Action Adventure by Rockstar Entertainment

A Solution by Lu Richardson

The Product:

As its predecessor, this game has superb graphics and tremendously realistic 
animations, let alone great sound effects.  All this, plus brilliant little 
touches here and there, save this game from being a mere shoot'em up.  
Unfortunately, this time around the plot is not as good:  it's confusing and 
hard to swallow, so you just have to suspend disbelief.  Nevertheless, there 
are so many short cut scenes interspersing the action that you almost feel you 
are watching a movie:  and it is precisely because, in between, you have to 
take action that this product is such fun.

General Tips:


No?  OK.  Save often, as much as after every successful fight.  Always look 
about you and don't go rushing around corners.  If you hear people talking, 
stop and listen before you move (cautiously).  It's a good idea to burst onto 
them and shoot first.  But if people start shooting at you before you can, 
crouch and take cover - if there is no cover, leap around while shooting in 
the right direction.  
Always search the dead bodies for goodies and also try to open cupboards, 
wardrobes, lockers, vans; look inside red boxes.  

If at any time you get lost and don't know which way to go, the chances are 
that the path you should follow is patrolled by baddies, so listen for 
conversations or save and go looking for trouble and you will have found the 

In between bouts of frenzied killing you might like to take time to watch any 
TV sets you find, particularly the delightfully absurd series "Lords and 
Ladies":  you need all the laughs you can get. 

The solution:

I can't imagine how, without a map and without a compass, anyone can follow 
these instructions - particularly since, after a fight, you might be facing in 
any old direction.  However, I can only hope that you will have had a bash at 
each chapter and that, if stuck, having once experienced the scenario the 
solution will make some sense to you.

When I say go "left" or "right" I mean go left or right and through a door.  
The next "left" or "right" will take you through the next door, and so on.

By the way, when I say "watch" it's because there is a cut scene over which 
you have no control.  I will not repeat the instruction "shoot everyone" 
because it would be extremely boring, just be ready for mayhem at all times, 


Endure the Prologue and as soon as you get control save the game.  If you 
didn't play Max Payne 1, click on "Previously" at the options screen.  Perhaps 
the plot will make more sense to you. I hope.

At the Hospital

Forward, right, left:  experience a psychotic episode.  When you've done, go 
through the door.  Almost in front you'll see a door marked Exit and in front 
of it you'll find some painkillers.  Go through the door to its right, you'll 
find a dead body and a gun.  At the end of the cut scene, shoot at the guy 
who'll come from the left, get his stuff.  As you go through the doorway where 
he was you'll have another funny turn.  Go out through the other door and turn 
right to go to Reception.  Turn to your right here and enter the lift.  Stand 
by the buttons and press E.  When the lift arrives down below, things go 
slightly wrong, to say the least.  Leave the lift and enter the door in front. 

Chapter 1:  Elevator Doors

Go around the building to your right, up some stairs at the back, in, go left. 
 You'll come to a booth with a TV on.  Pass it and continue left till you come 
to some baydoors.  Watch.  

At the end follow the guy but be on your guard.  Sure enough, you'll be 
attacked by him so shoot him and then turn around quickly and shoot the other 
one.  Don't forget to get their stuff.  Continue going left around the 
shelvings and operate the switch to go through the baydoor.  Go forward and 
then left, getting ready to shoot the two guys you'll meet; listen to their 
conversation before you go round the corner.  Left again and through the door, 
and again, go up the stairs and wait a bit to hear the conversation, then kill 
the guys.  

Keep going left and through doors.  In the next interesting room, use the 
answerphone to get a message.  On through the door here, right, right.  Watch. 
 At the end you'll have to fight it out.  In this place you'll find 
painkillers, weapons and ammo.  As you leave watch out to your left because 
you'll be attacked.  Go through the door and to your right and have yourself 
another battle.  Step onto the catwalk on the left and watch.  Enter the lift 
and go down.  All you have to do is search around for the bad guys and kill 
them, then find the only door which opens and out.  Watch some more.

Chapter 2:  A Criminal Mastermind

Left, up the stairs, right, right, enter the office and listen to the 
answerphone, look at the cartoon on the wall.  Leave and carry on up the 
stairs, through the door and watch.  At the end talk to Mike.  Go up some more 
stairs and take time to watch the TV.  Around to the right, up more stairs - a 
door will shut in your face - continue up the stairs.  After you've shot 
everyone start going down a set of metallic stairs, and up the next, through 
two doors and shoot at the guys down in the floor below.  Find a wooden ramp 
going down and go through some double doors.  Take whatever cover you can 
because people will be shooting at you from above and all around.  When you 
have killed everyone and you've watched the cut scene, some more shooting; 
follow the guys through the door and go down a little ramp in this room.  

