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MISSION-1:  Away team Mission 1 Amargosa science Station Part-1.

If you suceed:
Once you Succesfully complete the mission, you will continue to the

A. Locate all eight of the injured crewmen scattered throughout the
station, and beam them back to the Enterprise.You must find all of them.
Use your comm badge to beam them back to the Enterprise.

B.Determine who attacked the station.You'll find this out as soon as the
phaser fire starts.

C.Repair the station enough to track down Dr.Soran.Several areas of the
station must be repaired in order for you to get around.

D.Stop Dr. Soran from firing his missile.When Doctor Soran beams back
to the station, you must get to him before he launches his missile at the
Armagosa sun.

Key Items in this Mission:
a.Graviton Inverter.
b.Romulan Tricorder.
c.illuminator Core.
d.Magnetic Justifier.

When you beam aboard the station, you will find yourself facing a damaged
turbolift.The station itself is buckling and strainig from damage suffered
during the attack, so time is critical.Walk around the damaged elevator shaft
at the beam-in point.Lying on the deck on the other side is an injured
crewman (Dr. Soran).Use your comm badge to beam him back over to the
Doctor Soran will protest,but ignore his pleas.

Moving forward to the area where Soran was located, you will find a graviton
Inverter.Add this to your inventory.Since you already know that the Turbolift
behind you was damaged,you can assume that you will need the inverter later

Proceed slowly down the hallway several meters, since there are signs of
disruptor fire in the area.On the right side of the Hallway, in the small
opening, you will learn the source of the disruptor fire: Romulans! stun the
Romulan waiting in the alcove.

(Note: Adjust your Phaser to between stun and vaporize.This way, you'l be able
to recover the Romulan Tricorder.If you set your phaser to stun, however, the
Romulan will wake up when you try to search him.If you set your phaser to kill,
the Tricorder will be destroyed when you kill the Romulan).

Move to the Romulan until he appears in the auxiliary area of your screen.
Click on him, and you will find his tricorder.You'll discover that it's
scanning for Trilithium.You should begin to scan for the substance at this
point as well.Chances are pretty good that, if the Romulans were looking
for Trilithium, you should be too.

Move into the center bay, and stun the Romulans there.There's a crewman in
this area that you need to recover by moving up him and using your comm
badge to beam him back to the Enterprise.
As a starfleet officer, your first priority should be there safety.After the
area is secure, check the lockers that surround the main open area.
The only item you need to recover is the illuminator core.

Place it in your inventory.In case you've already jumped the gun and used
your graviton Inverter to go to the lower deck, you know that the lighting
systems there are damaged, and there are Romulans waiting in those darkened
corridors.This core will help you repair the lighting system.

Use the turbolift directly across from the locker in the main area that held
the illuminator core.This will take you to the upper level.Be prepared: There's
a Romulan waiting for you across the room.You should have a good shot from this
vantage point.Stun the Romulan on the upper deck, and beam the surviving crew-
men back to the Enterprise.
To the left of the turbolift is a large door.Open it,and move to the sparking
area of the wall until it appears in your auxiliary screen.If you look at it
closely, it appears to be a damaged illuminator core.Fortunately, you have a
replacement in your inventory.Use the illuminator core in your inventory to
repair the damaged unit.

From the upper deck's central area, go to the other large door and open it
carefully, staying to one of its sides,since you should anticipate that the
area beyond the door may be occupied.Stun the Romulan inside,locate the
control panel inside, on the right side of the room.
When the panel appears in your auxiliary screen, click on the right green
square on its lower edge to activate it.

Now comes the time to proceed to the lower deck.Turn around and crouch down.
You will see a hole in the wall near the floor.Move forward through the hall
and into the tunnel beyond it.continue forward until you come to the hole in
the floor.Walk up to the door in the room you've dropped into.Across the hall
is a panel.It is located straight across the hall, so simply walk that
direction until the panel comes on.Then press the panel to open it.
When the panel appears in your auxiliary screen,click on the left side of the
panel to shut off the power feeding to the electrical cable in the hallway.
This will make it possible for you to pass that area, and recover the injured
crewman through the door opposite the now dead electrical wire.
Beam him back to the Enterprise.

There is still a lost crewman on this deck.he's in the airlock located
directly behind the point where you originally beamed in.Move back to that
location, and continue through the large door that has a set of two buttons on
it, one green and one red.This is an airlock, so once you've passed this door's
threshold, don't open the next door just ahead.Simply get the crewman and get
out.It's time to take on the Romulans on the lower deck of the station.
Return to the damaged turbolift at the beam-in point.Use the Graviton inverter
from your inventory to repair the turbolift by clicking on it in your Inventory.
Take the Turbolift down to the lower deck.
After as the turbolift door opens, Stun the two Romulans on the other side of
the bulkhead door.Proceed into the center room, and stun the Romulan in there.
The center room is easy to find due to the Trilithium readings that will show
up on your tricorder.
Check the lockers until you find the magnetic Justifier.Add this item to your
This will be needed to open the magnetically sealed door on the deck above you.
Obviously, you will need to beam back all of the surviving crewmen on the lower
deck before you check out that covertly sealed door.

After finding the crewmen on the lower deck, take the turbolift back up to the
beam-in point.From there, walk back into the central area.There is a small
grey door there that you need to investigate, if you haven't located it al-
ready.When it opens, you will find another door, and move into the small room.
The entire far wall is the sealed magnetic door.Move forward until the door
appears in the auxiliary screen area.Use the magnetic justifier in your inventory
to open the door.
Have your Phaser ready, because this is where you earn your pay as a starfleet
You should consider using hypospray to boost your heath before opening this door.

Soran and what appears to be a modified photon Torpedo system is on the other
side.The doctor will fire at you as soon as the door opens.Use the hanging
torpedoes as cover.Adjust your phaser to a very high setting when shooting at
Soran. You must cross the Threshold of the doorway in order for your shots to
hit him.After several shots, Doctor Soran will beam away to a waiting ship.
Your problems ar far from over.Soran has left a surprise: a missile that is
capable of shutting down all nuclear reaction within a star, causing it to
explode with incredible force!Your job is clear:you have to either retarget or
destroy that missile if you can.

Approach the missile control podium until its panel appears in your
auxiliary screen.
click on the top green bar to power up the on the top left blue
bar to activate the viewing system.
click on the right blue bar to activate the missile's targeting system.
The targets will appear in the viewing area.By clicking on the green square
on the right, under the viewing system's blue button, you can change the
selected target.send the torpedo to anything other than the Armagosa Sun in
order to save the entire solar system.

Your job is still not done.The warhead is only a few meters away and the
clock is ticking.You still have to fire the missile.Click on the left green
vertical bar to open the torpedo hatch.
Next, you will have to click on the right green vertical bar to release the
firing clamps on the missile itself.If the autofiring mechanism hasn't loaded
the torpedo yet, then you will need to do so yourself.Be quick, though, as
the auto-firing mechanism may retarget the sun if you take too much time.Be
sure to double-check the target before you fire the warhead.

Once you have gone through all of these steps, you can click on the red Button
in the middle to fire the torpedo.
If you've missed any injured crew members, now is the time to resque them,
for the mission is not over untill they are all found.Once you succeed, your
communicator pin will start flashing.You can beam back to the Enterprise by
clicking on it.

                End Away Mission-1 Armagosa Science Station.

Away Team mission-2: Q'urash: A Klingon Bird of Prey.

If you Succeed:
The game randomly sends you either to the antillios mission, or to an 
engagement with a fleet of Romulans in Space Combat.

Key-Items for this Mission:

Klingon Security Pass.

