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Welcome to my Half-Life Spoiler.I hope it proves to be useful. I think I have covered most parts of the game and haven't left too much out if any. In certain parts of the game, things can be done differently and if you wish you can deviate from the guiding of this spoiler. It is up to you how you follow this guide.

Please do not copy this material without my permission

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    I hope this does prove useful.

Now onto...



    You begin inside a small tram moving along an electric rail. Listen to the announcements over the P.A system they could become quite useful. After the tram stops get out and follow the Security Guard and he will let you in to the Black Mesa Research Facility. Go and talk to the guard at the front desk. Now to get your HEV suit. Head down the hallway and take the first right ( You can also follow the signs on the wall). At the intersection take another right. head down the hallway until you come to the locker room. Move to the room where the HEV suit are stored and press the middle button on the console.Now go put on your HEV suit. Walk back to the lockers and find the yours ( it has your name, Freeman, written on it) . Take the HEV suit power and walk out and follow the signs on the wall to get to the test labs. The guard will let you in. Get in and use the elevator and when the elevator stops follow the hallway until you come across a group of Scientists waiting for you. Talk to the Scientists and when they are finished one will activate the retinal scanner. Once the door opens walk through it and make your way to the test chamber. Two more Scientists will be there waiting for you also. They will begin to talk about how risky the experiment is (a little discomforting isn't it). When they are finished they will open the door with the retinal scanners. Walk inside and await their instructions. Climb up the ladder and press the big red button on the console when told to. Now climb back down and towards the sample that has just arrived. Push it into the beam thing when told to.

   Oh dear, not good.



What a mess!

    You need to leave the test chamber. where the door was there should now be a mighty big hole. Go through it and use the retinal scanner. Because of the accident the scanners have malfunctioned and are not denying you access. So once the door opens step through. Get back to the elevator and go up. There should be two Scientists there, one who is injured and lying on the ground and another one helping him. Talk to the uninjured one and he will tell you to get to the surface and will then let you out. Be careful when entering the next room for there is a large electrical beam shooting out from the wall so time it carefully and pass through it when it stops.Now when you find the thin red beam crawl under it (you will find out why later) and walk very carefully to the other end of the hallway. Pick up the crowbar, break out the glass in the door and crawl through. Now at the second elevator shaft there is no way to prevent what happens so after it has happened( don't want to give away anything) climb into the shaft and make your way up via the ladders. When you get to the next floor a Security Guard will be firing at two zombies. Help him out using your crowbar and if he survives talk to him and he should follow you, if he dies take his gun.

    If you wish you can stop by the locker room again and this time some-else's locker will be open and there should be a few clips for a pistol.   

    Now you need to get back to the main entrance you came through at the beginning of the game so make your back there. Look around and you will see that a vent grate has been blown off by a nearby explosion, so crawl through and into the computer room. Be careful because there are a few Headcrabs lurking about here. Also there is a health dispenser here if you need it. Now jump from the fallen computer in the middle to the computer on the far side of the room and then into the vent. Once out of the vent press the button to open the security door and if you haven't acquired a pistol yet grab one from the dead guards body. There is another health dispenser here if you need it.   

    You are now about to meet some Houndeyes, these are pain in the butt because they attack in packs and use some sort of "sonic squeal" as a form of attack and in packs can prove deadly. Though you can hear them charge up their squeal giving you a few seconds to kill them before they hurt you. Near the first pack of Houndeyes there is a health dispenser on the left through a window so if you need to use it smash the window and go through to use it. Follow the hallway around killing any Houndeyes you meet. At the end of the hallway there is a metal door to your right. Go through and climb the ladder. When at the top shoot the canisters to kill the Zombies and Headcrabs. Proceed down the passage on the right and talk to the Scientist and get him to follow you.

    Follow the catwalk and kill the Zombie devouring another Scientist. If the Scientist is still following you he will walk over to the retinal scanner and it will give you access to the supply room which is filled with goodies such as grenades and ammo. When you are all stocked up leave the supply room and go back down.

    Continue following the passage way. Now you will come across your first Alien Slave. These creatures fire bolts of electricity from their arms which can hurt you quite bad. Like the Houndeyes you can see it charge up its electricity before it attacks. Again try and kill it before it charges up and gets you. Follow the hallway until it ends. There is a Scientist hiding in the dumpster but be careful for there are some Headcrabs there as well. Kill the Headcrabs and if you need use the health dispenser behind the dumpster. Back at the metal grate a Zombie should crawl out of the metal grate. Kill it and break the grate on your side. Drop in the hole and continue through the passages until you find a valve. Turn it and the tunnels will fill with water. Swim back through the tunnels until you find the grate on the other side of the one you came through. Once found surface and climb back up to where the Zombie was. Continue down the passage way.

    You will now come to a large freight elevator. The switch at the top activates it. Flip the switch and quickly get onto the elevator. While on the elevator a whole lot of Headcrabs will begin to fall down to you. Most will bounce off but some get the chance to do some damage, so ready your crowbar and kill any that don't bounce off. There is a health dispenser on a platform at the bottom of the elevator shaft so if you need to use it, you need to jump to it.

    Now you will come to a metal bridge type thing. A Bullsquid will teleport in and break the bridge leaving only a little left on your side ( like in real life if you walk to the far end of the bridge it will start to drop under your weight so don't go too far on the bridge). You need to jump on the pipes and make your way across to the vent. Break and enter the vent, follow it around to the second vent. Break this and leave the duct. Beyond the crates there is another broken metal catwalk. On the far side a Bullsquid is attack a bunch of Headcrabs. Leave them to it ( better him than you), when the Headcrabs are dead shoot the Bullsquid from a distance. Now be careful because attached to the roof are barnacles. Barnacles stick to the roof and let out a tendril that catches anything and sucks it and eats it. A couple of shoots should make it pull its tendril up. Or you can simply do your best to dodge the tendrils.

    Jump into the water and swim to the end. Climb the ladder and use the health dispenser if necessary. Follow the walk way around and go through the door. You should be in a room full of boxes. Climb up the ladder and carefully jump from box to box to get to the other side. Once on the other side follow the hallway and climb up the ladder. Enter the elevator and press the button.



    Welcome to the Office Complex. You need to get down the hallway, but do not start running off down there yet because if you look a wire has come loose and it is live and extremely dangerous (it kills you very easily). Just before the live wire is a vent grate. Go and break open the grate and enter it. At the end break open the grate and go into the room. There is a Barnacle on the roof as well so  be careful. Also while you are there more Barnacles will be bursting from the roof as well.

    In the corner is a door labelled "HIGH VOLTAGE" open it, go through, and flip the switch. Now the hallway should be safe.

    Now back at the hallway you can proceed down without getting killed. At the doorway at the end of the hallway you need to break the glass and climb through. The room filled with water is electrified so don't go there yet. I think it is about time to stock up of some supplies so go left and to the wooden door. A Zombie should start to break through. Let him demolish the doorway then kill him. Go in and take the pistol clips. Leave and continue left and when you get to the crates break them up with the crowbar and continue on. You should come across a supply room that is locked by a steel mesh gate. You will also see a Security Guard and a Zombie sneaking up on the guard. Kill the Zombie and the Security Guard will let you in. Grab the shotgun. And if you need it climb down the ladder to find some HEV power and First Aid kits.

    Now head back to room filled with water. The water is electrified. So you have to keep out of the water. Jump into the window frame and from here to the table. Now jump to the sink. From the sink to the far wall which has a health dispenser near it. Then to the table/counter on the other side. Turn off the light by using the switch and activate your flashlight. You can now safely walk through the water. The closet has HEV power in it if you need it. Break open the grate and venture in the vent duct. You may have to kill some Headcrabs. At the fan if there are any Headcrabs in the fan room they should try and attack you and consequently jump into the fan killing themselves. Once in the fan room you have to be careful because of the fan. continue on and break the grate at the end of the duct. Don't enter the room yet. There is a security turret inside and that unlucky Scientist just found out. Now you have two options: 1. Leave the turret on to kill off some pesky aliens or 2. you can disable it  by pressing the switch underneath the turret. Both have a down side so either way it doesn't matter.

    TO DISABLE THE TURRET: To disable the turret you need to flip the switch which is located underneath the ledge where the turret is positioned. Make a runner to the boxes, then quickly duck and smash away any boxes that get in the way and then pull the switch.

    TO KILL THE HEADCRABS: To lure the Headcrabs into the turrets firing range you need to run into the corridor straight ahead. In the corridor is a big herd of Headcrabs, once they see you, RUN back to the turret and into the room across the hallway. You should make it un-harmed but the Headcrabs get massacred.