Chapter 3:  The Depths of my Brain

Oh, dear, not another nightmare in store!  Watch the TV for a bit, go to the 
door and just go left and down the ramp.  You wind up at the morgue, run 
around to the corpse storage boxes and someone will pop out.  Mona appears and 
you must answer the phone behind her.  Watch.  At the end, pick up the pistol 
from the table and shoot at your colleagues to wake up.

Chapter 4:  No "Us" in This

Watch.  At the end, shut the blinds with the string next to the window.  
Follow Mona; you will see her just leaving and the door will be locked, the 
lift next to it will be jammed.  If you go to the left of this door you'll 
meet an irascible lady with a gun.  Talk to her (press E in front of her), 
follow her and she will let you get a shotgun.  Go back to the flat and use 
the phone in the bedroom.  Take time to open cupboards for some ammo, look 
about you.  

Go back to the lady's flat and save your game.  Try jumping out of the open 
window in front of her door.  If you make it safely to the ledge, save again: 
 face the ledge to the left and using W + Left Shift, leap to it.  Crouch 
immediately and shoot the folk who pour out of the black van.  When you cannot 
see anyone else, save and leap to the ledge in front, take out whoever is left 
below.  Enter the open window from this ledge and go right and out of the next 
open window.

On the ledge, go through the window along on the right and be prepared for 
trouble where the corridors meet.  Turn left and head for the lady in the red 
dressing gown - talk to her, follow her into the house and she will invite you 
to take the painkillers in her bathroom.  Find the open window in her flat, 
out on the ledge, go left and come up close to the railings then just jump 
over them, up the ramp, jump into the open window.  Watch.  Search the flat 
and leave.  Go the only way you can and be ready to fight at the stairs.  Go 
on up all the way and you'll find you don't have the code to enter this flat, 
so use the lift and be prepared to start shooting the moment the doors open.  
Ignore the wino but find the door to the Basement, where a Janitor will tell 
you the code.  

Use the lift and turn to your left, open the door, in, find the flat with the 
open door and search it.  You'll come to an open window from which you can see 
your flat burning.  Onto the ledge, follow the ledge to your left and at the 
end, drop to the ledge beneath.  When you get to the gap you will be attacked, 
return fire, drop through the gap onto the ledge below and jump in through the 
open window.  Head for the front door.

Chapter 5:  A Sign of Her Passage

Run straight ahead and open the stairs door, shoot it out and go down the 
stairs.  two floors down  - you'll hear some banging and you'll see a wooden 
plank against a door, just walk to it.  Inside, you can talk to the wino and 
have him come with you and cover you.  But first go straight ahead and Max 
will comment on the gas pipe feeding the fire.  Go back to the stairs and down 
till you hear some shouting, go to the door to your right and a girl will 
volunteer info about open windows.  Turn your back on her and run along the 
corridor, left through the open door and down the stairs, find the utility 
room, use the valve (wheel) and check out the lockers.

Go back to where the fire was and go left.  Search the flat and then find the 
room with two open windows, go out through the one on the left.  Follow the 
ledge watching out for baddies down below at ground level.  At the end of the 
ledge, jump over the railings and go up the ramp all the way to the top.  
Save, turn towards the ledge on the left and leap to it, go to the end and 
drop to the catwalk below, which will collapse.  You can now go all the way 
down to the streets.

Chapter 6:  A Linear Sequence of Scares

Enter the door to your right and slightly behind you to get some painkillers. 
 Just keep going left through this weird maze.  Down the ramp, answer the 
phone in the booth.  Enter the trap/lift here, turn around to get out and keep 
hugging the left wall.  One of the props will cut your path, wait and it will 
go away.  Go the only way you can and you'll be at the next lift.  Watch.  
Leave the lift and go through the double doors on the right.  When you come to 
the "mouth", go in and keep left.  At the "Schizo Street" sign you need to go 
left, enter the phone booth and use the phone when it rings, go in and through 
the strange tunnel, go right and follow the corridor to the broken door, go 
through.  If you go through the door to the left of it you can have some fun 
with the red balls.  Also note that pulling a lever in the back of the room 
has an effect on the props - this knowledge comes in handy later.  Leave the 
room and turn to your right, go on up the stairs and at the top turn to your 
left and go to the door.  Go back to the catwalk and follow it right to the 
end, through the door, turn right and jump onto the roof, jump in through the 
open window and search the place.  Finally go through the only door which 
opens and watch.

