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Game Play Overview

This game I feel is not in the same class as Final Unity and has very poor save game facilities. You must continually save the game just prior to starting a mission on a particular planet, and try over and over again until the stage is completed. This becomes somewhat frustrating at times, but as a consequence the game lasts longer and you get more out of the game by retrying different ways of accomplishing the mission. The clues given here are not the only solution to solving each stage. Overall the game is difficult to complete and should give many hours of enjoyment. According to the games overview there are 12 'away team' missions. Following are solutions for 6 out of the 12. Dr. Crushers stage will try your patience with the current save game feature, best of luck with this one.

Further walkthrough solutions including maps can be found at the following address :-

1. Riker at Armagosa Stellar Observatory Next Top

At the very start of the game the Armagosa star is highlighted. Picard says Data conduct a short-range scan of the space station to gain transport coordinates. Select the space station on the right. Press short range scan. Press transport.

Commander Riker is beamed aboard to the middle level of a 3 level ship. There are lot of things to collect. Some are useless. You can drag them into your inventory and then right mouse click them to see what they are and if they are of any value. Pressing the comms badge at various times can give you some clues.

Immediately in front is a broken elevator switch, which we will need to fix later. Just to the right is Soran. Do not click him or press the comms badge when he is walked onto and appears in the view finder. This is best to do at a later stage to give you more time.

Turn on your tricorder map display by pressing the blue button on the left hand side of the screen. The different level maps can be selected. All highlighted people are to be beamed up. (Leave Soran till later). Enemies are in green, good guys are in red.

Do a U turn and progress forward until the green door open switch appears in the view finder. Press this and enter. Walk over to the injured party until he is in the view finder. Clicking the injured party sometimes gives you more of the inside story, but after a few attempts at the game, you will tire of this an will only need to press the comms badge to beam him up. Turn around to where you came from otherwise you will exit the wrong door out into space (good-bye). Exit the door you came in by pressing the button. Up your phaser power to just over half way (kill setting). Drift forward and right to a hallway and someone will attack you, fire the phaser to kill him. Walk over him and click him. You need to drag his tricorder into your collection box on your right. Also grab his phaser. You may need at least one spare phaser for the end when you tackle Soran. These can be collected from just about any of the enemies. Grab a third phaser as a spare in case you overdo it.

Progress down the hall until you come into a larger chamber. Two more enemies to stun (it is best to only stun enemies use green settings). Beam up your good guy. There is a yellow highlighted dot on the map indicating something important. Collect this by walking up to something that looks like a 2 drawer filing cabinet mounted in the wall. Once in the view finder click the drawer to open it. A cylinder is found, which is to be dragged into your collection pile. Do not yet go into the center door at the back which sounds like electricity.

Upper level Next go to either of the two elevators which are positioned to the sides of the circular section you are in. Press the buttons to go to the next level. Be prepared for one more bad guy on exit from the elevator. There are two rooms at either end where the doors will open on walking up to them.

The good guy one, after beaming him up in his room you will find a glowing chunk in the wall. Walk to this until it is in the viewfinder. Click the dark cylinder thing in the inventory. Sometimes this does not work with one click of the mouse, and needs a double click (it took ages to work this out). This will fix this broken part.

The bad guy one, enter and kill him. Then go to the control panel and press the green right hand bottom switch. Turn around and to the right at the other end of the room there will be a sparking hole. You need to crouch down to get into this hole. Try options by pressing escape and see what key you have set crouch down to. You need to enter turn and continue to crouch to progress. Once inside the tunnel you can let the crouch button go. Progress until you fall down into another room. There is nothing worth collecting here. Caution, exit through the door but veer left toward the corridor wall until you get the control panel in the view finder. Click it once to open the panel. Click the bottom left hand side to power down the live wire above you and to open the doors. Turning right from your current view of the panel and progress to the next door in the corridor on the right to rescue the next good guy. There is some trilithium in one of the cabinets there. Not sure but collect it anyway.

Now progress back to the corridor where you first beamed down and beam up Soran. He will leave behind a green switch. Drag this to your inventory. Go further back to where you first came in to find the first elevator with the broken button. Get this broken button in the viewfinder. Click (or double click) the green button in the inventory. This will fix it. Now click the green button in the view finder. This will operate the lift.

Lower level Get ready to kill one on the left and right hand side as you exit the lift and progress in through the doors.