    The room at the back has some supplies in and also some Alien Slaves and a Bullsquid that teleport in. Take care of them and then pick up everything and return to the area where the Headcrab herd was. Continue up the stairs and you will find a Security Guard. Get him to follow you. Now head into the offices. Inside and around the offices are quite a few Alien Slaves so having him around isn't such a bad idea. Inside the offices are some useful supplies so if you need Health of HEV power hunt around the offices and you should find some. Before leaving the office area locate the lounge. Jump on the lounge and smash the ceiling tiles with the crowbar and climb up the ladder. There is a security turret here and you need to de-activate it. To de-activate you need to activate it first ( You can't de-activate a turret if it is not activated, and if you try it becomes impossible to de-activate it) then run to the de-activation switch and pull it to turn it off. Now grab the shotgun shells and climb back down the ladder.

    Exit the offices but beware there are Alien Slaves waiting near the stairs. There is also one trying to hide in between the vending machines. Kill them then venture up the stairs and kill the Headcrabs at the top ( this is much easier if you have de-activated the turret). Follow the hallway till you come to a large room filled with Headcrabs and Zombies. Kill them and then proceed to hack away at the boarded up door. Follow the passage and you will arrive at another lounge area with some vending machines and a couple of Zombies. Kill the Zombies and flip the metal switch to open the meat locker door.

    Enter the meat locker and turn left. A Scientist should come running out to you. Enter the room he ran from and be prepared to kill a Bullsquid. Pick up the grenades. At the back of the meat locker in a shadowy corner is some crates. Get close and a Bullsquid will burst through the boxes, kill it. Pull the switch to activate the moving platform. Now return to the entrance of the meat locker and climb the ladder. Crawl the vent duct, break it open and crawl inside. While crawling through the ducts you will encounter one or two Headcrabs so be prepared to deal with them. Keep following the duct until it ends then break open the grate. When the platform passes by jump onto it. There is some HEV health in the crates if you need it. On the opposite side of where you jumped onto the platform is another grate. Jump onto this one and follow it until you come to a room filled with Barnacles. Shoot them and don't forget to grab the shells and HEV power. Now jump up to the open duct and follow it until it ends, and climb the stairs.

    In the next hallway a Scientist will come flying through the window and two Zombies will come, one from the walkway above and one from the wall. Kill both. Climb into the broken window and grab the Shotgun and shells and the First Aid kits if necessary. Also where the Zombie broke through the wall there should be some grenades.

    Now follow the passage and you will come to an elevator shaft. you need to jump to the ladder at the far end of the opposite wall. It is a fair way so time your jump carefully. Once safely on the ladder continue up climbing the ladders. Unfortunately there is no way to help the dangling Scientist, so keep going and jump onto the ladder on the elevator. Once on the elevator break the grating and jump in. Now Open the doors and be prepared to meet the recovery team.



    There are a First Aid and HEV power up dispenser here so take this time to fill up on both. A Scientist will be pounding on the window of a Security Guard's office. The Scientist will then run off down the corridor and into the blue beam. Ahh, Blue lasers are now very bad. Go down the hall, when you turn the corner you will notice that there are some thin red lasers, these are also bad. The red lasers activate automated machine guns. It is quite hard to dodge the red lasers so just run past them and duck behind a crate. One well placed Grenade should take out the machine gun. There will be some Headcrabs teleporting in so watch out for them. Search the crates and move out of the room. In this hall there are two blue lasers, you can shoot the explosive (where the laser is coming out of) or you can throw a Grenade in to clear it out, I found a Grenade easier. Destroy both trip mines and continue down the hall.

    You should arrive in a kitchen type area and Alien Slaves will begin teleporting in. You should have just picked up the MP5 a little earlier, so take them out with that. There is a health dispenser on the wall if needed. Now head down the ramp and you will find another red laser leading into a room filled with crates and some automated machine guns. Run forward behind the cover of the crates about now some Alien Slaves should start to teleport in thus activating the machine guns. The machine guns should take care of the Slaves for you, but on the down side they have been activated. Throw some Grenades in their general direction or shoot them with the MP5. Now jump onto the stack of crates but don't drop back down on the other side yet. There are two machine guns down there. The one directly below you is fairly easy to destroy but the one in the little hidey hole by the fire door isn't. You can throw a Grenade at it if you wish or get close enough to shoot it. When you drop down several Headcrabs will teleport in and probably get enough time to get in one attack. Instead of killing them I found easiest to shoot the "Break in case of Emergency" button that close the fire doors, wait until it stars to close then quickly jump down and duck under the door just before it closes leaving the Headcrabs to hit the door.

    Some announcements should be coming over the P.A system stating that the Black Mesa Complex is now under Military command. Ahh, that's good, some help at last. Now you need to get to the surface.

Follow the hallway and you should come to another pile of crates, climb over them but watch out when getting down the other side. The floor is wet and if you slip you could fall into the elevator shaft. There are some red lasers as well. These lasers activate two machine guns waiting in the hall just ahead. Lob in some Grenades and they should do the trick. Now carefully walk across the water and continue down the hall. Now climb the ladders into the next room.

    In this room a Scientist is talking to a Soldier. Yikes! A whole lot of good the Military are! Damn, now the Military are very bad as well.  Ride the elevator and you will come to a room with a squad of Soldiers. These enemies are highly intelligent and work together to bring you down. They aim well and are experts in Grenade throwing. You should be able to kill the two up on the catwalk fairly easily because they are concentrating on massacring the scientists and not you, so dispense of them and move along the catwalk. Shoot the Barnacles blocking your way and keep moving firing at any Soldier that appears.

    When you come to the intersection take a right, into a room with a conveyor belt and Barnacles on the roof. You can shoot or dodge the Barnacles and then get onto the conveyor belt and get off at the next room. There is a HEV power dispenser here as well as a health dispenser, and some MP5 ammo too. Jump up onto the boxes to get to the next conveyor belt and ride it to the next room. Before entering the room shoot the explosive barrels to clear the way of any hazardous materials before the fire fight starts. Kill the soldier here and throw some Grenades into the trench to take out the three machine guns there. When you have cleared them out jump into the trench and head the opposite direction of the blue lasers. Another fire fight is coming up with some Soldiers though somewhat harder. They have the height advantage and will try to stay hidden from you, so keep moving and shooting while avoiding the Barnacles. maybe a Soldier will get caught in one of their tendrils. Once the Soldiers are dead walk to the top of the catwalk and use the health dispenser if needed and grab the ammo lying up there. There are some Barnacles in the shadows so be careful. Keep moving along the catwalk and when entering the next room exercise extreme caution. There is another squad of Soldiers down there waiting for you, and will usually send up some Grenades to greet you. The best way to kill them is to run along the catwalk firing down upon them as they run for cover.

    Once you come to the elevator, ride it to the top to get to the surface. But be warned that the welcoming committee are not going to be all that welcoming. There are three Soldiers up there to begin with, but more will come soon. Run out of the elevator and kill the three guards and use the health dispenser if necessary and run out of the small enclosure. Head towards the left and you should come to a door leading to a ladder. Climb down and head down the hallway and open the door leading to the control ventilation shaft. After the roof falls in get down the ladders to the vent duct opening as quickly as possible or some soldiers will be tapping on your back. In the duct are three duct grates. The top two lead to places you may of seen but haven't been able to get to, and the bottom grate is where you have to go. If you need supplies follow the top two duct openings first then the bottom one. Head down the bottom duct and go down the middle shaft. Be careful of the fan.

    You should end up in the little security office at the start of the level. A Scientist will tell you to try and make it to Silo D. Press the button in the office then leave the office and enter the door that just opened and embark into Silo D.



    Things are just about to heat up so stay alert. Use the crowbar to break away the blockade and kill the Bullsquid. Head into the room and go for the control booth, flip the switch to call the elevator. Now climb down to the elevator and ride it down to the bottom. Once at the bottom hop on the cart. The cart is turned on using the "USE" key and its speed it controlled by the "FORWARDS" and "BACKWARDS" keys. Along the track the carts follows is a lot of Bullsquids, Houndeyes, and Headcrabs. You can go slow and kill them all or just fly ahead at top speed and avoid them. Towards the end of the track you can set the carts speed to full if you want to jump across the radioactive waste and land on a box, then keep jumping from box to box to get to the other side. But what I found easier (and healthier) was to jump off just before the cart hit end, then climb back on and jump onto the little rails on the side and from there jump onto the bit of cement running along the side of radioactive waste pool. Then walk around and under the pipes to get to the ladder on the other side. Climb the ladder to get onto the pipe then go and drop into the opening in the pipe just ahead.

    Follow the pipe and jump out and the end, then jump up to the pipe running close to the top of the room and follow it. You can get on it from the balcony by jumping from there to the pipe. You should come to another room filled with toxic waste. Jump onto the next pipe and make your way to the elevator. When you enter the room there are some First Aid kits and some HEV power to your left. To get there jump to the silo base and follow it over to the ledge. Go get in the elevator and ride it to the top. At the top are some Houdeyes, Headcrabs and a Bullsquid. Be wary when shooting at them for if the barrels explode they take the bridge with them and it is a long jump to make. Once across enter the silo.