Chapter 7:  The Million Dollar Question

Follow instructions.  At the balcony, go left and enter the flat, search it 
and go up the stairs... carefully.  Search the place.  Find the door out to 
the lobby.  Once you've eliminated the opposition, you'll be attacked from 
another quarter, enter that flat and search it, take the stairs down, go left. 
 You'll get more instructions.  Go out on the balcony, go to the left, listen 
to the conversation, jump to the ledge, shoot the guys below, jump onto the 
canopy and onto the balcony, preferably on the chair.  Find the door which 
opens, in, search the flat, go downstairs.  Find the door to the lobby, go to 
your right and into the flat.  Go to the window, jump into the lift and use 
the buttons to go down.  You won't get very far.  Jump to the catwalk, turn 
right and drop to the catwalk below, do so again and walk to the wall; drop to 
the ledge below and go in through the open window.  Find the door to the 
lobby.  Go all around shooting people and, as you pass the lifts, you get 
another cut scene.  Another ding-dong battle, get in the lift, use the buttons 
and watch.



Watch and listen till you are in control.  Go forward to the end, turn right, 
press E at the second desk (read the plaques on the desks).  Watch.  Turn left 
and go into the Interrogation Room.  Watch.  When Winterson leaves, go into 
the room and talk to the guy, next go to Winterson.  Watch.  

Find the double doors and go down the stairs, at the bottom turn left and go 
into the Lockup.  Down the stairs, press the buttons to open the doors.  The 
guard sends you to the last cell to the left but it's the one to the right.  
Talk to Mona.  Go back to the guard and ask to use the phone, he'll send you 
to the room behind you, use the phone and watch.  Pick up the gun and ammo 
from the cupboard in front of you and go back to the holding cells, go all the 
way to the other end and into the garage.  Go up the ramp - watch.

Chapter 1:  The Things That I Want

Go up the stairs and enter the room at the first landing, throw the lever just 
for luck and collect the painkillers, up, collect the Molotov cocktails.  Take 
out the guys below, turn right following the ledge, jump up to another one and 
at the other end and around get into the room with a lever, pull it and look 
through the slit.  Fun, wot?

Go out through the other door here, cross the plank and go downstairs. Turn 
right and go all the way to the door.  Out:  watch.  Go the only way you can 
and at the catwalk join in the fight, go down the stairs and you will be 
attacked from one of the sidebooths, go in shooting and find the door out.  

Chapter 2:  In the Middle of Something

Go right, through the door, up the stairs.  Take the only door out, up the 
stairs, open the double doors, get yourself as far away and as safe as you can 
and fire at the red boxes in front of the lift doors.  Drop into the lift, go 
out and out of the door to the right.  You will wind up outside, go right.  
Some guys will shoot at you from a door, follow them in and clear the area.  
(Before you go in you might like to go to the back of the shack marked NO 
PARKING, up some stairs and get a nice cache.)

When you have explored around inside, find the stairs up and keep going up.  
You'll find a gap and a lot of grief - when you can, leap across.  Search this 
area and you will eventually come to a gap with two slabs across from you and 
a door on your right.  Get gingerly on the beam, leap to the slabs and walk 
along the left crumbly edge and into the door.  Open the first door to your 
left and watch.  In, first door left, keep trying to go up.  At a room with an 
open lift, climb the crates inside it to the floor above.  Keep going 
generally left and up and you will eventually reach the end of the chapter. 

Chapter 3:  Blowing Up

This time you have to get downstairs to ground level.  Go through the open 
door and follow the only way you can.  A shootout with a guy will open a wall. 
 In a room with no way out but a crack in the wall and explosives underneath, 
shoot them from a safe distance to widen the crack.  Leap to the exposed beam, 
walk around to the wall and leap your way to the other opening.  Go along here 
very carefully, going downwards whenever you can.  When safe to do so (save 
and try first), drop down to the next floor.  You'll be hassled all the way.  
When you finally run out of places to go leap through a curtain of fire:  end 
of chapter.

Chapter 4:  Routing Her Synapses

Listen to the conversation before you move.  Remember that with the gun you 
are carrying you can press E to zoom and aim better.  Go left and up until you 
get to the yellow lift, enter it and go down to the other half of the 
building.  Go to the door then find the stairs up at the top of a ramp.  Keep 
left and go where you can.  Behind a door you'll find three guys fooling 
around, watch for a bit then shoot them.  When you run out of places to go 
look for a pit with a beam across and a crate below and leap into it.  Watch.

Chapter 5:  Out of the Window

Again, follow your nose and try all the doors.  At the top you'll come to a 
ramp going up to a catwalk from which you will be attacked.  If you were to go 
up there you would see that there is no way out.  