Mission Objectives:

A.Effect the necessary repairs to prevent the Q'urash from exploding while
you're onboard.

B.Stop Doctor Soran from firing his missile.When Doctor Soran beams back
to the station, you must get to him before he launches his missile at the
Armagosa Sun.

Upon boarding the Q'urash, you'll notice that you have beamed into the
Engineering section-perfect, given your background and experience.Turn to the
right as soon as you will see the reactor control panel

You'll also see the dead klingon officer on the floor.He's important, but not
as important as preventing the bird of prey from exploding.
Move to the exploded panel until the controls appear in your auxiliary area.
These controls will allow you to shut down or at least control the fusion
reactor.your goal is to shut down the system before it destroys the ship.
To initiate the system,select the top right, red button.It will turn yellow when
activated.To take the reactor offline, press bottom right button.
Now, move to the dead klingon on the floor in front of the panel until he 
appears in your auxiliary screen.When he does,click on will see a 
security pass.Add the pass to your inventory.

Now that the ship is relatively stable, it's time to locate Soran.Move to the
door across from the reactor panel.Since you have the security key, the door
will open for you.As you pass into the next room, activate the elevator on 
your immediate left when you reach the open area.
You will be taking the elevator down to the first level.
You should know at this point that there are likely to be klingons present.
Set your Phaser for heavy stun during the ride down.Dispatch the waiting 
klingon as the elevator door opens.
Move to the right around the elevator shaft.From here proceed straight to the
doorway opposite the back of the elevator.This leads to a jeffreys tube to the
center of the ship.Move into the crawl space and bear to the right.
Proceed ahead until you come to a small,closed door.Open the door.You will see
the fusion reactor core.
Your goal in this section is to get to the middle of the room and to get back
out the way you came in.Given the field and the lighting, it is best to use 
the map function on your tricorder to govern your movement.
Move into the field.Geordi will take some damage almost immediately, but don't
You will find a different security key in the middle of the field.
Grab the key and get out the way that you came in.Backtrack through the
jeffreys tube and exit it,returning to the elevator you took to get to this
deck.With this new pass, you'll be able to get through to the forward portions
of the ship.Take the elevator back up to the second deck.

After exiting the elevator, turn left and enter the elevator at the end of the
short passage.Take the elevator to the upper level, and enter the first room
on the left when you leave the elevator.On the right, there is a security door
which will open using the security key found in the jeffreys tube.On the floor
you'll find another security key.
Pay attention to the three red klingon symbols on the wall.
This is the combination key to gain access to Soran's torpedo launcher.
Add the security key to your inventory.Exit this room and return to the middle 
level.Now, go through the door between the two staircases, moving forward
toward the "neck" of the ship.
(Note: In the first room through this doors,there are equipment bays containing
Klingon disruptors,Hyposprays, and powerpacks.Add them to your inventory, as
you will soon need them).

As soon as the door opens, you'll encounter a number of klingons that you will 
have to stun.Move quickly and use the sides of the doorway for cover if 
necessary.Proceed forward through the next door.There are more Klingon guards
there.Make sure that they are all stunned before you proceed.
Move forward through the double doors.On the other side is the bridge with
Lursa,Betor, and some of their body guards waiting to greet you.You can fire on 
them, but you can only kill the guards, so don't waste time engaging in a 
prolonged battle.Move to the elevator on the right side of the bridge and exit
the area as quickly as possible.The room the elevator takes you to is the 
photon torpedo bay, and Dr. Soran waits inside with one of his Star-killing
missiles.Adding to your troubles, he has several klingon guards assisting him.
You will need to fire at the klingon guards and at Dr. Soran.

After exchanging several hits, Dr. Soran will beam out, leaving you to deal 
with a fully armed and targeted missile.Obviously, your next task is to disarm 
the weapon.Walk up to the control panel.
You will find it locked out.To unlock the control panel, you must press the
buttons corresponding to those that you saw on the wall upstairs in the
officer's quarters.
Click on the top green bar to power up the system.To activate the target viewing 
system, click on the top left blue bar.Click on the top right blue bar to 
activate the missile's targeting selection.The targets will appear in the
viewing area.By clicking on the right blue square, change the target to
anything other than the Armagosa Sun in order to save the entire solar system.

Your job is not done yet!The warhead is only a few meters away and the clock is
ticking.You still have to fire the missile.Click on the left green vertical bar
to open the torpedo hatch.Next, you will have to click on the right green 
vertical bar to release the firing clamps on the missile.
Once you have gone through all of these steps, you can click on the red button
in the middle to fire the torpedo.Once you're succesful, click on your flashing
communicator pin to beam back to the Enterprise.

End of Mission.


If you Succeed:You are attacked by a Romulan Fleet in Space Combat in the
Guernica System.

Mission key-items:

A.Romulan Security Pass.
B.Romulan Tricorder.
C.Romulan Hypospray.
D.Romulan Communicator.
E.Romulan Disruptor.


A.Infiltrate the secret Romulan base without raising any alarms.
B.Secure the necessary security pass to gain access to Soran's area.
C.Create a diversion in order to reach Dr.Soran.
D.Locate Soran and deactivate the missile.

The Key to this and much of the mission is to keep your disruptor adjusted to a
stun setting from the start of this operation until your final confrontation
with Soran.In addition, if you shoot in a roomful of Romulans, the alarm will 
go off.Stealth, not firepower, is your key to success on this away team mission.
When you initially beam down, you will be on the outside of the Romulan outpost.
The only visible way in is through the massive shuttle bay doors, which are 
closed at this time.

You will need to move across the landing area to the opposite side of the
point where you beamed in.Just behind the rocks is a staircase that leads up
to a small observation platform and gun.There is a Romulan at the gun platform
but you do not have to engage him.Wait until the shuttle comes out, and then 
you can enter the Romulan Base.
Move back down the stairs and enter the base before the massive door shuts.
Once you are inside,you will want to enter the first hallway on the right side
of the bay.
Once you reach the end of the hall,proceed to the turbolift control.When the
control appears in your auxiliary area, click on it to open the elevator.
Inside the turbolift,click in the control panel to take the elevator down.

When you exit,there will be a hallway with a Romulan officer in it.
Continue to walk(there is no need for panic,you are disguised as a Romulan)
You should continue to the doorway and open it.This will lead to a massive 
central bay with a shuttle craft hydraulic lift in the middle of the chamber.
Move to the left and enter into the living quarters through the green door.
Once through the door,take the green door on the left.This will lead to a small
chamber containing several other doors.The Romulan Commander's quarters is in
the last room on the right.Be prepared for a quick firefight as you enter,but 
make sure to keep your disruptor on stun.
The Commander will confront you and you should fire 10 or so shots quickly to
subdue her.On the far table is the high security pass that you will need for
further access into the base.Move toward that security pass, and add it to your

Return to the central chamber with the hydraulic lift in the center.Opposite of 
where you enter is a gray door.Move around the perimeter and go through the 
door.At the end of the hall is another door.Proceed through that door and you 
will be above the reactor cooling pool and the primary reactor controls. Move
to the left side,go down the steps and past the pool.
At the far end of the pool,opposite of you,is a high security door with several
guards posted.You can identify it by the adjacent control pad that is identical
to the high security pass key.Do not attempt to use the security key.In order
to get to that door,you will have to create a diversion.
Step into the elevator opposite of the high security door,and take the elevator
down to the low level.You will exit into a small storage chamber.on the left
is the only door leading out of this level.Exit through that door.You will come
into the auxiliary reactor control chamber.Move forward to the control panel/
podium.With these controls, you can overload the reactor enough to create a
diversion so that you can get access to the high security door.
To overload the reactor, you must first click on the box in the upper left
corner for the coolant system.You will have to click on it twice to turn it red.
Then perform the same task on the upper right box.
Returning to the upper left box, click on it twice untill it turns red.This will
set off a warning alarm signaling that the reactor is overheating.Repeat this
process with the upper right box until it turns red.