    Things are getting worse all the time. A gigantic three Tentacled  monster has moved into the silo. It needs to be destroyed, but your weapons are no match for it. Luckily it is located in test fire area for an experimental weapon. But you need to turn on the Fuel and Oxygen, and Power. The Tentacle will attack and kill the Scientist so once the Tentacle gets out of the way leave the control room. Before climbing the ladder you should kill the Barnacle. At the top of the ladder is a Security Guard who tells you the monsters weakness, it is blind and relies on sound to hunt. So leave the Guard here for now. When you enter the adjacent room another Security Guard is here and he does a rather foolish thing. Now who's gonna clean up the mess he made? Crawling puts you in stealth mode but so does walking ( holding down the speed adjust button while moving).  Grab the Grenades you will need them later on. Walk to the ladder and if the Tentacle gets to close throw a Grenade in a direction away from you so that once it explodes it grabs the Tentacles attention allowing you to proceed. Try and blow up the crates blocking up the ladder and try and blow up the boarded door. You need to get to the second level and through the doorway there.

    Once at the doorway exit the silo and kill the Zombie, if the bridge explodes then you can jump onto the thin pipe and walk across the gap. Follow the hall and you will come to a T-Section, to your left is the Fuel and Water room door but it is locked, so we need to find another way in. Go right and there is a ladder, before venturing down the ladder drop a Grenade down to kill the two Zombies that are lurking in the shadows. Climb down and break the grate with the crowbar. Climb down to the pipes below, follow them until the intersection and then take a left. You should arrive at a ladder, climb up. Break the grate at the top of the ladder and kill the Zombie. Now head down the hall and open the door, dispose of the two Zombies that lurk here. Now climb down the ladders to the fan switch. You need to switch on the fan to continue so once there flip the switch, it is important that you move fast once the switch has been flipped. You need to get up the ladder as quickly as possible or it becomes impossible to get back up. Once at the top look up at the boarded up ceiling, you need to get up there. Once the fan is at full power jump into the air stream and you will be pushed up to the ceiling.

    Once up there break the grate and climb in and be prepared to kill a few Headcrabs that jump out at you. Crawl through the duct and you will come to a ladder. Climb down and kill the couple of Zombies in the Fuel and Oxygen room. Once they are dead press the button marked "FUEL" and "OXYGEN". Right that is the Fuel and Oxygen taken care of, now for the Power. exit the control room and head back to where the Tentacle is, we now need to get to the bottom level of the pit and go in through the doorway there. Again use Grenades to lure away the Tentacle. If you haven't already throw a grenade at the barricade blocking the doorway allowing you easy access. Follow the metal floor and jump the gap. Then quickly run for the door because something is about to crash straight through the metal floor that you just ran over. Open the door and proceed through. The door will lead to another bridge with explosive barrels on it. Try and kill the Bullsquid from where you are instead of crossing the bridge to get him. Once he is dead cross the bridge and in the case that the bridge gets blown up you can again walk on the thin pipe to get across.

    Follow the hallway and through the puddle (that puddle gets its own back latter). You will come to an open room with a Bullsquid and quite a few Barnacles hanging on the roof. Kill the Bullsquid and if you wish you can shoot the Barnacles. Call the elevator. You can either ride the elevator down, though it stops half-way down and you must jump onto the metal ladder running down the side of the shaft before it crashes down into the harmful waste. Or you can get up on the railing the runs along the jutting out bit of floor and jump onto the ladder from here. Once at the bottom you will see a Scientist and a panel monitoring the generator. It shows that it is currently off, and the Scientist will tell that the generator needs to be turned on. Now walk down the hallway and jump on the pipe to avoid the waste spill. Continue down the hallway and kill the Zombie that is here. You will find the generator just ahead. Walk onto the platform and press the button, it will move around to a ladder. Climb the ladder and watch out for the berserk platform that keeps whizzing around ( if you get in its way it kills you so be careful). Time getting down from the ladder so that the berserk platform doesn't get you, then run along the little ledge to either one of the ladders and climb up. Jump onto the generator and you will see a Scientist cowering on top of the generator. Press the button and an electrical cord comes and plugs into the generator. The is cord is lethal as well so get out of the way of it. Climb back down and once again time your descent so that you can run across to the next ladder without being killed. Climb up the next ladder and press the button here. Another cord come out and plugs into the generator. Now the generator is on move back to the platform that brought you here and go back to the monitoring panel. It now shows it is fully operational. There is a health dispenser by the Scientist if you need it. Climb back up the ladder to the back to the top.

    When back in the hallway don't walk through the puddle. The puddle is now electrified because the power is on (see I told you it would get its own back). Go push the boxes from the room you came from into the puddle to form some stepping stones. Now climb onto one and make a running jump to clear the rest of the puddle. Head back to the Blast Pit. You need to get back to the control room from the start of the level. As usual walk or crawl and use Grenades to lure the Tentacle away. Once back at the control room press the button marked "TEST FIRE".

    OHHH! Anyone for Toasted Tentacle!

    Get back down to where the Tentacle was and climb down the ladder into the hole it left. Follow the hole until it turns to a drop into water. Since it is quite high try and land in the water or you will probably break your neck. Swim back up to the ledge and search around with your flashlight. Grab the .357 ( The Magnum!) a gun with a lot of whoop ass power. Grab the ammo and drop back into the water. Swim under the pipes and you will emerge into an area full of toxic waste. Climb down the ladder if you need to use a health dispenser or HEV power dispenser. Climb back up and jump onto the pipe running along the room. Walk along until it hits the roof and you can't go any further then drop down onto the pipe next to it and follow that one. Follow it until you come to the big pipe, then climb on top of it and turn the valve. It will extend the pipe allowing you to jump across to the pipe opposite it. Crawl into the gap in the mesh and follow the pipe. Soon it will break under your weight and you will end up in a room full of crates. Break open the crates to find some laser trip mines. Head out into the hallway.



    Follow the hallway and you will come to a large room with some Soldiers fighting a new alien beastie called the Gargantua. Whoa! He is gonna take a lot of fire power to kill. Don't muck about here because when he is done with the Soldiers he is gonna come after you! Quickly run to the hallway just ahead. Now we need to turn on the power, but the entrance is blocked and Alien Slaves will teleport in to try and stop you. So now head for the Track Control room. fight off the Alien Slaves to get there. The walkway will collapse but that isn't a problem we don't need to get to Track Control just yet. Turn around and follow the hall way. Fight past the Alien Slaves and Headcrabs and follow the Power Generator signs. At the blocked stairway is a health dispenser if needed. When you come to the valve turn it and it will open the door to the hazardous waste room.

    Climb the ladders to the top room. Be careful there are some Soldiers and a machine gun up there. Once they have been disposed of search the crates and head down the hallway. You will come to a fortified room. There is a Soldier hiding behind the barricade but you can shoot the explosive boxes behind him to hopefully rid him of his breathing privileges. If you need health or some grenades walk up to the barricade then turn around and head down the little underground shelter to find them. Head up the ramp behind the barricade and proceed left. There are several Soldiers here but they should be easy to exterminate. Once the left is clear proceed down the right passage. A herd of Headcrabs will crash through the ceiling, let the Soldiers fight the Headcrabs then mop up the survivors. Thee is a HEV power dispenser inside the room. Activate the elevator but don't get on just yet. Look down there are blue lasers all around the elevator, you can shoot them or drop down a grenade to clear them out. Once they are gone get on the elevator and ride it down and follow the walkway.

    You will come to a large open room and will be greeted by some Houndeyes. Kill them and continue to the stairs, walk all the way down to the matenience level and wall through the water and shoot or grenade the boxes blocking the pump piston. Be quick for the little leech thing bite sometimes. there is a Zombie near the stairs but you should be able to dodge him without having to waste ammo. Head back up to the first level and into the power generator control room. Press the switch that should turn on the generator. Ahh power. Now that the power is on a very dangerous beam of electricity will be shooting out of a power box. Time your exit carefully as to avoid being hurt. Head back to the elevator.

    When going back up to the area above, it will be full of Soldiers. Run about and shoot at them and lure them intot he corridor ahead that leads to a little balcony where you came in. When the Soldiers are dead head back to where the giant alien beastie is. head down the other corridor and keep running till the corner. If the beast isn't following you fire at it a few times to get its attention and then run into the Generator room. Run up to the controls and press the switch, then run into the corridor off to the side and wait at the door peeking at what is about to happen. Yeah, well he wasn't so tough now was he.

    Head back to the large open area and get onto the freight car. Drive it onto the turntable and run up to the track control room. Flip the switch and use the HEV power dispenser if needed. Leave Track Control and get back on the car. Drive it into the tunnel because now your...