Find instead a door near here and save before you go through.  In what follows 
you have to be very quick indeed and you'll probably have to have several goes 
till you get it right - well, at least I did.

Through this door you should find yourself outdoors, grab the loot to the 
right and witness Max's original way of exiting a building.  Turn right and 
fix the guy who'll break the door down, go to the edge and look below you for 
the shooters and take them one at a time, the foremost first, using the E 
function.  When you've done that, grab more ammo, through the broken door and 
shoot the other fellow.  Get on the catwalk behind him and start shooting 
folks, first the lot at the cabins on your left, then the ones in front.  If 
you've done that successfully and Max tried the door which wouldn't open and 
is now safely out of sight, he will give you some instructions.

Go back into the building the way you came, fight through 4 doors and look to 
your left for some scaffolding, go onto that and mop up the last of the 
resistance out there.  Up the stairs, enter the building through here, go left 
and you will see a pit with a concrete beam across, jump in.

Chapter 6:  The Genius of the Hole

Shoot the fellow in front of you, go onto the scaffolding and look to your 
left - try and hit the cylinders for a bit of extra damage.  Keep your eye on 
the cabin to the left until Max is out of sight.  Guess what, the door is shut 
so go back in and keep left till you get to the next bit of scaffolding, this 
time keep your eye on the right.  When you've killed everyone go up the ramp 
and into the building, keep left and find the next bit of scaffolding, shoot 
the guy on your right, back in and defend yourself.  Keep left and go through 
the door, drop down to the floor below and basically now you have to keep 
going left and downwards (do pop out if you see a bit of scaffolding, just to 
see if anybody outside is being a bore) and eventually you will come to a room 
with a sign by it saying HARD HAT AREA:  in there, go forward and left and 
find a red cage lift, get in it, go up and watch.



Oh, not, not again!  Go out the door and follow the figure ahead, keep going 
along the corridors, then up the stairs till you talk to a dying Bravura, keep 
going, up the stairs and to Winterson's desk.  Watch.

Chapter 1:  Too Stubborn to Die

What we are doing here, I don't know.  If you run around searching for a 
weapon Max will confirm there are none.  Save.  Open the door and you'll knock 
the guy down, run to the red double doors and up the stairs, hoping he won't 
hit you.  

At the top go through the double doors, run left to Surgery, through Recovery 
and into a room full of panels around desks.  Right at the back you'll find 
some painkillers.  Dodge about here till a Security man comes in through the 
other door and gets killed.  Now you have to pick up the gun he dropped and 
shoot the two characters who were chasing you, and when you collect their 
stuff you'll be slightly better off.  Go through the door and along the 
corridor, keep going left through various doors till you reach a hall with a 
TV and a door marked EXIT.  Save.  Go down the stairs and into the garage, 
clear it, look into the van and go up the ramp.

Chapter 2:  On a Crash Course

What can I tell you?  This is more of the same.  In, go right (painkillers in 
the next room) and keep going right, through doors and up and down stairs.  An 
explosion will open the way to some more stairs.  You are aiming to get, 
through some green corridors, to the office.  Once you do, the chapter is 

Chapter 3:  A Mob-War

This is going to be slightly more complicated.  Go forward, through the green 
door to the left, clear the courtyard.  Back in, up the stairs.  On the second 
floor, a discoloured wall can be walked through.  Keep left and you will come 
to a room with a single enemy in it.  You will see ahead of you some planks 
you must cross to get to the opening to the other side.  Save.  Step on the 
first plank, advance and crouch to deal with the people shooting at you, then 
leap for the opening... or don't bother to shoot it out, just leap out of the 

Look for another set of planks outside a wrecked window and get onto them.  As 
you walk through the opening, watch.  For once, you've got help if only by 
mistake, so enjoy it while you can.  Let the three guys go ahead of you and 
shoot at whoever shoots at them but being careful not to hurt them.  Alas, 
their support won't last long because you will soon be discovered.  When 
you've killed everyone, walk along the street and go through the first green 
door to your right, go to the end of the alley and go across the road.

Chapter 4:  Dearest of All My Friends

Save as soon as the intro is over, this is going to be tricky:  save every 
time Vinnie starts to move.  Although he will direct you to the place he wants 
you to clear, watch any door near him as soon as you've done what he asked.

