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This ship guide is far from complete, mainly because of the lack of info Volition provides. Therefore I have only selected ships that you'll be flying. This means that only fighter and bomber class ships have been mentioned ... no destroyers, cruisers, .... This also means that no Shivan fighters are mentioned (except for the modified Terran one). You'll encounter them in a few mission, but you never get the opportunity to fly it. I also haven't included the blablabla texts Volition has provided in the encyclopaedia.

You can find every ship listed per race and alphabetically. Just click the ship you want to watch and you'll get an overview of the ship, including a little snapshot of it.

There are abbreviations in front of the name of the ship, which contain some vital information. The abbreviation usually contains 2 components: a race component and a ship class component. If you combine both together you get the full abbreviation:

GTGalactic Terran ACArmored Container
GTVAGalactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance BBomber
GVGalactic Vasudan CCruiser / Container
NTFNeo Terran Front CvCorvette
SShivan DDestroyer
TTerran (containers only) DrDrone
VVasudan (containers only) EPEscape Pod
MMedical Ship
SSupport Ship
SCLightly Armored Container /
Research Ship
SGSentry Gun
TCHeavily Armored Container

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