Keep driving until you come to the Security Guard he will tell you that you need to launch a satellite to stop the Alien Invasion. Get off the cart, grab the First Aid kits and flip the switch to raise the barrier. Then run in and shoot the Barnacles then hop back on the cart and proceed into the lift. You will go down and through a flooded tunnel the water is electrified so don't get any bright ideas about going for a swim. Stop the cart when you see the HEV power canister on the right. Go and get then get back on the cart again and keep driving. You will come to an intersection with a crane blocking the entrance to the track on the left. Kill the Houndeyes and keep driving. Leave the track switches alone for now and keep moving until you come to small alcove with a Bullsquid and a dead Soldier. Stop the cart and kill the Bullsquid then jump onto the platform and take the first Aid kits if you need them. The crates at the end of the room contain HEV power and a Grenade. Get back onto the cart and start moving again. Watch out for the Barnacles.

    At the next platform stop the cart and  kill the Bullsquid. Jump onto the platform and climb the stairs. Throw a Grenade up to clear out the crates and also dispose of the automated machine gun, if it didn't shoot it quickly before it has time to shoot back. Run up to the controls and press the switch. The crane should now be out of the way. At the bottom of the stairs is another health dispenser. Get back onto the cart and when you see the track switcher shoot it so that it is pointing left. You will now head down the track previously blocked by the crane.

    You will come to another lift but there are Soldiers waiting above. It is best to send up the cart, climb the ladder and kill the Soldier on the first level, grab the ammo and use the health dispenser if necessary then climb up to the second floor kill the Soldier there, then jump back onto the cart and continue on down the track.

    Around the first corner is quite a battle to be fought. Kill the Soldier to the right and you can use the machine gun to take out the rest. Then press the switch  on the wall to raise the barrier. Lets go exploring. Go up the stairs and you will see some Soldiers attempting to kill off some Alien Slaves. Eliminate the survivors and beware of the Soldier hiding behind the wall in the office up the stairs. Follow the hallway until you come to another staircase. A Soldier is waiting at the bottom. Now the hallway splits and goes left and right. Go left and shoot the laser trip mine emitter to clear the track. Turn back and and head down the hall to see more Soldiers fight more Slaves, once again kill the survivors. Look under the stairs and break the crate for some HEV power. Break the grate and drop down into it kill the Headcrabs then pick up the First Aid kits and ammo. Get back up the grate and make your way back to the cart. Jump across the track to the area where some Soldiers have killed some Alien Slaves, flip the switch to raise the barrier and head up the stairs. Kill everyone here and use the HEV dispenser at the back of the room. Now get back to the cart and continue driving forward.

    At the end of the track are some Soldiers and it is best if you stop the car before hand and lob a couple Grenades at them to clear them, out or at least flush them out  allowing you to kill them easily. Grab the ammo they left behind and jump across the tracks to the hallway. Fight off the Alien Slaves and Soldiers, you should come to a boarded up door. Break it up and et the Security Guard to follow and break the crates to see what's in them. In the room from the hall is a health dispenser hidden behind some crates. Watch for the Headcrabs dropping in from the ceiling.

    At the end of the hall there is another barricade with a mounted machine gun inside. The way to stop these is to kill the Soldier operating the gun. Using the crates as shields et across to where the graffiti is and you can safely toss a grenade into the barricade to kill the soldier. Open the blast door and shoot the trip mines, stand well back though. There is a Soldier on the floor below you so kill him then climb down the ladder and through the blast door. Search the crates to find some Magnum rounds there is also a HEV power dispenser hidden behind the office.

    Jump onto the freight cart and drive forwards. Duck under the lasers to not activate the automated machine guns. Shoot them if you feel the need to. Stop at the third automated gun and enter the door. Kill the Bullsquid and Headcrabs and be sure to get the Barnacle. Grab the ammo and get back on the cart. Around the next behind is a rocket launcher, like the mounted guns a Soldier will be using it and you need to kill him. Stop the cart before the bend and crawl towards the rocket launcher. When he fires at you keep running at him but jump across to the other side of the track and you should have enough time to kill the Soldier without being hurt. Go back to the cart and continue forwards.

    Trip mines are in the tunnel, so slow the cart right down and hop off, it will blow up the mines and leave you unhurt. Once the tunnel is clear jump back onto the cart and stop the cart at the next platform. Kill the horde of Alien Slaves and use the health dispenser if necessary. Go into the hallway and shoot the trip mines on the stairs, then jump onto the boxes and up the stairs. Kill the Soldiers and flip the switch to raise the blockade, you can use the HEV power dispenser if you need it. Go to where you just raised the barrier. Don't continue on down the track your on (it leads to a trap, involving lots of explosives) jump onto the other cart and kill the Soldier.

    Just ahead is another blockade, so stop and get off the cart well before you come to it. There are many Soldiers hiding in this room but don't enter the room yet. Try and coax the Soldiers to come out then kill them, then quickly run across to the ladder,climb it and run over beside the barricaded machine gun. Throw in a Grenade to kill the gunner then press the switch and go and get back on the cart. Keep driving forwards.

    You will come to an elevator but don't drive onto it yet. There are some Soldiers waiting for you and it is easier to kill them without the hassle of the cart. Climb up and search the crates while you are there. Walk around the little ledge around the elevator shaft to get to the goodies hidden in the open grate. Clear out the Soldiers then climb back down to the cart and ride the elevator up.

    At the top electricity will be shooting out of the wall, stop each time you pass one and time your advances carefully. Set the cart to its slowest speed, hop off and follow it. It will detonate the trip mines without harming you. Get back on and duck under the boxes in the room ahead. Ahead is another blockade with two Soldiers guarding a barrier raising switch. They should be easy to take of, kill them and flip the switch. Proceed on down the track.

    Duck while passing through the box room and stay ducked to avoid the rockets being fired at you. If ducking doesn't work you can do what you did at the last rocket launcher. Kill the Soldier and keep moving. The next area coming up has more electricity for you to dodge. Like before stop after each one and time your movements. Shoot the track switch so that is pointing forwards. It is almost time to ditch the cart.  

    Get off the cart and toss a Grenade down the ladder hole. Then climb down and jump out away from the red laser. Inside the room are two Zombies, don't worry about them yet, shoot the turrets first. Then throw a grenade in the room to kill the Zombies then run in and grab the ammo and use the health dispenser if necessary. Follow the track avoiding the electric part. Another barricaded gunner is here as well as a Soldier behind a barricade. Kill the Soldier then using the crates as cover sneak up on the barricaded gunner and throw in a Grenade. Search the crates and go up the stairs.

     Listen to the Soldiers talk about you, then kill them. Watch out for the hidden turret on the left wall. Run over to the blast door and open it using the keypad. To get to the next blast door you have to kill three more Soldiers. You can use the machine gun in the left corner to help you. Grab the Shotgun shells and go in. The red lasers blocking the stairs are lethal they set off the explosives mounted on the wall. Push the big crate to the right of the stairs so that it is between the second and third lasers. The climb the stairs ducking the first two lasers, then jump onto the box and from there over the third laser. Phew! Made it.

    Go through the door and kill the two Soldiers, in the computer room there is a health dispenser. Go out of the room and down the hall and into the room there. Hit the big red button. The rocket will launch. Head back outside and through the blast door and out through the big door that is now open. Climb down the ladder and break open the crates and grab the supplies which include Satchel Charges. Get on the cart and drive forward.



When you see the Soldier throw the Grenade at the track jump off and kill the Soldiers. The cart will crash through the wall and break through numerous floors and then finally land in some water. If you can't jump off the cart in time don't worry the barrels in the cage underwater will open and float to the surface allowing you to cross them to the other side. Explore the rooms on the first level to get some ammo. There are two sides at the start of this chapter, the side where the cart landed and the side opposite it. If you are stuck on the cart side, jump across the barrels, fight the Scientists and make your way to the health dispenser. Jump to the other side of the wall thing (opposite side of cart). Go through the door at the bottom of the pool and  use the crowbar to kill the  Alien Leeches. Go through the first metal door on the right to get some well needed air.

    Continue down the hall and you will come to a room with a grate on the floor. Break it and continue through it. Take the passage on the right which will take you to a room full of ammo. Open the door and swim straight ahead to get your feet back on dry land.

    In the next room there are barnacles on the roof so shoot them and also in the big pool is an Ichthyosaur. Follow the walkway around to the ladder and climb up and talk to the Scientist. he will tell you that there is a Tranquilliser (Crossbow, my favourite) in the cage. Use the health and HEV power dispenser if you need to. walk out to the cage and drop into it and grab the Crossbow. A couple of seconds later the cage breaks and falls down into the water. Get out of the cage as quickly as possible and grab a lung full of air and then dive back into the depths below and shoot at the Ichthysaur with the Crossbow. He swims fast so be careful. Once it is dead find the valve which is underwater and turn it to open the grate. Swim through the grate and get the Crossbow ammo and walk up the stairs.

