The Strife cheat codes
      omnipotent - Toggle God mode; can't be injured, except in teleport
      stonecold  - Kill all enemies on level
      boomstix   - All Weapons, full Ammo, 200% armor
      jimmy      - All Keys (repeatable); 3 modes: none -} regular keys -}
                   special keys (-} none)
      donnytrump - All cash and artifacts (repeatable); max. 100 artifacts
      gripper    - Toggle Stealth boots
      pumpup$    - Toggle/get power up ($ = B, I, M, H, P, S, T); B=Berserk
                   strength (-}end of hub?), I=Invisibility (toggle), M=Mask
                   (toggle), H=Health (repeatable; max 50/50/20), P=Backpack,
                   S=up Stats (repeatable; max. 100/100), T=Targeter
      elvis      - No clipping (walk through walls)
      rift##     - Warp to level ## [01-34]
      scoot#     - Teleport to map spot
      lego       - Get a piece of Sigil (repeatable; max. 5 pieces)
      dots       - Display fps dots (fps = 70 / {dots+1})
      gps        - Display co-ordinates/angle in hexadecimal notation
      topo       - Toggle map detail (can use in Map Mode only; repeatable)
                   3 modes: normal -} all walls -} all enemies (-} normal)
      spin##     - Switch music to track ## [00-35]
      (Notes: To use the cheats, type 'em in while the game is in progress;
              Even in Bloodbath skill, all cheats are enabled; there are no
              equivalents for the demo codes "stuff", "ilive" and "aibrain")

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