The next bad guy in the center is tough and needs the phaser set to full. A few blasts should melt him down. Beam up the good guys. Collect the Magnetic justifier. This is required to open a door down on the middle level. It can be found in the cabinet to the left of the Shelf which has some colored things that look like a gigantic ink pens. Grab one key card, don’t know if you need it though. Tri lithium and other stuff is not necessary. Collect and inspect at your own free will.

Next go back up the lift to the center level. You will find Soran in the rear center door. The electric one. Be careful. Crouch down and go to the right.

Prepare, click your spare fully charged phaser and set to full.

You will need to click the door in the viewfinder so that it says that a Magnetic justifier is needed. Then just click the Magnetic justifier in the inventory to open the door.

Crouch down and fire at Soran continuously until he beams out. Use another phaser if you run out. If you time the phaser blasts at a few seconds apart and crouch down, you can make your phaser last longer.

Enter to the missile control panel near where he was standing. Press the following controls:-

Press the top center green long horizontal bar to turn on. Press the top left hand short blue horizontal bar. Press the top right hand short blue horizontal bar. A view of a planet will appear on the left, and a green square on the right. Press the green square multiple times until it says, ‘No target selected’. Then press the green button to the right of the center red fire button. Then press the red fire button in the center. Press the comms badge to get out of there.

Stage 1 completed.

2. Data at Arvada II Next Prev Top

The next stage is where data has to stop Soran build more trilithium.

A few hints here. On beaming down drift left and go up the stairs. Do not fire at any of the war machines. Follow the robots on the tracks into the maintenance room. You will find a green witches hat / ice cream cone. Pick it up and then place it on the track to stop the robots. You can now press the switches on their backs and allow them to enter the power room. Turn off the detox room as this causes delays when the robots do the loops around the tracks. Pick up the cone and follow them to the power room. Behind the generator are control panels. Click the panel to the left to lower the generator shielding, then use the central panel to switch off the elevator, and switch on the storage room. Follow a maintenance robot to this storage room to find two devices that look like the skeleton rib cages of some alien bugs (axionic inverter). Go to the lift. Get the force field device on top of the lift button into the viewfinder. Click the rib cage in your inventory. (Double click if necessary - do not drag out of the inventory). Go back to the power room and turn on the lift. Go down the lift. Some huge robots are in front of you. Two alternative approaches can be used here, either look around the caves and try to jump onto a conveyor belt that will take you to the lift behind the robots, or go to the right, crouch down and blast them. The best approach is to fire multiple times at the corner of their wings and keep crouching down for cover. Use a battery if your phaser goes flat. Once you have cleared these robots, you can go down the hall and down another elevator. Try to find Soran and shoot at him. Avoid getting killed yourself. Keep ducking for cover. He will soon beam out. Stay crouched to avoid fire and you can beam out by pressing the coms badge or can continue as follows. After Soran beams up, do the Star Trek save the universe thing, and save the creature in the Power room. Clicking the panels to the left and right of the cylinder lets him out. The beings power starts to damage you, so tap your comms badge immediately and beam away before you die.

These are only the first two stages. Once you get familiar with the gameplay, you seem to be able to progress easier.

3. Warf at Halee 2 Next Prev Top

On beaming down progress until you reach an elevator shed. Press the button and enter the lift. Press the lift button and take it down into the station. On exiting the lift you can turn off your breather mask by clicking it. The colored light of the breather mask will go from green to red when it is turned off. Every time you exit into the atmosphere you will need the mask, so only use it when you need to as it will run out of power. There are some optional things to do with Worfs mission. If you aren’t yet familiar with this mission yet, then go to the center lift, up to the second or third floor and collect some spare disruptors and power packs from the cupboards. At this point you can look around all floors except the top floor which needs a security key. The only other available exit out into the atmosphere again is the tunnel leading out from the bottom floor toward the top of the tri-corder screen. Follow this until the end and take the elevator up to the atmosphere. Turn on your breather mask before the doors open. Walk out of the lift and around to the right. Head between the crystals where looking forward you look at what may be a large building. Look an you will find some discolored ground. Walk into this and you fall down a hole. This is another doom tunnel saga. You can cruise around killing beasts but you don’t really need to, as you can just run away from them. You may want to kill them until you get familiar with the tunnel structure as they may get in your way. Search around the tunnels until you find a large cavern with a pile of rocks in a water pool. You will only be able to find the pillars-and-pool cave after you have shot out the wall where Worf comments on the phaser-blast marks (behind which are three beasts). Then a new tunnel entrance miraculously appears off the walk-way in the central cavern. You can edge your way around these and jump from one to another as long as they are close enough. If you fall into the water, use your breather mask but don’t over use it as it will run out of power. Another alternative is to press the jump key at regular intervals or hold the jump key down and he comes up for air. To get out of this pond swim around to the center bottom of the tricorder and keep pressing the jump key. Then creep along the right hand wall until you come to some underwater stairs you can climb and jump up on. I think you have to climb over 2 sets before you can get out fully. Climb out and try not to fall off too often. You don’t necessarily have to use the breather mask, as if there is no rocks above you in the water you can use the climb key to get a breath of air. You need to do this about every 5 to 10 second or you will run out of air. Then switch to your breather mask.