    Take the first left and you will arrive at a room with Barnacles on the roof and crate in the middle of the room with Shotgun shells on it. Jump onto the crate to get the ammo and when you do some Alien Slaves will teleport in so kill them and head down the hallway. Around the corner you will come to another flooded room with a walkway running along the top. Walk past the wet part and continue on jumping the first gap. Turn the corner and stay in the middle. After you have walked a little way the walkway collapses leaving only themiddle support beam. If you fall in the water quickly swim over to the ladder and climb back up for there are two ichthysaurs roaming the waters. An Alien Slave will teleport in, kill him and continue onwards jumping the second gap. This gap is longer and may take a few goes to get it right. Once over jump through the gap in the fence and into the sealed off part of the flooded room. Swim underwater into the passage under the sign which reads "Generator Control". Follow the passage.

    When you emerge kill the Bullsquids and climb out of the water. Go into the hallway on the right and climb the ladder. Press the button on the control panel. It will start the pistons. You now have to jump in between the pistons to get to the other side, time your jumps carefully and don't get squashed. Once on the other side proceed down the hallway. In the hallway there is a health dispenser but as you approach it a Bullsquid teleports in, kill him and use the health dispenser if you need to. Follow the hall and you will come to a computer room with some Headcrabs and some Alien Slaves. Kill them all and then the Scientist will open the door. Use the HEV power dispenser on the wall and then go and talk to the Scientist. Open the freezer door and hurry to the back of the freezer to the ladder. Don't waste time killing the aliens if you don't need to. Once down the ladder follow the coloured pipe to the elevator. Ride the elevator to the top and the Security Guard will begin to tell you something but gets killed in mid-sentence. The deadly Assassins have arrived. There are several of them so keep your eyes open for them, they are black, swift and deadly. Watch out for a couple on the cat walks above. If they haven't seen you yet it is a good idea to snipe them with your Crossbow. Once they are dead Climb the stairs in the middle of the room and pull the switch to open the surface doors. Head back down and go into the little room with two crates in it. Break the crates and grab the goodies and then use the health dispenser if you need.

    Now walk into the hall with the sign that says "Surface Access" Walk through the door and... Damn fell for the oldest trick in the book, walk through the door get bagged and thrown in the trash compactor! Quickly jump up the boxes and onto the ledge on the side of the room before you get squashed by the compactor. When it has stopped jump into the right side of the compactor and climb up the ladder, grab the Crowbar and break the grate on the floor.



    Follow the pipe until you come to the outdoors. Run to the opening killing the Headcrabs and don't stop till you get to the silo. At the silo turn the valve to start the elevator at the top. Quickly climb the ladder and drop down to the elevator. Enter the pipe at the bottom. At the grate break it and drop down. Unfortunately the Security Guard can not be saved from the Barnacles. Grab his gun and then kill the Barnacles. Use the health dispenser on the far wall if you need to then make your way to the observation area. Try and avoid the Barnacles don't shoot these ones because you are just wasting ammo. Go down the stairs and kill the Headcrabs with the Crowbar (don't bother wasting the little ammo you have left on them) and use the HEV power dispenser. Both doors are locked so head back up the stairs.

    Get back to where you came in and climb up the ladder to the vat holding dangerous toxic waste. Jump onto the floating debris and into the pipe on the opposite side. Follow the pipe until it ends where then you have to jump across rising platforms to the other side to continue. Jump onto the platform on the right as it rises then straight ahead as the next platform goes down. From here jump onto the platform in the corner then to the one near the exit. If you do fall you need to climb up the ladder near where you came in.

    In the next room climb along the pipe on the left side of the room. When it starts to get thinner jump to the pipe on the right. Now exit the room. In the next room there are two rotating mechanical arms operating in a vat of toxic waste. Before you start to make your way across you should use the health dispenser on the wall in the room below the vat. There is a ladder to the left of where you came in. To make it across jump onto the first arm then walk out to the end and then jump onto the next arm as it passes by. Then walk out to the end of this arm to get to the pipe.

    In the next room jump off the conveyor belt and break the crates to get some ammo and First Aid kits. Jump back onto the belt and ride it up. You will drop into some waste, swim into the second room and swim to the side of the room and climb out to avoid being crushed by the grinder. Follow the hall and jump back into the water. Swim under the second grinder and stay under to avoid being barbequed. If you need air swim to the surface before going under the third grinder. Now swim into the small alcove to your right and use the health dispenser there if necessary. Go back under and swim into the next room and exit the water on the right side of the room. Grab Magnum if you don't already have it and kill the Bullsquid. In the control room you will find some HEV power, Satchel Charges and another health dispenser. Find the belt movement control room and flip the switches so that all the belts are moving in a direction away from the water. The go back to the control where the Bullsquid was and press the button. This stops the pounders for a small amount of time (try and get them to stop when they are in the air so you can crawl under them).

   Jump onto the right most belt and ride it safely under the pounders. Now you will be brought into a passage with moving pistons blocking the path. Time your movements so that you can pass through unhurt. The next passage has more pistons so again time your advances carefully.

    You will come to a room full of conveyor belts suspended in the air. You need to jump from belt to belt to get to the exit of this room. If you do fall down follow the signs to get toe exit. Move quickly through the incinerator as you go and when you come to the two belts running in opposite directions and one leading into a small passage drop a Satchel Charge onto the one going into the passage, detonate it when it gets to the Trip Mine. It will also take out one just around the corner. Follow the passage around and you have to jump from belt to belt again to get to the exit. Drop through the crushers jaws as they open. At the end of the conveyor belt jump over to the ledge, watch out for the Barnacles too. Now just walk through the hallway into...



Climb up the ladder and break the grate but don't go up just yet. There are about five or six Houndeyes in the room above so it is best to throw a Satchel Charge in first and  detonate it to clear them out, but if you don't have any Satchel Charges you will have to take your chances with what ever little ammo you have to kill them. We have to get out of this enclosure, the fence is electrified so don't bother trying to open the door. Pick up the Magnum ammo and shoot the little red box on top of the electrified fence, it will fizzle and fazzle about for a second or so then overload the generator box and the door will open. Go through and use the health dispenser if you need to then proceed down the hallway.

    You will come to an experiment room, take a look at the Alien Grunt in the glass case. Break the glass covering the button and press the button. It will let out the Grunt so run down the hall into the next room and into the control booth. If the Grunt follow you in press the button and electrical weapon will toast him. Use the health dispenser and kill the Soldier waiting just outside the door ( a Satchel charge at the door comes in handy). Now talk to the Security Guard and continue up the ramp. In the foyer area there are several guards, you should now have the MP5 again so use that to kill them as well as the Magnum if you run out of ammo for MP5. The Security Guard will lay down cover fire for you which is quite nice of him. Collect the ammo they dropped and the Assault Shotgun one of them had.

    Go up the stairs and into the second experiment room. press the button on the wall to open the cage for the Headcrabs. Let them see you so that they come after you then run into the control booth and press the button to toast them. Now go into the cages where the Headcrabs where and grab the Crossbow and some Snarks.

    Exit the lab and head down throwing some Snarks into the room ahead. Wait till you hear them explode then run in and kill the remaining Soldiers. Now take a right at the intersection and head down the hallway. Walk into the room at the end and grab the HEV power. Walk up to and through the door way into the observation area remember to grab the Trip Mines. Once in the observation room shoot the trip mines by the corner of the room. The two elevators on opposite sides of the room will rise letting out two Alien Grunts, seconds later the Cavalry burst through the door guns a blazing. It is quite a fight, but once it has ended mop up the survivors. Grab the ammo that the Soldiers won't be using any more then walk through the passage that has been opened up for you.

    Follow the passage but be wary for there are some Soldiers that are also in this passage. You will come to a stack of boxes, break the first couple then be careful as to avoid activating the Trip Mine. Use the health dispenser and keep moving down the hallway. Go past the Headcrabs in the glass cages and as you pass them they will break out so kill them then head up the steps. Some Soldiers will be attacking some Bullsquids so stay hidden till there finished then mop up the survivors ( mopping up is getting to become a habit now isn't it). In the main hall go down the passage on the left and listen to the two Scientists talk about their latest technological break through. Oh dear you had best be careful when using that gun. Run into the room and grab the Gauss Gun. It is a very powerful weapon that when charged up with the secondary fire button fires through walls.

    Push the red button on the console to activate the laser. Walk out the door and into the room ahead, again push the red button to activate the laser. Before leaving the second laser room grab the HEV power. Then go to the room at the very end and press the red button there as well. In this room there is also a health dispenser. To activate the fourth laser walk down the hallway across from this one and into the room filled with Houndeyes. Kill them then press the button to turn on the fourth and final laser.

    Search the crates in this area to get the goodies then follow the lasers along the roof to where they are headed ( Laser Control Room ). Enter the room and a big machine is situated in the middle of the room. Press the button on the console and a test fire wall will come down and the machine will generate a powerful laser, combined of the ones you just turned on. Now we need to block the test fire wall. Push the crate up against the back wall and right next to slightly elevated part where the machine is. Now press the test fire button and the wall will come down, hit the crate, and go back up again. Now the laser will fire breaking through the wall. Wait till it stops then go through the hole in the wall and onto the pipe.

