Level 6 - Ascent To Heaven

"Shaken by her encounter with creatures guarding this tomb, Lara pushes on."

After finishing the previous level you may need to finish this level too before the game is automatically saved. But donīt worry. This level is quite easy. Pick up the Ammo Clip and pull the lever. When the moving brick is at the bottom move quickly to the left and crouch to avoid flying arrows. Jumb over to collect the Medi-Pack (1). Donīt take it unless you really need it. You might need it later. Be careful for the flames. Jump over to the left. Drop yourself down to the floor with the spears and move quickly to the left. Itīs easier and quicker this way and besides there is a Medi-Pack waiting for you (2). Face right and draw your guns. The shot will hit the button in the wall (cut scene: a brick higher up will move revealing a lever). Climb the ladder on the left. When jumping to the right beware of the spears on the ledge. Haul yourself up when the spears are down. Descend and jump back to the platform with the flames (1). Place yourself as far to the right as possible (on the right side of the flame).

Face left and fire one shot, which will hit a button in the wall causing the platform you stand on to move up like an elevator. Try to time it with the arrows flying over your head. Face right and when you are by the brick (3) jump on to it. Drop down to the right. Pull the lever (cut scene: the brick on the opposite wall reveals a lever). Drop down and go back to the platform with the flames (1). This time stand as far to the left on it as possible. Shoot to the left to activate the platform elevator. Face left. When you are by the brick (4) jump on to it. Here you have to move fast. Drop down to the left and pull the lever (cut scene: a brick moves revealing an opening in the ceiling). Get back to the brick and jump on to the platform on itīs way down. Stand in the middle of the platform. When the platform has reached the bottom (1) fire one shot to the left to activate the elevator for one last time. When at the top (5) jump up from the elevator to left or right (they are exactly the same). Jump and haul up to the ledge where the snake is. Beware of the shooting soldier by the wall. Kill the snake and take the Medi-Pack. Donīt waste your time killing the soldier. Haul up and go through the door and end this level.

Level 6 - Ascent To Heaven

New items found in this level

Item Code GN4491: Ammo Clip Item Code GN4491
Ammo Clip

"This is an additional ammunition clip for the Uzi. It gets used automatically. This is an immediate use item, which means that if you do not have the Uzi in your possesion when you pick up the Ammo Clip, it will not be saved for use at a later time."

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