When you are at the large rock at the bottom of the tri-corder and you jump up the tri-corder will display another ledge that is where you are to get to. The problem is you can only get to it by jumping from rock to rock on the tops.

The only way I managed to do this was go back to the first highest rock at the top of the tri-corder and jump four rocks one after the other with the forward key, run key together, and pressing jump each time you land on top of the next rock. This takes considerable co-ordination. I have now been informed that you can actually just walk across the first four pillars, if you aim for their pointed ends. Run and Jump to get across the largest gap, though.

Once you get right across you will find an exit tunnel where you collect the security key. Progressing forward down this tunnel you will then fall down another hole and end up in the lower tunnels of the station. Progress back in, and take the central elevator to the high-security top floor. Examine the control panel with the ships. Make sure you press the center green button to open the three remaining sealed doors on the lower level. Pressing the comms badge leads to a suggestion to take a broken part from one ship and place it in Sorans. Pressing each ship on the control panel gives you an idea where each one is. Go back down the central elevator and progress down to the ship at the end of the lower left tunnel. Look around the ship for a broken part near a control panel. This is toward the top of the tri-corder screen. The part just looks like a golden metal rectangle. Place the part in your inventory.

Now exit this ship and tunnel and head for Sorans ship. From the central elevator, this is to the right of the tri-corder screen. Look for a control panel on this ship with a similar part. Take the good part out and place it in your inventory. Now place the faulty part in its place. This may take a bit of moving around to get the new part slot in the view finder. Then just click the faulty part that is in your inventory to plug it in. (Don’t drag it).

You have two minutes to get off the ship before it blows up. Head directly for the elevator of the ship. Be prepared to shoot some guards if necessary. After you sabotage the first two ships as you described, you need to go to the third one. There you will face off the Duras' sisters. Shoot them until they beam away. Click your comms badge until you get beamed out.

Other than Soran or the Duras’ sisters all other Klingon characters should only be stunned. With Klingon weapons, setting 1 stuns, 3 kills, 5 disintegrates.

Many thanks to Mikko L for his assistance.

Happy Jumping !!

4. Q’rash solution. Next Prev Top

On beaming down you see a panel explode. Press the red button on the control to disable the reactor. Examine the dead guard and pick up a security pass. Go through the door into the next section. You will find a pair of stairs going off diagonally. If you go up, U turn and then come down these again forward of the intersection point of the pair of the stairs will be a central elevator. Take this and be preapared to kill on exit.

Once you have entered an escape pod on the top left quadrant of the diagram in the tricorder you can then enter a door that goes into a small tunnel at the top center of the tricorder diagram. You need to crouch to get in this jeffreys tube. Follow a really long path around to the right, and enter a room with radiation. Look at your tricorder map for the yellow light and you will find another security pass to drag into your inventry. Then go to the door and shuffle around until it opens and get out quick. Go back to the elevator in the center and return to the original level.

Take the lift to the left side of the tricorder viewfinder. From the left lift, on the top left of the tricorder, is the first room with showers. The next room is the one you want to enter now you have a new security pass. After entering, go to the room on the right and pick up the next security key. IMPORTANT: Note the three symbols here. They are the combo lock for the bomb controls. Go back down to the original beamed down level again.

As you progress to the top of the tricorder viewfinder, open up the cabinets to get a klingon disruptor, a few recharger packs, and some vials of health. Swallow one for now as you will be slightly weak from the earlier radiation. Now you can go and chase Soran. Use the prelinary phaser on fairly high for the first few guards. If running low on power, swap to the Klingon one, as you have some spare batteries. Go down the lift and get ready for another battle. Use high power, and be prepared to take cover. You may even need to recharge your weapon. If you blast them enough they will beam out. Next is the tricky bit. To disable the bomb. To open the control panel you need to have noted the 3 patterns from where you found the security key. When the control panel appears, press the top green bar, then the top left blue bar, then the right blue bar. Click the blue right square until anything other than the Aramgosa sun is chosen. Surrounding the center red fire button, click the left green vertical bar, then the right green vertical bar and then the red center fire button. Click on your communicator pin to beam out. (I think you have to click the communicator a second time to get beamed up as the first time Picard just talks to you).

