Level 2 - Unfinished Passage

Level 2 - Unfinished Passage

"Lara continues through the tunnels and chambers of the tomb."

Pull the block once and the climb up on it. Jump and haul yourself on to the ledge. Face right and use ACTION to jump across. Pick up the dynamite (1). You don´t need to pull the first block, but you have to pull the other one (2). Now you can descend the high wall when there are hand-holds to grab on to. Go to the edge (3) and press DOWN a couple of times to reach the bottom. Pull the block once (4) and climb over to the other side to push it once. Now you´re able to jump over the hole using ACTION. Pull the block on the other side to place it underneath the ladder (5). Climb up, turn around and jump to the other side. Push the block (6). Jump over the hole, haul yourself on to the ledge and go through the door to end this level.

New items found in this level

Item Code GN9342: DynamiteItem Code GN9342

"Dynamite can be used to destroy weak sections of walls in the levels. When you pick up dynamite, it is stored in your inventory until you find a place where you can use it. A floating '?' indicates that Lara can interact with the environment. There are several possible types of interaction, one of which is placing the dynamite."

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