a tomb.  Open it and talk to the mummy.  You will have a
wedge afterwards.  Go down again and grab the loose end of the bandages.
There you are:  the staff!

Return to the village and give the staff to the wizards.  After some
discussion and payment of a fee, they will make you a wizard yourself!
Congratulations, you've made it through the first part of your quest!

While you're in the village, visit the druid and offer him your frogsbane in
return for a potion.  You're all set for the witch now.

Visit her and play the game with her.  She won't be fair and change into the
dragon once you have won the game and the broom.  Change into a mouse and
disappear through the mousehole in the wall.

Continue your quest at the place where the climbing pins are.  Use your
climbing pin in the hole and cross the gorge.

The snowman is very unfriendly and, therefore, requires appropriate
punishment.  Eat the mints and walk up to the Tower of Doom.  Being a lucky
guy, Simon can use the broom to get to the door.  There is a little crack in
the door.  Drink the potion from the druid and walk through the crack.

Your lovely dog will take care for you to reach a beautiful garden and will
even provide you with a useful hair.  Pick up the leaf and the pebble and walk
into the bucket.  You will find a match inside.  Go on until you reach the
water and get the lily leaf.  Put the match in the lily leaf, use the small
leaf on the match and ready is your boat.  Sail to the seeds and pick up one.
Sail back and use the stone with the seed to produce oil.

ATTENTION: Before taking the next steps, you should try to sail across the
           puddle once, just to see what happens!

Put the oil on the tap and use the hair on it to open it.  Now, you can sail
to the other side of the puddle.

Go to the frog.  He will nearly swallow you but he lets you out of his mouth
again.  Look into the water and catch the tadpole.  You can talk to the frog
now and he will jump away.  Put the tadpole back into the water and eat a
mushroom.  You're back to normal size now.

Pick up the branch and open the door.  Enter the building and get the spear.
You will escape in the garden.  Enter the building again and use the branch
with the monster-chest.  Then take the shield.

Now go downstairs.  Get the chest on the right side and go back.  Then move
the lever.  Put the chest on the block and move the lever twice.  Take the
candles from the block and use the spear to get the human skull.  It falls
onto the floor from where you should pick it up.

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Go upstairs into Sordid's room.  Pick up the book and look at it.  Take the
wand from the desk, pick up the sock and the pouch.  Use the sock with the
pouch and use it with the mouse hole.  You will catch a mouse.

Go further up and talk to the demons.  Take the chemicals and the book.  Read
the book, then use the chemicals with the shield and hang it on the hook.
Walk back to Sordid's room and talk to the mirror.  If you heard the real
names of the demons you can return upstairs.

Send the demons home.  In return they will tell you something about the
teleporter.  Use it and ask to be taken to the fiery pits.

Pick up the pebble and the sapling and talk to the attendant.  He will give
you some brochures.  Look at them and use the elastic band with the sapling.
Aim with your catapult at the fire bell.  The attendant will disappear and you
can take the souvenir matches and go into the pit.  On your way to Sordid,
pick up the floor wax.

When you see Sordid, use the wand on him.  Since the pits are not on fire, use
the matches with the pit and throw the wand in it.  Unfortunately, Sordid
comes back to life and wants to kill you.  A phonecall will save your life.
When Sordid is near enough, use the floor wax on him.

THAT'S IT!!!!!

Finally, have fun watching the dancing demons (it's a real demonstration)!!!

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