I succeeded this mission with some help from another website that had hints and diagrams for Q’rash ship.

5. Troy at Galorndon Next Prev Top

You beam down outside a large roller door. You have a couple of minutes to wander around until the roller door opens. When it does, just walk in and head along the right hand side until you can enter a hallway. You can basically walk around this place without confrontation until the latter parts of this section of the game. Do not use the phaser yet as it will only end up setting off the alarms and you will need to shoot everyone from that point on. Progress along the corridor and get into a lift. When you exit there will be a large room with elevators in each corner. You don’t need to use these elevators, but if you do, they take you downstairs where you can find a 2nd level security pass. This is only useful for collecting weapons from the corridors behind the space ship take off bay where you first entered from outside.

There are two ends to this floor, one with Soran, and one area consisting of staff facilities. At the staff facilities end, visit each room until you find a hypospray, which you definitely will require. After finding this progress to the top diagonal right of your tricorder until you reach the security officers room. Here you will have to phaser her so you can get the security pass. From this point on you need to kill everyone you meet. Set your phaser on high stun (middle setting on small phasers) and collect spare weapons from everyone you stun. You will probably need about 6 or more. Take care entering the other end, and use hypospray if your energy is down. When you exit the corridor, you may need to crouch down so everyone doesn’t shoot you at once. Sometimes exiting and backing back into the corridor is the best approach. Progress to the opposite end where you can see Soran over a void. You can only get to him through the door on the right where the level 3 security pass is used. On opening the door, in the first corridor will be a stream of about 6 guards. On blasting these, a further 6 are found down the left corridor. Don’t just barge in firing, step back at an angle and knock them out as you can see them. If you wait autside the door, they will come out of their own accord and you can blast them easier this way. Progress down these corridors to end up at a 3 stage lift. Go to the bottom level first and kill the 3 guards. Next is the middle level. When exiting this section run around to the right and try to cross the bridge before it breaks. I haven’t achieved this yet and do not know if it is possible. However if the bridge breaks, you can jump the gap. I tried the run and jump option keys and made it. Take this next lift to where a lady and Soran are working. Kill the lady first and take cover. Check your energy and use either hypospray to get back to a safe level. Then go up the final set of stairs to kill Soran again. Phaser him until he beams out. Now do the same old disable the bomb thing again. Top green center bar, power on. Top left blue bar, top right blue bar. Press the square until aimed at deep space. Press left the vertical bar next to the center red fire button, press the right vertical bar next to the fire button, press the red fire button. Press your comms badge twice again, and you have succeeded this section.

The easier way:-

I have been informed that you can just Stun (green phaser setting) the female Romulan to take away her door key. I tried this but she won't stun. My suggestions yet untried are as follows:- 1) that you just go around her and take her key. 2) Another possibility is that one of their phasers may stun her on the lower setting without setting off the alarms. To find these, get a security pass sitting on a box in the downstairs area, (there is a lift in the four corners of the large circular area). Then using this pass you can get to an area behind where the spaceship first took off. You will find some phasers in some cupboards there.

Back to the spot where the high level (3 prongs) security door is. To get into this door you must first create a distraction. This is accomplished by first going into the elevator OPPOSITE of the keyed door. Down the elevator you'll find two Romulans. One roams around, the other stands guard in front of another room. Enter this room (Reactor Room). A large control panel turns off and on coolant pumps. Turn pumps off, then go hide to the left. A Guard Romulan comes in to turn pumps back on. Stun him, and then turn pumps off again. The computer sounds an alarm that reactor temperature is becoming critical. Go back up the elevator and all the Romulans there will be preoccupied with correcting your sabotage to notice you slip through the keyed door. Then go face down Soran like above, except only stun his guard.

