Level 3 - The Pit

Level 3 - The Pit

New items found in this level

"The route downwards is fraught with dangers. The treasure held within must have been valuable indeed to warrant such ingenuity from the architects that built the tomb."

Climb down the ladder. Pull the block (1) only one step to the left. Go to the weak wall (2). When the action indicator (a questionmark) will appear floating around Lara, press ACTION. Choose the dynamite. Take cover! Go through the new opening and collect new dynamite and the Ornamental Sceptre (3). Get back out and jump onto the moving block. Jump up and climb up on the block we moved earlier. Jump and haul up to pull the lever (4) (cut scene: the block above reveals a new passage). You canīt reach the ladder. You need to get to the other side of the block to push it beneath the ladder. Go back the same way you came. Ride the moving block. Climb up and push the block (1). Now you can reach the ladder, so climb up and enter the new passage. Jump onto the other moving (5) to get to the other side. Climb up the ladder. Before jumping to the other side, draw your guns, crouch and and fire one shot to kill the snake (6). Walk forward and pick up the Medi-Pack. To reach the exit, you need to build a tower of the blocks. Start with the one on the bottom (7). Then place the others on top of that. Climb up to go through the door and end this level.

Item Code GN9500: MedikitItem Code GN9500

"This is a large medical pack that will restore your health completly. It is an immediate use item and cannot be kept for later use."

Item Code CX6840: Ornamental SceptreItem Code CX6840
Ornamental Sceptre

"A jewel encrusted, golden sceptre. This has obviously been used in a ceremony at some point and then not returned to its original storage place."

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