SIMON THE SORCERER from Adventure Soft/Activision. 
General hints to beat the game by Zorian Rotenberg.

When playing "Simon The Sorcerer" you must remember few things. First of
all, you have a magic map which allows you to travel to any location
instantly, but the locations will only be present on the map if you have
visited it. So remember to explore a lot, and make sure you have been
everywhere. Second - keep in mind that you are not bound by days and you
have all the time in the world to save the wizard and get to the end to get
rid of Sordid.  And the most important - you never die, and you are never
placed in a "no way out" situation, so anything you do should be fine.

One more important point: There is a hidden screen when you get to the two
waterfalls. You must climb down the vines.

When you start out, you are in the wizard Calypso's house. You should not
forget to move the mouse pointer all around the screen. If the information
on the subject changes and displays the subject's name or what it is
called, then there is a good chance that you may need to pick it up or do
something with it.

Getting the magnet and the scissors is pretty much everything you will need
from this house, but there is also something you may note behind the house.

If you think that Blacksmith's rope is the only item you can get from that
screen, then you are wrong. Look carefully for something which is behind
the Blacksmith.

Few screens into the town, you will see a house which is empty. This is the
Druid's house. Your hat ANYTHING !

When you are in the pub, you should keep your eyes open on the fruit
machine. If you talk to the barman, remember he cannot see what you are
doing when he bends down to get something (when you get wax later in the
game you will use it at this point). When he throws out the "broken"
barrel, pick it up.

As a good guy, remember to help anybody, even Barbarians. Woodcutter needs
help, and to get help he may give you something which can help you find
what he needs. If you need water, near the witch's house there is a well.
Since you cannot get into a "no way out" situation, you may as well not be
afraid of what the "Troll on the Bridge" tries to get from you.

Talk to the owl a lot. He may tell you that melons do not go well with
musical instruments. And there is something else on the "owl" screen.

Annoying sound can wake anybody up.

Use the clapper on the bell, and after that remember that you are a good
guy - are there to help. This is as disgusting as it gets in this game, if
you got to this part.

One must be a real "pig" to eat a whole door of chocolate. In case you
don't know, smoking out the bees is the only way to get rid of them. You do
need the wax (in the pub to use on the barrel).

Anything you do not enjoy eating can be put into a specimen jar.

To get into a Dwarves' mine, you need to look like a dwarf. Get a beard
from the drunk dwarf in the pub - if you have the scissors. The password is
written on a rock outside the mine. You should already have something to
make those alcoholics happy. If you get the gem, you can sell it to the
salesman in town - be a good salesman.

To get into the heavy door to the "Goblins' House" you may need to get
something from the Shop. If you have a shopping list (which is on the
ground near Goblins' House) , you can use it to get a big box - big enough
box for you to get in.

When you are in the Goblins' cave pick the ratbone and the spellbook. There
is something inside the book. You will find a paper which you use under the
door. Hopefully you know how to pick locks. Use the ratbone on lock, pick
up the paper, and use the key on the door. Hopefully you fished out the
magic ring.

It doesn't have to be a real moon to save the Druid. If you can cover his
head with something dark that has a hole, you can set him free - flames can
be helpful.

Don't forget the mints on the floor. The only place to hide is the most
uncomfortable (unfortunately for Simon).

If you go back to town, visit the Druid again, and you may find what he
needs if you do some research under the chest in the Swampling's house.

In dragon cave you can use the cold remedy from Druid's house. Take the
fire extinguisher. If you have a hook, climb on top of the cave...ever hear
of fishing for money ?

On the screen behind Dragon's Cave, you can find a rock. Metal Detector can
be useful a screen to the left of sleeping Giant. If you could only "crack-
open" that rock you found, then you may find something useful inside. You
may find someone with a big hammer for that.

Only one person in this game would dig a BIG hole, except he will be
searching for fossils, while you need to find milrith. Once you have
milrith, you will need someone to make an axehead out of it.

If you played other adventure games, you may know that not all fireplaces
are built equal. In the secret room get mahogany for woodworms. There is a
tower in the game where the floors are wooden - and don't keep the
woodworms hungry.

When you have fallen through, and used the ladder (near Druid's House) to
climb down the second hole, you may find that pulling Mummy's bandage can
really make him spin. Don't forget the staff.

If you talk to the other Wizards you can be made a Wizard.

You can have a duel with the Witch, but a Wizard must know some magic words

This is a really tough part in the game: To find a tree with a pink smudge,
you have to be really careful. When you go beyond the Dragon's Cave to the
right, you will find that there is a path leading to the Snowman. But,
instead of taking that path, where you must cross to the other side, you
have to click on the other path, which is a little bit under the first
trail. There will be some ice on which you must click the "Walk To" icon.
Talk to the tree with the pink spot to learn magic words.

When in Witch's house, pick up the broom to make the Witch appear. To beat
the witch, keep on saying "sausages". To run away from the dragon, turn
into a mouse "abracadabra", and run through a mouse hole.

You need a climbing pin to get to the snowman when you are heading for
Sordid's tower. To melt a snowman you need a good breath.

If you beat the witch, you now possess something to fly over the hole to
the door of the Sordid's tower. Don't sweat - drink something (magical).

There is something inside the bucket. Take the leaf and the stone. If you
ever sailed before, you know what's needed to move your boat. Pick up the
lilyleaf, use the matchstick with the lilyleaf and the leaf with the
matchstick. Move to the seeds, and get one. Make oil by grinding the seed
with the stone. Oil is good to remove the rust. If you saw cowboy movies,
you know how to throw a lasso. Once the tap filled up some more water, you
can cross the lake.

You must make the frog leave. This is tricky. First use "Look At" icon on
the water, then it will say that there is a little tadpole.

Ever hear of magic mushrooms ?

Pick up a branch from the tree. Use the branch on the chest.

Pick up the shield and the spear, and go downstairs. Get the skull. Pick up
the chest, and break-open it (try moving the lever).

If you use a sock on the pouch, you can get the mouse from its hole. Talk
to the mirror, and get the magic staff.

The two demons can't hurt you. Get a book, chemicals, and use chemicals on
your shield. Use the shield on the hook in the room. Read the book. A good
spy knows how to put that mirror to use. As I said earlier, you are here to
help, even the demons from hell.

Once you get to The Pits, pick up the pebble and the sapling. Talk to the
attendant. Brochures are made to be read. Does that ring the bell ?

Matches from the counter came come in handy later. You may pick up
something useful on the way.

Is Sordid stoned ? Then do so - something magic can help.

"Maybe you can light his fire." Make sure you destroy Sordid's wand - it
tells you how in his book.

Poor old Sordid can end up dead if he doesn't watch his step (and slips
into the flames).

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