Go after Vinnie, stand in front of the door to the room in which he is hiding 
and repel all comers.  When things are safe, Vinnie will move on, follow him. 
 Here you will need to go left to the window and out of it and stay there, 
taking on the two waves of killers who come over the wall, but then go in and 
make sure the guys who got in somehow through the door don't kill Vinnie.  
Follow Vinnie to another door.  Go outside and turn left killing everybody and 
then go through the door again and make sure nobody else has crept up to him. 
 Follow him once more and when he stops in front of a double door go out front 
and deal with the opposition.  

When you get back in he will have disappeared but run upstairs and you will 
see him going through a door, follow him and defend him once more.  He'll 
start talking, follow him again and while he's watching TV go into the other 
room and listen to the phone messages.  

When you get back to him he tells you to check out the balcony, go through the 
glass doors, shoot down the corrugated wall in front of you and shoot the 
three guys down there, jump down and be prepared for a van backing into the 
gates, crowd and kill the guys quickly, turn around and follow Vinnie, get in 
front of him and deal with another vanful of killers ahead - don't let them 
anywhere near him.  When you turn around you will see him vanish through the 
double doors, go in through the single door and up the stairs.

Use the lift buttons and while Vinnie makes his getaway, be ready to shoot it 
out with the contents of the van which crashes in.  Once they are all dead, 
follow Vinnie into the garage, but turn your back on him and shoot the 
persistent fellows who will come in after him through the door.  Watch.

Chapter 5:  A Loosing Game

I don't know about you but I have no idea what's going on, nor why Max didn't 
die at least twice several chapters back.  Still.

Turn left and go down the stairs; don't go all the way down but jump to the 
wooden cubicle on your left and down the hole.  Go up the ramp and down the 
other side and wait a bit avoiding the flames and ducking around till a hole 
appears in one wall and you can step into the bathroom.  Into the next room, 
jump onto a beam, down to the top of a cubicle and down to the other side.  
Through a hole to your left, go through the opening with the red tiles, find 
the painkillers.  Face the wall of fire and leap through.  Go through three 
doors and pull the lever to cut the electricity then go back to the room were 
the electrical thingies were sparking and walk behind them.  Up the stairs and 
straight ahead to find Vinnie's remains.  Continue forward and jump to the 
stairs, up and to your left through the open door.

Chapter 6:  There Are No Happy Endings

Here we go again.  If you look about you you'll recognize where you are.  Go 
to the Interrogation room and out through the other door, just keep going 
along corridors and opening what doors you can till the dream is over. 

Chapter 7:  Love Hurts
Open the door of the van and stay put while Mona gets rid of everyone from up 
above you.  You will have to move forward and shoot two guys on the roof, to 
your right.  Go to the front door and shoot it out, go in to the inner door - 
you'll hear a ticking, so run back to the front door which will be locked.  
Stay here while the roof collapses.  Now you can go in and do the usual:  go 
through the only doors that can be open and be on the lookout for bombs.  Some 
doors won't open until the baddies go through them.  Mona will usually be on 
the floor above so don't shoot her by mistake.  Go down to courtyards to clear 
them and find items.

When you reach the Security room look at the video (i.e., press E in front of 
the screen).  At the last courtyard you are joined by Mona.  Watch.

Chapter 8:  That Old Familiar Feeling

Go through the door and shoot the first guy:  when a cabin falls behind you 
get in it and press the button to shut the door.  Wait till the explosion is 
over and get out.  Look around and you'll find the only way is jumping down a 
hole - kill the bloke first, jump in, turn to the wall with the large gap, run 
forward and through the door on the right.  You'll have to be very quick 
because the bombs start falling.  Go through the other door and up the stairs, 
follow the ledge - you'll probably have to leap to the next bit - and through 
the door.  Get through the other door and up the stairs.  Don't open the brown 
door till you hear the explosion, in, up the stairs and wait in front of the 
glass curtain, but turn around because someone will come at you from behind.

When it opens go through the other door, kill the guys, help yourself to 
anything laying about, listen to the answerphone, use the TV to hear the news 
and use the lift to go up.  Kill the two guys and the one upstairs, try to 
kill Vlad.

Save.  Through the door and you will see the stairs collapsing.  Press the 
wheelchair lift button.  Lem plays a peekaboo game with you and though I shot 
and hit him dozens of times I could not kill him.

Press the switch on the wall again to bring down the wheelchair lift and get 
on it, use the switch to go up and keep on shooting in front of you.  Save.  
Through the door:  watch.  

You really have to be quick now and keep moving around.  You have to shoot out 
the wooden dowels (4 of them, 2 at a time from either side) which hold the 
square structure in which Vlad is hiding.  Once you've done that, you have to 
shoot at the other four dowels which hold the central metal piece.  This will 
drop on Vlad and he will be visible for you to shoot at.  When you get him 
just watch.

The end.


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