Backtrack to the underground storage chamber and take the turbo-elevator back
up to the reactor prepared for the chaos when you arrive thanks to your
diversion.Move over to the security panel next to the high security door.
Use the high security pass in your inventory to open it.Move into the hallway
and follow the first hallway opening on the left.At the end of the hallway is 
another turbolift, however this one is different in that it has three level
options.You should select the middle button.
When the elevator stops, go to the right.You will come to a guard rail near the 
tower where soran is arming his missile.He will not make your job easy.
He'll blow up the bridge leading to his tower in an effort to cut you off.
You will have to jump across.The best place to jump acoss is where the guard
rail first comes to an end.Once you've jumped across, take the turbo elevator
to the top of the tower to face off with Soran.
Once you arrive, you can go either to the right or to the left.Take the set of
stairs up,and you will encounter Doctor Soran, fully armed and firing at you
with his blaster.You will have to shoot Soran several times on medium stun
before he beams away.

This leaves you with your final task:shutting down Soran's missile.
Go to the missile control podium until it appears in the auxiliary area.
Click on the top right blue bar to activate the missile's targeting system.
The targets will appear in the viewing area.By clicking on the blue square 
on the right,you can change the target to deep space.You still have to fire 
the missile.Click on the left green vertical bar to open the torpedo hatch.
Next, you will have to click on the right green vertical bar to release the
firing clamps on the missile itself.Once you have gone through all of these
steps,you can click on the red Button in the middle to fire the torpedo.Once
successful, click on your flashing communicator badge to beam back to the

End of mission.

Away team mission-4   Galorndon Core part-2.

If you succeed:Soran Abandons his attempts to destroy the Galorndon Core Sun.
If you have not been to antillios or Hallee, or if you haven't fought in
Space combat mission 11, then Soran will next travel to Antillios.Otherwise,
Soran will travel to the Arvada System to blow up the Armagosa Sun.If the
Armagosa Sun is already destroyed, then you will instead engage in Space combat
mission 25.

Mission Key-Items:

A.Romulan Disruptor cannon Turret.

Mission Objectives:

A.In the Romulan base, determine Soran's Location.
B.Clear a path to the force field area.
C.Disable power to the Reactor.
D.Gain access to Soran and Disable the missile.

You will beam down into the living quarters of the base.There are several doors in the room,
but only one works.When you exit, you will need to deal with the Romulans there.
proceed to the door straight ahead, and exit to the open commons area.

In the commons area, go straight ahead into the base's kitchen.Be wary of the
Romulans there,keep moving.There is a small door in the back of the room.
Take it through the corridor.At the end is a turbo-elevator.
Take the elevator up to the top level.This will bring you out to a lookout post,
just above where Deanna troi beamed in.There is a Romulan there that you will 
have to dispatch.Once done with the defender, you will find a damaged section
of the guard rail.Move through it and drop down.Riker will take some damage, but
it is minimal.
Once down on the lower level, you should cross the shuttle landing area to the
stairs hidden at the base of the rock.Climb the stairs into the other lookout
post-the one with the large disrupter cannon.Once there, you will have to deal 
with the Romulan guarding the cannon and then seize control of it.

Your target is the door that is securely locked behind the turret.Once you have
done your damage, exit the turret and go through the hole you blasted through
the door.The passage ends in a turbo elevator, which you should take down.This
puts you on the opposite side of the collapsed section of the high security
corridor that troi had used to reach Soran.As you move down the hall, you will 
encounter a force field that is blocking the hallway.One thing is for sure, the
good doctor does not want intruders this time.Power can be shut off somewhere
near the it's time to get back to that area.Retrace your steps back
to the turbo elevator and up to the shuttle bay landing door.The main door 
should be ajar, and you can enter the main bay.Go to the first door on the right
and at the end,take the turbo-elevator down.Return to the main reactor room via
the large gray doors.Proceed down the left side of the stairs, and take the
turbo elevator at the bottom,on the left.

At the bottom of the ride down in the elevator, turn left and go through the
door.This should look familiar as the area where Troi sabotaged the reactors
cooling system.You will notice a cracked section of glass in the system that is
holding the coolant.Fire your phaser at the crack using a medium to high setting
in order to shatter it.Run out and back to the turbo elevator since the coolant 
will kill you if you are in the reactor room when the window breaks.
Take the elevator back up to the reactor core.

Now comes time to retrace your steps back to the force field.
This can be done either by backtracking through the shuttle bay, or returning
to the kitchen in the living quarters, going back up to the observation post,
and jumping through the hole in the guard rail again.The choice is really
driven by what your current health level is.
Once you are up next to the disrupter cannon, you need to go through the hole 
you shot in the door.Take the turbo-elevator back down and proceed to where the
force field was located.By now,there should be no power to it,and you should be
able to pass without problem.At the end of the hallway is another turbolift,
however this one is different in that it has three level options.You should 
select the middle button.
When the elevator stops,go to the right.As Troi reported in her earlier visit
to Galorndon Core, Soran has blown up the bridge leading to his tower.You will 
have to jump across.The best place to jump across is where the guard rail first
comes to an end.

Once you've jumped across, take the turbo elevator to the, you must shut 
down Soran's missile.Go to the missile control podium until it appears in the
auxiliary area.Click on the top green bar to activate the system.Click on the 
top left blue bar to activate the viewing system.Click on the top right blue 
bar to activate the missile's targeting system.The targets will appear in the
viewing area.By clicking on the blue square on the right, you can change the 
target to deep space.To fire the missile, click on the left green vertical bar
opening the torpedo hatch.Next, you will have to click on the right green 
vertical bar to release the firing clamps on the missile itself.Once you have 
gone through all of these steps, you can click on the red button in the middle
to fire the torpedo.Once successful, you can beam back to the Enterprise.

End of away Mission.
Away mission-5  Epsion.

If you succeed:Soran gives up trying to destroy the Bersus Sun.If you attempted
Arvada already, then you proceed to Space-combat mission-6 or Space Combat
If the Armagosa Sun has been blown up,proceed to Space Combat mission-25.
If Armagosa is still intact,you will encounter a Romulan fleet of ships in
Space Combat mission-8.

Mission key-items:
A.Chodak Security Key.

Mission Objectives:
A.Locate the necessary security key.
B.Reach the Reactor and Reactor Controls.
C.Confront Soran and Prevent the further production of Trilithium.

Upon Beam-in, you will find yourself in a secured cell.If you try to exit 
through the door, you will encounter a chodak probe, which will fire at you if 
you open fire at first.Clearly, there has to be another way out of the room.
If you examine the walls near the floor, you will see a flawed area.Set your 
Phaser for a high setting and fire.You will open a small tunnel which will 
allow you to leave the area.

You will come out in a lava stream which you will need to run through, hugging
the left wall until you reach the end.You can then climb up onto the platform.
there are several doors that lead to chodak transporters, but the one that you 
need has the yellow security symbol and will not open.To locate the key,you must
first acquire a chodak shell which will protect you from the lava.Proceed to the
end of the corridor and go through the doorway on the left.This will transport
you to the bottom of some steps.Go upstairs and make a hairpin right turn.
Follow the corridor as it turns right.Go down some steps and enter the 
tan-colored door on your left (the entrance to the chodak sand baths).As soon as
you enter,you will see some empty chodak shells to your left and right.Click on
the shell in the aux window to put it on. You will need to start down the
hallway that is dominated by the lava river.As you come up on firm rock, you will
enter a chamber that has three key features:Spore-Throwing plants,good mushrooms
and bad mushrooms.