    Jump down to the ledge then onto the floor below. Open the door and the Scientists will tell you that they have access but you need to turn off the surgical unit. Turn off the surgical unit by timing your movements carefully then get one of the Scientists to follow you. If you haven't killed the Headcrabs you have to or the Scientist will stop following. Proceed to the foyer area. The Scientist will activate the Retinal Scanner and will tell you that he will alert the Lamba Team that your on your way. Now go through the revolving door and shoot the guard. Lob a Grenade up onto the roof to clear out the turrets the run into the tunnel and break the crates to get some HEV power and ammo, then open the big door and into...



There are some Soldiers to your left and right, side step out left and take out the one there with the Crossbow then quickly turn and get the other one. Hopefully you shouldn't take much or no damage. There are more Soldiers hiding in the tunnel straight ahead though they of come out when they heard gunfire. Entice them out near the barrels and when they get close to them shoot the barrels. The barrels will explode killing the Soldiers. Now grab the ammo they dropped and the First Aid kits lying about, and continue down the tunnel. You will come to an opening sneak out and have a look but don't get too close for the helicopter patrolling the dam will start firing at you. Now you can't run across the dam because there is one helluva big machine gun on the other side, that leaves only the water below. Ready your Crossbow because your gonna need it. Once the chopper has passed the water run and jump into the water. There is an Ichthysaur in the water so kill him then swim over to the structure in the water and climb the ladder. Go into the building and press the button. Jump back into the water and swim down to the valve, turn and swim through the now opened grate and you will come out on the other side. Grab some air then stay underwater to avoid the chopper, only coming up for air when you need to.

    On the rock to your left is some HEV power, wait for the chopper to go before getting it though. Follow the water and climb up the ladder at the other end then quickly into the pipe to avoid be shot by the chopper. At the end of the pipe shoot the Headcrabs coming out of the small cave in the side of the cliff then run in and grab the First Aid kit. Run back tot eh boxes and break them open to get the ammo then climb up the ladder. Follow the ledge around and then up the second ladder. The chopper is still flying about so stay low. The rocks to your left hide a passage that you need to get to. When the chopper flys past run over there and through the passage (there may be a Houndeye depending on whether the chopper has already killed it). You will come to an open area with a Tentacle in the middle. Just in front of you the sand will bulge, there is a Headcrab in the bulge so kill it. If you want you can throw Grenades to distract the Tentacle then run over and grab the goodies it is protecting or you can go up the rocks in front of you and head down the passage to the minefield area.

    At the minefields, throw Grenades to explode the mines. Head right to the sign that reads "MINES" then turn and go up the wall and down the small passage here. You will see a small building. There are Soldiers hiding around here so be careful. Run out and kill the Soldiers by moving about and using the MP5 if you have ammo for it. When they are dead grab their ammo then go into the building and turn the valve. This will open the Storm Drain Hatch. Go back to where you came through the passage and back to the mines. You need to get to the Storm Drain Hatch, it is roughly in the middle and straight up. You can jump the fence by doing a running jump from the little hill. Climb down the ladder.

    It's a long way down so don't fall. There is a turret on your right, kill that then snipe the Soldier on the level beneath it. Now slowly move forward and kill the Soldier directly below you. Drop down and follow the ledge and kill the Soldier hiding in the small cave. Slide down the pipe and kill the Soldiers there. Then go right and jump the bridge to get the HEV power. Then half walk and half jump the bridge ( jump off the bridge as it starts to collapse). Once back at the pipe follow the ledge around and you will come to cave with some metal doors and a single Soldier guarding this supply bunker. Kill the Soldier and go through the doors. Grab the Rocket Launcher or RPG as some call it ( Rocket Propelled Grenade) and go back through the doors. The Apache helicopter will return but this time do we have something it won't suspect! Use the RPG to take out the Apache and watch it explode!

    NOTE: You must keep the laser sight on your target for the rocket to hit the target

    Once the Apache is gone continue along the ledge and climb up the ladder. Walk up the ramp made of rocks and jump across the ledges. Climb up the next ladder once your up there and head for the storm drain. There are Headcrabs here so be prepared to tackle a few of these little buggers. Climb into the drain and follow it through till you get to an T-Section. Go left ( it doesn't really matter which way you go you end up in the same area, but for now go left) and climb the ladder but only stick your head out a little bit and pull out the Crossbow and snipe as many Soldiers as you can before they realise that they are being picked off faster than ducks in the hunting season. Once they see where you are get out of the ladder hole your in and duck behind the barricade. Use the MP5 now. Keep moving in the little space your in but don't go any further. There is a Tank just ahead and it is a fully functioning Tank. Once the Soldiers are dead you need to get past the Tank. Run at it, strafing as to dodge the projectiles it's firing. Once behind it you are temporarily safe but there is another Soldier in the small repair bays. Kill him then run over there and grab his ammo and use the health dispenser if you need to. Search the crates then go round behind the Tank and place a Satchel Charge underneath it. Retire to a safe distance then explode it. It takes two or three Charges till it eventually explodes.

    Think your safe? Well your not so don't relax just yet. There is a smaller but quicker Tank in this area. Use the crates as protection, but the won't last long so get as close as you can to the hole in the wall then jump through. There are numerous Soldiers below so use the Crossbow to snipe the visible ones then jump down there and use the MP5 to kill the rest. Search the crates and grab the ammo the Soldiers dropped then make your way back up to the hole. You can kill this Tank but you can just run for the door and get through it before the Tank has time to react or you can place three or four Satchel Charges under it to kill it.

    Once through doors and Alien Flying Machine will drop an Alien Grunt and an Alien Slave, then quickly go as the F-16 is right behind it. Kill the Slave and Grunt then head right and go down along side the building. Jump onto the girder and over the Trip Mine then watch out for the debris of the building as parts of it crash to the ground then jump the blue lasers here. In the window on the left is a manned gun, lob in a Grenade to kill the gunner then proceed to the dying guard. Becareful for there are Mines where the sand is so shoot the ground with the Pistol or use Grenades to clear them out. At the barbed wire turn around a lob another Grenade into the window to kill the gunner of another manned gun. There are a few more mines so be careful, now crawl under the barbed wire and shoot the canisters. Good now we have a walkway up to the roof.

    Once on the roof find the opening and drop down. Talk to the Scientist and head out in the hallway. Be very, very careful, if you set off just one Trip Mine it will start a chain reaction setting off a highly explosive missile ( this missile can be seen in the intro to the game). In the room across the hallway there are some Laser Trip Mines. Jump the first laser then push the box close enough to the next one so that you can jump onto the box and then over the Mine. Do the same for the next then head down the descending ramp. Jump the mine here and quickly shoot the Headcrabs before they set off the Trip Mines. Where the elevator is against the wall near the control booth ( not the elevator in the middle of the room) shoot the box on it and then push a box just ahead of this elevator to edge of the middle elevator. Follow the hallway into the control booth ducking under the laser as you go. Kill the Headcrab and jump the beam. Press the button and jump onto the elevator. Jump from here onto the box and then onto the elevator. Press the button and ride the elevator down.

    Grab the Hornet gun at the bottom and search the crates for ammo. Walk a little into the hallway and a guard will come screaming down the hallway at you with Soldiers in hot pursuit. Well lets test this new gun, it requires no ammo as it replenishes its ammo automatically. Just aim in the general direction and shoot. Be careful at what you shoot at though, the hallway is littered with explosive objects. Kill the Soldiers and then is the Guard is still alive get him to accompany you. Keep going until you get to the truck. Run up the ramp and when the Grunts see you run straight back down again and hide. Some Military aircraft have begun bombing this area and they will kill the Grunts for you. When they are dead search the crates and go up the ramp and have a look. A Tank has smashed through the wall bringing Soldiers. The best way to kill them is to get their attention then run back down into the underground storage room and wait for them to come after you, then kill them. When they are dead run out and head for the alley to the right of the Tank. Zigzagging is a good method to get there. On the wall facing the alley is a window housing another manned gun. Throw in a Grenade to kill him.  Go through the door and kill the two Soldiers there and go upstairs. Talk to the Security Guard and he will open a locked door. WHOA! Now this is paradise. Run and grab everything. You should now be stocked to the gills. Now climb out the window and onto the small ledge. Follow it around and jump onto the power box. Then jump from here to the power box just ahead, then from there to the fire escape. Climb onto the roof of the building. Look into the ruined building, see the doorway that's where you need to be. There are several Soldiers down below you so throw one Grenade down there to entice them out, then kill them. When they are dead walk down the small ledge next to the wooden plank, then jump from here to the platform ahead, and then to the doorway.

