While playing the game type "". Message will show "Cheats activated". Then the following combinations of keys will change the state of a cheat:

Hold down "~" and press :

C - Send message to enemies.
K - Kill target.
I - Invulnerability.
O - Toggle Descent-style physics.
W - Infinite weapons for just YOUR ship.
G - Mark all primary goals complete.
R - Issue a rearm request for target.
9 - Scroll forward through all secondary weapons.
0 - Scroll forward through all primary weapons.
ALT + G - Mark all bonus goals complete.
ALT + K - 10% damage to yourself.
SHIFT + C - Toggle availability of countermeasures for all ships.
SHIFT + K - Destroy targeted subsystem.
SHIFT + I - Toggle invulnerability for target.
SHIFT + W - Infinite Weapons for ALL ships, including yours.
SHIFT + G - Mark all secondary goals complete.
SHIFT + 9 - Scroll backward through all secondary weapons.
SHIFT + 0 - Scroll backward through all secondary weapons.

Note: You CANNOT advance the mission if you activated the cheat codes.


Go into one of the single missions and activate the unlimited ammo cheat. Leave the single mission (you don't have to finish) and return to the campaign. You will now have unlimited missiles and keep the ability to advance in the campaign.

Debug Codes:

arrrrwalktheplank - Volition pirate ship (enter in mission)
tooledworkedowned - Jim Boone or Alan Lawrance appear (enter in mission)
vasudanswuvfishes - Fishtank (Enter at player select screen - Vasudan Main Hall)
humanheadzinside - Yuch! (Enter at player select screen - Vasudan Main Hall)

Note that cheats may not support all versions of the game.