Your first priority are the ceiling-mounted plants that are throwing spores.Use
the chodak shell weapon to take these out one by one.The mushrooms in the
chamber appear as black and orange on your tricorder at close range scan.The
orange ones add to your health as you eat them(left clicking on them as they
enter your auxiliary screen).The black ones injure you and reduce your health.
The caverns tend to be very dark and confusing.You may consider increasing
your monitor's brightness setting or dimming your room lights.
This will make the plants easier to see.You will want to work your way along 
the right side of the caverns, avoiding the lava pits.
After you pass the rock formation, you will notice a lava formation on the far
right with a weak(blackened)section of wall just beyond it.Fire your chodak 
shell weapon on a high setting, and the blast will open a tunnel.Work your way
along the wall,exit your chodak shell, and crouch to get into the next chamber.

You'll have to destroy more of the spore-tossing plants.According to the 
tricorder, the room is empty,but there is a hidden doorway.Move clockwise around 
the room,crouching as you go.Near the center of the room,you will find a hidden
doorway to another lower chamber.Again there are a number of the plant monsters
that have to be dealt with.You will find a winding staircase that forks.You want 
to veer to the left.This will bring you to the upper level of the cavern.You will
need to take out the remaining plants before you proceed.Then you will have to
jump across to the rock formation on the other side.The key is to jump at the 
low-hanging moss over the rocks.You'll be succesful if you aim right for it.
If you miss, you will have to backtrack on the other set of stairs in order to
try again.There is a small lava pool running from the top of the rock formation.

There is a small, dark stone bridge that you can cross.Move across it carefully
and you will enter the last chamber,dominated by a large lava pool, with a
small island on it.On the island is something,but you cannot make it out from
your current location.On the far wall,opposite where you came, is the best 
approach for jumping across the lava.
Jump over the lava and climb up to the object.When it appears in your auxiliary
screen, left click on it and you will find a yellow security key.
Once you have the key, you need to work your way back to the secured chodak 
transporter.There is a shortcut, which consists of going back to the rock 
formation with the magma flowing out of it and simply dropping down to the floor
This puts you in the main chamber and allows you to bypass several of the other
rooms in an effort to get out.When you reach the chodak transporter, you will
need to use your security key to open the door.Inside, you will find a control 
panel at the rear of the room.Click on the bottom button and you will transport
to the bridge area.Exit the transporter and follow the hall to the control room.
There is a small podium in the middle of the room that lowers the bridge to the
reactor,which you can see through the window.You can stun the guards, or move
quickly and ignore them.The choice is yours,Captain.At the controls, you need 
to depress the lower black triangle to lower the bridge.Then get out of there 
as quickly as possible.

Return to the transporter and selectthe top button.This returns you to the
original transporter.Exit the transporter chamber and turn left.Continue to the
blue transporter door beyond the lava corridor.After using this transporter,
exit the chamber and ascend the stairs to your left.At the top of the stairs,
turn around and enter the blue transporter door at the far end of the chamber.
When you leave this chamber, you will be in an octagonal room with lava in the
center.Go through the right-hand door and continue to the bridge that you've
lowered.Take the elevator to the top.At the reactor,click on the switch to move
it to the down position.

Take the elevator back down.Go back in to the octagonal room,and go through the 
door to your right.You will have to use your security key to unlock it first.
You will be transported to a corridor.Doctor Soran is in the control room,
behind the first door on the right.You will have to engage him in battle until 
he beams away.Once he has left,and you have taken care of the chodak in the
control room,you must disable the trilithium production capacity of the chodak.
Approach the control panel on the left hand side of the central pillar until it
appears in your auxiliary area.Open the control panel cover and set the control
all the way to the right.Now move to the control panel on the right hand side
of the pillar until it appears in your auxiliary screen.Open its cover and press
the button in the center of the panel.This should sabotage the reactor system.
Contact the Enterprise and beam back to the ship.

End of away Mission Epsion.

Away team mission-6  Armagosa Science station part-2.

If you succeed, you will end up in space combat mission 25.

Mission Key-items:
A.Magnetic justifier.
B.Isolinear Chip.

Mission Objectives:
A.Restore and repair the station in order to reach Soran's Lab.
B.Stop Soran and disarm his Star-destroying missile.

The beam-in point is identical to Commander Riker's previous mission,which 
should help you get your bearings.Turn around and go to the purple-outlined
control panel.Right click on it when it appears in your auxiliary area, and you
will understand what you are facing-A klingon bird of prey docked only a few
metersfrom where you stand.If you attempt to go to the central commons (main)
area of the deck,you will find the isolation doors in place and the containment 
system down.Given the hole in the outer hull, it is safe to assume that there 
is a vacuum on the other side of the door.You will have to restore the contain-
ment system.Go into the airlock where you first beamed in.There is a control
panel on the right wall.When you approach it and it appears on your auxiliary
screen,you can see that one of the isolinear control circuits has been 
destroyed.You'll need some repair parts,and the only place to look is on the
lower deck.

Proceed to the lower deck using the turbolift at the beam-in point.Once there,
move to the center area,where gear is stored.Most of the ecuipment in this area
is worthless to you.However, if you look closely,you will find an isolinear chip.
Add this to your inventory.Be sure to search the dead Romulan in the hall.You
will find his disruptor rifle.Take the chip back to the airlock on the upper
deck.Insert it (left click), then click on it in place.It will take a few 
moments, but the containment field eventually will be restored.At this point,
you should set your phaser on high stun, for in a few moments, you'll be happy
you did.Enter the central area of the deck.Proceed slowly through the door, 
which leads to another small, gray door on the right side of the area where 
Commander Riker previously gained access to Doctor Soran's lab.When you open 
the door, you will hear the whine of a transporter beam, and the deck will
suddenly be filled with klingon warriors.You have two options at this point.
You can fight them, but the odds are totally against you.Or, you can flee.
Your only hope is to run to the airlock.Once there, you can click on the iso-
linear circuit on the containment controls to shut off the containment field.
You will have to click on it twice to override the safety protocols.When you
have done this, the Klingons will be blown into space, their bodies exploding
outward from massive decompression.Wait a few seconds, then restore the contain-
ment field again.Now it is safe to proceed to Soran's lab.

Walk back to the central area and proceed to the small,gray door that leads to
Soran's lab.Open both sets of doors, and walk forward until you have the entire
magnetically sealed door appearing in your auxiliary screen.Use your magnetic
justifier to open the door.Doctor Soran is not alone.He has several klingon 
bodyguards with him.The key is to move and shoot quickly.It takes several high
stun phaser hits to convince Soran to beam away from the area.The klingons will
not flee,but will fight until they are incapacitated,stunned, or desintegrated.
Once you've taken care of the klingons,your problems are far from over.
Soran has left his usual greeting card-a missile that is capable of shutting
down all nuclear reaction in a star,causing it to explode with incredible force!
Your job is clear, you have to either retarget or destroy that missile.
Go to the missile control podium until it appears in your auxiliary area.

Click on the top green bar to activate the system.Click on the top left blue
bar to activate the viewing system.Click on the top right blue bar to activate
the missile's targeting system.The targets will appear in the viewing area.
By clicking on the blue square on the right, change the target to anything 
other than the Armagosa Sun.
Now, you have to fire the missile.Click on the left green vertical bar to open
the torpedo hatch.Next, click on the right green vertical bar to release the
firing clamps on the missile itself.Once you have gone through all of these 
steps, you can click on the red button in the middle to fire the torpedo.
When you've successfully redirected the torpedo, the Enterprise will contact
you and you will be beamed aboard.