    You will come to a large landing area. Run over to the little room to your right and wait. A plane will drop some Soldiers and some Alien Grunts will burst through the big hangar door to your right. Watch the battle and kill the survivors. Now make your way to where the Alien Grunts burst through and go down the passage, kill the Grunt and open the door at the end of the passage. Go find the Security Guard that opened the supply room for you and get him to open the other door in the passage. Run in and use the health dispenser or HEV power dispenser if you need then hurry up the steps. Open the door and use the artillery gun to blow open the second hangar door. Hurry to that door now. By now the plane would of dropped lots more Soldiers, you can run up through the hangar ( the which you just blew open) or you can kill the Soldiers and take some damage then run up through he hangar. (I prefer the run as fast as you can method myself)

    You will come to a wide passage and an open area. Use the Machine Gun to mow down the Slaves. When they are dead use the bounce pad to get you up to the second floor. Proceed to your right and look down at the Soldiers battling the Grunt and Slave, stay low till either one is dead then mop up the survivors. Search the crates then break into the vents. Just ahead at the corner several snarks will burst out and chase you. You can run back down the vent and run around outside till they explode or you can drop a Satchel Charge and explode it as they come down the vent after you. When they are dead follow the vent until you hear a Soldier say he heard something, then backup immediately. They will shoot a hole in the vent (right where you were, funny that). sneak up to the hole and drop in some snarks to kill the Soldiers below. Drop down the hole and grab their ammo.

    Just outside are two Soldiers waiting for you. When you open the door one throws a grenade at you, which explodes the boxes, which cause a support beam to come down and block the door way. But if you are quick enough you can jump the box and kill the two Soldiers before it explodes. But if you do get stuck in the room don't worry there is another way out. Press the buttons to bring the car hoist down, then press the button on the back and jump onto it, When it starts to rise jump through the hole in the wall and kill the Soldiers.

    Use the artillery gun to blow off the door and then use it to kill the three Alien Grunts. Once they are dead head into the hallway. You will come to a large room with a battle in progress. Kill the survivors and then climb down there and grab the ammo. Go through the door in the corner to find a supply room. Take the ammo and HEV power, then exit the room and climb back up to the cat walk. Jump the gap and continue on through the hallway. A Soldier will be thrown through the wall by an Alien Grunt. You can't see him yet so throw a Satchel Charge in through the hole and detonate it to kill him. Continue on.

    Around the corner you will encounter another battle. Kill any survivors and snipe the Soldier on the roof. When they are all dead drop down onto the crates below. Search the crates then use the bounce pad to get you onto the roof. Break the grate and drop into the water. Get into the pipe and slowly go forwards. About halfway through a Soldier will open the door at the other end and throw in a Grenade. Now start going backward towards the water, hurry! The Grenade will explode and the explosion will carry on through the pipe. Get under the water as quickly as possible. You shouldn't take much or no damage as the flames shoot out of the pipe above. Get back into the pipe and get ready to kill bugger that just did that to you. Open the door and kill the Soldier. Hah he won't be doing that for a while.

    In the next room there is a large pipe set in the middle of the room. Below you there are some Soldiers fighting off a horde of Headcrabs. Watch the battle and kill any survivors. Also if you need it there is a health dispenser down there. Follow the catwalk and turn the valve. It will open up one of the pipes, when it is open get into the pipe and climb the ladder. Follow the pipe and drop down to the stairs. Kill the Soldier and then head up the stairs and get the Security Guard to follow you. Head back down the stairs and kill the Soldier. The Guard will open the security door for you. On the roof is an Alien Grunt and a Slave somewhere on the ground, kill the Slave and then snipe the Grunt. Run over to where the bounce pad is and into the control booth. The Security Guard will open the door for you. Head through the door and into the parking lot.

    Inside the parking lot is a Gargantua maiming some Soldiers. Run in the opposite direction of the Gargantua and follow the parking lot around. Go up the ramp and use the bounce pad to get over the wall and into the vat of water. Get out of the water and use the bounce pad here to get to the second tower with the airstrike controls ( hmm, sounds like fun!). Listen to the radio and then position the airstrike targeter on the big door near where you had to use the bounce pad to get over the wall. When the Gargantua breaks the door, call in the airstrike and watch him burn! ( it may take one or two strikes to kill him!) Then target the walls to the bunker to your left. Watch them crumble! Now target the bunker doors. Then finally target the tower in front of you. That will crash down making a bridge for you to get to the bunker. Run along the make-shift bridge and jump the small gap onto the other side. Now head into the bunker.



You will come to big room. Get off the walk way your on for the ceiling is collapsing and you will get squashed. Jump onto the rock blocking the hallway before the rest of the roof caves in on top of you. Now head down the hallway. You will come to a control room overlooking a large room with crates scattered around it. An announcement will come over the radio saying that the Military is moving out to commence air strikes. Good: the Military is going. Bad: The airstrikes are coming. Jump out the window and walk forward to get the Alien slaves and Alien Grunts attention then run back into the control room. Press the switch to activate the turret. It should kill most of them. Before leaving this control room remember to turn off the turret. Kill any remaining aliens then search the crates and walk down the ramp.

    You can now go left or right. You have to go right to finish the chapter but go left for now. Use the Crowbar to smash through the mesh and the Pods. When the pods explode Snarks will chase after you, you can either run away from them or shoot them. Head into the room with more crates. Some Alien Grunts will teleport in so kill them then search the crates. Use the bounce pad to get onto the ledge and get the Snarks and First Aid kits. Then jump onto the metal crates to get the ammo. Now head back down the hallway. Up the stairs here is a health dispenser if you need it.

    Proceed right and kill the Alien Slaves, run up to the pipe in the middle of the water and shoot the pod. Turn the valve to open the hatch and climb down the ladder. Duck under the red laser once you're down there. Kill the Headcrab and shoot the turret. Jump across the water and onto the platform in the middle search the crates for some health. Push the metal box into the water (it doesn't matter which side), then jump onto it and then over the gate. Follow the water and turn left, kill the Headcrab and jump in the water. In the water there is an Ichthyosaur but if your quick you can swim to the left and get over the little bit without him getting you. Duck under the cog and swim between the two pipes then swim under the two that follow. Grab some air and duck under the cog, timing it so that you swim with the cog so that you don't get crushed. When you surface a Soldier will be there with a turret. Kill them and take their ammo. Now climb the ladder.

    On the surface you will face some Soldiers and a Tank. Using the rocks as cover kill the Soldiers and get behind the Tank watch out for the turret hidden to the left of the elevator. Use the health dispenser if you need to then press the button to call the elevator. At the top go down the hall and take the first right. In the next room there are two Soldiers guarding the stairs and in the crate next to the stairs there is a First Aid kit. Kill the Soldiers and climb the stairs, have a look out the window and in the warehouse there will be more Soldiers fighting more Alien Grunts. Kill any survivors and drop down to the tank. Search the crates then use the cannon on the Tank to blow off the door, then use the machine gun to kill the Slaves and Grunts that will come after you. When they are dead go down where you blew off the door but don't go into the room yet. Walk forward a bit then quickly run back as some of the building collapses right where you weer standing. To your right there is an Alien Grunt and to your left there are two Alien Grunts and an Alien Laser Gun!!! Kill the two Grunts on the left and then step back. Kill the Laser Gun with the Gauss Gun and then kill the Grunt on the right.

    Follow the hallway left and open the door. Press the button to gain access to the Lambda core.



We are finally here! Enter the control room and press the button. Get onto the elevator next to the truck and ride it down. At the bottom several Headcrabs and a Bullsquid await you. Kill them and search the crates. Climb up the ladder to get to the health dispenser then go through the metal door. You will have entered the "Hazardous Materials Bay A" there are Assassins on the ground floor and two on the cat walks above. There is a passage to the right blocked with crates. Search the crates and walk up the stairs to the catwalk. Kill the Assassins here. Walk to the hallway on the left and go down the stairs to get to HEV power and health dispensers. Climb back up and follow the hallway to the elevator and ride it down.

    Open the door to "Hazardous Materials Bay B", there are two Alien Grunts in there. The best way to kill them is to place a Satchel Charge in the doorway and lure them out into the hall, then detonate it as they walk over it (it may only kill one so take out the other one with the Hive Gun). Another will teleport in so kill him with the Hive Gun and enter the room. Climb up the ladder and talk to the Scientist. He will tell you that you have to turn on the Lambda Reactor. Open the security door and enter the reactor.

    Use the dispensers to your left and ride the elevator to the second floor. Go right right and enter the door marked "Test Firing Lab" Grab the EGON and its ammo. If you wish you can press the button to open the doors, then kill the Headcrabs and the Bullsquid with the EGON ( Hey its a Test Firing Lab!). Leave this room and head down the hall to the elevator.

    Turn right and follow the signs to get to the maintenance section, talk to the Guard and the Scientist. Grab all the ammo and use the dispensers then head out and follow the blue line on the wall to get to Coolant System 01. You will have to fight your way there but it shouldn't be a problem. Once there flip the switch to activate Coolant System 01. Go back to the main area and follow the orange line to get to Coolant System 02. You will have to jump over some rubble and fight off some Soldiers ( Hey I thought they were gone?) to get there. A Grunt will teleport onto the catwalk and break so throw down a Satchel Charge to take care of him then jump the gap and turn the valve to stop the steam.