Thanks for the alternatives from Vax & Bill

6. Dr. Crusher at Antilios Prev Top

You beam down into a living planet consisting of liquids and artery tunnels. There are antibodies that attack you when you have the tricorder turned on. I first tried this section without the tricorder but it is too hard. The best approach is to turn the Tricorder on, press the blue map button, turn around a full circle and turn it off. This then fills up the map in the viewfinder. When you first turn it on, turn off the human detection as you will just get a confusing mess on the screen. Turn it off by clicking the inventory tricorder icon, you don't have to actually get rid of the tricorder to prevent the antibodies attacking you. There are three yellow dots on the tricorder representing trilithium generators that need to be destroyed. To locate these once you have walked around enough with the tricorder, a map will eventuate where the center of the map is a 6 pronged start shape with tunnels running from each of the six points. When I played the game, I seemed to always enter the holes that never got to the trilithium generators. The entrances on the map that do proceed to the generators are at the Top, and the bottom left and bottom right diagonal corners of the star pattern. Generally heading left on entering the tunnels seems to work best. If you do use your tricorder and an antibody fires you can duck an it will miss. An easy way to remember the correct entrances is to look for the damaged one and then take the second to the right and second to the left, and every second door has a generator.

Once you find the generators at the tunnels aim the phaser at the small light on the generator and blow them up. Then click the node where it was connected. Then click the medical kit to heal the node.

On healing all three nodes progress around one of the nodes and you will find a small opening with what looks like a black vertical stream. Crouch down and enter into it and move around so that you fall down into a cavern. Get your bearings again by clicking the tricorder in your inventory, press the blue 'where is everything' button, spin a circle again, even jumping on the spot gives you more map, then click the inventory tricorder again to turn it off.

It is here where things get complicated. The principle used here is that Green enzyme opens doors. By progressing into the lower center and crouching down you can progress into smaller tunnels. At the end of these are some green pools where you can fill your bottle. Once you go back into the center section again, you can climb up the walls and use your green bottle of enzyme to open a door. There appears to be four green blocked doors. These appear in the tricorder in the four diagonal corners of the viewfinder. I found that the top right diagonal I collected the green enzyme balls and the top left diagoinal was where the next machine to blow up lived. Go into the first door and at the end you will find more green pools. This time fish around in the puddles for some green enzyme balls you can drag into jour inventory. Fill your bottle again, but this time when you get out of the pool, run to the door and if you still are still slimy, you yourself will force open the door. This way you can keep the bottle for the next door. If you time it wrong you can progress back to the lower tunnels for some more green enzyme. Beware, in the lower tunnels and also in the the next machine room there are some nasty virus bugs turn up that can only be phasered on setting 9 (2nd yellow) and two or more blasts are required. When you are in this top left diagonal green door room, you will see another oraface where green enzime should be coming out to fill a pool. But because there is one of Soran's machine's on it, there's nothing coming out. Shoot the machine, heal the oraface with the med-kit and then use a green enzime ball on it. It should then begin spurting out green enzime. Troi should then give you a message that she senses relief from the planet creature.

Leave that room and the floor part of the main central room should have opened up. Fall down this opening and you will fall into a pool of pink fluid. This fluid heals you, so float around for a while till your health is back up. The pool is a circle, so swim around until you reach an embankment where you can climb up. Watch out for virus creatures, and go through the opening that Crusher says is "Smaller than a Geoffreys Tube". Move right up to it, Crouch then Jump forward and you will squeeze through.

In this next cavern, you need to keep moving or else you get blasted. There are a few places to hide and get your breath back. There is a really thin walkway to the left of the middle which will head you upward. Looking at the map i the tri-corder, head for a spot where this is closest to the left wall in the tri-corder viewer. Do a run & jump accross. You now enter a tunnel and exit again and head up a walkway. There two plants in the way which you should blast on 3/4 phaser so as to keep enough of your energy. Walk along this elevated path and toward the end jump accross to the far side of the room.

You can now enter a chamber with a trampoline. Collect the breather mask, but you don't need it yet. There are two pools to each side of the trampoline. Collect each color liquid in the bottle, blue and yellow, which combined, makes green. Jump on the trampoline, and if you press the bottle just before you hit the roof, it will open up. Move forward to keep up there. Now progress up the stairs until you reach a neural centre. Moving close to this will result in you being transported along a neural tunnel until you reach another chamber.

This new chamber has those troublesome virus bugs again. You can blast these, but be quick as you don't get much time before they blast all your energy away. Cowardice is the best option here, so run away without trying to kill anything much! Jump down from the platform and follow the spiralling walkway all the way up - there's only one exit. Then enter the water tunnel - picking up an extra breathing-mask on the way. The next section is entirely underwater. You are swept into a large underwater cavern, and have to find a way of dodging the currents to swim to the top. This you should be able to do this by hugging the cavern walls, then JUMPING up a level (but swimming) between the current outlets that are constantly forcing you back down to the bottom.

Then there is some tricky negotiation at the top, to swim into the 'diving-bell' containing Soran. Enter from underneath, then face the familiar show-down inside.

Many thanks to Vax for the last part of this section.