End of away Mission-6.

Away mission-7 on Bersus.

If you succeed: 
When Bersus is successfully completed, you will need to proceed to the Epsion

Mission key-items:
A.Blue rock alloy.
B.Plant seed pods.
C.Gold unstable rock element.
D.Torpedo launcher Power Unit.

Mission Objectives:
A.Beam down to Bersus and obtain the seeds necessary to cross over to the 
B.Navigate to the Islands and locate Doctor Soran's base of operation.
C.Acquire explosive rocks from underwater location.
D.Stop Doctor Soran and disable both the missile and the launch system.

Once you beam in,there are several herbivors wandering and eating plants 
nearby.These do not pose any sort of threat,but should be noted for future
Encounters.You should proceed to the rock formation at the edge of the cliff
over the sea.Move along the edge of the rock,hugging the right side.
Throughout the maze of vegetation,continue to veer to the right.Almost 
immediately, you will encounter several animate plants that will launch thorns
at you.Bypass them were you can,and fire at those you can't avoid in order to
kill them.As you move through the maze,you will first encounter one plant, then
three,and then five in a small group.Finally, you will come across a final group
of three plants.After that,you will find a patch of brush on the right side of
the path that you can push through.This will allow you to see a small mountain
of rock.Move towards two caves and crouch to enter the cavern on the left.
Continue to bear to the right throughout the caverns.You will proceed untill 
you reach a pool with a blue chrystal.Add the Chrystal to your inventory.You 
can use it to heal data by left clicking on it,if and when you need it.

The cavern will bend and twist.After you find your first blue rock,start 
heading to the right.(If all else fails,look at your map!).Just before you exit
the cave,you will find another blue rock.Add it to your inventory.When you exit
the cave, move to the opening in the clearing on the left.As soon as you enter,
you will notice that it forks.Take the fork on the right.It will seem to 
dead-end, but don't be fooled.Push into the brush,and you will move through the
foliage and into a small clearing.The clearing appears to have a cactus 
surrounded by several plants in the middle.Move up to these,and you can recover
the seeds that you are looking for.There is a total of five seeds, and you'll 
need to add at least three of them to your inventory.Once you've gathered the
seeds,backtrack through the caves and return to the beam-in point.

There's a rock arch at the beam-in point.Look down until you are looking almost
straight down.Move under the arch, and you will see a series of winding steps
leading down to a small peninsula.That is your destination.Once you reach the
peninsula,move down to the edge of the water.From here,jump over to the 
lilipads scattered between the islands and your current position.Keep jumping
out until you run out of pads.At that point, use the seed pods to grow new lili-
pads.You will eventually run out of seeds and lilipads, but you'll be close to
the islands.jump off of the last pad,and you'll drop down to an underwater 
ledge.Move forward to a small crevasse in the rocks.Move into it,and you will
find a series of rock formations that appear in your auxiliary area.Click on
this and add the golden rock to your inventory.Keep going through the cavern,
and you will come up in a pool that is surrounded by several crab-like 
creatures.There is also a discolored section of rock wall near the pool.Use your
phaser to blast the rock,and you'll be able to open a tunnel.You can then rise 
out of the water and quickly run past the crab creatures to escape without
having to waste precious phaser power on them.You can also shoot the crab
creatures with your pod weapons.Move through the tunnel and then onto the ledge.
Proceed along the ledge until you come to two of the thorn throwing plants.
Neutralize the plants.Next,use the level view on your tricorder map to select
the lowest level.This will reveal an underwater bridge between the halves of the
island.Align yourself with the path and then walk off the ledge.

If you do find the underwater path,you will end up on the shoreline near several
of the thorn plants.If your jump falls short, you'll land on a ledge that you 
must use to reach the shoreline.Either way,you must either run past or shoot the
plants.Continue untill you come to the first fork on a winding ledge that leads
upward.Keep to the left.You will have to kill several more of the plants as you
go.Proceed forward, and you'll suddenly find yourself in a clearing, facing 
Doctor Soran with his missile system ready to destroy the Bersus Sun.
Soran will not listen to reason,but will shoot first and not bother to ask
questions later.Fire several shots at him on high stun or use your pod weapon,
and he'll beam away.You should proceed to the missile launcher, but upon inves-
tigation,you will find that its controls have been locked out.This time,you'll
have to resort to more violent means of dealing with Soran's missile.
To disable the launcher,you must use one of the explosive gold rocks on the 
platform, placing it between the two upright green generator rods.You'll know
that you have the rock positioned correctly when you hear the clinking sound 
as you drop it in.Move out of the area,back into the tunnel, and crouch so 
that you won't take damage from the blast.

Move back to the launcher.You will notice that the blast from the gold rock has
opened up access to the launcher's innards.Crouch down and enter the launcher.
At the end of the small passageway is a power unit.When it appears in your
auxiliary display,add the power unit to your inventory-this disables the 
launcher.Your comm badge will now begin to glow and you can beam back to the 

End of away Mission-7.

Away Mission-8 Antillios: The living Planet.

If you suceed:
When you successfully complete Antilios, you will end up in Space-combat 

Mission Key-items:
A.Medical sample kit.
B.Federation medkit.
C.Concentrated enzyme pellets.

Mission Objectives:
A.Penetrate the interior of the creature.
B.Make your way to Doctor Soran and defeat him.

Upon Arrival,you will appear on a hair follicle and drop your tricorder.Pick it
up,but don't turn it on.If you do, you will attract several large antibodies 
that will attack.Proceed to the opening of the epidermis.There are five possible
paths into the internal skin layers.Each leads to a maze of tunnel-like tubes.
You will need to navigate to three of these nodes,where Soran's creatures are at
work collecting Trilithium.In both of the east and west nodes,you will find the
artificial creatures gathering Trilithium and damaging the creature-planet in
the process.Use your phaser to stop their actions.When that is done,move to each
of the damaged areas and use your medkit on them.When the area is healing, it
will secrete a pink substance.Gather this with your collection/sample vials.
After healing both of the first two nodes, a previously sealed passage will 
open on the north wall.This leads to a third node.Once there,destroy the machine
and then heal the node.This will open a small chamber that leads to a shaft to
the next area.

In this area, there are four lower pools and four upper passages to membranes
that can be reached by jumping.You cannot pass through the membranes, and
shooting them would make you no better than Soran.You will need to somehow find
a way through all four of these membranes.
The solution is to go down to the lower pools one at a time.Walk into them, and
you will become coated in a protective green enzyme.This lasts for less than a 
minute, but allows you to pass through the membranes.Return to the center and
jump to the membrane you wish to pass through.You will go down a long corridor
(identical for each).In the pools, you will find a pellet of concentrated 
enzyme.Add this to your inventory.One pool does not have a pellet and should be
avoided untill the end-especially considering that it is full of Soran's
artificially-created viruses.Once you have a pellet,return to the pool that 
does not have a pellet.use your phaser to deal with Soran's viruses.Only 
settings 8 and 9 on your phaser will affect these viruses.Next shoot the 
machine attached to the wall.Heal the orifice that is revealed once the machine
is destroyed.Then, place a pellet in the orifice.The orifice will now fill the 
pool with enzyme.Dunk yourself in the enzyme for protection.Pass through the
membrane and return to the central area.A hole in the center of the floor which
leads to the next area will now be open.After jumping into the hole, you will
be in a pink pool which has healing properties.To exit this pool,jump onto a 
ledge.Then crouch and jump through the opening.