    Fight off the Headcrabs in the pump room, flip the switch and grab the HEV power. Now head back to the main area and follow the sign that reads "Auxiliary Tank Reactor Access". In the Tank room several Grunts will teleport in. Kill them or just jump into the Tank to avoid battle. Follow the water to get to the Reactor. Turn both the valves to flood the Reactor. Now climb the ladder and jump the gaps, and avoid the beams to get to Reactor Core D. Watch out for there are a couple of Slaves in here as well.

    Follow the hallway around then enter the supply room for ammo and HEV power. Enter the elevator and climb the ladder to level B. Jump over to the broken door and go into the supply for ammo. Head down the hall and fight off the Slaves and Grunts that are here. Where the pipe is there are more Grunts and Slaves that teleport in. Lure them under the pipe then run back and turn the valve. It will release steam and kill them. When they are dead remember to turn it off. Head down the hall and around the corner and climb the ladder at the end. Once down there jump into the mess and over to the other side for some supplies then climb back over the ladder to get out. Climb back up the ladder to level B again.

    Enter the level B Reactor Core. You will see that teleporters are now inside the Reactor. What follows is a series of jumping puzzles. The orange portals are entries and green portals are exits. Enter the teleporter as the platform moves under the green portal. Once safely on the platform jump into the orange portal through Port 2 ( it is essential that you enter through the right port or you will be teleported else and usually to your death!). Time your jump into the portal so that you land on the platform rotating above. The Port you have to jump through is Port 4, watch out for the pipe. The next Port is 7.

    Once through Port 7 you will emerge in another teleportation room. The waste is lethal and kills in seconds. Jump to the rising platform in the middle of the room. Then from here walk around till you find a door marked "01" now jump to the platform on the outside of the room and then quickly to the door. Press the button. Now you have to get back to the rising platform and over to the door marked "02". Once here press the button. The door to the middle structure is now open. Jump to the rising platform then onto the rotating platforms and into the door and through the teleporter.

    You will come to a new area, kill the Headcrabs and grab the HEV power. Now climb the ladder to level A. Talk to the Scientist and grab the supplies, don't forget the Long-Jump Module. The Scientist will let you in to the teleporter control room. As the teleporter warms up kill the flying aliens and then when you are told jump through the teleporter and into...



You are now on the alien home world, Xen. You now need to use the Long-Jump technique to get to the rock platforms straight ahead. When you get to the third rock platform a Houndeye will teleport in behind you so be ready to kill him. Then Long-Jump onto the moving platforms and then make your way to the big platform below. Drop down onto one of the long beams sticking out of the side and then onto the inner part of the platform. There are numerous Houndeyes about so be careful. The pools of purple sparkling water heal you if you step in them.

    You will find a passage through to the innards of the platform. Go through and break through the mesh until you come to a room with three pedestals. Go up and activate them with the "use" key. Now break open the mesh cage with the three leaves in it. The leaves will go to a pedestal, and it will create a teleporter. Go through the teleporter in the middle of the room.



You will be now in an outside area with many Alien life forms about ( most of them are harmless). Walk to the cave and Gonarch will make her entrance. Use a powerful weapon on her, her sac hanging below her is her only weakness. Stand your distance when attacking her for she will swipe you or fire acid at you which is quite dangerous. She also lays baby Headcrabs. The RPG is a good choice to use here for it is a large open space. After you have dealt some damage to Gonarch she will run over to the cave and break through the mesh and run down the cave. Don't follow her yet instead grab the ammo lying around the dead Scientist then use the healing pool on the floating platform to your side. Now follow Gonarch.

    In the next chamber keep attacking the sac. It is only a matter of time that she will again break through the mesh and run away. Watch out for the hole in the middle of the room. There are a few supplies down there but it isn't worth the risk going after them. After Gonarch runs away use the Glock or the Crowbar to kill the baby Headcrabs then follow her. Jump over to the thin ledge then down into the tunnel. Follow Gonarch and when you fall into the chamber try and hit the mesh before you hit the ground to avoid taking damage. Grab the ammo cache next to the dead Scientist and use the EGON to shoot the sac. Try and keep moving to avoid the baby Headcrabs. After a little damage Gonarch will drop down into the chamber. Just keep shooting her until she finally dies and opens up the teleporter for you to proceed through.



This is the hardest chapter of the alien chapters. You need to get to the cave on the far side of this area. Enter the cave and fall into the small pit. Then hit the webbing to get to the room below. Follow passage breaking through any webbing with the Crowbar. You will find supplies as you go along with many enemies to keep you busy. You will come to a dead end with some webbing in the corner. Break the webbing and a platform will come down. Get onto the platform and ride it up and jump onto one of the platforms. Then from here onto one of the Manta Rays back (I'm not sure what they are called so that is there name for now). It will wake you to the teleporter. You will have to jump from its back and onto the platform and then on through the teleporter.

    In the next area run out of the cave and head left to the healing pool. There are many Alien Grunts and slaves here so fight off only when you need to. A siren will go off and an Alien aircraft will drop off some Grunts but don't worry just get to the healing pool. Climb over the ridge and go past the alien machines and into the cave. Go through the passage way. In the next room there is a Gargantua, load up the RPG and fire at it all you got to kill it. If you don't have any RPG ammo lure it back out to where you entered the cave, give it the run around then run back into the cave. Jump over the rocks and into the cave. Follow the passage and grab the Snarks and First Aid kits. Now head out towards the opening where the Tentacle is.

    Drop down to the ledge in stealth mode using Grenades to lure away the Tentacle. Kill the Grunts by the teleporter and jump into it. Enter the factory and follow the ramp. Kill the Slaves and Flying Aliens guarding the area. Get onto the elevator and ride it to the second level. To you right there is a healing bay. These are the same as the healing pools but are more like a shower. Jump onto the elevators roof and up to the conveyor belts. Jump to the belt next to the one your on and drop down into the water below. When your surface there will be two Slaves here. Kill them before they get a chance to kill you. Jump over to the left and walk along the conveyor belt into the next room. Kill the Slave here and kill anything that flies.

    Follow the walkway killing anything that you see. Jump onto the pistons and ride them up to the next floor. You will be in a room full of canisters, don't blow up any of these for in each one there is an Alien Grunt. Kill everything in this room and then crawl into the red passages on the ground. Drop down onto the beams until you get to the floor and the next part of the factory. Head for the ramp and up into the room with the healing bay. Kill the Slaves along the way and heal yourself. Now kill the Flying Aliens. If you need supplies follow either one of the two ducts. Run down the spiral stairs grabbing everything and kill the Slaves as well. When everything has been taken leave and get onto the rotating elevators.

    Get onto the second elevator and use the healing bay on the left if you need it. Now make your way to the third elevator and kill the Slave on it then ride it up t the teleporter. Jump into the teleporter and get ready for the final showdown.



The final boss is just one big, bad, baby (well that is what he looks like!). He is tough so don't underestimate him. He fires fireballs like the Flying Aliens and blue electrical balls as well. To top it off he fires homing teleport balls that will whisk you away to another part of the level where in you have to make your way to a teleporter to return to him. The teleport balls can be stopped by an explosion ( RPG, Grenade, Satchel Charge etc.) so when he fires one lob a Grenade or something into it to stop in. Though if Nihilanth does teleport you away here are the solves to the three areas.

AREA 1: The first area is a large room with platforms that ascend in a spiral pattern. Flying Aliens come through the teleporter at the top of the level so always be on the lookout. Jump from platform to platform grabbing the supplies as you go. the Long-Jump comes in handy as well.

AREA 2: The second area is a small cave with a big chimney like hole in the middle of the room. Flying Aliens are also abound in this area. To get to the teleporter you must jump onto one of the flying rocks that come down low and then ride it to the top and jump into the teleporter.

AREA 3: The third area is a platform sitting on top of the water. You need to land in the water to survive the landing but exit it quickly for there is an Ichthyosaur is in the water. Kill the Grunts and Slaves then use the bounce pads to get up to the teleporter.

IF YOU ARE TELEPORTED MORE THAN THREE TIMES: If you are teleported more than three times you will be taken to area three in which you must fight a Gargantua.

    To kill Nihilanth you must first destroy his power source. In this case the orange crystals.Use the bounce pads to get up close enough to them and use a powerful weapon like the EGON or Gauss gun to destroy them. When all three have been destroyed strafe along the outside wall of the chamber whilst firing everything you have at him. His head will open up after you have dealt a lot of damage to him. Jump up above him with the bounce pads and shoot his brain. Rockets or any explosive weapon are good here. When he dies you will be teleported away. The Administrator will talk to you about what is vaguely going on, then he will offer you a choice. There are two different endings so save before you pick so that you can reload and see both.