The next area has many immobile antibodies, which will attack if you do not use
the green enzyme on yourself for protection.You must walk up to the stairs to
the north,then jump to the middle.From there,you can take the bridge to the east
until it passes under another catwalk.When it ends, you must jump down to the 
south.Move along the eastern edge(right side) of the cavern,to the middle of the
room again.Here,you will jump to the south,where the exit is located.There are
two colored pools at the end of your jumping spree,one yellow and one blue.
Collect these into the same vial,and they will become green.Cover yourself in 
the green mixture.You can also climb into each pool to achieve the same effect.
Now,move onto the membrane,wich will launch you into the next area.

The pounding of the heart tells you that you are in the chest of the creature.
You need to turn your tricorder off, or you'll suffer attacks from the  anti-
bodies.Move forward to the synaptic node(it gives off an electrical discharging
sound).Entrance into this will transport you to the area where Soran has done 
his worst damage to Antillios.You will meterialize on top of a large synaptic
node near several of Soran's viruses.Use your phaser on them, but killing them 
is not the goal of this encounter.You should proceed to the southest area, which
leads to an artery.Enter the artery,and you will be forced into the heart cham-
ber.Inside the heart,Soran is inside a diving bell,coordinating the activities 
of his minions.You must swim to the middle area to catch the current that will
carry you to his location.Once you have him in sight,move to the outer edge.
Soran will not surrender,but will beam away after exchanging several phaser shots
with you.

End of away Mission-8.

Away mission-9 Veridian III.

If you succeed:You proceed to the Enterprise mission for the final confrontation
with Doctor Soran.

Mission Key-items:
A.Hand Held cloak control.
B.Klingon Disruptor.
Klingon Disruptor Recharger pack.

Mission Objectives:
A.Captain Picard enters the Nexus.
B.Captain kirk decloaks the launcher.
C.Captain Picard must disable the Star-destroying missile.

Upon beam down,there is no initial sign of Soran.If you move up and around the
path,he will come into view,standing on a tall tower.A force field will block
you and prevent your phaser from hitting him.As you helplessly stand there, 
Soran launches the missile, and the veridian star is Destroyed.Both Picard and
Soran are swept into the nexus.As you beam out of the Nexus, you will see Soran.
Either shoot him with your phaser or begin to punch him rapidly, and you can get
him to drop his hand-held cloaking control device when he beams away.pick this
up and add it to your inventory.

(Note:If you have Picard set his phaser into the red zone prior to entering the
nexus,kirk's will be pre-adjusted to the same setting when he exits the Nexus
to confront Soran-A recommended strategy).

Proceed across the bridge,and you will come to two cave openings.
one opening appears to be a long and winding cavern, the other appears to be 
just a hole in the ground.Enter the simple hole in the ground opening.Bearing 
to the right,you will encounter a group of klingons standing around several
crates.If you run from the klingons,you can escape.if you attack them,you can
recover useful disruptors from them.There is an additional disruptor sitting on
top of the crates.Continue through the caves,and eventually,it will lead out to
an open area of hot springs.There are three klingons patrolling this area.
it is best to locate them on the tricorder and disable them trying to success-
fully get out of this area.From your entrance point to this area,jump straight
ahead to the column with a small platform on the right side.Turn left and jump
to the column on the far left.
(Note:You will need a running start to successfully complete these jumps).
If you check your tricorder,you will see that there is a hidden passage straight
ahead of you.You must crouch to enter this cave.Follow the small cave untill you
emerge from it.

Once you exit,jump to the left.You will see a large land mass with a ledge,
which is your destination.jump to it.After you land,turn to the left and you
will see a patch of area with a different texture.You will need to jump to this
area.Once you land,use your fists to break the area down.This will open up the
cave on the other side.Continue forward,and you will emerge on a platform over-
looking the hot springs.Jump to the largest pool and enter it.Drop down to see 
an underwater cave.Swim through the cave and emerge on the other side.
(note:you can use your jump key to rise up in the water).
on the surface,you will look down and see a klingon standing on a spot of dirt
(not rock surface!).Jump to that location and deal with the klingon as only
James. T. kirk can!
Follow the pathto the second cavern.Be wary,it is filled with klingon warriors
that you can either fight or evade.Ascend the winding staircase.This will lead
to a short passage that opens to an area filled with Soran's henchmen.They're
armed with sonic blaster at them from your maximum range, since
the potency of their sonic weapons decreases greatly with distance.

You will come to a bridge.This is where you should use the cloaking controls.
You may have to make several attempts.All the while, Soran will be firing at
you.Concentrate on using the cloaking control.
(note:When crossing the bridge,make sure to keep pressing the decloaking control
even when the bridge explodes and crashes to the canyon below.You must get to 
the end of the bridge,almost on top of the explosion, before you are within
range of the missile).
(Note:No matter how well you do, Kirk will die during this encounter).
There is only one way up the gantry,and that is starting where the bridgework
opens at the lowest level.Proceed to the entrance of the gantry,which is 
located almost directly in front of you when you appear as Picard.Speed(running)
is critical,since"time is the fire in which we burn," so to speak.
Once Captain picard reaches the missile, its controls will appear in your 
auxiliary screen.Click on the "locking clamps" button,and then get off of the
gantry as quickly as possible.The missile will explode.
You can move back down to the canyon floor, where kirk's body and the remains
of the bridge have fallen.Meanwhile,the Enterprise tells you that Doctor Soran
has beamed aboard your ship.

End of the away mission-9.

Away tem mission-10 Arvada-II.

If you succeed:
Once you successfully complete this mission,you will proceed to Halee.

Mision Key-items:
A.Maintenance Power Control.
B.Maintenance Robot.
C.Axionic Flux Inverter.
D.Green Rock Alloy.

Mission objectives:
A.Access the Main Power Chamber and Disable the Force Field.
B.Locate the Second Elevator.
C.Locate Soran and disable his operation.

Once you beam down to Arvada-II, proceed up the wide staircase in front of you.
At the top is a small building with a closed door.In Front and under the door 
is a track that the maintenance robots travel on.Wait a few seconds and one 
will come along and open the door.Inside the room on the right is the 
maintenance  power control device.pick it up and add it to your inventory.
Follow the robot out of the door.As soon as you are through the door, use 
the power control to shut down the unit in front of you.Program it to only go 
to the storage area and the power center.These are the rooms on the control 
panel indicated in the lower left and upper right areas.
Click on the other rooms to disable them.(turning light off).
(Note:Repeat this procedure on the next robot that you encounter, as well).
Proceed into the main chamber which houses the fountain in its center.Walk 
around the fountain to the opposite side.Go down the corridor and follow the 
bend to the left.This dead-ends with another sealed door.This is the main power
control room.Wait for one of the robotic units you programmed to come by and
open the the room, go to the far wall.There is a control panel there 
showing a sideways "H" pattern in the middle.Click on the middle of this panel.

Move to the other control panel.After a few seconds, you'll be able to access
it properly.Click on the two lights on the bottom,turning one on and one off.
This turns off the power to the forcr field and turns on the power to the 
storage chamber.Exit the room.
Go back toward the main central area with the statue and follow the corridor
off to the left.This leads to yet another door that is controlled by the 
maintenance robots.This is the supply room.Wait here for a while until a robot
arrives.In the supply room,you need to pick up the axionic flux inverter.
Exit the room and pick up the power control unit as you leave.
Go back toward the main power control room.On the way is a hallway to the right
that leads to a small, blue elevator platform and a force field generator.Move
quickly there using the axionic flux inverter to shut off the force field 
generator.Once this is shut down, return to the main power room and wait again
for one of the robots to return and the door to open.Go to the main power
control panel and click on the lower right button to restore power to the ele-
vator.Return to the blue elevator platform and activate it.This takes you down
into the bowels of Arvada-II's automated minig operation.

After you arrive on the lower level, you need to move forward, toward the 
robots, then go as far left as possible.In the back wall is a crack leading 
to a cavern.Step into this and bear to the right until you come to a lit chamber 
that has a set of stairs leading upward.Ascend the stairs and go out into the
other open production area.Bear to the right and follow the conveyor until you
come to a pile of crates.Jump up on the last crate nearest to the conveyor.
Once on top of the box,crouch down and you can move onto the conveyor belt.
Move around the conveyor until you come to the juncture where it breaks to a
lower level.jump off and follow the conveyor back to the right.There is 
another opening into a cavern.Follow this back and proceed slowly.You will come
to a small pool of water.Jump in and move through the water to the far right,
where there is a cave.Go through the cave slowly.
(Note:keep your eyes on the ground in this area.You will come to a ledge
overlooking a chasm).
From here,run and jump straight across to the small ledge on the other side.
Once you land there,proceed forward down the corridor and turn left.
You will need to destroy the single missile firing robot that is blocking your
way.This brings you up to a second elevator system located behind the defensive
robots where you got off the first elevator leading to your present level.

Take this second elevator down.At the bottom, turn to the left.Take the 
corridor to the very end.You will see Soran and begin to converse with him.
As in the previous encounters, you must adjust your phaser to a high setting 
and shoot at Soran.You should be able to hit both Soran and the wall mounted 
weapon from the far side of the room.Using this strategy will give you time to 
avoid return fire.After several hits,Soran will beam out.You then must shoot 
the device mounted on the wall several times until it stops shooting.
once you've disabled the device, you can click on your communicator to beam 
away from the location.

end of the away mission-10.

Away team Mission-11  Halee.

If you succeed:The computer randomly chooses between sending you to Antillios
or into Space combat engagement with a Romulan fleet.

Mission key-items:
A.Klingon Security pass.
B.Klingon Antimatter Reactor Plug.
C.Klingon Tricorder.
D.Breath Mask.
E.Klingon Hypospray.
F.Klingon Disruptor.
G.Klingon Disruptor Pack.

Mission Objectives:
A.Prevent the Bird of Prey containing Trilithium from Successfully launching
and rendezvousing with Soran.

Upon beam down, you will already be using a breather mask.A key to surviving
this operation is to note that you are undercover.In other words, until you 
fire your disruptor or do something blatant to attract attention, the klingons
will not bother you(for the most part).Right after you rematerialize on the 
planet surface, you will see a Romulan ship crash near the base, but this is of
no consequence.Move forward to the wall where the Romulan ship crashed.
Then move to the right,through the small opening.This leads to a large, open 
area with several crystal formations and a single structure in the middle of 
the sands.Proceed to this structure, making sure that you avoid the crystals, 
since they inflict damage.
At the building, you will find an elevator button.Click on it and enter the 
elevator.Go to the control button inside and click on the lower button.Once
the door closes, you can remove the breather mask by clicking on it.
At the bottom, you will be proceeding through the tunnel system.Move out of the 
elevator and follow the tunnel to its very end.The best way to do this is to
navigate using your map.This will show you more than you can see with your eyes
in the dark tunnels,even allowing you to run through or around most of the 
crates and other obstacles.You will know when you have reached the end by the
presence of two klingon guards.Open the door at the end of the tunnel and enter
the large open area.Remember this area since you will be returning to it later-
four times!once in this area,turn left.Take the first door on the left and open
it.This leads to another long series of tunnels.Like before, follow these to 
the very end and you will find an elevator control.Open the elevator and get
inside, punching the up button control.
(Note:After the doors close,put on your breather mask, since the elevator will
deposit you on the surface again.

After the elevator opens,you need to take a hard right.There is a crystal 
formation with a dark depression in the middle of it.To make sure you are
heading in the correct direction, the smoking remains of the Romulan ship 
should be in the distance.Move to the dark area in the sand.This leads to the
sand pits below.You will drop, but you won't suffer appreciable damage in the
fall.Once you land,you cantake off your breather mask.Turning around,you will
see a large cavern.Move along the far left side on the ledge, crouching down 
as you move.There are several tunnels you will encounter on the ledge.Take the
first tunnel.Crouching, you need to enter the tunnel,but only a little way.
Raise your disruptor pistol and prepare for action.The first room that you 
enter contains several predators that are moving to attack.Take them out with
your disruptor pistol.Once they have been killed, inspect their chamber for a
dark area on the far wall.You can punch or fire at it to open up another tunnel.
Crouch down and enter this tunnel.As you proceed forward, you will come into
a large open chamber with a waterfall and a pool.Walk along the right ledge of 
the pool toward the cave at the far end.Crouch down once more and enter the 
cave.You will want to move forward, hugging the left wall untill you emerge
from a small opening leading into the sand pit chamber where you first started-
only this time,you are a full level higher.

Move to the right,along the edge of the ledge,continuing to crouch down.Enter
the first tunnel opening you encounter.You will once again confront several
predators that you need to kill.Keep to the left edge of the tunnel and you 
will come to an open room that leads to a ledge overlooking a pool.




        Mission-11 Halee.
        Part-2 of Star Trek "GENERATIONS" Walkthrough.

 The pool has several rocky outcroppings rising up from its surface.
Your objective is a ledge at the far left corner of the chamber.To get there,
you must first run and jump forward to the first rock formation.Turn slightly
(45 degrees) to the right and jump to the rock formation that is along the
right wall.Turn to face the back of the cave and jump to the rock formation
that runs to the right wall of the cavern(this is a short jump).
Your next jump requires good positioning.Turn slightly to the left.To confirm
you are in the right place,look down.You should see the rock bridge below,
running to the rock formation that you are going to jump to next.Run and jump
across the bridge.You must land on top of the rock formation to be successful.
Turn slightly to the right and you will see the last rock formation.Run and
jump across to it.On top of this, you can jump straight ahead and onto the
ledge leading out of this chamber.Up at the top,you will find a security
pass.Add the klingon security pass to your inventory.You'll need it later.

Move down the corridor to the end and you will find a hole that Worf will
drop through(suffering some damage).At the bottom is a long cavern filled
with crates.Move to the end of this,ignoring the klingons at the door.Open
the door and move forward to the elevator,click on the top button.Since you
now have the security pass,you will be taken to the main control room.You
arrive at the control room and find it empty.Move around the elevator
(either to the or left) until you find the main control panel.Click on the
buttons showing the Birds of Prey to learn which one is the Duras Sister's
and which belongs to Soran.You should check all three docked ships-one
belongs to the Duras sisters,one is fueling and ready to leave, and the other
is damaged.When you are done,click on the center button until it turns green.
This opens the access passages to the ships.Return to the elevator and click
on the bottom button.

Once you exit the elevator,break left.There is an entranceway to the south-
west(lower left hand corner of the room) that is now unlocked.Enter this tun-
nel and follow it around until you reach the very end.There is an elevator
here.Open the elevator and press the controls to take the elevator to the top.
This brings you to an airlock leading into a damaged Bird of Prey.
Go through the elevator and then through the heavy door leading into the ship.
Go around to the elevator inside the ship and take it up.When you come out of
the elevator,go to the right and around.The enginering section is smashed and
is falling apart.
Move to the panel housing the antimatter reactor plug element.Add this item
to your inventory.It's damaged,but that's what makes it valuable to you.
Return to the airlock and backtrack your path into the base,to the point
where you first started down the tunnel leading to the Bird of Prey.
to follow the norteast passageway(upper right corner of the room).Navigate
the tunnel around its winds and turns until you come to the end.When you do,
take the elevator up.This brings you to the airlock leading into another Bird
of Prey.

Since all klingon Birds of Prey are built alike,head to the engineering
section.To get there,go through the elevator and then through the heavy
door leading into the ship.Go around to the elevator inside the ship and take
it up.When you come out of the elevator,go to the right and around.Approach
the control panel housing the functional antimatter reactor plug element.
Add the working core in the console to your inventory.Replace it with the
defective one that that you collected earlier.This whole process sets off an
alarm and,worse yet,the klingons in the base have been alerted to your little
act of sabotage.You need to start firing and running.Get off the Bird of Prey
as fast as possible before it launches.Don't engage in long gunfights-instead
get out of there in a haste.After all, you sabotaged the warp drive on the
ship.If you fail to reach the tunnel leading back to the common area by the
time the sabotaged ship explodes, you will be killed in the blast.Once you
reach the common area and find an area safe from the other klingons, stop and
wait.You may have to wait up to two minutes,depending on how fast and far you
went.You'll know it's time to signal the ship with your communicator when you
hear a distant rumble and the blast of a ship's engine exploding.
Contact the Enterprise and beam back up.

End of away team mission-11.

Away team Mission-12  USS. Enterprise NCC-1701D.

If you succeed: You've won the game.

Mission key-items:
A.Emergency Turbolift Opener.
B.Soran's Transporter Device.

Mission Objectives:
A.Get the emergency Turboelevator opener and reestablish the inertial dampers
so you can drop to the next deck.
B.Get around Soran's traps and ambushes to locate him on Deck-22.
C.Get to main Engineering,stop Soran from firing his missile,and escape the 
ship before it's destroyed.

From the beam-in point,proceed forward through the two sets of lounge doors,
moving forward through the ship.You will come to a wide hallway that forks to
the port and starboard sides of the ship.(Note:You will be returning to this
area to use the turboelevator shaft located here,so note this location on your
tricorder map for later).
Move to the starboard(right) hallway and run down it untill tou come to the 
first hallway on the left.In the middle of this section is aset of yellow
double doors.Open these,and you will encounter several of Soran's macro-viruses.
Avoid these if possible(athough they can be killed if your phaser is set to a 
level 8 or 9), move forward, and locate the emergency turboelevator opener.Add 
it to your inventory.Get out of the room quickly and return to the hallway
along the starboard side of the ship.Proceed forward until the hall ends with a
hard turn to the left.Looking down this new hallway,you'll notice a set of 
double doors on the right.You may encounter several more macro-viruses which 
you can shoot or evade(your choice).Move toward the double doors.There is an
exstra phaser sitting on a packing crate just outside the damping field control
room.If you wish to survive this level,add the exstra phaser to your inventory.

Now,open the double doors and enter the room.Inside, you will find several more
viruses and a control panel that allows you to restore inertial damping fields.
You must click on the elevator shaft at the aft end of the ship diagram(where
you beamed-in).Then you must click on the green block control on the top green
block.This will restore inertial damping to that particular turboelevator shaft.
Work your way out and back to the turbolift shaft near your beam-in point.
The turboelevator is the yellow door near the first fork in the wide hallway.
Use the emergency turboelevator opener to open the door.Walk into the opening
and you will slowly and safely drift down to the next deck.Open the door and
step out.You now have only 20 minutes left before the warp core breach destroys
the ship.Soran has sabotaged the emergency batteries and has numerous macro-
viruses loose on this deck(21).Your mission is to get around some of his traps
using your knowledge of the Enterprise.
From the turbolift,move into the wide hallway housing the red panels moving
forward through the ship.When you reach the end of the wide hall,move to the
port side and into the large hallway that runs along the port side of the deck.
Proceed forward in the hall untill you are near the end.You will spot a virus 
in the hall.Take the last doorway on the left side,just before you reach the
virus's range.In the room,backtrack slightly to the aft of the ship where there
is a door leading aft(parallel to the hallway).open that door.On the left is a
set of stairs leading to a jeffreys tube.Enter,crouching as you move through
the tube across the deck.When you come down,turn left through the door and then
left again,where you will find several viruses waiting.Destroy them, then 
proceed forward on the deck until the hall bends hard to the left.Go through 
the massive double doors on the left side of the hall-in the middle of the deck.
On the other side are a LOT of viruses.Don't fight them, but move to the other 
side of the room and pass through the door.You will find a room with several 
dead viruses on the floor.Move to the control table in the middle.Click on the
large blue block at the top left of the panel.This will release a static charge 
that kills all of the viruses in the other room.Move back in the room and take 
the stairs down to the next deck.Once you are there.Exit the room.

You are in a area where Soran is breeding his Macro-viruses and there are too
many of them to deal with.Run to the right and enter the supply room door.
Use this to work your way around the viruses that are blocking the hallway,
moving aft in the ship.Exit the aft doorway and run down the hall.When you 
reach the end of the hall, it turns right.Follow it around and you will find
Soran waiting.After several verbal taunts and some phaser blasts on high stun,
Soran will transport beyond the forcefield.If you are facing the forcefield,
you'll notice a hallway that runs to the right and left.Follow the one to the
left.Ina room at the end of this hall,you'll find the transporter system that
Soran is using.You cannot transport to his location,but you can get to main
engineering.Once you transport to engineering, you have only 10 minutes before 
Soran will launch his torpedo.Head toward the opposite end,toward the warp core.
Turn left into a small room.Pass through this room into a short corridor,on the
left,is the deflector control panel.There are concentric rings showing the 
deflector areas.First, turn off the side deflector shields by pressing each of
the energized(lit) sets of rings shown in the current view.Now, press the word
"subsystem" to bring up a side view of the ship, and press the rings at the 
front (left) of the ship to activate the deflectors in front of the torpedo
launchers.With the other shields turned off, the front deflector shields will
now have enough power to stop Soran's torpedo.The computer will now lock out 
the controls per Picards orders.

After you have raised the shields,Soran will fire one last torpedo,which will
destroy the torpedo room and kill Soran.You have only 1 to 2 minutes to warn
Soran.Quickly turn around and enter the right hand door,opposite the 
deflector shield contol panel.Follow the hallway until you reach the four 
escape pods.Enter any one of the pods and,after the door closes,approach the
control panel untill it appears in your secondary display.Now press anywhere
within the central circle to launch the pod and escape the destruction of the

End of away mission-12.   End of Game You Won!


The Rule: Continually hit your enemy in the same spot,take out the power,
then eliminate the ship's ability to fire back.

What you do when you encounter hostile ships in the game?

Step-1:raise shields.Assume when you enter the system that you are going to 
be fired upon.

Step-2:Check your Sensors.See Anything?If yes,increase power to computers 
and sensors and get readings on what it is you facing.

Step-3:Target the enemy ship.Lock on target in an effort to damage the ship's
power generation or shield systems.

Step-4:Fire Photon Torpedo salvo.

Step-5:Rapidley follow your torpedo volley with a phaser shot.
If the torpedoes do their job,your phasers can cut into the enemy like a hot
knife thriugh butter.

Combat Fleets in Star Trek: "GENERATIONS".

The following are the fleets that patrol in and around the sector that the
Enterprise D is assigned to during the course of the game.This information is
based on the best intelligence from starfleet,but as a federation officer, you
should always be prepared for the unexpected.

(Note:Soran is present in Space Combat Fleets 1 through 12 and 25.
Fleets 13 through 24 are not involved with soran's movements).



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